London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - NW4 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Aerodrome Road (part) NW4
Albert Road NW4
Alderton Crescent NW4
Alderton Way NW4
Alexandra Parade, Bell Lane NW4
Alexandra Road NW4
Algernon Road NW4
Allington Road NW4
Approach, The NW4
Aprey Gardens NW4
Ashley Close NW4
Ashley Lane NW4
Ashley Walk NW4
Audley Road NW4
Babington Road NW4
Barford Close, Watford Way NW4
Beaufort Gardens NW4
Bell Lane NW4
Belle Vue Road NW4
Belle Vue Terrace NW4
Bertram Road NW4
Boyne Avenue NW4
Brampton Grove NW4
Brent Green NW4
Brent Park Road NW4
Brent Street NW4
Buckingham Court, Watford Way NW4
Burnham Court, Brent Street NW4
Burroughs, The NW4
Burroughs Gardens NW4
Burroughs Parade NW4
Cedars Close NW4
Central Circus NW4
Chapel Walk NW4
Chatsworth Avenue NW4
Cheyne Close NW4
Cheyne Walk NW4
Church End NW4
Church Road NW4
Church Terrace NW4
Church Walk NW4
Clarendon Gardens NW4
Clive Lodge, Hendon Way NW4
Colin Deep Gardens NW4
Colin Deep Lane: 2 to 28 NW4
Cowley Place NW4
Crespigny Road NW4
Crest, The NW4
Dallas Road NW4
Danescroft Avenue NW4
Daniel Place NW4
Dartmouth Road NW4
Denehurst Gardens NW4
Downage NW4
Eaton Road NW4
Edgeworth Avenue NW4
Edgeworth Close NW4
Edgeworth Crescent NW4
Egerton Gardens NW4
Elliott Road NW4
Elm Close NW4
Elm Park Gardens NW4
Elms Avenue NW4
Endersleigh Court, Colin Deep Lane NW4
Endersleigh Gardens NW4
Faber Gardens NW4
Fairfield Avenue NW4
Farm Court NW4
Fernside, Holders Hill Road NW4
Finchley Lane NW4
First Avenue NW4
Florence Street NW4
Foscote Road NW4
Foster Place NW4
Foster Street NW4
Fuller Street NW4
Garrick Drive NW4
Glebe Crescent NW4
Golders Rise NW4
Goodyers Gardens NW4
Graham Road NW4
Great North Way NW4
Green Bank Crescent NW4
Green Lane NW4
Green Walk NW4
Greyhound Hill NW4
Greyhound Parade, Watford Way NW4
Grove Gardens NW4
Hall Lane NW4
Haslemere Avenue NW4
Heading Street NW4
Hendale Avenue NW4
Hendon Cottage Hospital, Park Road NW4
Hendon Way: 307 to 421 and 198 to 258 NW4
Heriot Road NW4
Hilltop Gardens NW4
Hillview Gardens NW4
Holder's Hill Avenue NW4
Holder's Hill Crescent NW4
Holder's Hill Drive NW4
Holder's Hill Gardens NW4
Holder's Hill Road: part NW4
Holmbrook Drive NW4
Holmdale Gardens NW4
Holmfield Avenue NW4
John's Avenue NW4
King's Close NW4
Lodge Road NW4
Malcolm Crescent NW4
Manor Hall Avenue NW4
Manor Hall Drive NW4
Mayfield Gardens NW4
Meadow Drive NW4
Montague Road NW4
Mount Pleasant NW4
Mount Road NW4
Mulberry Close, Parson Street NW4
Neeld Crescent NW4
New Brant Street NW4
Newark Parade, Watford Way NW4
Newark Way NW4
Nicoll Place, Park Road NW4
Nora Gardens NW4
North Street NW4
Parade, The, Vivian Avenue NW4
Park Road NW4
Park View Gardens NW4
Parson Street NW4
Prince of Wales Road NW4
Protheroe Gardens NW4
Quadrant Close NW4
Quadrant Parade, Parson Street NW4
Queen's Gardens NW4
Queen's Parade, Queen's Road NW4
Queen's Road NW4
Raleigh Close NW4
Ravenshurst Avenue NW4
Renters Avenue NW4
Retreat, The NW4
Richmond Gardens NW4
Ridge Close, Holders Hill Avenue NW4
Riverside NW4
Rowsley Avenue NW4
Rundell Crescent NW4
Rushworth Court, Watford Way NW4
Rushworth Gardens NW4
St. David's Place NW4
St. Mary's Crescent NW4
Salisbury Plain NW4
Second Avenue NW4
Selborne Gardens NW4
Sevington Road NW4
Sherrock Gardens NW4
Sherwood Road NW4
Shirehall Close NW4
Shirehall Gardens NW4
Shire Hall Lane NW4
Shirehall Park NW4
Short Street NW4
Somerset Road NW4
Southbourne Crescent NW4
Southfields NW4
Station Road NW4
Stratford Road NW4
Sturgess Avenue NW4
Sunningfields Crescent NW4
Sunningfields Road NW4
Sunny Gardens Road NW4
Sunny Gardens Parade NW4
Sunny Hill NW4
Sydney Grove NW4
Talbot Crescent NW4
Tenterden Drive NW4
Tenterden Gardens NW4
Tenterden Grove NW4
Vaughan Avenue NW4
Vicarage Road NW4
Victoria Road NW4
Vivian Avenue NW4
Watford Way: part NW4
West Avenue NW4
West Golders Green Parade, Bell Lane NW4
West View NW4
Westside NW4
Woodward Avenue NW4
Wroughton Terrace NW4
Wykeham Road NW4