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London Streets in 1938 - NW3 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Adamson Road NW3
Adelaide Close, Adelaide Road NW3
Adelaide Road NW3
Agincourt Road NW3
Ainger Mews, Ainger Road NW3
Ainger Road NW3
Akenside Road NW3
Albernarle Mansions, Finchley Road NW3
Alfred Terrace NW3 - cannot find
Alfred Terrace Mews, Back Lane NW3
Antrim Grove NW3
Antrim Mansions, Antrim Road NW3
Antrim Road NW3
Arkwright Mansions, Finchley Road NW3
Arkwright Road NW3
Avenue, The NW3
Avenue Mansions, Finchley Road NW3
Avenue Road: remainder NW3
Back Lane NW3
Baynes Mews, Belsize Lane NW3
Belsize Avenue NW3
Belsize Crescent NW3
Belsize Grove NW3
Belsize Lane NW3
Belsize Mews, Belsize Lane NW3
Belsize Park NW3
Belsize Park Gardens NW3
Belsize Park Mews, Belsize Lane NW3
Belsize Place NW3
Belsize Square NW3
Belsize Terrace NW3
Benham's Place, Holly Walk NW3
Bracknell Gardens NW3
Branch Hill NW3
Branch Hill Park, Branch Hill NW3
Branch Hill Side, Branch Hill NW3
Briardale Gardens NW3
Buckland Crescent NW3
Burgess Parade Mansions, Finchley Road NW3
Cannon Place NW3
Carlingford Road NW3
Chalcot Gardens NW3
Chesterford Gardens NW3
Christchurch Hill NW3
Christchurch Passage, Christchurch Hill NW3
Christchurch Place, Christchurch Hill NW3
Church Row NW3
Clorane Gardens NW3
College Crescent NW3
Constantine Road NW3
Courthope Road NW3
Cressy Road NW3
Croft, The NW3
Croft Way NW3
Crossfield Road NW3
Daleham Gardens NW3
Daleham Mews NW3
Denning Road NW3
Downshire Hill NW3
Downside Crescent NW3
Dunrobin Court, Finchley Road NW3
East Heath Road NW3
Eldon Road NW3
Elizabeth Mews, Stanley Gardens NW3
Ellerdale Close NW3
Ellerdale Road NW3
Elm Row NW3
Elsworthy Road NW3
Elsworthy Terrace NW3
England's Lane NW3
Erskine Road NW3
Estelle Road NW3
Eton Avenue NW3
Eton College Road NW3
Eton Court, Eton Avenue NW3
Eton Mews NW3
Eton Place NW3
Eton Rise, Haverstock Hill NW3
Eton Road NW3
Eton Villas NW3
Fellows Road NW3
Ferncroft Avenue NW3
Finchley Road: 99 to 617 and 84 to 378 NW3
Fitzjohn's Avenue NW3
Flask Walk NW3
Fleet Road NW3
Frognal NW3
Frognal Close NW3
Frognal Gardens NW3
Frognal Lane NW3
Frognal Parade NW3
Frognal Rise NW3
Frognal Way NW3
Gainsborough Gardens NW3
Gardnor Road NW3
Garnet Road NW3
Gayton Crescent NW3
Gayton Road NW3
Glenilla Road NW3
Glenloch Road NW3
Glenmore Road NW3
Golden Yard, Heath Street NW3
Green Hill NW3
Greenaway Gardens NW3
Grove Place NW3
Hampstead General and NW London Hospital, Haverstock Hill NW3
Hampstead Green NW3
Hampstead Grove NW3
Hampstead Grove (part) NW3
Hampstead Heath NW3
Hampstead High Street NW3
Hampstead Hill Gardens NW3
Hampstead Lane: part NW3
Hampstead Square NW3
Harley Road NW3
Haverstock Hill NW3
Heath Brow NW3
Heath Drive NW3
Heath End NW3
Heath Hurst Road NW3
Heath Passage, North End NW3
Heath Street NW3
Heathside NW3
Heathway Court, West Heath Road NW3
Hillingdon House, Finchley Road NW3
Holford Road NW3
Holly Berry Lane NW3
Holly Bush Hill NW3
Holly Bush Steps NW3
Holly Bush Vale NW3
Holly Hill NW3
Holly Mount NW3
Holly Place NW3
Holly Terrace NW3
Hollycroft Avenue NW3
Hospital and Home for Incurable Children, College Crescent NW3
Howitt Close NW3
Howitt Road NW3
Keats Close NW3
Keats Grove NW3
Kemplay Road NW3
Kenwood Close, Hampstead Lane NW3
Kidderpore Avenue NW3
Kidderpore Gardens NW3
King Henry's Road NW3
King's College Mews East NW3
King's College Mews West NW3
Kings College Road NW3
Lambolle Place NW3
Lambolle Road NW3
Lancaster Drive NW3
Lancaster Grove NW3
Langland Gardens NW3
Lawn Road NW3
Lindfield Gardens NW3
Lisburne Road NW3
Lithos Road NW3
Lower Terrace NW3
Lutton Terrace, Flask Walk NW3
Lyndhurst Gardens NW3
Lyndhurst Road NW3
Mackeson Road NW3
Maitland Park Road NW3
Maitland Park Villas, Maitland Park Road NW3
Mall Studios, Tasker Road NW3
Mansfield Place NW3
Mansfield Road NW3
Maresfield Court, Finchley Road NW3
Maresfield Gardens NW3
Maryon Mews, South End Road NW3
Merton Rise NW3
Midland Crescent, Finchley Road NW3
Mount, The NW3
Mount Square, The NW3
Mount Vernon NW3
Mullion Court, Finchley Road NW3
Murray Terrace, Flask Walk NW3
Nassington Road NW3
Netherhall Gardens NW3
New College Court, Finchley Road NW3
New College Parade, Finchley Road NW3
New End NW3
New End Hospital, New End NW3
New End Square NW3
North End NW3
North End Road: remainder NW3
North Western Fever Hospital, Lawn Road NW3
Northways Parade, Finchley Road NW3
Nutley Terrace NW3
Oak Hill Avenue NW3
Oak Hill Park NW3
Oak Hill Way NW3
Oppidan's Mews NW3
Oppidan's Road NW3
Oriel Place, High Street NW3
Ornan Road NW3
Palace Court, Finchley Road NW3
Parkhill Place, Parkhill Road NW3
Parkhill Road NW3
Parliament Hill NW3
Perceval Avenue NW3
Perrin's Court NW3
Perrin's Lane NW3
Perrin's Walk NW3
Pilgrim's Lane NW3
Pilgrim's Place NW3
Platt's Lane NW3
Pond Street NW3
Primrose Hill Road NW3
Prince Arthur Mews NW3
Prince Arthur Road NW3
Prospect Place NW3
Provost Road NW3
Pryers, The NW3
Redington Gardens NW3
Redington Road NW3
Regency Lodge, Finchley Road NW3
Roderick Road NW3
Rona Road NW3
Rosecroft Avenue NW3
Rosemont Road NW3
Rosslyn Hill NW3
Rosslyn Mews NW3
Rowland Hill Street NW3
Rudall Crescent NW3
St. Columba's Hospital, Avenue Road NW3
St. John's Court, Finchley Road NW3
Sandy Road NW3
Savernake Road NW3
Shepherd's Walk, Rosslyn Hill NW3
Shirlock Road NW3
South End Close NW3
South End Green NW3
South End Road NW3
South Hill Park NW3
South Hill Park Gardens NW3
Spaniards Road NW3
Squires Mount NW3
Stamford Close, Heath Street NW3
Stanley Gardens NW3
Steele's Mews NW3
Steele's Road NW3
Strathray Gardens NW3
Streatley Place NW3
Tanza Road NW3
Tasker Road NW3
Templewood Avenue NW3
Templewood Gardens NW3
Thurlow Road NW3
Tudor Close NW3
Upper Park Road NW3
Upper Terrace NW3
Vale of Health NW3
Villas on the Heath NW3
Wadham Gardens NW3
Warwick House, Finchley Road NW3
Wedderburn Road NW3
Well Road NW3
Well Walk NW3
West Heath Close NW3
West Heath Road NW3
White Bear Place, New End Square NW3
Wildwood Grove NW3
Wild Wood Terrace NW3
Willoughby Road NW3
Willow Road NW3
Winchester Mews NW3
Winchester Road NW3
Windmill Hill NW3
Windsor Terrace NW3
Worsley Road NW3