London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

London Streets in 1938 - NW2 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Acland Road NW2
Adrian Avenue NW2
Agave Road NW2
Alder Grove NW2
Alverstone Road NW2
Anson Road NW2
Ardwick Road NW2
Ash Grove NW2
Ashcombe Park NW2
Ashford Road NW2
Asmara Road NW2
Astley Avenue, Anson Road NW2
Avenue Close NW2
Avondale Avenue NW2
Ballard's Road NW2
Balmoral Road NW2
Belton Road NW2
Besant Road NW2
Blackstone Road NW2
Blenheim Gardens NW2
Brent Sidings, Cricklewood NW2
Brentfield Gardens NW2
Briar Road NW2
Broadway, The NW2
Brondesbury Park: remainder NW2
Brook Road NW2
Burgess Hill NW2
Burlington Parade, Edgware Road NW2
Buxton Road NW2
Byron Road NW2
Caddington Road NW2
Cairnfield Avenue NW2
Campion Terrace NW2
Cedar Road NW2
Chandos Road NW2
Chaplin Road NW2
Chapter Road NW2
Chartley Avenue NW2
Chatsworth Road NW2
Cheviot Gardens NW2
Cheviot Gate, Cheviot Gardens NW2
Chichele Road NW2
Chiltern Gardens NW2
Church Walk NW2
Churchill Road NW2
Circle, The, North Circular Road NW2
Claremont Road NW2
Cleveland Gardens NW2
Clitterhouse Crescent NW2
Clitterhouse Road NW2
Cloister Road NW2
Coles Green Road NW2
Colwyn Road NW2
Conway Road NW2
Cotswold Gardens NW2
Cotswold Gate NW2
Coverdale Road NW2
Cranhurst Road NW2
Crescent, The, Dollis Hill Lane NW2
Crest Road NW2
Crewy's Road NW2
Cricklewood Broadway NW2
Cricklewood Lane NW2
Crown Terrace, Cricklewood Lane NW2
Crown Yard, Cricklewood Lane NW2
Cumbrian Gardens NW2
Dartmouth Road NW2
Dawlish Road NW2
Dawpool Road NW2
Dawson Road NW2
Deacon Road NW2
Dean Road NW2
Deerhurst Road NW2
Dersingham Road NW2
Devonshire Mews, Child's Hill NW2
Devonshire Place NW2
Dicey Avenue NW2
Dollis Hill Avenue NW2
Dollis Hill Lane NW2
Eastleigh Close, North Circular Road NW2
Ebbsfleet Road NW2
Ebenezer Mews, Childs Hill NW2
Ebenezer Road NW2
Edgware Road: (part) Cricklewood NW2
Elm Grove NW2
Elm Terrace NW2
Exeter Road NW2
Eyhurst Close NW2
Farm Avenue NW2
Finchley Road: 619 to 707 and 380 to 450 NW2
Fordwych Road NW2
Galsworthy Road NW2
Gardiner Avenue NW2
Garlinge Road NW2
Garth Road NW2
Gillingham Road NW2
Gladstone Parade, Edgware Road NW2
Gladstone Park Gardens NW2
Grafton Terrace NW2
Grampian Gardens NW2
Granville Road NW2
Gratton Terrace NW2
Greenfield Gardens NW2
Grosvenor Gardens NW2
Grove Road NW2
Harman Drive NW2
Hassop Road NW2
Heather Road NW2
Heathfield Park NW2
Heber Road NW2
Hendon Way: 17 to 223 and 38 to 168 and 176 NW2
Henson Avenue NW2
Hermitage Lane NW2
Hill Close, Dollis Hill Avenue NW2
Hillcrest Gardens NW2
Hocroft Avenue NW2
Hocroft Road NW2
Homestead Park NW2
Horton Avenue NW2
Hoveden Road NW2
Howard Close NW2
Howard Road NW2
Huddlestone Road NW2
Humber Road NW2
Ivy Road NW2
James Avenue NW2
Jeymer Avenue NW2
Johnstone Terrace NW2
Kelceda Close, Coles Green Road NW2
Kenneth Crescent NW2
Kenwyn Drive NW2
Keyes Road NW2
Kingscroft Road NW2
Lane Close NW2
Langton Road NW2
Larch Road NW2
Lechmere Road NW2
Lichfield Road NW2
Linacre Road NW2
Links Road NW2
Llanelly Road NW2
Llanvanor Road NW2
Lovats Close, Tanfield Avenue NW2
Lydford Road NW2
Lyndale NW2
Lyndale Avenue NW2
Malvern Gardens NW2
Manstone Road NW2
Mapesbury Road NW2
Marnham Avenue NW2
Melrose Avenue NW2
Mendip Drive, Hendon Way NW2
Menelik Road NW2
Meredith Avenue NW2
Midland Brent Terrace NW2
Midland Terrace NW2
Minster Road NW2
Mora Road NW2
Moreland Court, Finchley Road NW2
Mount Road NW2
Nant Road NW2
Needham Terrace NW2
Newton Road NW2
North Circular Road: 451 to 721 and 560 to 936 NW2
Nutfield Road NW2
Oak Grove NW2
Oaklands Road NW2
Olive Road NW2
Oman Avenue NW2
Osborne Road NW2
Oxgate Gardens NW2
Oxgate Lane NW2
Paddock Road NW2
Park Avenue NW2
Park Close, Dollis Hill Avenue NW2
Parkside NW2
Pattison Road NW2
Pavement, The, Cricklewood Lane NW2
Pennine Drive NW2
Pine Road NW2
Poplar's Avenue NW2
Post Office Research Station, Dollis Hill NW2
Preston Place, Belton Road NW2
Prospect Road NW2
Purbeck Drive NW2
Purley Avenue NW2
Quantock Gardens NW2
Queen's Parade, Willesden Lane NW2
Randall Avenue NW2
Ranulfroad NW2
Review Road NW2
Richborough Road NW2
Ridge Road NW2
Riffel Road NW2
Rockhall Road NW2
Rondu Road NW2
Rosecroft Gardens NW2
Rutland Park NW2
Rutland Park Gardens NW2
Rylandes Road NW2
St. Andrew's Close, Dollis Hill Avenue NW2
St. Andrew's Hospital, Dollis Hill Lane NW2
St. Cuthbert's Road NW2
St. Gabriel's Road NW2
St. Michael's Road NW2
St. Paul's Avenue NW2
Sanderstead Avenue NW2
Sandringham Road NW2
Sarre Road NW2
Selsdon Road NW2
Sheldon Road NW2
Shoot-up Hill NW2
Sidmouth Parade NW2
Sidmouth Road NW2
Skardu Road NW2
Sneyd Road NW2
Somali Road NW2
Somerton Road NW2
Stanley Gardens NW2
Station Parade NW2
Staverton Road NW2
Sunnyside Road NW2
Tadworth Road NW2
Tanfield Avenue NW2
Tank Ridge Road NW2
Teignmouth Road NW2
Temple Road NW2
Thorverton Road NW2
Tracy Avenue NW2
Vernon Court, Hendon Way NW2
Villiers Road NW2
Vincent Gardens NW2
Walm Lane NW2
Walton Close, Humber Road NW2
Warren Road NW2
Waterloo Road NW2
Westbere Road NW2
Westcroft Way NW2
Willesden Lane:remainder NW2
Windsor Road NW2
Wotton Road NW2
Wren Avenue NW2
Yew Grove NW2

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