London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - NW11 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Accommodation Road NW11
Addison Way NW11
Alba Gardens NW11
Alberon Gardens NW11
Alyth Gardens NW11
Armitage Road NW11
Ashbourne Avenue NW11
Ashbourne Mansions, Finchley Road NW11
Ashbourne Parade, Finchley Road NW11
Asmun's Hill NW11
Asmun's Place NW11
Basing Hill NW11
Beechcroft Avenue NW11
Beverley Gardens NW11
Bigwood Road NW11
Brentmead Place NW11
Bridge Lane NW11
Bridge Way NW11
Broad Walk Lane, Golder's Green Road NW11
Brookland Close NW11
Brookland Garth NW11
Brookland Hill NW11
Brookland Rise NW11
Brookside Road NW11
Brunner Close NW11
Bunker's Hill NW11
Central Square NW11
Chatham Close NW11
Child's Way NW11
Clarendon Court, Finchley Road NW11
Clifton Gardens NW11
Coleridge Walk NW11
Constable Close NW11
Corringham Road NW11
Corringway NW11
Cotman Close NW11
Courtleigh Gardens NW11
Cranbourne Gardens NW11
Crematorium, The, Hoop Lane NW11
Creswick Walk NW11
Decoy Avenue NW11
Denman Drive NW11
Dingwall Gardens NW11
Drive, The NW11
Dudley Court, Finchley Road NW11
Dunstan Road NW11
Eastholm NW11
Eastside Road NW11
Eastville Avenue NW11
Elmcroft Avenue NW11
Elmcroft Crescent NW11
Emmot Close NW11
Erskine Hill NW11
Exchange Mansions, Golders Green Lane NW11
Fairway Close NW11
Falloden Way NW11
Farm Walk NW11
Finchley Road: remainder NW11
Forres Gardens NW11
Gainsborough Gardens NW11
Garrick Avenue NW11
Gloucester Gardens NW11
Golders Gardens NW11
Golders Green Crescent NW11
Golders Green Road NW11
Golders Hill Park NW11
Golders Manor Drive NW11
Golders Way NW11
Green Close, Wildwood Road NW11
Gresham Gardens NW11
Grey Close NW11
Grosvenor Gardens NW11
Grove, The NW11
Hallswelle Parade NW11
Hallswelle Road NW11
Hamilton Road NW11
Hampstead Gardens NW11
Hampstead Way NW11
Hayes Crescent NW11
Heath Close NW11
Heathcroft NW11
Heather Gardens NW11
Heathfield Gardens NW11
Heathgate NW11
Helenslea Avenue NW11
Hendon Park Row NW11
Hendon Park Villas NW11
Highcroft Gardens NW11
Highfield Avenue NW11
Highfield Gardens NW11
Highfield Road NW11
Hill Close NW11
Hill Rise NW11
Hill Top NW11
Hillcrest Avenue NW11
Hodford Road NW11
Hogarth Hill NW11
Homesfield, Erskine Hill NW11
Hoop Lane NW11
Hurst Close NW11
Hurstwood Road NW11
Hutchings Walk NW11
Ingram Avenue NW11
Jews' Cemetery, Hoop Lane NW11
Leeside Crescent NW11
Limes Avenue NW11
Linnell Close NW11
Linnell Drive NW11
Litchfield Way NW11
Manor House Hospital, North End Road NW11
Market Place NW11
Maurice Walk, Folloden Way NW11
Meadway NW11
Meadway Close NW11
Meadway Gate NW11
Middleton Road NW11
Middleway NW11
Midholm NW11
Midholm Close NW11
Monkville Avenue NW11
Monkville Gardens NW11 - cannot find
Monkville Parade, Finchley Road NW11
Montpelier Rise NW11
Montrose Court, Finchley Road NW11
Morland Close NW11
Newbridge Terrace, Bridge Lane NW11
North Circular Road: part NW11
North End Road: 1 to 145 and 2 to 90 NW11
North Square NW11
Northway NW11
Oakfield Road NW11
Oakwood Road NW11
Orchard, The NW11
Pantiles, The, Finchley Road NW11
Parade, The, North End Road NW11
Park, The NW11
Park Avenue NW11
Park Drive NW11
Park Way NW11
Pentland Close NW11
Portsdown Avenue NW11
Powis Gardens NW11
Prince's Parade, Golders Green Road NW11
Prince's Park Avenue NW11
Queen's Court NW11
Raeburn Close NW11
Ravenscroft Avenue NW11
Reynold's Close NW11
Ridge Hill NW11
Ridgeway, The NW11
Riding, The NW11
Rodborough Road NW11
Romney Close NW11
Rotherwick Road NW11
Royal Parade NW11
Ruskin Close NW11
Russell Gardens NW11
Russell Parade NW11
St. Andrew's Road NW11
St. George's Close NW11
St. George's Road NW11
St. John's Road NW11
St. Mary's Road NW11
Sandringham Road NW11
Sinclair Grove NW11
Sneath Avenue NW11
South Square NW11
Southway NW11
Spaniards Close NW11
Sutcliffe Close NW11
Templar's Avenue NW11
Temple Fortune Hill NW11
Temple Fortune Lane NW11
Temple Fortune Parade NW11
Temple Gardens NW11
Temple Grove NW11
Thornton Way NW11
Turner Close NW11
Turner Drive NW11
Turner's Wood NW11
Vale, The NW11
Waterlow Court NW11
Wayside NW11
Wellgarth Road NW11
Wentworth Road NW11
Wessex Gardens NW11
Wessex Way NW11
West Heath Avenue NW11
West Heath Drive NW11
Western Avenue NW11
Westholm NW11
Wild Hatch NW11
Wildwood Rise NW11
Wild Wood Road NW11
Willifield Parade NW11
Willifield Way NW11
Woodlands NW11
Woodside NW11
Woodstock Avenue NW11
Woodstock Road NW11
Woodville Gardens NW11
Woodville Road NW11
Wordsworth Walk NW11
Wycombe Gardens NW11
Wylde's Close NW11