London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - NW1 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.


Adam and Eve Yard, Eden Street NW1
Agar Grove NW1
Albany Court, Prince Albert Road NW1
Albany Street NW1
Albany Terrace, Marylebone Road NW1
Albert Street NW1
Albert Terrace NW1
Albert Terrace Mews, Regent's Park Road NW1
Aldenham Street NW1
Allsop Place NW1
Ampthill Square NW1
Archer Street NW1
Arlington Road NW1
Arundel House, Drummond Street NW1
Ashmill Street NW1
Augustus Street NW1
Baker Street Station NW1
Baker Street: remainder NW1
Balcombe Street NW1
Barclay Street NW1
Barnby Street NW1
Bath Row NW1
Battle Bridge Road NW1
Bayham Place NW1
Bayham Street NW1
Bayham Wharf, Camden Street NW1
Baynes Street NW1
Beatty Street NW1
Bell Street NW1
Belmont Street NW1
Bendall Mews NW1
Berkeley Court, Marylebone Road NW1
Berkley Grove, Berkley Road NW1
Berkley Road NW1
Blandford Square NW1
Bonny Street NW1
Boston Place NW1
Boyton Place NW1
Bridge Approach NW1
Bridgeway Street NW1
Bridport Street NW1
Broadley Terrace NW1
Buck Street NW1
Burne Street NW1
Calvert Street NW1
Cambridge Gate NW1
Cambridge Gate Mews NW1
Cambridge Terrace NW1
Cambridge Terrace Mews NW1
Camden Gardens NW1
Camden High Street NW1
Camden Mews NW1
Camden Park Road NW1
Camden Road: 1 to 227 and 2 to 282 NW1
Camden Square NW1
Camden Street NW1
Camley Street NW1
Canal View NW1
Cantlowes Road NW1
Cardington Street NW1
Carisbrooke House, Drummond Street NW1
Carlow Street NW1
Carol Street NW1
Castle Place NW1
Castle Road NW1
Chagford Street NW1
Chalcot Crescent NW1
Chalcot Road NW1
Chalcot Square NW1
Chalfont Court NW1
Chalk Farm Road NW1
Chalton Street NW1
Chamberlain Street NW1
Chapel Street, Lisson Grove NW1
Chapel Street, Somers Town NW1
Chapel Yard, High Street NW1
Charles Close NW1
Charles Place NW1
Charrington Street NW1
Cheney Road NW1
Chenies Place NW1
Chester Gate NW1
Chester Place NW1
Chester Road NW1
Chester Terrace NW1
Chester Terrace Mews NW1
Chiltern Court, Baker Street NW1
Christopher Place NW1
Church Avenue NW1
Churchway NW1
Clarence Gardens NW1
Clarence Gate Gardens NW1
Clarence Grove NW1
Clarence Mews, Sussex Place NW1
Clarence Terrace NW1
Clarence Way NW1
Clarendon Grove NW1
Clarendon Place NW1
Clarendon Square NW1
Cliff Road NW1
Cliff Villas NW1
Cobourg Street NW1
College Grove NW1
College Place NW1
Colosseum Terrace NW1
Commercial Place, Chalk Farm NW1
Corfu House, Arlington Road NW1
Cornelius Place NW1
Cornwall Terrace NW1
Cornwall Terrace Mews NW1
Cosway Street NW1
Cowley Place NW1
Crace Street NW1
Cranleigh Street NW1
Crockford Place, Penfold Street NW1
Crogsland Road NW1
Crown Yard, Stanhope Street NW1
Crowndale Road NW1
Cumberland Market NW1
Cumberland Place NW1
Cumberland Terrace NW1
Cumberland Terrace Mews NW1
Daventry Street NW1
Delancey Street NW1
Dewsbury Terrace NW1
Diana Place NW1
Dorset House, Gloucester Place NW1
Dorset Mews North, Gloucester Place NW1
Dorset Square NW1
Drummond Crescent NW1
Drummond Street NW1
Dumpton Place, Gloucester Road NW1
Early Mews, Arlington Road NW1
Eden Street NW1
Edis Street NW1
Edmund Street NW1
Egbert Place NW1
Egbert Street NW1
Eglon Mews, Berkley Road NW1
Elgood Street NW1
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital, Euston Road NW1
Elm Road NW1
Euston Buildings NW1
Euston Grove NW1
Euston Road NW1
Euston Square NW1
Euston Street NW1
Euston Station NW1
Eversholt Row NW1
Eversholt Street NW1
Ferdinand Close NW1
Ferdinand Place NW1
Ferdinand Street NW1
Fitzroy Place, Euston Road NW1
Fitzroy Road NW1
Florence Nightingale Hospital for Gentlewomen, Lisson Grove NW1
Georgiana Street NW1
Glen Street NW1
Glentworth Street NW1
Gloucester Crescent NW1
Gloucester Gate NW1
Gloucester Gate Mews NW1
Gloucester Place: remainder NW1
Gloucester Road NW1
Goldington Crescent NW1
Goldington Street NW1
Golford Place NW1
Goods Way NW1
Gower Street: remainder NW1
Grafton Crescent NW1
Grafton Place NW1
Granby Terrace NW1
Grange Road NW1
Grange Street NW1
Great Central Street NW1
Great College Street NW1
Greenland Place NW1
Greenland Street NW1
Hadley Street NW1
Hamilton Street NW1
Hampstead General and NW London Hospital, Out-patients' Department, Hamilton Street NW1
Hampstead Road NW1
Hanover Gate Mansions, Park Road NW1
Hanover Terrace NW1
Harewood Avenue NW1
Harewood Place NW1
Harley House, Marylebone Road NW1
Harmood Grove NW1
Harmood Place NW1
Harmood Street NW1
Harrington Square NW1
Harrington Street NW1
Harrow Street NW1
Hartland Grove NW1
Hartland Road NW1
Haverstock Place NW1
Hawley Crescent NW1
Hawley Mews NW1
Hawley Road NW1
Hawley Street NW1
Hayes Place, Lisson Grove NW1
Healey Street NW1
Hethersett Street NW1
Highstone Mansions, Camden Road NW1
Highstone Parade NW1
Highworth Street NW1
Houghton Place NW1
Huntsworth Mews, Gloucester Place NW1
Hurdwick Place NW1
Hyde Park Mansions, Marylebone Road NW1
Inner Circle NW1
Inverness Street NW1
Inwood Place, Euston Road NW1
Ivor Court, Gloucester Place NW1
Ivor Place NW1
Ivor Street NW1
James Street NW1
Jeffrey's Place NW1
Jeffrey's Street NW1
John's Yard, Lisson Grove NW1
Kelly Street NW1
Kent Passage, Park Road NW1
Kent Terrace NW1
Kentish Town Road: 1 to 187 and 2 to 156 NW1
King's Terrace NW1
King's Yard, Bayham Place NW1
Kingstown Street NW1
Kirkwood Place NW1
Lancing Street NW1
Lascelles Street NW1
Laxton Place, Munster Square NW1
Lewis Street NW1
Leybourne Road NW1
Leybourne Street NW1
Lidlington Place NW1
Linhope Street NW1
Lisson Grove: 1 to 135 and 2 to 116 NW1
Lisson Street NW1
Little Albany Street NW1
Little Edward Street NW1
Little Exmouth Street NW1
Longford Street NW1
Lyme Street NW1
Lyme Terrace NW1
Macfarren Place, Marylebone Road NW1
Malden Crescent NW1
Manley Street NW1
Manor House, Marylebone Road NW1
Marquis Road NW1
Marshall's Yard, Seaton Street NW1
Mary Terrace NW1
Marylebone Road NW1
Marylebone Station NW1
Medburn Street NW1
Melcombe Place NW1
Melcombe Street NW1
Melton Street NW1
Midland Road NW1
Millbrook Place, Hampstead Road NW1
Miller Street NW1
Mitcham Street NW1
Mornington Crescent NW1
Mornington Place NW1
Mornington Street NW1
Mornington Terrace NW1
Munster Square NW1
Murray Mews NW1
Murray Street NW1
Nash Street NW1
National Temperance Hospital, Hampstead Road NW1
Netley Street NW1
North Villas, Camden Square NW1
Nottingham Terrace NW1
Oakley Square NW1
Osnaburgh Street NW1
Ossulston Street NW1
Outer Circle: part NW1
Oval Road NW1
Oxford and Cambridge Mansions, Marylebone Road NW1
Pancras Road NW1
Pancras Square NW1
Park Road: 1 to 77 and 2 to 98 NW1
Park Square East NW1
Park Square West NW1
Park Street NW1
Park Village East NW1
Park Village West NW1
Penfold Place NW1
Penfold Street: 1 to 11 and 2 to 28 NW1
Penryn Street NW1
Peto Place, Albany Terrae NW1
Phoenix Road NW1
Platt Street NW1
Pleasant Row, High Street NW1
Plender Place NW1
Plender Street NW1
Polygon Road NW1
Powlett Place NW1
Pratt Mews, Pratt Street NW1
Pratt Street NW1
Prince Albert Road: 1 to 23 NW1
Prince of Wales Crescent NW1
Princess Road NW1
Priory Place NW1
Providence Place, Lisson Street NW1
Purchese Street NW1
Queen Charlotte's Lying-in Hospital, Marylebone Road NW1
Queen Mary's Gardens, Regent's Park NW1
Randolph Street NW1
Ranston Street NW1
Redhill Street NW1
Reed's Place NW1
Regal Lane NW1
Regent's Court, Park Road NW1
Regent's Park Gardens, Fitzroy Road NW1
Regent's Park Road NW1
Regent's Park Terrace NW1
Regina Street NW1
Robert Street NW1
Roberts Mews, Hampstead Road NW1
Rochester Mews NW1
Rochester Place NW1
Rochester Road NW1
Rochester Square NW1
Rochester Terrace NW1
Rossmore Court NW1
Rossmore Road NW1
Rothwell Street NW1
Rousden Street NW1
Rutland Street NW1
St. Andrew's Place NW1
St. Augustine's Road NW1
St. Dunstan's NW1
St. George's Mews NW1
St. George's Terrace NW1
St. Katherine's Precincts NW1
St. Mark's Crescent NW1
St. Mark's Square NW1
St. Martin's Close NW1
St. Pancras Chambers, Euston Road NW1
St. Pancras Hospital, St. Pancras Way NW1
St. Pancras Station NW1
St. Pancras Way NW1
St. Paul's Crescent NW1
St. Saviour's Hospital, Osnaburgh Street NW1
Samaritan Free Hospital, Marylebone Road NW1
Seaton Place NW1
Selous Street NW1
Seymour Mansions, Camden Road NW1
Sharples Hall Street NW1
Sherborne Place NW1
Sheringham Street NW1
Shroton Street NW1
Siddons Lane, Melcombe Street NW1
Sidney Street NW1
South Villas NW1
Stalbridge Street NW1
Stanhope Street NW1
Stanhope Terrace NW1
Stanley Passage, Pancras Road NW1
Stanmore Place NW1
Starcross Street NW1
Stratford Place NW1
Studey Place NW1
Sussex Mews, Sussex Place NW1
Sussex Place NW1
Taunton Mews, Balcombe Street NW1
Taunton Place NW1
Terrace, The NW1
Tolmer's Square NW1
Torbay Street NW1
Ulster Place, Marylebone Road NW1
Ulster Terrace NW1
Underhill Passage NW1
Underhill Street NW1
Upper Harley Street NW1
Varndell Street NW1
Victoria Road NW1
Wembley Yard, Hampstead Road NW1
Werrington Street NW1
West End Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Gloucester Gate, Regent's Park NW1
Western Ophthalmic Hospital, Marylebone Road NW1
Western Skin Hospital, Hampstead Road NW1
White House, Albany Street NW1
William Street NW1
Wilmot Place NW1
Wrotham Road NW1
Wybert Street NW1
York Gate NW1
York Terrace NW1
York Terrace Mews, York Terrace NW1