London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

London Streets in 1938 - N9 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Arthur Road N9
Balfour Road N9
Balham Road N9
Banstead Gardens N9
Barbot Street N9
Barrowfield Lane N9
Bath Road N9
Beaconsfield Road N9
Beamish Road N9
Beatrice Road N9
Beckenham Gardens N9
Bedford Road N9
Beech Close N9
Belmont Avenue N9
Blakesware Gardens N9
Bounces Road N9
Boundary Road N9
Briary Lane N9
Bridge Road N9
Bridlington Road N9
Brierley Avenue N9
Broadway, The N9
Bromley Gardens N9
Brook Crescent N9
Brookfield Road N9
Bury Hall Villas N9
Bury Street N9
Bush Hill Parade: 1 to 10 N9
Cambridge Road, The: part N9
Causeyware Road N9
Cedars Road N9
Central Avenue N9
Chalfont Green N9
Chalfont Road N9
Chamberlain Road N9
Chauncey Street N9
Chester Road N9
Chichester Road N9
Chiswick Road N9
Church Lane N9
Church Street N9
Cleveland Road N9
Clifford Road N9
Colville Road N9
Coniston Gardens N9
Coran Close N9
Cornwallis Avenue N9
Cornwallis Grove N9
Cornwallis Road N9
Crescent Road N9
Croyland Road N9
Cuckoo Hall Lane N9
Cumberland Road N9
Cyprus Road N9
Denny Road N9
Densworth Grove N9
Devonshire Road N9
Doncaster Road N9
Dover Road N9
Dunholme Lane N9
Dunholme Road N9
Durham Road N9
Eastbournia Avenue N9
Edward Close N9
Eldon Road N9
Elizabeth Ride N9
Elmcroft Avenue N9
Elstree Gardens N9
Exeter Road N9
Felixstowe Road N9
Findon Road N9
Fore Street: remainder N9
Forest Road N9
Fraser Road N9
Galliard Road N9
Goodwin Road N9
Gordon Road N9
Graham Road N9
Granham Gardens N9
Granville Avenue N9
Grosvenor Road N9
Hadleigh Road N9
Hamilton Avenue N9
Hamilton Road N9
Harington Terrace: remainder N9
Harrow Drive N9
Hartington Road N9
Harton Road N9
Haselbury Road: 176 to 212 N9
Hawthorn Way N9
Hazelbury Green N9
Hazelbury Lane N9
Henderson Road N9
Hendon Road N9
Herbert Road N9
Hertford Road: 1 to 479 and 2 to 6o0 N9
Houndsfield Road N9
Huntingdon Terrace N9
Hydeside Gardens N9
Hydethorpe Avenue N9
Hydeway N9
Junction Road N9
Kenwood Road N9
King Edward Road N9
Kingsmead Avenue N9
Kingston Road N9
Kipling Terrace N9
Knight's Lane N9
Laburnum Avenue N9
Lamb Terrace N9
Lancing Gardens N9
Latymer Road N9
Latymer Way N9
Leonard Road N9
Lichfield Road N9
Lingfield Gardens N9
Lion Road N9
Little Bury Street N9
Logan Road N9
Lowden Road N9
Lynford Terrace N9
Maldon Road N9
Malvern Terrace N9
Mansfield Close N9
Marlborough Road N9
Marsden Road N9
Mayfield Crescent N9
Millbrook Road N9
Monmouth Road N9
Montagu Road: remainder N9
Nash Road N9
Nelson Road N9
New Road N9
Nightingale Road N9
North Road N9
Northern Avenue N9
Northumberland Gardens N9
Oaklands Avenue N9
Osman Road N9
Oxford Road N9
Park Lane N9
Penn Street N9
Perry Gardens N9
Plevna Road N9
Purley Road N9
Pymmes Gardens North N9
Pymmes Gardens South N9
Queen's Road N9
Ranworth Road N9
Richmond Crescent N9
Roseberry Road N9
Rosemary Avenue N9
Rossdale Drive N9
Rugby Avenue N9
St. Alphage Road N9
St. Ann's Road N9
St. Edmunds Road N9
St. George's Road N9
St. James's Road N9
St. Joans Road N9
St. Joseph's Road N9
St. Malo Avenue N9
St. Martin's Road N9
St. Mary's Gardens N9
St. Mary's Road N9
St. Peter's Road N9
Salisbury Road N9
Salmons Road N9
Sandhurst Road N9
Savernake Road N9
Scarborough Road N9
Sebastopol Road N9
Selhurst Road N9
Seymour Road N9
Shirley Grove N9
Shrubbery Road N9
South Eastern Avenue N9
South Road N9
Stanley Road N9
Stowe Road N9
Sunnydene Gardens N9
Sunnyside Road East N9
Sunnyside Road North N9
Sunnyside Road South N9
Sutherland Road N9
Sweet Briar Green N9
Sweet Briar Grove N9
Tillotson Road N9
Town Road N9
Tramway Avenue N9
Tudor Road N9
Victor Villas N9
Victoria Road: remainder N9
Walbrook Road N9
Warley Road N9
Warren Crescent N9
Wellington Avenue N9
Wellstead Avenue N9
West Street N9
Westerham Avenue N9
Western Avenue N9
Westminster Road N9
Westoe Road N9
Wheatley Gardens N9
Wimborne Road N9
Winchester Road N9
Winton Close N9
Woodlands Road N9
Woodstock Crescent N9

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