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London Streets in 1938 - N7 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Adam's Place, George's Road N7
Albany Place, Benwell Road N7
Albemarle Mansions, Holloway Road N7
Alsen Road N7
Andover Cottages N7
Andover Gardens N7
Andover Grove N7
Andover Road N7
Andover Row N7
Andover Street N7
Annette Road N7
Anson Road N7
Arcade, The N7
Archibald Road N7
Arthur Road N7
Arundel Square N7
Ashburton Grove N7
Axminster Road N7
Balmoral Grove N7
Barbara Street N7
Bardolph Road N7
Bardwell Street N7
Barnsbury Grove N7
Bathurst Mansions, Holloway Road N7
Beacon Hill N7
Bedford Terrace N7
Benwell Road N7
Berriman Road N7
Biddestone Road N7
Blundell Street N7
Bovay Place N7
Bovay Street N7
Bowman's Place N7
Brandon Road N7
Brecknock Road: 1 to 113 and 2 to 142 N7
Brewery Road N7
Bride Street N7
Bruce Buildings, Caledonian Road N7
Bryantwood Road N7
Bryett Road N7
Burns Buildings, Caledonian Road N7
Caedmon Road N7
Caledonian Road: remainder N7
Camden Dwellings, York Way N7
Camden Lane N7
Camden Road: remainder N7
Campdale Road N7
Cardozo Road N7
Cardwell Road N7
Cardwell Terrace N7
Carleton Road N7
Carville Street N7
Chalfont Road N7
Chambers Road N7
Chapelway N7
Charlesworth Street N7
Chillingworth Road N7
Citizen Road N7
College Gardens N7
Corinth Road N7
Cornelia Street N7
Corporation Street N7
Corrall Road N7
Courtney Road N7
Crane Grove N7
Crayford Road N7
Crossley Street N7
Dalmeny Avenue N7
Dalmeny Mansions, Camden Road N7
Dalmeny Road N7
Digswell Street N7
Dillon Place N7
Dorinda Street N7
Dunford Road N7
Durham Road N7
Eburne Road N7
Eden Grove N7
Ellington Street N7
Emily Place, Queensland Road N7
Enkel Street N7
Frederick Street N7
Freegrove Road N7
Furlong Road N7
Geary Street N7
George's Road N7
Goodinge Road N7
Grove Road N7
Halse Street N7
Hartham Road N7
Hartnoll Street N7
Harvist Road N7
Hercules Place N7
Hercules Street N7
Hertslet Road N7
Hilldrop Crescent N7
Hilldrop Lane N7
Hilldrop Road N7
Hillmarton Road N7
Hillmarton Terrace N7
Hilton Road N7
Hollingsworth Street N7
Holloway Road: 1 to 479 and 2 to 596 N7
Hornsey Road: 1 to 281 and 2 to 352 N7
Hornsey Street N7
Huddleston Road N7
Hungerford Road N7
Hyde Street N7 - cannot find
Ingleby Road N7
Instow Place, Queensland Road N7
Isledon Road N7
Jackson Road N7
Kinloch Street N7
Knox Buildings, Caledonian Road N7
Lesly Street N7
Liverpool Road: remainder N7
Loraine Road N7
Lough Road N7
Lowman Road N7
Lowther Road N7
Mackenzie Road N7
Madras Place N7
Manhattan Mansions, Holloway Road N7
Manor Gardens N7
Manor Mansions, Holloway Road N7
Manville Yard N7
Marcellus Road N7
Market Road N7
Mayton Street N7
Medina Grove N7
Medina Road N7
Metropolitan Cattle Market N7
Middlesex Street N7
Middleton Road N7
Money Order Department, Manor Gardens N7
Moray Mews, Durham Road N7
Morgan Road N7
Nailour Street N7
North Road N7
Oldershaw Road N7
Orleston Mews N7
Orleston Road N7
Orpingley Road N7
Pakeman Street N7
Palmer Place N7
Parkhurst Road N7
Penn Road N7
Pentonville Prison, Caledonian Road N7
Pleshey Road N7
Ponder Street N7
Queen's Square N7
Queensland Place N7
Queensland Road N7
Quemerford Road N7
Rhodes Street N7
Ringcroft Street N7
Roden Street N7
Roman Road N7
Royal Northern Hospital, Holloway Road N7
St. Clement Street N7
St. George's Avenue N7
Salterton Road N7
Scott's Buildings, Caledonian Road N7
Seven Sisters Road: 1 to 163 and 2 to 188A N7
Shelburne Road N7
Sheringham Road N7
Sonderburg Road N7
Sonning Street N7
Stock Orchard Crescent N7
Stock Orchard Street N7
Surr Street N7
Sussex Way: 1 to 131 and 2 to 130 N7
Sutterton Street N7
Tabley Road N7
Thane Villas N7
Tileyard Road N7
Tollington Road N7
Travers Road N7
Tufnell Park Mansions, Holloway Road N7
Tufnell Park Road: 1 to 217 and 2 to 210 N7
Vale Royal, York Road N7
Victor Road N7
Victoria Mansions N7
Wallace Buildings, Caledonian Road N7
Warlters Close N7
Warlters Road N7
Westbourne Road N7
Wheelwright Street N7
Widdenham Road N7
Williamson Street N7
Windsor Road N7
York Way: remainder N7

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