London 1746 Rocques map
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London Streets in 1938 - SW20 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abchurch Lane EC4
Abchurch Yard EC4
Addle Hill EC4
Adelaide Place, King William Street EC4
Allhallows Lane EC4
Amen Corner, Paternoster Row EC4
Amen Court EC4
Angel Court, Friday Street EC4
Arthur Street EC4
Ashentree Court EC4
Ave Maria Lane EC4
Barge Yard EC4
Bartlett's Buildings, Fetter Lane EC4
Bartlett's Passage EC4
Bear Alley EC4
Bell Court, Walbrook EC4
Bell Wharf Lane EC4
Bell Yard, Knightrider Street EC4
Bennets Hill EC4
Bishop's Court EC4
Black Raven Alley EC4
Blackfriars Station, Queen Victoria Street EC4
Blackfriars Station Chambers, Queen Victoria Street EC4
Blue Boar Court, Friday Street EC4
Boar's Head Court, Fleet Street EC4
Bolt Court, Shoe Lane EC4
Bond Court, Walbrook EC4
Bouverie Street EC4
Bow Churchyard EC4
Bow Lane EC4
Boy Court, Ludgate Hill EC4
Bread Street EC4
Bread Street Hill EC4
Bream's Buildings EC4
Brewer's Lane EC4
Brick Court EC4
Brickhill Lane EC4
Bride Court EC4
Bride Lane EC4
Bridewell Place EC4
Bridewell Royal Hospital, New Bridge Street EC4
Britton's Court, Whitefriars Street EC4
Broadway, Pilgrim Street EC4
Bucklersbury EC4
Budge Row EC4
Burgon Street EC4
Bush Lane EC4
Cannon Street EC4
Cannon Street Station EC4
Canon Alley EC4
Carmelite Street EC4
Carter Lane EC4
Cheshire Court, Fleet Street EC4
Church Court EC4
Church Entry, Carter Lane EC4
Clement's Lane EC4
Clifford's Inn EC4
Clifford's Inn Passage EC4
Cloak Lane EC4
Cloisters, The EC4
Cobb's Court, Carter Lane EC4
College Hill EC4
College Street EC4
Cousin Lane EC4
Crane Court EC4
Creed Lane EC4
Crooked Lane EC4
Cross Lane, Bush Lane EC4
Crown Court, Fleet Street EC4
Crown Court, Warwick Lane EC4
Crown Office Row EC4
Cursitor Street EC4
Dean Street EC4
Dean's Court, Carter Lane EC4
Distaff Lane EC4
Doctor Johnson's Buildings EC4
Dorset Court EC4
Dorset Street EC4
Dowgate Hill EC4
Ducksfoot Lane EC4
Duke's Head Passage EC4
East Harding Street EC4
Elm Court EC4
Essex Court EC4
Evangelist Court EC4
Falcon Court, Fleet Street EC4
Faraday Building, Queen Victoria Street EC4
Farrar's Buildings, Hare Court EC4
Farringdon Avenue, Farringdon Street EC4
Farringdon Street EC4
Fetter Lane EC4
Fig-Tree Court, King's Bench Walk EC4
Fishmongers' Hall Street EC4
Fleet Lane EC4
Fleet Street EC4
Fleur-de-lis Court, Carter Lane EC4
Fleur-de-lis Court, Fetter Lane EC4
Fountain Court, Temple EC4
Friar Street EC4
Friday Street EC4
Furnival Street EC4
Fye Foot Lane EC4
Garden Court EC4
Garlick Hill EC4
George Street EC4
Glasshouse Yard, Water Lane EC4
Godliman Street EC4
Goldsmith Buildings, Inner Temple Lane EC4
Goldsmith Court EC4
Goldsmith Street, Shoe Lane EC4
Gough Square EC4
Great New Street EC4
Great St. Thomas Apostle EC4
Great Trinity Lane EC4
Greenwich Street EC4
Greystoke Place, Fetter Lane EC4
Gunpowder Alley EC4
Harcourt Buildings, Temple EC4
Hare Court, Temple EC4
Hare Place, Fleet Street EC4
Harp Alley EC4
Hatchet Court, Little Trinity Lane EC4
Hind Court EC4
Huggin Court, Huggin Lane EC4
Huggin Lane, Upper Thames Street EC4
Hutton Street EC4
Imperial Arcade EC4
Inner Temple Lane EC4
Ireland Yard EC4
Ivy Lane EC4
John Carpenter Street EC4
Johnson's Court EC4
King William Street EC4
King's Bench Walk EC4
Kingscote Street EC4
Knightrider Court EC4
Knightrider Street EC4
La Belle Sauvage Yard EC4
Lamb Building, Tanfield Street EC4
Lambeth Hill EC4
Laurence Pountney Hill EC4
Laurence Pountney Lane EC4
Little Bush Lane EC4
Little College Street EC4
Little New Street EC4
Little Trinity Lane EC4
Little Water Lane EC4
Lombard Lane EC4
London House Yard EC4
Lovell's Court EC4
Ludgate Arcade EC4
Ludgate Circus EC4
Ludgate Hill EC4
Ludgate Square EC4
Maiden Lane EC4
Mansion House EC4
Martin Lane EC4
Middle New Street EC4
Middle Temple Lane EC4
Miles Lane EC4
Mitre Court, King's Bench Walk EC4
Mitre Court Buildings, King's Bench Walk EC4
Nevill's Court EC4
New Bridge Street EC4
New Court, Bow Lane EC4
New Court, Farringdon Street EC4
New Court, St. Swithin's Lane EC4
New Court, Temple EC4
New Street Hill EC4
New Street Square EC4
Newcastle Street EC4
Nicholas Lane EC4
Nicholas Passage EC4
Norwich Street, Fetter Lane EC4
Old Bailey EC4
Old Change EC4
Old Swan Lane EC4
Oxford Court EC4
Pancras Lane EC4
Panyer Alley EC4
Paper Buildings, Kings Bench Walk EC4
Paternoster Avenue EC4
Paternoster Buildings EC4
Paternoster Row EC4
Paternoster Square EC4
Paul's Alley EC4
Paul's Bakehouse Court EC4
Pemberton Row EC4
Peter's Hill EC4
Pilgrim Street EC4
Playhouse Yard EC4
Pleydell Court EC4
Pleydell Street EC4
Plough Court EC4
Plowden Buildings, Temple EC4
Plumtree Court EC4
Poppin's Court EC4
Primrose Hill EC4
Printer Street EC4
Printing House Lane EC4
Printing House Square EC4
Prujean Square, Old Bailey EC4
Pump Court EC4
Queen Street EC4
Queen Street Place EC4
Queen Victoria Street EC4
Queenhithe EC4
Queen's Head Passage EC4
Racquet Court EC4
Red Lion Court, Great New Street EC4
Red Lion Court, Watling Street EC4
Red Lion Passage EC4
Robin Hood Court, Shoe Lane EC4
Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane EC4
Rolls Passage EC4
Rose Street EC4
St. Andrew Street EC4
St. Andrew's Hill EC4
St. Bride Street EC4
St. Bride's Avenue EC4
St. Bride's Passage EC4
St. Dunstan's Court EC4
St. James's Place, Garlick Hill EC4
St. Martin's Court EC4
St. Paul's Churchyard EC4
St. Swithin's Lane EC4
Salisbury Court EC4
Salisbury Square EC4
Salter's Court, Bow Lane EC4
Salter's Hall Court, Cannon Street EC4
Seacoal Lane EC4
Serjeant's Inn EC4
Sermon Lane EC4
Sherborne Lane EC4
Shoe Lane EC4
Sion College, Victoria Embankment EC4
Sise Lane EC4
Stationers' Hall Court EC4
Stokes Court EC4
Stonecutter Street EC4
Suffolk Lane EC4
Sugarloaf Court, Garlick Hill EC4
Swan Lane EC4
Tallis Street EC4
Tanfield Court EC4
Temple Avenue EC4
Temple Chambers EC4
Temple Gardens EC4
Temple Lane EC4
Three Cranes Lane EC4
Three King Court EC4
Three Tuns Passage EC4
Took's Court EC4
Tower Royal EC4
Trig Lane EC4
Trinity Church Passage EC4
Tudor Street EC4
Turnagain Lane EC4
Union Street EC4
Upper Thames Street EC4
Victoria Embankment: part EC4
Waithman Street EC4
Walbrook EC4
Wardrobe Chambers EC4
Wardrobe Place EC4
Wardrobe Terrace EC4
Warwick Lane EC4
Warwick Square EC4
Water Lane, New Bridge Street EC4
Watergate EC4
Watling Street EC4
Well Court EC4
West Harding Street EC4
White Hart Street EC4
Whitefriars Street EC4
Wine Office Court EC4