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London Streets in 1938 - SW20 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Adam's Court, Old Broad Street EC2
Addle Street EC2
Aldermanbury EC2
Aldermanbury Avenue EC2
Aldermanbury Buildings, Aldermanbury EC2
Aldermanbury Postern EC2
Alderman's Walk EC2
Angel Court, Throgmorton Street EC2
Anning Street EC2
Appold Street EC2
Arcade, The, Liverpool Street EC2
Austin Friars EC2
Austin Friars Passage EC2
Bank Buildings, Princes Street EC2
Bartholomew Lane EC2
Basinghall Avenue EC2
Basinghall Street EC2
Bateman's Place EC2
Bateman's Row EC2
Bath Place, Rivington Street EC2
Bird-in-Hand Court EC2
Bishopsgate EC2
Bishopsgate Churchyard EC2
Blackall Street EC2
Blomfield Street EC2
Bonhill Street EC2
Broad Arrow Court, Moor Lane EC2
Broad Street Avenue EC2
Broad Street Place EC2
Butler Street EC2
Capel Court EC2
Carey Lane EC2
Castle Court, Lawrence Lane EC2
Castle Place EC2
Chapel Street EC2
Charlotte Road EC2
Cheapside EC2
Christina Street EC2
Christopher Street EC2
Church Alley EC2
Church Court, Clement's Lane EC2
Church Court, Lothbury EC2
Church Court, Old Jewry EC2
Church Passage EC2
Circus Place EC2
Clark's Place, Bishopsgate EC2
Clement's Court EC2
Clere Place EC2
Clere Street EC2
Clifton Street EC2
Coleman Street EC2
Copthall Avenue EC2
Copthall Buildings EC2
Copthall Chambers EC2
Copthall Close EC2
Copthall Court EC2
Cowper Street EC2
Cripplegate Buildings EC2
Cross Key Court, Copthall Avenue EC2
Crown Court, Cheapside EC2
Crown Court, Old Broad Street EC2
Curtain Place EC2
Curtain Road EC2
Dereham Place EC2
Devonshire Square EC2
Devonshire Street EC2
Dove Court EC2
Drapers' Gardens EC2
Dyer's Court EC2
Dysart Street EC2
Earl Street EC2
East Street EC2
Eldon Street EC2
Elizabeth Place EC2
Epworth Street EC2
Fairchild Street EC2
Feathers Court, Milk Street EC2
Fell Street EC2
Finsbury Avenue EC2
Finsbury Circus EC2
Finsbury Market EC2
Finsbury Pavement EC2
Finsbury Square EC2
Finsbury Street EC2
Fitchett's Court EC2
Fore Street EC2
Fore Street Avenue EC2
Foster Lane EC2
Founders' Court EC2
Fountain Court, Aldermanbury EC2
Frederick's Place EC2
Freeman's Court EC2
Garden Walk EC2
Gatesborough Street EC2
George and Catherine Wheel Yard EC2
Glover Street EC2
Goddard Place EC2
Goldsmith Street, Gutter Lane EC2
Great Bell Alley EC2
Great Eastern Street EC2
Great Swan Alley EC2
Great Winchester Street EC2
Gresham House, Old Broad Street and Bishopsgate EC2
Gresham Street EC2
Grocer's Hall Court EC2
Guildhall EC2
Gutter Lane EC2
Hanover Court EC2
Hart Street, Wood Street EC2
Hearn Street EC2
Helmet Court EC2
Hercules Passage EC2
Hewett Street EC2
Holywell Lane EC2
Holywell Place EC2
Holywell Row EC2
Honey Lane Market EC2
Honeysuckle Square EC2
Huggin Lane, Gutter Lane EC2
Ironmonger Lane EC2
Kiffen Street EC2
King John's Court, Hollywell Lane EC2
King Street, Guildhall EC2
King's Arms Yard EC2
Lackington Street EC2
Langthorne Court EC2
Lawrence Lane EC2
Leonard Street EC2
Lilypot Lane EC2
Little Love Lane EC2
Liverpool Street EC2
Liverpool Street Station EC2
London Wall EC2
London Wall Avenue EC2
Lothbury EC2
Love Lane, Wood Street EC2
Luke Street EC2
Mansion House Street, Poultry EC2
Mark Street EC2
Mason's Avenue EC2
Milk Street EC2
Milton Court, Milton Street EC2
Milton Street EC2
Mitre Court EC2
Monkwell Street EC2
Montague Court, Bishopsgate EC2
Moor Lane EC2
Moorfields EC2
Moorgate EC2
Moorgate Hall EC2
Moorgate Place EC2
Motley Avenue EC2
Mumford Court EC2
New Basinghall Street EC2
New Broad Street EC2
New Court, Throgmorton Street EC2
New Inn Broadway EC2
New Inn Square EC2
New Inn Street EC2
New Inn Yard EC2
New North Place EC2
New Street EC2
New Union Street EC2
Noble Street EC2
Oat Lane EC2
Old Broad Street EC2
Old Jewry EC2
Paul Street EC2
Philip Lane EC2
Phipp Street EC2
Pindar Street EC2
Pinner's Hall, Austin Friars EC2
Platina Street, Tabernacle Street EC2
Plough Yard EC2
Poultry EC2
Poultry Chambers, Poultry EC2
Priest Court, Foster Lane EC2
Primrose Street EC2
Princes Street EC2
Ravey Street EC2
Reliance Square EC2
Rivington Buildings EC2
Rivington Place EC2
Rivington Street EC2
Robin Hood Court, Milk Street EC2
Ropemaker Street EC2
Rose and Crown Court EC2
Russia Court EC2
Russia Row EC2
St. Agatha's Square EC2
St. Alban's Court EC2
St. George's Avenue EC2
St. Mildred's Court EC2
Salisbury House EC2
Scrutton Place EC2
Scrutton Street EC2
Short Street EC2
Short Street EC2
Shorter's Court EC2
Silk Street EC2
Silver Street EC2
Singer Street EC2
Snowden Street EC2
South Place EC2
South Street EC2
Staining Lane EC2
Stock Exchange EC2
Street Avenue EC2
Sun Street EC2
Sydney Avenue EC2
Tabernacle Street EC2
Telegraph Street EC2
Tenter Street EC2
Threadneedle Street EC2
Three Nun Court EC2
Throgmorton Avenue EC2
Throgmorton Street EC2
Tokenhouse Buildings EC2
Tokenhouse Yard EC2
Trump Street EC2
Union Court EC2
Vandy Street EC2
Victoria Avenue EC2
Warnford Court EC2
West Street EC2
White Hart Court, Bishopsgate EC2
White Street EC2
Whitecross Place EC2
Willow Street EC2
Wilson Street EC2
Winchester Avenue EC2
Winchester House, Great Winchester Street EC2
Windsor Court, Monkwell Street EC2
Wood Street EC2
Wood Street Square EC2
Wool Exchange, Coleman Street EC2
Wormwood Street EC2
Worship Street EC2