London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

London Streets in 1938 - E5 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Adley Street E5
Alcester Crescent E5
Alconbury Road E5
Alfearn Road E5
Almack Road E5
Ashenden Road E5
Ashtead Road E5
Atherden Road E5
Aveley Road E5
Baker's Hill E5
Beecholme Road E5
Big Hill E5
Blurton Road E5
Brooke Road: remainder E5
Casimir Road E5
Chailey Street E5
Charnock Road E5
Charnwood Street E5
Chatsworth Road E5
Chippendale Street E5
Clapton Common E5
Clapton Passage E5
Clapton Square E5
Clarence Close E5
Clarence Mews E5
Clarence Place E5
Clarence Road E5
Cleveleys Road E5
Clifden Road E5
Colenso Road E5
Colne Road E5
Comberton Road E5
Cornthwaite Road E5
Cotesbach Road E5
Cricketfield Road E5
Daubeney Road E5
Detmold Road E5
Downs Park Road: remainder E5
Downs Road E5
Dudlington Road E5
Dunlace Road E5
Durlston Road E5
Durrington Road E5
Elderfield Road E5
Elmcroft Street E5
Etropol Road E5
Evering Road: remainder E5
Ferron Road E5
Fletching Road E5
Geldeston Road E5
Gilpin Road E5
Glaskin Mews E5
Glenarm Road E5
Glyn Road E5
Gomer Terrace E5
Goulton Road E5
Gunton Road E5
Halberd Mews E5
Harrington Hill E5
Hawkwood Mount E5
Heatherley Street E5
Heyworth Road E5
Hillstowe Street E5
Hilsea Street E5
Hindrey Place E5
Holmbury View E5
Ickburgh Road E5
Inver Road E5
Jessam Avenue E5
Kenninghall Road E5
Knightland Road E5
Landfield Street E5
Laura Place E5
Lawley Street E5
Lea Bridge Road: 1 to 47 and 2 to 150 E5
Leagrave Street E5
Leaside Road E5
Lesbia Road E5
Lingwood Road E5
Linscott Road E5
Little Hill E5
Lockhurst Street E5
London Road E5
Lower Clapton Road E5
Maclaren Street E5
Maiwand Road E5
Mandeville Street E5
Mayola Road E5
Median Road E5
Meeson Street E5
Mellington Street E5
Middlesex Wharf E5
Midhurst Road E5
Mildenhall Road E5
Millfields Road E5
Moresby Road E5
Mount Pleasant Hill E5
Mount Pleasant Lane E5
Mundford Road E5
Muston Road E5
Narford Road E5
Newick Road E5
Nightingale Road E5
Northwold Road: remainder E5
Oakfield Road E5
Orchard Hill E5
Orchard Place E5
Oswald Street E5
Ottaway Street E5
Overbury Street E5
Overlea Road E5
Pear Tree Place E5
Pedro Street E5
Pembury Grove E5
Pembury Place E5
Pembury Road E5
Penda Road E5
Powell Road E5
Powers Croft Road E5
Presburg Street E5
Prout Road E5
Queensdown Road E5
Radley Square E5
Redwald Road E5
Reighton Road E5
Rendlesham Road E5
Rock Road E5
Roding Road E5
Rogate Road E5
Rossendale Street E5
Rossington Street E5
Rowhill Road E5
Rushmore Crescent E5
Rushmore Road E5
Sach Road E5
Saratoga Road E5
Sewdley Street E5
Sladen Place E5
Southwold Road E5
Spring Hill E5
Spring Lane E5
Springfield E5
Springfield Gardens E5
Stellman Street E5
Stoneham Place E5
Stoneham Road E5
Theydon Road E5
Thistlewaite Road E5
Thornby Road E5
Tilia Road E5
Trehurst Street E5
Upper Clapton Road E5
Walsingham Road E5
Warwick Grove E5
Warwick Retreat E5
Waterworks Lane E5
Wattisfield Road E5
Weald Square E5

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