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London Streets in 1938 - E4 postcode.

London Streets in 1938 by postcode. This is to help me in adding the correct postcode to pubs as I find them.

Abbotts Crescent E4
Ainslie Wood Crescent E4
Ainslie Wood Gardens E4
Ainslie Wood Road E4
Albert Avenue E4
Albert Crescent E4
Alma Avenue E4
Alpha Road E4
Amesbury Drive E4
Ashley Road E4
Avenue, The, Chingford E4
Avenue, The, Hale End E4
Balgonie Road E4
Beech Hall Gardens E4
Beech Hall Road E4
Beresford Road E4
Beverley Road E4
Blackthorne Drive E4
Bourne Gardens E4
Bramblings, The E4
Brindwood Road E4
Broadway, The E4
Brodie Road E4
Brook Crescent E4
Burnham Avenue E4
Burnham Road E4
Bury Road E4
Butler's Drive E4
Buxton Road E4
Cambridge Road E4
Castle Avenue E4
Cavendish Road E4
Cherrydown Avenue E4
Cherrydown Close E4
Chingford Hatch E4
Chingford Mount Road E4
Chingford Road: remainder E4
Chivers Road E4
Church Avenue E4
Cliveden Road E4
Close, The E4
College Gardens E4
Colvin Gardens E4
Coningsby Gardens E4
Connaught Avenue E4
Connaught Road E4
Coolgardie Avenue E4
Courtland Avenue E4
Coventry Parade E4
Cranston Gardens E4
Cranworth Crescent E4
Crescent Road E4
Cross Road E4
Dale View Avenue E4
Dale View Crescent E4
Dale View Gardens E4
Denner Road E4
Douglas Road E4
Drive, The E4
Drysdale Avenue E4
East View E4
Edward Avenue E4
Eglington Road E4
Elmfield Road E4
Empress Avenue E4
Endlebury Road E4
Epping Glade E4
Epping Way E4
Essex Road E4
Evanston Avenue E4
Falmouth Avenue E4
Farnley Road E4
Faversham Avenue E4
Forest Approach E4
Forest Avenue E4
Forest Court E4
Forest View E4
Frances Road E4
Frankland Road E4
Frederica Road E4
Friday Hill E4
Garfield Road E4
George Road E4
Glade, The E4
Glendower Road E4
Golden Row E4
Goldsborough Crescent E4
Gordon Avenue E4
Gordon Road E4
Green Walk, The E4
Grove Park Avenue E4
Grove Road E4
Gunners Grove E4
Hale, The E4
Hale End Road: 350 to 428 and 433 to 51 E4
Hall Gardens E4
Hall Lane E4
Hampton Road E4
Handsworth Avenue E4
Harold Road E4
Hatch Lane E4
Haverhill Road E4
Hawkdene Avenue E4
Hawkswood Crescent E4
Hawkswood Lane E4
Heathcote Grove E4
Higham Station Avenue E4
Hollywood Road E4
Horsley Road E4
Hortus Road E4
Hurst Avenue E4
Hurst Close E4
Kimberley Road E4
King's Head Hill E4
King's Road E4
Kingsley Gardens E4
Lambourne Gardens E4
Lansdowne Road E4
Larks Hall Crescent E4
Larks Hall Road E4
Larkswood Road E4
Laurel Gardens E4
Lea Valley Road E4
Leadale Avenue E4
Leonard Road E4
Little Friday Hill E4
Littleton Avenue E4
Long Deacon Road E4
Lower Hall Lane E4
Loxham Road E4
Lyndhurst Road E4
Lynton Road E4
Maida Avenue E4
Maida Gardens E4
Maida Way E4
Malvern Avenue E4
Manor Way E4
Mansfield Hill E4
Margaret Avenue E4
Mark Avenue E4
Marlborough Road E4
Marmion Avenue E4
May Road E4
Mayfield Road E4
Mead Close E4
Middleton Avenue E4
Minerva Road E4
Morley Avenue E4
Mornington Road E4
Mott Street: part E4
Mount Avenue E4
Mount Echo Avenue E4
Mount Echo Drive E4
Mount View Road E4
Nelson Road E4
Nevin Drive E4
New Road, Chingford E4
New Road, Sewardstonebury E4
Newbury Road E4
Newgate Street E4
Nightingale Avenue E4
Norbury Road E4
Normanshire Drive E4
Oakhurst Gardens E4
Old Church Hill E4
Old Church Road E4
Palace View Road E4
Park Hill Road E4
Pentney Road E4
Polehill Road E4
Preston Avenue E4
Pretoria Road E4
Priory Avenue E4
Priory Close E4
Queen's Grove Road E4
Ranger's Road E4
Rectory Close E4
Richmond Avenue E4
Richmond Crescent E4
Richmond Road E4
Ridgeway, The E4
Ridgeway Road E4
Rolls Park Avenue E4
Rolls Park Road E4
Rosslyn Avenue E4
Rowden Park Gardens E4
Rowden Road E4
Royston Avenue E4
Rushcroft Road E4
Russell Road E4
St. John's Road E4
Salisbury Hall Gardens E4
Salisbury Road E4
Scholars Road E4
Selwyn Avenue E4
Sewardstone Road South E4
Sewardstone Road: part E4
Sewardstonebury E4
Seymour Road E4
Shaftesbury Road E4
Sheredan Road E4
Silverdale Road E4
Silverthorn Gardens E4
Sinclair Road E4
South Avenue E4
Springfield Road, Station Road E4
Springfield Road, Sewardstonebury E4
Stanley Road E4
Station Road E4
Studley Avenue E4
Suffield Hatch E4
Suffield Road E4
Sunnydene Avenue E4
Sunnyside Drive E4
Sunset Avenue E4
Swanage Road E4
Templeton Avenue E4
Tudor Road E4
Tufton Road E4
Underwood Road E4
Valance Avenue E4
Victoria Road E4
Vincent Road E4
Walthamstow Avenue E4
Warboys Crescent E4
Warren Pond Road E4
Warren Road E4
Warwick Avenue E4
Warwick Road E4
Waverley Avenue E4
Wellington Avenue E4
Westward Road E4
Whitehall Gardens E4
Whitehall Road: 2 to 88 E4
Wickham Road E4
Wilderslow Terrace E4
Willow Street E4
Wilton Road E4
Winchester Road E4
Windsor Road E4
Woodberry Way E4
Woodland Road E4
Woodside Gardens E4
Woodviewavenue E4
Yardley Lane E4
York Avenue E4
York Road E4