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London Robsons Street Directory in 1842 - Index H

Robsons 1842 directory index

These are the links to the 1842 London street directory which have been added to the site so far. It should be noted that these are images rather than transcriptions, and are added to the relevant 1832 street directory transcription.

London Robsons Street Directory in 1842 - Index H

Haberdashers place, Hoxton

Haberdashers street, Hoxton

Haberdashers walk, Hoxton

Hackney road


Half Moon street, Bishopsgate street

Half Moon street, Piccadilly

Half Nichols street, Bethnal green

Halkin street, Belgrave square

Ham yard, Great Windmill street

Hammet street, Minories

Hammonds court, Mincing lane

Hampden street, Somers town

Hampstead road

Hampton street, Walworth

Hancock yard, Whitefriars

Hand court, Holborn

Hand court, Upper Thames street

Hannibal road, Mile end

Hanover square

Hanover square, Cripplegate

Hanover street, Hanover square

Hanover street, Long acre

Hanover street, Walworth

Hanway street, Oxford street

Harcourt buildings, Temple

Harcourt street, New road, Marylebone

Hardington street, Portman square

Hare court, Aldersgate street

Hare court, Temple

Hare street, Bethnal green

Harleyford road, Upper Kennington lane

Harleyford terrace, Upper Kennington lane

Harley mews

Harley street, Cavendish square

Harp alley, Farringdon street

Harp lane, Great Tower street

Harper street, New Kent road

Harpur street, Red Lion square

Harris terrace, Ratcliff highway

Harrison street, Grays Inn road

Harrow road, Edgware road

Harrow street, Long street

Hart court, Bridgewater gardens

Hart street, Bloomsbury

Hart street, Covent garden

Hart street, Cripplegate

Hart street, Crutched friars

Hart street, Grosvenor square

Hartshorn alley, Fenchurch street

Hartshorn court, Basing lane

Hastings street, late Speldhurst street, Burton crescent

Hatfield court, Golden lane

Hatfield street, Stamford street

Hatton court, Hatton wall

Hatton court, Threadneedle street

Hatton garden

Hatton wall, Hatton garden

Haunch of Venison yard, Lower Brook street

Haydon square, Minories

Haydon street, Minories

Hayes Court, Soho


Hayes lane, Tooley street

Haywards place, Clerkenwell

Heath street, Commercial road

Heathcote street, Mecklenburg square

Heddon court, Regent street

Heddon street, Regent street

Helmet row, St Lukes

Hemlock court, Lincolns Inn fields

Hemmings row, St Martins lane

Heneage lane, Bevis Marks

Heneage street, Whitechapel

Henrietta street, Brunswick square

Henrietta street, Cavendish square

Henrietta street, Covent garden

Henrietta street, Manchester square

Henry street, Commercial road

Henry street, Cumberland market

Henry street, Grays inn road

Henry street, Hampstead road

Henry street, Pentonville

Henry street, St Lukes

Herbert buildings, Waterloo road

Hercules buildings, Lambeth

Hercules court, Thredneedle street

Hereford street, New road

Hermes street, Pentonville

Great Hermitage street, Wapping

Little Hermitage street, Wapping

Hertford road, Kingsland basin

Hertford street, Fitzroy square

Hertford street, Mayfair

High street, Hoxton

High row, Knightsbridge

High Timber street, Upper Thames street

Hill street, Berkeley square

Hill street, Finsbury

Hill street, Great Surrey street

Hill street, Walworth road

Hind court, Fleet street

Hinde street, Manchester square

Hinde mews, Marylebone lane

Hindon street, Pimlico

Holborn bridge


Holborn bars

Holborn Hill

Holborn, High - or High Holborn

Holland street, Great Surrey street

Holland street, Brixton road

Hollen street, Soho

Hollis street, Cavendish street

Holles street, Clare market

Holliday yard, Creek lane

Holybush gardens, Bethnal green road

Holybush place, Bethnal green road

Holmes buildings, Little Bell alley

Holywell lane, Shoreditch

Holywell mount, Shoreditch

Holywell row, Shoreditch

Holywell street, Strand

Holywell street, Westminster

Homer street, Marylebone

Honduras street, St Lukes

Honey lane, Cheapside

Honey lane market, Cheapside

Hookers court, Nicholas lane

Hooper square, Goodmans fields

Hooper street, Clerkenwell

Hope street, Old Montague street, Whitechapel

Hop gardens, St Martins lane

Horseferry road, Limehouse

Horseferry brh road, Ratcliff

Horseferry road, Westminster


Horselydown Lane

Horsemonger lane, Borough

Horseshoe court, Ludgate hill

Horseshoe alley, Wilson street, Finsbury

Horseshoe yard, Lower Brook street

Hosier lane, West Smithfield

Houghton street, Clare market


Howard street, Strand

Howford buildings, Fenchurch street

Howland mews

Howland street, Middlesex Hospital

Hoxton market, Hoxton

Hoxton Old town

Hoxton square

Hudson terrace, Westminster

Huggin lane, Wood street

Huggin lane, Upper Thames street

Hulster street, St Luke

Hulls street, St Luke

Hungerford market, Strand

Hungerford street, Strand

Hunters mews, Brunswick square

Hunter street, Brunswick square

Hunter street, Old Kent road

Huntingdon street, Kingsland road

Huntley street, Bedford square

Hunts court, Castle street, Leicester square

Husband street, Broad street, Golden square

Hyde place, Hoxton

Hyde street, Bloomsbury

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