London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

London Robsons Street Directory in 1832 - Threadneedle street

Robsons 1832 directory index

This is the earliest street directory I have found so far which also includes pub history detail.

Threadneedle street
11 Hickens R & W & Co
15 Le Mann Fred A
16 Fleece and Sun, Cooper Alex
17 Crow Charles
18 Commercial Chop House, Moxhay E jun
19 Jackson William
20 Moon F G
21 Sansum Fred
Kench Thomas
23 Mello William
Lawrence and Son
Andrews Joshua
Ord Rob
Leacock and Harris
Johnson Henry
Busk J H
Mitchell James
Yardley William
Mitchell and Morton
Mitchell james
Strangman and Son
Strangman Jos jun
Mocatto Dr
23 Poyasian Office
Zorulin J J and Co
Lynam Henry
24 Chancellor R and C
Seldon and Johnson
Cheap John
Sleap J G
Berridge J
Warton Charles
26 Pogmore R G and A
Stewart G and Jos
27 Glaister S and Co
Foster D G
28 Culshaw Edw
30 Merchant Tailors Hall
De Mole John B
31 Thomas and Co
32 Dynn & Wordsworth
33 Roll Beevor
34 Howard John
Sharp William
35 Dean and Munday
36 Ruddiman John
37 Holt William
South Sea Company
Excheq Bill and Loan Office
39 Discombe J
40 Dean and Munday
41 Scrimgeour, Hayes & Scrimgeour
Houghton and Horton
Brandon Gilbert
Cowie J
Christie James
Ingram John
42 Kings Head, Oldaker Ann
44 Richardson E
45 Eden T E
46 South Sea Larder, Hall John
48 and 49 McAlpine C
49 Grounds David
Ridge S
50 Thomas P W & Son
Vigurs, Batten and James
Rosier J
Easterby John
Hancock Rich
51 Mutual Insurance Benefit Institution
Joly Fred
Labourers Friend Society
Wills B
52 Jacks and Hay
Infant Orphan Asylum Office
52 Boulton and Baker
Pelly J H
53 Petty and Wood
53 Ellis and Co
54 Deshons John & Co
54 Fisher and Moxhay
56 Hamper William
Parsons Sam
57 Patterson, Holl and Brasey
58 Baltic Coffee House, Melton William
Alder J
Simpson W W
Stobart William
Bentley George
Stuart Thomas
Blakey Henry
Little Walter
Payne John and Charles
Blandford Thomas
Simons William May
Ullathorne and son
Baxter Thomas
Adam T G H
Douglas John
Dooree W P
Griffiths H R
Larton John
Levien W C
Moorewood George
O'Leary J P
Rowe and Sons
Scott James
Wright H
Bennison Rich
Carr James
Eagle William
Levien James
Liddell James
Mello John
Menet Isaac
Murohey Edw
Montgomery James
Matrijeff Gregory
O'Leary James
Perry Fran
Perkins Ambrose
Schaaf Henry
Bonroy Fred
59 Waterman Isaac
Cohen Isaac

New England Coffee House, Davies James
30 The North & South American Coffee House, Davies James
Austin John
Bridge John
Carruthers James
Dalaynoy John
Edwards Thomas Eyre H
Gainsborough Thomas
Sampson C M
Guisfeate S
Lewis William
Lezaraburn M
Matthews William
Pfieler John
Puffer Peter
Stephens John
Thwaites Jos
Worster Eben
62 Prescott, Grote, Prescott and Grote
63 Simon G P
64 Cock Tavern, Lockett
67 Gameson and Co
68 Boughey John
Phillips Charles
Prices Price Current Office, Price N S
Bank of England

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And in comparison from 1842, although with no links as it is an image. It does include much more detail about trade details rather than in 1832.

14 - 33 Threadneedle street 1842 Robsons street directory
14 - 33 Threadneedle street 1842 Robsons street directory
34 - 58 Threadneedle street 1842 Robsons street directory
34 - 58 Threadneedle street 1842 Robsons street directory
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