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Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818 - Islington, Middlesex

Johnstones 1818 directory index

This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

Islington, Middlesex
Length 2970 yards. No. of Houses 76.
2 Love & Son, Corn chandlers & seedsmen
* Reynolds, J. Saddler & harness maker
3 Kirtou, Daniel, Furnishing ironmonger
7 Young, Chas. Oil & Italian warehouse
8 Bodkin, Wm. Henry, Auctioneer
9 Slade and Son, Coach makers
10 Young, Richard, Tea dealer and grocer
11 Middleton, Edw. Tea dealer & grocer
13 Jones, Wm. Wax and tallow chandler
Bradford, Wm. Furnishing ironmonger
Chapman, Geo. Chemist and druggist
Parry, John, Solicitor
Oldershaw, Robert, Solicitor
Sabine, James, Coal merchant
Smith, James, Veterinary surgeon
Waters, John, Collar & harness maker

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