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Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818  - Edgeware road, Tyburn Turnpike

Johnstones 1818 directory index

This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

Edgeware road, Tyburn Turnpike.
Length 1397 yards.-No. of Houses 168.
2 Sweet, William, Oil man and grocer
3 Nelson, Richard, Plain tool maker
4 Calf, John, Tobacco manufacturer
5 Ashby, P. Carpenter and undertaker
* Pinnegar, Jno. Broker and undertaker
6 Forster, John, Grocer and tea dealer
* Oldfield, Jas. Coach and harness maker
* Widnalls, Simon, Oil and colour man
7 Fletcher, Francis, Nursery & seedsman
* Wall, Jas. Corn chandler & flour factor
11 Breazley, Henry, Oil and colour man
12 Finch, James, Hat manufacturer
* Fletcher, T. Timber and deal merchant
20 Green, James, Surgeon and accoucheur
23 Freeman, Thomas, Plumber and glazier
30 Briggs, James, Surgeon and accoucheur
38 Wood, Charles, Surgeon and accoucheur
45 Flenloft, James, China & glass warehouse
54 Kirby, Thomas, Grocer and tea dealer
58 Gaite, John, Plumber and glazier
83 Haynes & Co. Linen drapers
84 Bloodworth, Jno. Haberdasher & hosier
86 wright, Thomas, Boot and shoe maker
88 Lumley, Thomas, Grocer & tea dealer
92 Frail, Thomas, Clock and watch maker
95 Squib, Thomas, Bookseller and stationer
96 Lane, Matthew, Grocer and tea dealer
97 Cambell, W. Apothecary & accoucheur
99 Gibbins, John, Undertaker & upholder
102 Meredith, Thomas, Corn chandler, &c.
103 Hedges, W. Collar and harness maker
107 Clark, C. and Son, Tailors & salesmen
109 Calf, William, Stationer & bookseller
111 Hister, John, Corn chandler & factor
113 Vezey, Peter, War and tallow chandler
115 Hill, Charles, Grocer and tea dealer
116 German, William, Cleesemonger & factor
117 Datley, Thomas, Linen draper & hosier
120 Green, Matthew, Tailor and salesman
121 Ray, William, Hat manufacturer
122 Jackson, Sam. Oil and colourman
123 Knowler, James, Wine & brandy merchant
124 Bousfield, Stephen, Grocer& tea dealer
127 King, William, Grocer and tea dealer
131 Green, John, Boot and shoe maker
132 Brownsit, Sarah, Grocer and tea dealer
134 Glanwell, John, Painter and glazier
135 Seedon, James, Tailor and draper
136 Ralph, Whittle, Tin manufacturer
150 Gulley, James, Nursery and seedsman
152 Brown, Geo. Cooper & stape merchant
Berris and Co. Coach & harness makers
Fisher & Co. Nursery and seedsmen
Hayness & Son, Coopers & stave merchants
Haywood & Co. Coach & harness makers
Hodges, Rich. Coach and harness maker
Plenty, William, Hamps. patent plough manufacturer
Robinson, Joshua, Builder & surveyor
Vaughan & Page, Pump & engine makers

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