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Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818  - Eastcheap (Great), Fish street hill

Johnstones 1818 directory index

This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

Eastcheap (Great)— Fish street hill
Length l15 yards.-No. of Houses 28.
1 Oldham, W. C. Hardware & button warehouse
2 Whyte, J. & Son, Hair & perfume warehouse
4 Collyer, Thomas, Oil and colourman
5 Reed, Samuel, Bookseller and stationer
6 Hadwen and Jackson, Sail cloth factors
* Suze and Sibeth, Merchants
7 Trower and Slater, Warehousemen
9 Horne, J. C. Bricklayer and builder
10 Humphreys, James, Mercer and tailor
11 Johnston, Davies & Co. Wholesale tea dealer
12 Teesdale, John, Foreign fruit merchant
13 Evans, Jeremiah, Slove grate manufacturer
15 West, Thomas, Hair manufacturer
16 Naylor & Buckley, Hat manufacturers
17 Hodge, Henry, Charles, Sugar broker
* Proctor, George, Provision merchant
18 Rubridge, James, Scale maker
19 Warner, James & Mark, Wholesale grocers
20 Harrild, Rob. Printer and bookseller
21 Wilson, Rob. Wine & brandy merchant
22 Oidfield, Thomas Barrell. oyster warehouse
23 Grace & Webster, Tea dealers & grocers
24 Bamfield, Samuel, Bootmaker
25 Harling, Charles, Wax & tallow chandler
26 Hardy, Cha. and Jas. Cork cutters
27 Shelton and Son, Coppersmihs
28 Langden & Atkinson, Brokers
* Ponder, Stephen, Trunk maker

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