London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818 - Birchin lane, Cornhill

Johnstones 1818 directory index

This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

Birchin lane, Cornhill
Length 77 yards, No. of Houses 27
l Brooks, Francis, News vender
* Gapper & Haslewood, Ame, stockbrokers
* Cox, William, John, Stock broker
* Eliason, Daniel, Merchant
* Eliason and Nephew, Jewellers, etc.
* Palmer, S. Auctioneer and accountant
3 Bloxham, Sir Matthew, Bill broker
* Maslem, Henry, Insurance broker
* Woodall, T. Watch maker and jeweller
4 Noy, Edward, Henry, Notary
6 Pinkerton, Thomas; Merchant
* Pryer, William, Saddler and harness maker
* Taylor, William, Gun merchant
* Thomas, James, Merchant
8 Tinkler & Mountford, Gunpowder makers
9 Witherby, W.G. W.& H. Stationers
10 Annesley, Anthony, Luke, Broker
* Robinson, John, Insurance broker
* Ryde and Co. Bill brokers
* Stewardson, John, Stock broker
* Taylor, William, Stock broker
14 Causton, Henry, Kent, Printer
* Eives, William, Ironmonger
* Short, Jacob, East India merchant
15 Smith, Thomas, and Co. Matt. warehouse
21 Hacket, C. A. Agent for E.I. ships & Insurance broker
* Hacket, C. A. Prussian blue manufacturer
* Jacob, John, Merchant
* Norwich, Union fire and life office
22 Adamthwaite, Archibald, Notary
* Baker, Norrison, Solicitor and Notary
* Richardson, Robert, Insurance broker
* Robinson and Lomas, Brokers
23 Heather, Lucas, and Co. Ship brokers
* Herbert, James, Merchant
* Miller, Dan. Ship and Insurance broker 
* Orvens, James, Dealer in turtle.
* Pawsey and Eason, Stock brokers
* Rogers, Sam. Notary public
24 Burton, Children, & Co. Gunpowder merchant
* Pinsent, Jeseph, Agent and broker
26 Hippuff and Davis, Stock brokers.
* Macauley aud Babington, Merchants
27 Guitard, Arend, Jacob, Notary Public
Browne, Zachariah, Sam. Merchant
CAROLINA coffee house.
Begbie, John, Merchant
Hudson, James, and Co. Merchants
Newton, Benj. and James, Notaries
Peck and Co. Merchants
Ross, George, Merchant
Wilkinson, John, Wine merchant
Wright, Robert, Merchant

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