London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

London Street Directory in 1921 - F.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

London Street Listings in 1921.

Fair street, Horselydown (SE1) (Bermondsey), 196 Tooley street

Fairfoot Road, Bow (E3) (Poplar), 104 Campbell Road

Falkirk Street (N1) (Shoreditch), 101 Kingsland Road

Faraday Street, Walworth (SE17) (Southwark), 84 Alvey Street to 2 Portland Street

Farringdon Road (EC1), 25 Charterhouse Street to 1 Kings Cross Road - East Side

Farringdon Road (EC1), 25 Charterhouse Street to 1 Kings Cross Road - West Side

Fashion street, Spitalfields (E1) (Stepney), 72 Commercial street to 39 Brick lane

Faunce Street, Kennington Park (SE17) (Southwark)

Felix Street. 472 Hackney Road (E2) (Bethnal Green)

Felton Street, Hoxton (N1) (Shoreditch), 11 Hyde Road to 41 Whitmore Road

Fendall Street, 184 Grange Road, Bermondsey (SE1) (Bermondsey)

Fieldgate Street, 34 Whitechapel Road E1

Finch Lane, 80 Cornhill (EC3) (City)

Fish street hill (EC3) (City) Monument station to 128 Lower Thames street (passing the Monument)

Flamborough Street, Ratcliff E14 (Stepney), 647 Commercial Road east to Salmon Lane

Flower & Dean street, Spitalfields (E1) (Stepney), 64 Commercial street to 25 Brick lane

Follett Street, 11 St Leonards Road, Bromley E14

Fournier street, Spitalfields (E1) (Stepney), 84 Commercial street

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