London 1746 Rocques map
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London Street Directory in 1921 & 1842.

London Street Listings Index in 1921 & also in 1842.

Upper Thames Street (EC4) (City) (western end), Blackfriars to Fish street hill in 1921

& Thames street, Upper in 1842


South side
South Eastern & Chatham Railway (St Pauls Station)
Lyons J & Co Ltd, cafe
Purfleet Wharf :
1 Saunders T H & Co, wholesale stationers
1A Blackfriars Cold Storage Co Lim, H E Kaye, manager & secretary
Victoria Wharf :
1A Taylor Bros Wharfage Co Ltd
St Andrew Wharf :
2 McDowell, Steven & Co Lim, ironfounders
Blackfriars Cold Storage Co Ltd
2A Cameron A & Co, merchants
2A Railton W J, merchants
3 Waitrose Ltd, wholesale grocers
3 Smiths(Hampton) Ltd, soap makers
3 Staines Candle Co
... here is Puddle dock ...
3A Farwig J F & Co Ltd, tin plate workers & packing case makers (Calorigen works, Puddle dock)
3A & 238 Wright George Ltd, ironfounders (City Mill buildings)
Wheatsheaf Wharf :
4 Smith Benj & Sons, corn merchants
4X Browne T B Ltd, electotype press
4 Rutland Wharf :
4 Smith Benjamin & Sons, corn merchants
4X Concetta Mrs Arpino, refreshment rooms
5 Green James & Nephew Ltd, china manufactures
6,7 & 8 Loeber Ltd, wholesale paper merchants
6 & 8 Sanders Phillips & Co Ltd, printers (removed to Chryssell road SW9) (3 minutes from the Oval tube station)
6 & 8 Baynard Press (The)
Anzac Wharf :
7 Green George & Henry, wharfingers
7 Dobbie, Forbes & Co, ironfounders
8 Smith & Wellstood Ltd, ironfounders
9 Anchor Wharf :
Blundell, Spence & Co Limited, paint manufacturers
Horseshoe Wharf :
10 Pilkington Bros Ltd, glass manufacturers
10 Platt Albert S, glass manufacturers agent
11B Lindenmeyr & Johnson Paper Co Ltd
12 & 13 Castle Baynard Wharf
12 & 13 Castle Baynard :
Olive & Partington Ltd, paper manufacturers
United Industries Ltd, general merchants
Bertram H & Co, merchants
Belden E & W, boot tree makers
Wardill & Gilert, paper makers
Union Paper Agency Ltd
14 Penman William & Son Ltd, paper agents
14 Mardon P Jn Ltd, paper makers
14 Fells Edwin Moore & Co, paper agents
15 Carron Company
16 & 230 Croggon & Co Lim, iron merchants
... here is White Lion wharf ...
17 & 18 O'Brien, Thomas & Co, wholesale ironmongers (White Lion & St Pauls wharves)
18 Yates, Haywood & Co & the Rotherham Foundry Co, ironfounders
18 London Anthracite Stove Co
19, 20 & 21 White Lion hotel, Mrs Agnes Jane Turner
23 Pauls Pier Wharf :
23 Davidson C & Sons Ltd, paper makers
23 Anglo Bag Co Limited
23 Colonial Paper Co Limited
23 Towers & Co Lim, frozen meat importers
24 & 24 Cowan Alex & Sons Ltd, wholesale stationers (Pauls Wharf)
East Pauls Wharf:
26 Sabel Paul & Co, paper merchants
26 Davy Thomas S & Sons, mantle manufacturers
26 Vitali Egidio Ltd, wine importers
26 Smith & Lister, wholesale milliners
27 Dickinson John & Co Limited, paper makers
28 Paterson D R Ltd, contractors
29 Mi8les, Druce & Co, iron merchants
Trig Wharf :
Meadows Thomas & Co Ltd, shipping agents
... here is Trig lane ...
34 Thomas Edwin & Co Ltd, paper merchants
... here is Castle yard ...
36 & 37 Starrett L SW Co (Great Britain) Ltd, tool makers
36 & 37 Cleveland Twist Drill Co (Great Britain) Ltd, tool makers
36 & 37 Billings & Spencer Co (Great Britain) Ltd tool makers
36 & 37 Barrus & Cullen Ltd, tool makers
36 & 37 Miller, Drake & Co, motor car dealers
36 & 37 Drake & Dahm, cutlery manufacturers
Caldwell yard :
37 & 38 Lever Bros Ltd, soap manufacturers
37 & 38 Hudson R S Ltd, soap makers
37 & 38 Vinolia Co Ltd, soap manufacturers
37 & 38 Hodgson & Simpson Ltd, soap manufacturers
37 & 38 Parsons C H & Brother Ltd, soap manufacturers
37 & 38 Hazlehurst & Sons Ltd, soap makers
37 & 38 Pethybridge W J & Sons Ltd, paper warehouse
37 & 38 Trehern James & Co, lithographers
37 & 38 Meadows Thomas & Co, shipping agents
38 & 39 Searle Daniel Walter & Sons Ltd, printers
40 & 41 Pryke & Palmer Ltd, builders merchants
Broken Wharf :
Pryke & Palmer Ltd, builders merchants
Waterlow & Sons Ltd (incorporating Waterlow Brothers & Layton Ltd), wholesale stationers
... here are High Timber street & Gardeners lane ...
42 Macleod R & R Co Ltd, wholesale tea merchants
43 General Iron Founders Co Limited
44 Edge William & Sons Ltd, dye manufacturers
45 Towgood Edward & Sons Ltd, paper makers
46 Frys (London) Ltd, tool makers
47 City Iron Co
48 Brooks Wharf & Bonded Warehouses:
Warner Robert & Co Limited, bonded warehouses
Thames Street Iron Co
Towers & Co Ltd, frozen meat importers
Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Co
General Iron Foundry Co Limited
49 Kings Head & Lamb, Albert Edward Cruse
... here is Stew lane ...
50 Spicer James & Sons Ltd, wholesale stationers
50 Spicer James & Sons (South Africa) Ltd, paper merchants
Spicer James & Sons (New Zealand) Ltd, paper merchants
57 B E Co (London & Birmingham) Ltd
58 Larkinson Samuel Ltd, fruit pulp importers
58 Austreng Nals, manufacturers agent
58 Matthew George & Bros, iron merchants
58 Champion Henry & Co, ship chandlers
Queenhithe Wharf
... here is Queenhithe ...
66 Wilkinson George H, paper agent
66 National Paper & Pulp Co Ltd
66 Church George & Co Limited, waxed paper makers
66 Wycombe Marsh paper Mills Co
66 Kings paper Mill Co
Landwater Paper Mill Co
... here is Bull Wharf lane ...
Bull Wharf :
67 Proprietors of Bull Wharf Ltd, wharfingers
Kennet Wharf :
Thames Cold Storage Co Lim
Allen Jn & Co, packing case makers
Rigby Frederick William & Co Ltd, packing case makers
Hill (Dudley) & Culross, printers
... here is Worcester place ...
Kennet Wharf
68 Martin C W & Sons Ltd, fur merchants
... here is Anchor Alley ...
Hambro Wharf :
London & South Western Railway Co's Goods Receiving Office
Tate henry & Sons, Lim, sugar refiners
68 1/2 Vintners Hall, Charles Lomas, clerk
68 1/2 Vintners Porters Office
68 1/2 Clayton Aniline Co Ltd
... here are queen street place & Three Cranes lane ...
Red Lion & Three Cranes Wharf :
Major & Field, wharfingers
77 British Thomson-Houston Co Ltd, electrical engineers (Mazda house)
... here is Brickhill lane ...
78 Fletcher Robert & Son Ltd, paper makers
78 Pitt & Scott Ltd, shipping agents
... here is Bell Wharf lane ...
... here are Joiners Hall buildings & Friars alley ...
80 Pawsey & Ridge Ltd, coffee merchants
80 Hamilton Martin & Co, printers
80 Davis George & Co, printers
80 Davis, Chaston & Co, engravers
91 Major & Feild, wharfingers
Heavet William Joseph, superintendent of cleansing for the City of London Public Health Department
83 Golden Heart Wharf :
Harford & Bristol Brass Co
Redruth Tin smelting Company
Bain, Sons & Co, steamship owners
Dowgate Wharf
... here are Brewrs lane & Dowgate dock ...
83 Harvest W & D, drysalters
83 Schpilka & Bronstein, merchants
83 Hooke David B, india rubber manufacturer
83 Carlyle George & Thomas Ltd, carbonic paper makers
83 Neale George William, metal merchant
83 Makin William & Sons, steel manufacturers
83 Fire Appliance Co
83 Baldwin James & Sons Ltd, paper makers
83 Baldwin Walter, Paper agent
83 Muir W S & Com paper merchants
83 Douglas & Wilson, merchants
83 Chocolate Fountain
83 Boh H, wine & sprit importer
83 Meher-Homji B J, export merchant
Dowgate Door & City Warehouses:
Gerhard & Hey Ltd, proprietors
Dowgate Dock Tea Syndicate
Field & Co (Fruit Merchants) Ltd (Dowgate Wharf)
... here is Cousin lane ...
84 Union Cold Storage Co Limited
South Eastern Railway crosses here
86 Charing Cross, West End & City Electricity Supply Co Ltd
... here is Allhallows lane ...
89 City of London Brewery Co Lim, Henry Groom, sec
89 Hour Glass, Walter S Jones
... here is Red Bull yard ...
93 Red Bull Wharf :
93 Union Cold Storage Co Ltd
... here is Angel passage ...
95 Dyers Hall Wharf :
95 Wheatley George W & Co Ltd, bankers, oriental, australian, american & general Shipping, insurance, commission & pasenger agents
95 Globe Foreign Express
George W Wheatley & Co Ltd, proprietors
95 Downings American Despatch
95 Hodgson James & Sons, envelope makers
95 Monument Bonded Warehouses Lim
95 Reinachs Nephew & Co, wholesale tea dealers
97 Black Bull, Mrs Mary Ann Bolt
98 Hobbs F E Ltd, die sinkers
99 Gomm Charles George, dining rooms
... here is George alley ...
... here is Old Swan lane ...
Old Swan Wharf :
Knight & Morris, wharfingers
Rollins John G & Co Limited, american merchants
Old Swan Pier (Old Swan lane)
Port of London Authority (Harbour Master, upper district)
101 to 103 Harker George & Co Ltd, spice merchants
101 Grace darling Starch Co
... here is Swan lane ...
104 Morris Edward, dairyman
104 Ward George William, bootmaker
... here is Black Raven alley ...
105 Arpino Miss Clementina, confectioner
105 Beckers Ltd, manufacturers agents
105 Fuller Robert Henry, wholesale tea dealer
105 Passmore Bertie J, sign writer
106 Greene Frank Arnold, engineer
106 Brooke & Barham Ltd, fruit merchants
107 Pearl Assurance Buildings:
107 & 108 Seal Wharf & Warehouses Ltd
107 Hatton Charles & Co Ltd, tin plate merchants
... here is Fishmongers Hall street ...
Old Shades Wharf :
William & Geils, wharfingers
Fishmongers Hall Wharf
Knill John & Co, wharfingers
London Fire Brigade Station
Barnes & Co Ltd, fruit preservers
(Fishmongers Hall offices)
... here is London Bridge ...

City Wharf
1 Thorpe John, coal merchant
Dobbs Henry, vitriol manufacturer
2 Castle James, White Bear
Smith James, corn merchant & wharfinger
3 Rownson & Drew, warehousemen

Rutland wharf
Phillips rd, wheelwright
West and Green, corn merchants
Day Thomas, coal merchant
Monkhouse and Little, coal merchants
Morris F and T, coal merchants
Rodick George, coal merchant
Simmons S, coal merchant
5 Marshall E O, sack maker & cloth dealer

Crown and Horseshoe Wharf
Gilbertson J and Son, coal merchants
Leader T, timber and coal merchant
Williams Walter, iron merchant

Anchor wharf
9 Mayor H and Co, hop and oil merchants

Horseshoe wharf
Johnston R, coal merchant
Johnston Thomas, coal merchant
Ashby Samuel, prepared groat manufacturer
11 Wills ad McDougall, saddlers

Castle baynard
13 Govnor & Company of Copper Miners in England, William Ingli, secretary
15 Carron Warehouse
Varron Company, Stainton Henry, agent

White Lion wharf
Jegon W and Marmk, coal merchants
McKellor W G, coal merchant
Edwards Thomas, coal merchant
Davy James G, coal merchant
19 Bills Samuel, White Lion
22 Quinlan T, Fortune of War

Pauls wharf
Boulcott J and Co, oil merchant
Needham Alex, boat builder
23 Hawks & Co, patent chain cable manufacturers
Stephens, army contractor
Vivian and sons, copper merchants
Budd I and L, tin plate merchants
Hopkinson and Burrowes, corn merchant
Hurry G and Co, bottle merchants
Champion Fishwick & Co, lead merchant
27 Nutting Willia James, seedsman
27 Grenfell P and sons, copper manufacturers
28 Holme Wilson and Co, distillers
29 Daniels and Payne, iron merchants

Trig wharf
Rathbone William and Bd, corn merchants
29 Notts Pat Stove Warehouse
29 Smith Benjamin, corn merchant
35 Green J and Sons, glass manufacturers and Potters

Trig lane
Graham W and Sons, iron merchants

George yard wharf
39 Crawshay and Com iron merchants

Broken wharf
Rayment James and Sons, wharfingers
Fothergill M and Co, drysalters
Lyon W, lighterman and wharfinger
6 Raddock R, inspector N river Co

Brooks wharf
Graham John, wharfinger
Norris S C, rope and rag merchant
Arnold George, rope and rag merchant
Mitchell James Peter, ale brewery, G M Tweedle, agent
57 Jarvis Thomas, sack maker

Hammonds wharf, Queenhithe
Reaveley John, wholesale stationers
Saunders and Harrison, oil merchants

Queenhithe wharf
Randell and Co, wharfingers

Bull wharf
Goss J W, wharfingers and lightermen
Hayman John L, seed merchant
67 Staite, Kennard & Co, iron and tin merchant
67 Kennard, Staite and Co, cast iron and zinc warehouses & stove grate manufacturers

Kennett wharf
White W D and F G, wharfingers
Gray B, flour factor
Worcester place
Anderson John, coffee roaster
68 Booth and Co, wholesale grocers
British Copper Office
Williams, Foster & Co, copper merchants
William, Harvey & Co, tin merchants
Foster Jos T, tin and copper manufacturer
Vintners Hall
Martin Charles and N, solicitors
Martin C, clerk to Vintners Company

Hambro wharf
Reid T W, alum merchant
Chaplin & Horne, wharfingers & car

Three Cranes wharf
Hodgsen and Co, merchants
Todd W J and T, wharfingers
Meiklejohn R and son, ale merchants
Slade J, colour merchant and insurance broker
Scott John, drysalter & colour merchant

Red Lion wharf
Todd W J and T, wharfingers
Evans Brothers, drysalters
Todd W, coal merchant
Bartrum & Co, ship ironmongers
Bartrum T R, West India merchant

Golden Heart wharf
Mines Royal Copper Company, Spedding Benjamin Jos, secretary

Dowgate wharf
Nichol and son, merchants & wharfingers
Nichol and Miller, bottle merchants
White James, chemical agent
Brown J and Co, coal merchants

Colebrook Dale Iron wharf
Harratt Charles, iron merchant
Dowgate dock

Newcastle Brod & Crown Gls co, B welch, agent
Welch B, wine merchant
Kelly Owen, coal merchant
Waldron James, rod merchant
79 Rich H W, wine merchant
80 Jack C, zinc merchant
82 Mitchell Edw, wine merchant
82 Shuter T A and C, hoop merchants
Ryde, Curteis & Whitworth, wharfingers
Cousin lane

Brown John, iron merchant
83 Judson and Wilson, drysalters
83 Ingall Charles, wine merchant
Shepherd Samuel, cement warehouse
84 Cattley T T & Co, colour merchants
Hartley Bottle Company
Copper ompany, Freeman John
Davidson D M & Co, metal brokers
Roberts T H, carman
Dunthorn Henry, cooper
84 Strong & Hall, wine merchants
85 East Ann, The Falcon

Steel yard wharf
Drewe A I, wharfinger
Lampson C M, skin merchant
Sims, Willyams & Co, copper merchants
Campbells ale stores, Robert Miller, agent
Stevens and Co, ale stores
Smith George, wine cooper
Gooch & Cousens, warehouse keepers
Bank Quay Bottle Company, William Aggas, agent
88 Burgess J, Steel yard coffee House

Allhallows wharf
Thompson W & Co, lead & tin merchant
Calvert and Co, brewers
Denton James, bottle merchant
89 Knott William, The Hour Glass

Red Bull wharf
Cookson I and Co, pl cr sh and cy glass manufacturers
Cookson I and Co, soda and alum manufacturers
Cuthbert, Cookson & Co, bottle manufacturers, William Kidd, agent

Dyers Hall Iron wharf
Thompson & Forman, iron manufacturers
95 Rea r & Co, provision merchants & wholesale chmr
97 Pallet J, The Black Bull
99 Brown J, hair dresser
100 Davy, Mackmurd & Co, manufacturing chemist
101 Tennant, sons & Co, merchants
101 Stevenson W, merchant
102 Pedlingham P J, smith
104 Launt Anthony, tea dealer
105 Frewer James, plumber
106 Matthew Brothers and Borer, Russia merchants and brush manufacturers

Old Swan stairs
Aire & Calder Bottle Company, Walker S, agent
Hutchinson and Co, merchants
Robertson & Lockie, lead & glass merchant
Moss H, Leman E and Bryan T K, wharfingers
Everest Felix, Old Swan

The Old Shades
Nicholls and Pellatt, wqine merchants
Allsopp and Sons ale stores
Berwick and Co's ale stores
Thorntons and West, merchants
109 Ronalds E, wholesale cheesemonger
109 Oley John, vellum binder
Jones Brothers, merchants
Poole B, Steam packet tavern