London 1746 Rocques map
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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

Old Gravel Lane E1 (Stepney), 65 St George Street to 105 Wapping High Street

West Side
8 Finesilver Jack, general dealer
10 Quill William, chandlers shop
... here is Pennington Street ...
Dock Bridge
... here is Worcester Street ...
14 Townsley Mrs Mary, beer retailer
16 Reddy Jerome Joseph, MD, surgeon
16 O'Connor William Mary MB, ChB, surgeon
22A Sundt Levi & Co (London), timber importers
24 Jones Walter Henry JP
30 White Lion, Charles Edgar Rix
... here is Bostock Street ...
32 Pocknell Thomas Edgar, dairy
34 Red Lion, Mrs Annie Cumins
... here is Chandler Street ...
40 Upson Arthur Chas, tobacconist
42 How Edward Thos, greengrocer
46 Dive E B & Co Ltd, citrate of magnesia manufacturers
46 Hora Whinfield & Co, wholesale druggists
48 Pollock Rev Harold Arthur MA
48 Courtauld Rev Maitland Savill MA
48 St Gabriels Hostel, Sister Annette, supt
... here is Watts Street ...
52 Vince Mrs Elizabeth B, butcher
54 Wakeman William, confectioner
58 Marshall Miss Jane, haberdasher
60 Gill Russell, oilman
... here is Lowder Street ...
Congregational Church
66 White Swan, Mrs Blanch Mary Oliver
... here is Green Bank ...
68 & 70 Hartman John, grocer
68 & 70 Postal Telegraph Office, Receiving House, Money Order Office & Saving Bank
76 Angel, William T Pilley
... here is Brewhouse Lane ...
84 Bulls Head, William Folke

East Side
... here is Starch Yard ...
1 Bloom Nathaniel, boot manufacturer
3 Karlinsky Samuel, toy maker
5 Pelton Raphael, boot repairer
9 Bloom & Phillips, boot manufacturers
11 Weakford Mrs Harriett, coffee rooms
13 Brickwald Solomon, chandlers shop
17A Johnson Joseph John, coffee rooms
19 Mariners Friendly Society, W H Wilson, president; J Newcastle Woods, hon sec; Rev T R Couch, supt chaplain
19 Seamens Bethel (in connection with the Mariners Friendly Society), W H Wilson, president; J Newcastle Woods, hon sec; Rev T R Couch, supt chaplain
21 Garfinkle Joseph, dyer & cleaner
31 Morris Robert & Chas, rag merchants
... Dock Entrance ...
... here is Old Gravel Lane Bridge ...
... here are Raine Street & Raines Mansions ...
Trumble Thomas, chandlers shop (1 Raines Mansions)
Cordjohn Alfred, confectioner (6 Raines Mansions)
St Peters Church
Clergy House:
Wainwright Rev L S M A
83 Three Swedish Crowns, Mrs Fanny Charlotte Bullen
87 Simpson Henry, grocer
89 Higgins Frank Edward, greengrocer
91 Bentley Joseph Henry, newsvendor
... here is Choppins Court ...
95 Insole John, fried fish shop
97 Cunningham Bertram Chas, greengrocer
103 Warner George, hairdresser
107 Irons Lemuel R, baker
109 Davis George, chandlers shop
... here is Prusom Street ...
115 Jacques Frederick, coffee rooms
... here is Cinnamon Street ...