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Index to Stow's original Survey of London written in 1598


1. In Portsoken ward, parish churches, three.

The hospital of St. Katherine, serveth for that liberty.
Trinity, in the Minories, for precinct thereof.
St. Bottolphe, by Aldegate, the only parish church for that ward.

2. In Tower street ward, four.

In the Tower, St. Peter, for the inhabitants there.
Alhallowes Barking, by the Tower.
St. Olave, in Hart street.
St. Dunstone in the East.

3. In Aldgate ward, three.

St. Katheren Christ’s church.
St. Andrewes Undershafte.
St. Katheren Colman church.

4. In Lime street ward none. There was St. Mary at the Axe, and St. Augustine in the Wall, both suppressed and united, the one to Alhallowes in the Wall in Brode street ward, the other to St. Andrewe Undershaft in Lime street ward.

5. In Bishopsgate ward, three.

St. Bottolphes, without Bishopsgate.
St. Ethelburge, within the gate.
St. Helens’, adjoining the nuns’ priory.

6. In Brode street ward, six.

Alhallowes by the Wall.
St. Peter’s the Poor.
St. Martin’s Oteswitche.
St. Benet Fynke.
St. Bartilmew, by the Exchange.
St. Christopher, by the Stocks’ market.

7. In Cornhill ward, two.

St. Peter, upon Cornehill.
St. Michaell, upon Cornehill.

8. In Langborne ward, seven.

St. Gabriel Fenchurch.
St. Dyones Backchurch.
[435]Alhallowes, in Lombard street.
St. Edmond, in Lombard street.
Alhallowes Staning, at Mart lane end.
St. Nicholas Acon, in Lombard street.
St. Mary Wolnoth, in Lombard street.

9. In Billingsgate ward, five.

St. Buttolph, by Billingsgate.
St. Mary, on the hill.
St. Margaret Pattens.
St. Andrew Hubert, in Eastcheape.
St. George, in Buttolph lane.

10. In Bridge ward within, four.

St. Magnus, at the bridge foot.
St. Margaret, Bridge street.
St. Leonard Milkchurch, Fish street hill.
St. Benet Grasse church.

11. In Candlewike street ward, five.

St. Clement’s, Eastcheape.
St. Mary Abchurch.
St. Michael, in Crooked lane, sometime a college.
St. Martin’s Orgars.
St. Laurence Pountney, sometime a college.

12. In Walbrooke ward, five.

St. Swithen, by London stone.
St. Mary Woolchurch.
St. Stephen, by Walbrooke.
St. John, upon Walbrooke.
St. Mary Bothaw.

13. In Downegate ward, two.

Alhallowes, Hay wharf, in the Roperie.
Alhallowes the Less, in the Roperie.

14. In the Vintry ward, four.

St. Michael Paternoster, in the Royall, sometime a college.
St. Thomas Apostles.
St. Martin, in the Vintrie.
St. James, in Garlicke hith.

15. In Cordwainer street ward, three.

St. Anthonies, in Budge row.
Alde Mary church, new Mary church, or Mary le Bow.


16. In Cheap ward, seven, and a chapel.

St. Benet Sorhoge, or Syth.
St. Pancreate, by Sopar’s lane.
St. Mildred, in the Poultrie.
St. Mary Colchurch.
St. Martin’s Pomerie, in Ironmonger lane.
Alhallowes, Honie lane.
St. Laurence, in the Jury.
The Chapel in Guildhall, sometime a college.

17. In Coleman street ward, three.

St. Olave Upwell, in the Old Jurie.
St. Margaret, in Lothburie.
St. Stephen, in Coleman street.

18. In Bassings hall ward, one.

St. Michael, at Bassings hall.

19. In Cripplegate ward, six.

St. Mary Aldermanburie.
St. Alphage, sometime an hospital of Elsing.
St. Mary Magdalen, in Milk street.
St. Albon’s, in Wood street.
St. Michael, in Hugen lane.
St. Giles, without Cripplegate.

20. In Aldersgate ward, six.

St. John Zachery.
St. Mary Staning.
St. Olave, in Silver street.
St. Leonard, in Foster Lane.
St. Anne, by Aldersgate.
St. Buttolph, without Aldgate.

21. In Faringdon ward within, the cathedral church of St. Paule, and parish churches nine.

St. Peter’s, at the Cross in Cheape.
St. Fauster, in Fauster lane.
Christ church, made a parish church of the Gray Friers
church, and of two parish churches, St. Nicholas
and St. Ewin, and also an hospital for poor children.
St. Mathew, in Fryday street.
St. Augustine, by Paules gate.
St. Faith, under Paules church.
[437]St. Martin’s, at Ludgate.
St. Anne, at the Blacke Friers.
St. Michael at Corne, by Paules.
Chapel of St. James, by Cripplegate.

22. In Bread Street ward, four.

Alhallowes, in Bread street.
St. Mildred’s, in Bread street.
St. John Evangelist, in Fryday street.
St. Margaret Moses, in Fryday street.

23. In Queene hithe ward, seven.

St. Trinitie, in Trinity lane.
St. Nicholas, Cold abbey.
St. Nicholas, Olave.
St. Mary Mounthaunt.
St. Michael, at Queene hithe.
St. Mary, at Sommers hithe.
St. Peter’s, at Paules wharf.

24. In Castle Baynard’s ward, four.

St. Benet Hude, or hith, by Paules wharf.
St. Andrewe, by the Wardrobe.
St. Mary Magdalen, in Old Fish street.
St. Gregorie, by Paules church

25. In Faringdon ward without, seven.

St. Sepulcher’s, without Newgate.
St. Andrew, in Oldborne.
St. Dunstone in the West.
St. Bartlemew, by the priory.
St. Bartlemew, the hospital.
St. Briget, or Brides, in Fleet street.
St. Parnell, in the Temple, for the students there.

26. In the borough of Southwark, and Bridge ward without, four.

St. Saviour’s in Southwark, made of twain, viz., St. Mary Magdalen, and St. Margaret.
St. George the Martyr.
St. Thomas, the hospital.
St. Olave, in Southwark.
 Diocese of Winchester.

Thus have ye in the twenty-six wards of London and borough of Southwark parish churches to the number of one hundred and fourteen.


And in the suburbs adjoining, parish churches nine, as followeth:—

St. Mary Magdalen, at Bermondsey, in the borough of Southwark, diocese of Winton.
St. Mary Matfellon, Whitechapel.
St. Leonard, Shoreditch.
St. John Baptist, Clearken well.
St. Giles in the Field, sometime an hospital.

In the duchy of Lancaster:

St. Clement Danes, without Temple bar.
St. John Baptist, Savoy, an hospital.

In the city of Westminster, that liberty, as followeth:

The college of St. Peter, called Westminster.

Parish churches twain:

St. Margaret, a parish church, by Westminster.
St. Martin in the Field, by Charing cross.

Thus have ye in the wards of London, and in the suburbs of the same city, the borough of Southwark, and the city of Westminster, a cathedral church of St. Paul, a collegiate church of St. Peter in Westminster, and parish churches one hundred and twenty-three.