National Trust Sites in London and surrounding Counties

August 12th, 2023 by Kevan

I have been a member of National Trust for a number of years, and have visited a number of different places around the UK.
Primarily, National Trust visited were in Scotland, and I initially joined when visiting Culloden. It is also cheaper to join in Scotland!
More recently, a short break in the Lake District found a number of National Trust sites worth a visit, even if some were just car park!
My main site near to London that has seen two visits in the past two years, is that of Chartwell, near to Westerham, in Kent.

I should point out that most sites of interest have an element of accessibility, although not always.

  • Chartwell, near to Westerham, in Kent. Home of Winston Churchill.

Regions in England have been split as follows :

If you have visited any of the properties and wish to provide pictures, accessible knowledge etc, it would be very welcome.

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