Roman London, the London Wall - Old Bailey

Roman London - the London wall

These pages are based on a "Royal Commission On Historical Monuments 1834" - actually it is 1928; which is in the public domain.

(39) . Nos. 7-10, Old Bailey. In 1900 a fragment of the wall was uncovered at the rear of No. 8 Old Bailey. It was 8 1/4 feet thick above the foundation and was standing 8 feet high, the top being 18 inches below the pavement-level. Neither the description nor diagram, published at the time, are clear.

The remains of the wall behind Nos. 7, 8, 9 and 10, Old Bailey, were uncovered in 1907-8 on the demolition of the Old Bailey Sessions House, the original base of the wall continuing throughout the site. At the South East corner of the site the sandstone plinth was missing and the external face had been repaired in later times, the thickness at the first bond being only about 7 feet .

Roman Wall, in the Old Bailey

Roman Wall, in the Old Bailey

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