London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

Roman London, the London Wall - Newgate Prison site

Roman London - the London wall

These pages are based on a "Royal Commission On Historical Monuments 1834" - actually it is 1928; which is in the public domain.

(37) . Newgate Prison site. On clearing the site for the New Sessions House in 1903, a considerable stretch of the wall (Plate 27), 76 feet in length, was uncovered together with an isolated fragment farther South. Above the plinth the thickness was 8 feet and the external face consisted of five courses of squared rag-stone, and a double bonding-course of brick ; above this point the face of the wall had been largely destroyed, but a second double bonding-course was visible. On the inside the facing was preserved to above the second bonding-course. The base of the plinth was 11 feet below the pavement-level of Newgate Street.

Town Wall, Newgate Prison site 1903

Town Wall, Newgate Prison site 1903

Newgate Prison

Newgate Prison

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