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Roman London, the London Wall - East of Aldersgate Street

Roman London - the London wall

These pages are based on a "Royal Commission On Historical Monuments 1834" - actually it is 1928; which is in the public domain.

(29) . East of Aldersgate Street. In 1922, during excavations on the site of the Castle and Falcon Hotel and its yard in Aldersgate Street, a piece of the wall was found running East and West. At the extreme East end of the property about 210 feet East of the street was found a part of the angle-bastion and from this point the wall was traced to Aldersgate Street. It remained in parts undisturbed from the modem ground-level down to the foundations, a depth of about 10 feet, and over its whole length the outer face had been repaired in later Roman times.
The outer face, for about 20 feet West of the bastion, was badly battered. No trace of a Roman ditch was found. At one point a brick-lined drain pierced the wall.

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