London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

Roman London, the London Wall - Christ’s Hospital

Roman London - the London wall

These pages are based on a "Royal Commission On Historical Monuments 1834" - actually it is 1928; which is in the public domain.

(32) . Christ’s Hospital site (A). In 1907-9 a stretch of wall near King Edward Street was exposed. The total height was 10 feet 2 inches, the plinth resting at a depth of 13 feet 8 inches below the ground-level. Above this point one triple and two double bonding-courses remained. There were somewhat indefinite indications of a bank built against the inner face. It extended 16| feet from the wall, and remained to a height of about 5 feet. It was composed of an orange-coloured loam which was clearly distinguishable from the surrounding made-earth , where it had been covered by this bank, the face of the wall was remarkably well preserved.

(33) . Christ’s Hospital site (B). A portion of the wall at the back of the bastion (17) was uncovered at the same time. The base of the plinth was 9 1/2 feet below the surface, and was surmounted by four courses of squared rag-stone, a double bonding-course of brick, five of rag, a second double bonding-course and two courses of rag. The width above the plinth was 8 1/2 feet.

(34) . Christ’s Hospital site (C). A further long stretch of wall was uncovered West of the above. It was of similar character. At one point just below the base levelling-course of brick was a flooring of large Roman tiles laid on a bed of puddle-clay 1 feet thick, and extending for a distance of 10 feet from the wall.

(35) . Christ’s Hospital site {D). At the North West corner of the wall, a fragment of the Roman structure adjoining the angle-bastion. It was built on the curve, and the base of the plinth was 12 feet below the surface. The substructure was upwards of 6 feet deep.
The outer face of the wall bore evident marks of water having stood against it for a protracted period." On removing this coating the whole face was seen to have been pointed with pink mortar. Above the plinth were five courses of squared rag-stone, a double bonding-course of brick, five courses of squared rag, and a second double bonding-course. The thickness above the plinth was 7 3/4 feet. The wall had evidently tilted outwards at this point and badly cracked before the addition of the bastion. This portion of the wall with the angle-bastion is preserved in a specially constructed enclosure and can still be inspected.

Site of Christs Hospital, now the General Post Office 1909

Site of Christs Hospital, now the General Post Office 1909

Christs Hospital, Newgate street

Christs Hospital, Newgate street

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