Sydenham, Lewisham, Kent

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Gentry in 1858

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Public Houses in Sydenham

SYDENHAM, which is now so well known as the site of the celebrated Crystal Palace, is in the parish of Lewisham, and distant seven miles from London. There are railway stations at the Crystal Palace, Sydenham, and Forest Hill. Here are numerous beautiful villas and residences, occupied by respectable and opulent families. St. Bartholomew's church is a handsome and spacious edifice, and was erected about 1830 ; and a new church, near Forest Hill, was built in 1854. There are also places of worship for Independents and Wesleyans.

POST-OFFICE. - Lower Sydenham, William Andrews, Receiver. Money Orders are
granted and paid at this Office. Upper Sydenham, Benjamin John Boucher,
Receiver. Forest Hill, David Willoughby, Receiver. South End, Mrs. Ann
Pledger, Receiver.


Crystal Palace.
Gas Works, Lower Sydenham. - William Cresswell, Manager.
Police Station, Upper Sydenham.
Literary Association, High street, Upper Sydenham.


St. Bartholomew's Church, Upper Sydenham. - Rev. Charles English, M.A., Incumbent.
Episcopal Chapel, Lower Sydenham. - Rev. William B. Hayne, Minister.
Congregational Chapel, Albert road.
Independent Chapel, Park road.
Wesleyan Chapel, High street.
British School, Lower Sydenham.
National School.
Infant School, Upper Sydenham.
Infant School, Lower Sydenham.
Wesleyan School, Upper Sydenham

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