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This is earlier the Rose, and noted as early as 1560 by Machin, see the early taverns; and becoming the Rose and Kings Head in about 1660. It was destroyed by fire in 1666 in the Great fire of London after which it was rebuilt.
This was the place where the Anti-Slavery Society was founded on 31 January 1823. *

The 1799 Rocques Map which clearly marks out 25 Poultry.

The 1799 Rocques Map which clearly marks out 25 Poultry.

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Residents at this address

Rose Tavern :

Richard Smith, in his manuscript Obituary, notices, " October 30th, 1649, died Mr. William Bowyer, vintner, in the Poultry. Old Mrs. Bowyer, widow, aged 86 years, on November 6th, 1672 ; buried February 25th, 1673, in St. Mildred's church in ye Poultry, where her husband, William Bowyer, alias Gamble, vintner at the Rose, sometime lived." She died in Covent garden.

1660/William King, Citizen and Vintner, Rose Tavern, Poultry/../../Early prose
1660/Rebecca King, Rose Tavern, Poultry/../../Early prose

There were two early tokens issued by the Rose Tavern. One is a farthing probably issued by Thomas Dyott, the other an halfpenny definitely by him. Both are undated and between 1649 and 1672.

Kings Head Tavern :

In 1761, the Caledonian Lodge, is at the Kings Head, Poultry; a Masonic Lodge

1785/Caledonian Lodge is at the Kings Head, Poultry./../../../Masonic Lodges 1781 - 1791

1806/Mr Marriott, Kings Head Tavern, Poultry/../../London Brewery 1806 customer for supplying the public with genuine malt liquor

1808/Wiltshire and Marriott, vintners, 25 Poultry/../../Holdens Directory

1811, George Wiltshire, Kings Head Tavern, Poultry/../../Holdens Directory

1822-23/Walter Bleadon & Co, Kings Head Tavern, 25 Poultry/../../Pigots Directory

I think it would be helpful to note that the King's head at 25 Poultry, London was the place where the Ant-Slavery Society was founded on 31 January 1823. The formal title of the association was the 'London Society for Mitigating and Gradually Abolishing the State of Slavery throughout the British Dominions. *

1823 (Undated, so date is estimated), Recounts a discussion between two members of the African Institution, Zachary Macauley and William Allen, in 1822. They believed that though the Slave Trade had been abolished, slavery itself remained untouched. They resolved to gather together their old friends from the anti-slave trade cause to campaign to put an end to slavery. Gives a brief account of the histories of the two men and their efforts to contact interested parties and tells of the first meeting at the Kings Head Tavern, Poultry. Describes the belief amongst the group that their movement must remain secret until it has become strong enough to oppose the powerful pro slavery lobby. Gives the date of the public formation of the Anti Slavery Society as January 1823. Describes Clarkson's ideas for the organization of the movement, comprising of a parent society in London and a number of auxiliary branches throughout the country. - At Cambridge University: St John's College Library

There is as yet no mark, monument or blue plaque to show where the King's Head stood on Poultry, but there should be. The men who met there that evening changed the course of history together and saved many thousands of people from the evils of slavery.
[It is alarming that similar 'debates' take place in British politics today as were heard 200 years ago. The government's opposition to the 'Black Lives Matter' campaign, 'woke-ism' and 'anti-wokery' is played out in the tabloids and conservative media.
These issues reverberate through British politics today apparently in attempts to try to divide a weary electorate and secure political support by attacks on refugees and asylum seekers and by implicit criticism of black people who seek justice and their rights. *]

1829/Bleadon & Co, Kings Head Tavern, 25 Poultry/../../Robsons Directory

07 October 1830, Will of Eliza Hickford or Heckford, Housekeeper, Widow of Kings Head Tavern Poultry , City of London - At National Archives, Kew

1833-34/Walter Bleadon & Co, Kings Head Tavern, 25 Poultry/../../Pigots Directory

1836/Richard Walter, Kings Head Tavern, 25 Poultry/../../Pigots Directory

1842/Rich Walter, Kings Head Tavern, 25 Poultry/../../Robsons Directory

1843/Richard Walter, Kings Head Tavern, 25 Poultry/../../Kellys Directory

1848/Richard Walter, Kings Head Tavern, 25 Poultry/../../Post Office Directory

22 December 1847, Will of Richard Walter, Wine Merchant of Kings Head Tavern Poultry , City of London - At National Archives, Kew

1851/Charles Bleaden/Vintner Tavern Keeper/67/Calne, Wiltshire/Census
1851/Catherine Pugh/Housekeeper/31/Ludlow, Shropshire/Census
1851/Mary Evans/Housemaid/28/../Census
1851/Ann Payne/Kitchenmaid/18/Warminster, Wiltshire/Census
1851/Charles Holmes/Apprentice/19/Battersea, Surrey/Census
1851/Edward Farmer/Apprentice/14/St Martins, Westminster/Census
1851/Henry Farmer/Apprentice/19/Dalston, Middlesex/Census
1851/William Weeks/Porter/23/Norwich/Census
1851/William Cormar/Waiter/21/Westminster/Census

Era 30 October 1859
Kings Head, Poultry, William Hodges to John Jenner Saltmarsh

* Provided by Robert Meadowcroft

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