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Artichoke, 55 Newington Causeway, Newington, London

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At 21 Newington Causeway in 1856 and earlier. There has been a tavern called the Artichoke on Newington Causeway between at least 1687 and 1944 and Thomas and Susanna White occupied it between at least 1829 and 1851. The original number of the property was changed from ‘21’ to ‘55’ between the years 1861 and 1869, when the numbering system changed from that of a circular fashion to odd numbers on one side and even on the other, always on the east side. *

Residents at this address.

The first reference to the Artichoke is found in an early London newspaper called the ‘Gazette’ which was printed by ‘Tho. Newcombe in the Savoy’. The date of publication is 5 May 1687. *

Stolen the 28th past, from Lilborne in the County of Northampton a ferrel Gelding with a bald Face, full aged, having had the Fashions on the near Leg behind, but cured, his backfore before. Whoever gives Notice of the said Gelding to Mr Anthony Prowit of Lilborne aforesaid, or to Mr John Langley at the Artichoke near Newington Causeway, shall be Rewarded.  *

1794/Edward King/innholder and dealer in charcoal, Artichoke Inn/../../Sun Fire Office records held at the London Metropolitan Archives **

1825/Thomas White/Artichoke, Newington Causeway/../../Victuallers Recognizance

1829/Thomas White, Artichoke, 21 Newington causeway/../../Robsons Directory

1830/Mr White, Artichoke, Newington causeway makes a one guinea Susbscription to the Licensed Victuallers Association

1833-34/Thomas White, Artichoke, 21 Newington causeway/../../Pigots Directory

1839/Thomas White/../../../Pigots Directory

The earliest record for ‘Mr White’ living there is found in the ‘Times’ newspaper on the 3rd August 1829 when a sale was held there and a second sale held there on the 19 Aug 1836 was referred to in the ‘London Gazette’ under the heading of ‘Improved Rents, Southwark’ –

To be sold by auction, by W Day and Son on Tuesday the 23rd of August, at one o’clock in the afternoon precisely, at Mr White’, the Artichoke Inn, Newington Causeway, in the County of Surrey, by order of the Court of Review, and with the approbation of the Commissioner acting under the Fiat in Bankruptcy awarded and issued forth against William de Canx, without reserve in four lots. *

Tallis’s street view of Newington Causeway dated 1838 shows a picture of the Artichoke. *

1841/Thomas White/Innkeeper/55/../Census *
1841/Susanna White/../50/../Census
1841/James Thorne/Lodger/38/../Census
1841/Sarah Turner/Lodger/20/../Census
1841/Maria Page/Lodger/25/../Census
1841/John Muddle/Male Servant/30/../Census
1841/Joseph Walters/Male Servant/20/../Census
1841/Heny Wood/Male Servant/25/../Census
1841/Heny Davis/Male Servant/20/Surrey/Census
1841/William Gear/Male Servant/20/Surrey/Census
1841/Frances Beecher/Male Servant/25/../Census
1841/Mary Leary/Female Servant/29/Ireland/Census
1841/Fred Haywood/Barman/15/../Census
1841/Eliza Lunn/Barmaid/15/Surrey/Census

In the Times Newspaper of 3rd February 1845 we find a report of a court case which relates to an incident in one of the tavern’s rooms –

 ‘A conversation arose upon the different behaviour now pursued in that room to the conduct of those who frequented that place 20 years since.’ As a result of this an argument ensued between a Mr Robinson and a Mr Rose. ‘Mr Rose’s eye was much cut, and a surgeon was called in, and four leeches were put on, and a lotion applied.’ Mr Rose was awarded one shilling in damages. It would appear from this that in at least one person’s opinion the clientele of the Artichoke had suffered during the period that Thomas White owned or managed it. *

1848/Thomas White/../../../Post Office Directory

The fifteen year old bar man Frederick Haywood (or Hayward) named in the 1841 census is the son of another licensed victualler Charles Hayward. Later records indicate that Frederick was trustworthy and reliable. He married Thomas’s less stable niece Maria White and following Thomas’s death and Susannah’s retirement they took over the running of the Artichoke.  *

Thomas White died on 23 July 1850. *

September 1850/Susannah White, widow and executrix of Thomas White/Incoming Licensee/../../Era

1851/Thomas White/../../../Kellys Directory

Six months after Thomas’s death in the 1851 Census, Susanna White is listed as the head of the household at ’21 Newington Causeway – Artichoke’ in the parish of Newington in the ecclesiastical district of Trinity in the borough of Lambeth *

On 3rd January, 1855;  Maria White and Frederick ‘Haywood’ were married at St John’s Church in the District and Parish of St John, Waterloo in the County of Surrey. Frederick’s father is named as Charles Haywood a Licensed Victualler whilst Maria’s father is named as John White an Innkeeper. Both bride and groom gave their address as New Cut which survives today under the name of The Cut, a short cut between Blackfriars Road and Waterloo Road. The significance of this address has not been established but the favoured option might be that it is where Charles Haywood kept his inn. *

Three days after the court case report on 5th February 1845 the following advertisement appeared in the Times –

 Wanted in a tavern, TWO respectable SERVANTS. One as a thorough good cook, the other as Housemaid. A scullery maid is kept. Apply at Mr Whites, Artichoke Tavern, Newington Causeway, Surrey.This advertisement is particularly interesting because it may reflect how Thomas White spoke if he had written or dictated it.  *

‘Mr White’ is mentioned in The Post Office Directory of 1848 and Kelly’s Directory of 1851. However we know that by the time of this latter publication Thomas was deceased and so perhaps Kelly’s had not been informed in time to meet their printing deadline. [which is quite normal] *

1851/Susanna White/Tavern Keeper, Widow/64/Stockwell, Surrey/Census *
1851/John Alburichel/Tavern Keeper, Widow/46/Northamptonshire/Census
1851/James Law/Ostler/50/Soulerdon, Kent/Census
1851/Benjamin Challis/Potman/27/Edmonton, Middlesex/Census
1851/Rosina Markham/Housemaid/21/Windsor, Berkshire/Census
1851/James Pooley/Attorney at Law, Widow/64/Stoke, Suffolk/Census
1851/William St Skillett/Hat Manufacturer/48/Brompton, Kent/Census
1851/Thomas Wm Galloway/Waiter/25/Blackpool, Middlesex/Census
1851/Benjamin Beel/Gentleman/48/Wortham, Kent/Census
1851/John Day/Writer/25/Thane, Suffolk/Census
1851/Sarah Phillips/Cook/45/Wolverton, Sussex/Census
1851/Elizabeth Banks/Kitchenmaid/23/Hampton, Middlesex/Census
1851/Maria White/Niece, Housekeeper/39/Windsor, Berkshire/Census
1851/Maria Ruth/Visitor/37/Kensington, Surrey/Census
1851/Frederick Hayward/Porter/25/Islington, Middlesex/Census

Although Maria’s age is given as 39 we know from her baptism that she was actually 44. In Thomas’s will of 1850 she is referred to as a ‘spinster’ – a legal term for an unmarried woman aged 38 or over. *

1856/Frederick Hayward/../../../Post Office Directory

In the Post Office Directory of 1856 and in the 1861 Census we find that the Artichoke is now in the hands of Frederick Heywood. Frederick Heywood (or Hayward) reported the death of Thomas White in 1850 and married Thomas’s niece Maria White in 1855. *

The Thomas and Susanna White in question ran a tavern on Newington Causeway called the Artichoke which was known locally as ‘Mr White’s’. Fortunately a tavern keeper is a central figure in any community and there are many newspaper records which show that sales (auctions?) were held at ‘Mr White’s’ and there are newspaper reports relating to occasions when order broke down in the establishment. There are also records which show that Thomas White insured his property with The Sun Insurance Company, the same company used by his son William Samuel White to insure his premises in St George’s in the East. *

As we have witnessed, at some time between 1851 and 1861, Innkeeper Susanna White vacated the Artichoke tavern and moved to live with her son in Kensington and we also know that Frederick Heywood is listed in the 1856 Post Office Directory as the innkeeper at the Artichoke. It is possible that Susanna vacated the Artichoke about this time, once she felt that it was in safe hands. As we have already established Susanna’s probable grand-son James Buckle White moved from Newington to Islington sometime between his marriage in Feb 1858 and the birth of his first child in August 1858. This move perhaps mirrored Susanna’s move to Kensington. *

1861/Frederick Hayward/Inn Keeper/35/Islington, Middlesex/Census *
1861/Maria Hayward/Wife/39/Hampton, Middlesex/Census
1861/James Howe/Barman/20/Eastbourne, Sussex/Census
1861/William Sly/Barman/16/Vauxhall, Surrey/Census
1861/George Baker/Waiter/21/Mile End, Middlesex/Census
1861/Olive Horlock/Cook/38/Ireland/Census
1861/Harriett Spilling/Kitchenmaid/21/Ireland/Census
1861/Henry Stermy/Ostler/38/Newington, Surrey/Census
1861/Matilda Harriett Hambleton/Housemaid/21/Newington, Surrey/Census
1861/John Harvey/Porter/17/Horsleydown, Surrey/Census
1861/John Mutton/Boarder, Commercial Traveller/58/Brighton, Sussex/Census

1862/Frederick Hayward/../../../Post Office Directory

1867/Mr Frederick Hayward/../../../Licensed Victuallers Directory

1869/Frederick Hayward/../../../Post Office Directory

1871/Frederick Hayward/Inn Keeper/45/Islington, Middlesex/Census *
1871/Maria Hayward/Wife/47/Hampton, Middlesex/Census
1871/Charlotte White/Visitor/55/Hampton, Middlesex/Census
1871/Joseph Hayward/Nephew/15/City, Middlesex/Census
1871/Amelia Hardwick/Barmaid/28/Lambeth, Surrey/Census
1871/Mary Ann Moody/Barmaid/22/Bushopsgate, Middlesex/Census
1871/Ellen Bullock/Barmaid/20/Chelsea, Middlesex/Census
1871/Matilda Venn/Kitchenmaid/20/Newington, Surrey/Census
1871/Sarah Clark/Housemaid/25/Newington, Surrey/Census
1871/Mary Ann Hambleton/Cook/29/Newington, Surrey/Census
1871/Alfred Gross/Cellarman/23/Shoreditch, Middlesex/Census
1871/Joseph Turner/Ostler/29/St Saviour, Surrey/Census
1871/William Chat/Waiter/18/Newington, Surrey/Census
1871/Samuel Chart/Potman/20/Newington, Surrey/Census

Neither Maria nor Frederick have been found in the 1881 Census but there is a record of the death of a 64 year old Maria Hayward in Windsor, Berkshire Q2 1873 (Windsor vol. 2c, page 266) and two years later a record of the death of a 49 year old Frederick Hayward in Windsor in Q2 1875 (Windsor vol. 2c, page 287). This is the first time that Maria’s age has been accurately provided and this information may have been provided by her husband Frederick. The death certificates have not been applied for by the writer. *

Frederick Hayward’s will was granted to his executor brother-in-law butcher William White and cabinet maker Henry Lester and approved on 2 June 1875. His death was recorded to have been on 25 April of that same year. Frederick’s estate was valued at under £4000 which is the equivalent of about £200,000 in today’s money (2011). Not bad for someone who started life as a bar man at the Artichoke tavern. *

April 1872/Frederick Hayward/Outgoing Licensee/../../Era Newspaper

April 1872/Benjamin Beach/Incoming Licensee/../../Era Newspaper

1881/Ann Marchant/Licensed Victualler, Widow/54/Hackney, Middlesex/Census  
1881/Annie Marchant/Daughter/30/Sussex/Census
1881/Eliza Marchant/Daughter/26/Sussex/Census
1881/Charles Marchant/Son, Dentist/20/Kent Rd, Surrey/Census
1881/William Marchant/Son, Clerk/18/Middlesex/Census
1881/Edwin J Marchant/Son, Cabinet Maker/17/Middlesex/Census
1881/Ann J Bishopp/Aunt, House Keeper, Widow/58/East Grinstead, Sussex/Census
1881/Eliza Johnson/Domestic Servant/30/London City, Middlesex/Census
1881/Isaiah E Sims/Barman/29/Wittersham, Kent/Census
1881/Thomas Lewis/Barman/19/Kent Rd, Surrey/Census
1881/George Booth/Potman/34/Chapel Town, York/Census

1882/Mrs Ann Marchant/../../../Post Office Directory

1884/Ann Marchant/../../../Post Office Directory

1891/George Robert Dawes/../../../Post Office Directory

1895/George Robert Dawes/../../../Post Office Directory **

1899/Ernest Colvin/../../../Post Office Directory

1915/Ernest Edward Burmingham/../../../Post Office Directory **

1921/E E Burmingham/../../../Post Office Directory

1934/J T Davies & Sons Ltd/../../../Kellys Directory

1938/J T Davies & Sons Ltd/../../../Post Office Directory

1939/Walter H Kimpton/Licensee/37/../Census ***
1939/Florence L Kimpton/Manageress/35/../Census
1939/Peter Blakeley/Barman/29/../Census
1939/Florence L Wingent/Independent/70/../Census

1944/J T Davies & Sons Ltd/../../../Post Office Directory

* Provided By Carl White

** Provided By Ewan

*** Provided By Peter McLoughlin


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