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This was the Bretts Hotel, 138 - 140 Holborn in about the 1850s. There were three separate addresses as a Brandy merchants, and also the Old Furnivals Distillery in 1856

Site of the Furnivals Inn, 138 - 142 Holborn 2006

Site of the Furnivals Inn, 138 - 142 Holborn 2006

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Holborn - St Andrew, London.

Residents at this address.

1805/John Denner, Furnivals Inn Coffee house, Holborn hill/../../Holdens Directory

1811/John Denner, Furnivals Inn Coffee house & Hotel, Holborn/../../Holdens Directory

1811/William Payne, Furnival Inn cellar, Holborn/../../Holdens Directory

Grand Lodge Freemasonry registers 1812-1836
November 6th 1827, Charles Lewis Harrison, Tavern Keeper, aged 33, Furnivals Inn, 1827 to 1829 is listed during his membership of the Lodge of United Strength

1827/Robert Chatham, Old Furnivals Inn Coffee house, 139 Holborn hill/../../Pigots Directory

1829/Jane Chatham, Furnivals Inn hotel, 139 Holborn bars/../../Robsons Directory

1832/Jane Chatham, Furnivals Inn Old Coffee House, 139 Holborn hill/../../Robsons Directory

1836/Henry Brett, Bretts Hotel (Old Furnivals), 139 Holborn bars/../../Pigots Directory

1851/Henry Brett & Son/Brandy Merchants/../../Post Office Directory

1856/Henry Brett & Son/Brandy Merchants/../../Post Office Directory

1869/John Collis/../../../Post Office Directory

1873/William Arnell/../../../Holborn Petty Sessions

1874/John Collis, Old Furnivals Hotel, 139, Holborn bars, EC/../../London 1874 Licensed Victuallers and Hotel Keepers Directory

1874/William Arnell/../../../Holborn Petty Sessions

1875/William Arnell/../../../Holborn Petty Sessions

1876/William Arnell/../../../Holborn Petty Sessions

1877/William Arnell/../../../Holborn Petty Sessions

1878/William Arnell/../../../Holborn Petty Sessions

1879/William Arnell/../../../Holborn Petty Sessions

1880/John Whaley/../../../Holborn Petty Sessions

1881/John Whaley/../../../Holborn Petty Sessions

1881/John Whaley/Propietor Employ 22 Men 22 Woman 2 Boys/29/Stratford, Essex/Census
1881/Lavinia S Whaley/Wife/26/Stratford, Essex/Census
1881/Lavinia H Whaley/Daughter/3/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Alma B Whaley/Daughter/1/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Amy J Brooks/Sister In Law, Office Assistant/16//Census
1881/Ada Balls/Housekeeper/32/Ely, Cambridge/Census
1881/Louise M Burt/Bookkeeper/25/Southsea/Census
1881/Ellen M Hodgkinson/Bookkeeper/24/Portsmouth/Census
1881/Elizabeth Douglas/Linen Keeper/32/Kennington, Surrey/Census
1881/Emily Rose Mum/Linen Keeper/23/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Mary Rose Price/Chamber Maid/29/Gt Malvern, Worcester/Census
1881/Eliza Nunn/Still Room Maid/18/Coggeshall, Essex/Census
1881/Eliza Annie Menyies/Chamber Maid (Dom)/35/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Jane Buglar/Still Room Maid/20/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Lucy Ellen Fennell/Chambermaid/24/Kent/Census
1881/Mary Quick/Housemaid/20/Dulverton, Somerset/Census
1881/Mary Ann Parker/Housemaid/22/Greenwich, Kent/Census
1881/Annie Warner/Housemaid/26/Greenwich, Kent/Census
1881/Emily Sexton/Housemaid/22/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Harriet Greenham/Housemaid/23/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Lydia Spinks/Housemaid/26/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Richard Graves/Waiter/23/Folkestone, Kent/Census
1881/Elizabeth A Smith/Kitchen Maid/26/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Harriet Underline/Kitchen Maid/18/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Wm Hy Booker/Waiter (Inn)/28/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Max Raab/Waiter (Inn)/25/Bavaria/Census
1881/Albert Potten/Waiter (Inn)/19/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/John Knight/Waiter (Inn)/22/Kings Thorpe, Northampton/Census
1881/Ellen E Drew/Kitchen Maid/23/Minster, Kent/Census
1881/Hy John Wise/Porter (Inn)/21/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Walter Edw Cox/Page (Inn)/15/Ely, Cambridge/Census
1881/William John Wood/Page (Inn)/16/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Samuel Shelton/Cellar Man (Inn)/51/Stanway, Essex/Census
1881/Alice Emily Angel/Governess (P)/19/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/Ada Enson/Nursemaid/17/Eye, Suffolk/Census
1881/John Lake/Clerk/18/London, Middlesex/Census
1881/James Worrell/Visitor, Dyer/70/Manchester Salford/Census
1881/Ann Worrell/Visitor, Dyer Wife/62/Manchester Salford/Census
1881/Edward Worrell/Visitor, Farmers/32/Manchester Salford/Census
1881/Harriet Worrell/Visitor, Farmers Wife/32/Gaulby, Leicester/Census
1881/Hy Worrell/Visitor, Dyer/29/Manchester Salford/Census
1881/Louisa Worrell/Visitor, Dyer Wife/24/Manchester Whalley Range/Census
1881/James Farrar/Visitor, Civil Engineer/55/Bury, Lancashire/Census
1881/Alex McBean/Visitor, General Practitioner MRCS/70/Aberdeen/Census
1881/Mary Tomlinson/Visitor, Domestic Servant/45/Stafford/Census
1881/Hy Wm Ackrill/Visitor, Solicitor/32/Keston In Lindsay, Lincoln/Census
1881/Charles Wright/Visitor, Merchant/46/Wirksworth, Derby/Census
1881/Hy Moss/Visitor, Solicitor/41/Chester/Census
1881/James Hy Vant/Visitor, Solicitor/32/Ripon, York/Census
1881/George J Simpson/Visitor, Solicitor/44/Sheffield/Census
1881/Nathaniel Cartwright/Visitor, Barrister At Law/34/Warwick/Census
1881/James Hodgson/Visitor, Solicitor/30/Staveley, Westmorland/Census
1881/R Lloyd Price/Visitor, Merchant/40/Buckingham, England/Census
1881/R Sanders/Visitor, Barrister At Law/54//Census
1881/Ellen Sanders/Visitor, Barristers Wife/41//Census
1881/Thos Graham/Visitor, Provision Merchant/40//Census
1881/Margaret Graham/Visitor, Provision Merchant Wife/35//Census
1881/David Duncan/Visitor, Newspaper Proprietor/57//Census
1881/Ann Duncan/Visitor, Newspaper Proprietors Wife/57//Census
1881/Jules Attman/Visitor, Merchant/39//Census
1881/Francis Pyman/Visitor, Shipowner Ballb/26//Census

1882/John Whaley/../../../Holborn Petty Sessions

1884/John Whaley/../../../Post Office Directory

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