Charlton, Kent

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.
CHARLTON is a suburb of the metropolis; it is pleasantly situated, about one mile and a half from Blackheath, Woolwich, and Greenwich. The population in 1851, including Blackheath, was 4,818. A large pleasure fair is held here in October. The church of St. Luke is an ancient building. The living is under the jurisdiction of the See of London. The Rev. Arthur Drummond, M.A., is the incumbent. The church at New Charlton is dedicated to St. Thomas; The Rev. A. De Lemare is the minister. There is also a neat Wesleyan Chapel at New Charlton.

POST-OFFICE. - Robert Henry Osborne, Receiver, New Charlton.
Old Charlton._ E, Light, Receiver. The nearest Money Order office is at Woolwich.

Traders in Charlton in 1858

Public Houses in Charlton


Adams, _, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Adye, Mrs. Colonel, and Nixon, Mrs. Captain, Victoria road, Old Charlton
Arbuckle, Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin, Little Heath ' '
Baker, _, esq., Landsdown road, Old Charlton
Barrow, P., esq., Maryon road
Bastard, Major-General James, Blackeath road
Bax, Captain Henry B., Blackheath road
Beck _, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Bernays, Edwin, esq., Old Charlton
Berry, Charles, esq., Wellington road, Old Charlton
Blogg, John, esq., Old Charlton
Browning, Reuben, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Bunce, Julius, esq., Maryon road
Butler, Mr., Champion terrace, Old Charlton
Carr, James, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton .
Chamber, _, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Cock, —, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Collier, George, esq., Victoria road
Collier, Mrs., Shrub Cottage
Collins, Mrs., Blackheath road
Cranford, Robert, esq., Maryon road
Crocker, —, esq., Wellington road, Old Charlton
Cumming, William, esq., Marlboro lane
Delpratt, Joseph, esq.
Denny, _, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Drummond, Rev. Arthur, Reotoryf Blackheath road
Duncan, Mrs., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Edgley, George, esq., New Charlton
Edward, William, esq., Charlton terrace
Ellis, i General, Fan-field House, Old Charlton
Fisher, Lady, Victoria road, Old Charlton
Fookes, Joseph, esq., Charlton villas
Forman, Robert, esq., Champion terrace
Graves, Mrs., Landsdbwn road
Goodall, Major, Old Charlton
Gribb, Henry S, esq., Maryon road
Groves, Thomas, esq., Old Charlton
Haffenden, John, esq.,Champion terrace
Hale, Miss, Victoria road, Old Charlton
Hale Miss, Old Charlton
Hale Miss, Champion terrace
Hall, John, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Hames, George, esq., New Charlton
Hughes, Arthur J. esq., Old Charlton
Hull, _, esq., Old Charlton
Jones, T. R., esq., Victoria road
Kensington, John F., esq., Old Charlton
Little, General, Little Heath, Old Charlton
Longlands, Henry, esq., Blackheath road
Lucas, William Daniel, esq., New Charlton
McCartney, Captain, Fairfield Cottage, Old Charlton
Millens, —, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Mould, Mrs., Old Charlton
Nichols, Charles, esq., Victoria road, Old Oharlton
Nugent, Mrs., Old Charlton
Palmer, Mrs. Captain, Wellington road, Old Charlton
Paul, _, esq., Victoria road, Old Chavlton
Peddie, _, esq., Old Charlton
Petley, Captain John E., R.N., Old Charlton
Pinkett, _, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Price, James, esq., Victoria road
Pritcherd, Rev. _, Blackheath road
Ralfe, Mrs., Grove Cottage, Old Charlton,
Rawlings, Miss, Champion terrace, Old Charlton
Renwick, George, esq., Maryon road
Riddle, Mrs., Old Charlton
Robertson, Lieut. Robert, Maryon road
Rouse, _, esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Sharp, _, esq., Fairfield Cottage, Old Charlton
Sharpe, Joseph, esq., Morley Lodge, Blackheath road
Shaw, William, esq., New Charlton
Shenton, John, esq., Landsdown road
Skinner, the Misses, Old Charlton
Smith, Charles, esq., Old Charlton
Stone, George, esq., Old Charlton
Tinmouth, Nichols, esq., Maryon road
Townsend, _, esq., M.P., Barnfleld, Old Charlton
Weir, Miss, Landsdown road, Old Charlton
White, Benjamin, esq., Landsdowii place
Whitmore, General Sir G., Blaokheath road
Whittington, Benjamin, esq., Old Charlton
Williamson, Mrs., Blackheath road
Willis, Alexander, esq., New Charlton
Willson, William W., esq., Victoria road, Old Charlton
Wilson, Sir Thomas, Charlton House
Wingrove, Mrs., Maryon road
Woods, Mrs., Elm Cottage, Old Charlton
Young, William, esq., Old Charlton

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