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London Street Directory in 1843 - Y

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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YABSLEY Geo. Joseph, hatter, 3 Britannia place, Commercial road east
Yallop Moses, grocer & oilman, 88 Mount street, Berkeley square
Yallop Rowland, solicitor, 8 Furnival's inn, Holborn
Yalowley & Johnson, surveyors, 17 Redcross street,  Cripplegate
Yandall Henry & Co. tailors & drapers, 105 Strand
Yandle & Field, coach builders, 1 Beaumont street, Portland place
Yapp George, ladies' shoemaker,200 Sloane street, Knightsbridge
Yapp Samuel, tailor, &c. 18 Cromer street, Gray's inn road
Yarborough & Adams, solicitors, 44 Lincoln's inn fields
Yarde Gises, chemist & druggist, 28 Lamb's Conduit street
Yardley Edward, barrister, 7 Serjeants' inn, Fleet street
Yardley John, plumber, 5 Thorney street, Bloomsbury
Yardley William, attorney, 1 Christopher street, Hatton garden
Yardley William, barrister, 7 Serjeants' inn, Fleet street
Yardley William, Halfmoon & Crown, 37 Bacon street, Bethnal green
Yarmouth & Norwich Railway Co. 6 Warnford court, Throgmorton street
Yarnold Edward R. (late Grant & Yarnold), chamois leather dresser, lapland rugs, &c. &c. 4 Church court, Old Jewry
Yarnold Joseph, tobacconist, 134 High street, Camden town
Yarroll Thomas, & Son, tailors & drapers, 8 Commercial place, City road
Yarrow Edgar W. merchant, 2 Bury court, St. Mary axe
Yarrow George, undertaker, 118). Shoreditch High street
Yarrow John, herald, &c. painter, 16 Wellington street, Goswell street
Yarrow Nicholas, grocer & teadealer,42 King street, Snow hill
Yate Richard & Son, wholesale druggists, 91 Blackmanst. Borough
Yate Edward, chemist & druggist, 171 Hoxton Old town
Yates Benjn. & Co. wholesale druggists, 25 Budge row, Cannon street
Yates George & Son, picture gallery, 13, Old Bond street
Yates John & Co. importers of blacklead, 14 Berry street, Clerkenwell
Yates John & Co. merchants, 14 Fish street hill
Yates John&Co. mustard manufacturers & drysalters, 14 Berry street, Clerkenwell
Yates Rd.jun. &Co. galloon & ribbon manufacturer, 8 St. Andrew's hill
Yates & Turner, attorneys, 14 Duke street, Westminster
Yates & Walton, hop & oil merchants, 60 Barbican
Yates William Thomas & Co. machinists, &c. John street, Cambridge heath
Yates Francis, broker, 21 Mincing lane
Yates Francis, cabinet maker, 3 East street, Hoxton Old town
Yates Frederick, lead merchant, 3 Heneage street, Whitechapel
Yates George, artificial florist, 12 Upper Seymour street,  Portman square
Yates George, cockfounder, 15 Charles street, Hampstead ...]
Yates George, plumber & glazier, 243 Tottenham court road
Yates George, tailor, 34 Newman street, Oxford street
Yates George Byer, grocer, 3 Lower East Smithfield
Yates Henry John, plumber, 39 Great Titchfield street, Oxford street,
Yates James, bookseller, 105 Goswell street
Yates James, china dealer, 2 Chalcroft terrace, Lambeth
Yates Joseph, cooper, 2 Barbican
Yates Richard, carver & gilder, 7 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Yates Richard, general outfitter, &c, 8 Shadwell High street
Yates Saul, solicitor, 16 Bury street, St. Mary axe
Yates Theodore James, greengrocer, &c. 15 & 19 Water lane, Fleet street
Yates Thomas, Crown & Cushion, Pages' wharf, Grange road
Yates William, H. Brunswick Arms, 67 Brunswick street, Stamford street
Yates William Holt, physician, 53 Woburn place
Yatman William, attorney, 77 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
Yaxley George, farrier & bellhanger, 5 Bridge row, Pimlico
Yearron Thomas & John, hairdressers, 50 Tooley street
Yearsley & Bousfield, wine & spirit merchant. 30 St. Mary at hill
Yearsley Ann (Miss), milliner, 85 Southampton street, Strand
Yearsley Jas. M.R.C.S.I. aurist, 15 Saville row, Piccadilly
Yearwood Henry, Dun Horse, 161 Borough High street
Yeates Andrew, mathematical, optical, & astronomical instrument maker, 12 Brighton place, New Kent road
Yeates Ann (Miss), ladies' school, 7 Maddox street, Bond street
Yeates Anthony, Hope coffee rooms, 74 Goswell street
Yeates Henry tailor, 7 Lower James street, Golden square
Yeates Peter Chas. hatter, 7 Cumberland row, Walworth road
Yeates Timothy, confectioner, 44 Tothill street,Westminster
Yeates Timothy, ham dealer & confectioner, 23 Strand
Yeatherd William, wine merchant, 3 Staining lane, Wood street
Yeatman & Lum, chemists & druggists, 55 Fore street, Cripplegate
Yeatman Henry, Brown Bear , 21 Bear lane, Blackfriars road
Yeats & Acocks, wholesale cheesemongers, 7 Old Fish street
Yeats Robt. tallow chandler, 15 & 16 Great Bell alley, Coleman street
Yeend James, baker, 19 Welbeck street, Cavendish square
Yeend Jas. Parker, architect, &c. 15 Clifford's inn, Fleet street
Yeldham George, architect, &c. 57 Cannon street, City
Yeldham Stephen, surgeon, 238 Blackfriars road
Yellowlees William, artist, 20 Berners street, Oxford street
Yeoman James, miller, 10 Hall place, Lower Kennington lane
Yeoman James, stables, Rugby yard, 41 Lamb's Conduit street
Yeoman Joseph, bricklayer, &c. 73 Bridport place, New North road
Yeoman William, Jolly Sailor, 27 New Gravel lane
Yeomans James, gun contractor to the hon. Board of Ordnance, & the hon. East India Com.4 Magdalen row, Great Prescot street
Yeowell Francis, brass & cock founder, 7 Grafton street, Soho
Yerbury John, tobacconist, 87 Aldgate High street
Yerworth William, printer, 259 Whitechapel road
Yetts Joseph Muskett, solicitor, 7 Finsbury chambers
Yewd William, attorney, 30 East street, Red Lion square
Yglesias Jose Ramon, merchant, 20 Mark lane
Yglesias Miguel, wine merchant, 9 King's arms yard, Coleman street
Yockney William & Co. teadealers, 10 & 11 Bedford street, Covent garden
Yolland Stephen, fishmonger, 59 Great Marylebone street
Yolland Thomas, appraiser & undertaker 15 Cromer street, Brunswick square
Yonge George & Walter, watchmakers, 156 Strand
Yonge John, solicitor, 20 Tokenhouse yard, City
Yool William, coal merchant, 55 Conduit street & Cannon row wharf
York & London Assurance Office (J. Reddish, sec.), 82 King William street,  City
York Henry, wadding mitr. 24 & 25 Norfolk place, Curtain road
York James, surgeon, 1 Windsor terrace, Maida hill
York Jehosaphat, builder, 40 Marshall street, Golden square
York John, watchmaker, 8 Nelson street, City road
York John Olive, civil engineer, 1 Ciapei lace, Poultry
York Lucy (Mrs.), marine storedealer,  41 Great Wild street, Lincolns Inn fields
York William, brushmaker, York cottage, Caledonian road, Pentonville
Yorke John, Smith & bellhanger, 29 Wormwood street, Bishopsgate
Yorkshire Fire & Life Insurance Co. (Edward Henwood agent) 46 Watling street
Yorkshire Society's School, Mead row, Westminster road
Youatt William, veterinary surgeon, 1 Osnaburgh place, New road
Youd John, grocer, 34 Drummond street, Euston square
Youd Henry, stationer & printer, 26 Charlotte street,  Fitzroy square
Youens James, china tea warehouse, 46 Ludgate hill
Youl John Robert, salesman, 5 Newgate market, & 15 Smithfield
Youl William, butcher, 1 Dover place, Old Kent road
Youle William, & Son, opticians & mathematical instrument makers, 79 Leadenhall street & Camberwell green
Youlton John, tailor, 10 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
Young & Bacon, stockbrokers, 21 Tokenhouse yard
Young (Brown) & Son, glass,oil &colormerchants, 138 Upper Thames street
Young, Dowson & Co. copper merchant & brass founder, Emmett street, Limehouse
Young (Florance) & Son, back makers. Layton's buildings, 143 Borough
Young, Glassford & Co. silk & calico printers, 18 Friday street, & 17 George square, Glasgow
Young Harrison & Co. merchants, 4 Barge yard, Bucklersbury
Young John & Co. lacemen, 16 Fore street, Cripplegate
Young John & Co. wine merchants, 50 Lime street
Young John & Son, scalemakers to her Majesty, 5 Bear street, Leicester square
Young Robt.& Co. sail maker & ship chandler, New cut, Limehouse
Young Robert & Daniel, builders, 7 Crown row, Walworth road, & 34 Weymouth street, New Kent road
Young Samuel & Son, solicitors, 30 Parliament street, Westminster, & 1 Vauxhall bridge road
Young (Stafford & Edward), tailors, 153 Sloane street, Chelsea
Young Thomas, & Co. wholesale tea & coffee dealers, 29 Mark lane
Young Thomas & Son, solicitors, 29 Mark lane
Young William & Co. ironmongers, 194 Oxford street
Young & Wallings, solicitors, 2 St. Mildred'. court, Poultry
Young Adam, merchant, 8 George yard, Lombard street
Young Adam, upholsterer & undertaker, 3 Chapel street, Bedford row
Young Adam, jun. insurance broker, 8 George yard, Lombard street
Young Alexander, stock broker, 3 Bartholomew lane
Young Benjamin, glue, size, hair & leaf maker, Spa road, Bermondsey
Young Charles, linendraper, &c. 7 Britannia place, Wandsworth
Young Churles, oil & italian warehouse, 8 High street, Pentonville
Young Charles, solicitor, 10 Warwick square, Newgate street
Young Charles Allen, backmaker, 84 Upper East Smithfield
Young Charles C. tailor, 5 York street, St. James's
Young Christiana (Mrs.), staymaker,  Upper York street, Bryanstone square
Young David, dyer & scourer, Tanner lodge, Battersea fields
Young David, grocer, 5 Little College street, Westminster
Young Edward, glasscutter, 2 Hart street, Cripplegate
Young Edward, saddler & harnessmaker, 432 Oxford street
Young Fletcher, baker, 47 Long alley, Finsbury
Young Fred. Queens Head, 68 Marsham street, Westminster
Young George, baker, 77 Old street, St. Luke's
Young George, fringe &c. maker, 5 Princes street, Little Queens street,  Holborn
Young George, Green Dragon, Belvedere road, Lambeth
Young George, perfumer, 4 Lower Seymour street,  Portman
Young George, scalemaker & lamp maker, 63 London ro
Young Geo. Adam, surveyor, 34 Eagle street & 17 Harpur street, Redlion square
Young Geo. Fred. shipbuilder, 15 Church row, Limehouse
Young Geo. Johnston, pump maker, Bostock street,  Old Gravel lane
Young Geo. Midford, pawnbroker, 51 Princes street, Leicester square
Young Gilbert Ainslie, barrister, 5 New square, Lincoln's inn
Young Godfrey, auct. & registrar, 7 Church row, Newington butts
Young Henry, carman, 10 White horse yard, Coleman street
Young Henry, carpenter, 33 Bayham street, Camden town
Young Henry, grindery dealer, 14 Dean street, Westminster
Young Henry, physician, 19 Devonshire place, Portland place
Young Henry, teadealer & grocer, 81 Newgate street
Young Hilkiah Samuel, undertaker, 57 Church street, Bethnal green
Young James, baker, 2 White Conduit terrace, Islington
Young James, brushmaker, 29 Kingsland road
Young James, Calthorpe Arms, 37 Upper North place, Grays in road
Young James, furniture broker, 17 York street, Westminster
Young James, Greycoat Boy, 38 Great Peter street, Westminster
Young James, opticians' cabinet ma. 13 Arnold place, Walworth
Young James, pianoforte maker, 20 Holywell street, Millbank
Young James, plumber, painter & glazier, 6 Ebury square
Young James, solicitor, 21 Lower Belgrave place, Pimlico
Young James, tripedresser, 27 Paddington street, Marylebone
Young James, upholsterer, 4 Queen street, Oxford street
Young James, upholsterer, 2 Arnold place, Walworth
Young Jas. Forbes, surgeon, 10 Kenngton place, Upper Kennington lane
Young Jeremiah, carp. & undert. 75 Castle street east, Oxford street
Young John, cheesemonger, 1 St. Agnes terrace, Tabernacle square
Young John, commission agent, 16 Watling street
Young Jolin, insurance broker, 68 Old Broad street
Young John, Royal Oak, Galway street, St. Luke's
Young John, tailor, 41 Duke street, St. James's
Young John A. Duke of York, Larkhall lane, Clapham
Young John Mates, Bell, 34 Cumberland row, King's cross
Young John T. plumber, 28 St. Mary at hill, & 12 Walbrook
Young Joseph, cattle salesman, 8 West Smithfield
Young Joseph, saddler &c.24 Middle queen's buildings, Knightsbridge
Young Joseph Cole, oil & british wine dealer, 23. Upper King street, Bloomsbury
Young Joseph John, bootmaker,  6 Greystoke place,  Fetter lane
Young Joseph John, bootmaker, 50 Upper North place, Gray's inn road
Young Louis, leather dresser, 14 Russell street,  Bermondsey
Young Mary (Mrs.), milliner, 8 Lowndes terrace, Knightsbridge
Young Philip, furrier, 290 High Holborn
Young Richard, bookseller, 7 York street,  Sloane street, Chelsea
Young Richard, bootmaker, 10 King street,  Golden square
Young Richard, White Horse, 50 Great Saffron hill, Hatton wall
Young Robert, corn factor. 24 Mark lane
Young Robert, Roebuck, 53 Leader street,  Chelsea
Young Robert, iron merchant, 38 Nelson square
Young Samuel, Railway coffee house, 209 Shoreditch
YoungStafford, coal merchant, 153 Sloane street,  Knightsbridge
Young Thomas, chemist &c. Hargrave terrace, Bermondsey road
Young Thomas, corkcutter, 68 Skinner street,  Bishopsgate
Young Thomas, oil & color warehouse, 64 Queen street,   Cheapside
Young Thomas, painter & grainer, 37 Arbour square,  Stepney
Young Thomas, porkman, 45 Whitcomb street, Pall mall east
Young Thomas (late Walker), surgeon, 209 Piccadilly
Young Thomas, Alf. Crown & Anchor, Upper Albany street,  Regents park
Young Thomas Francis, Dudley Arms, 47 Harrow road
Young William, Albion, 6 Vernon place, Bermondsey square
Young William, Artillery Arms, l Rochester terrace, Westminster
Young William, bricklayer, &c. 48 Kinnerton street,  Belgrave square
Young William, furniture broker, 55 Bermondsey street
Young William, grocer, 27 Islington High street
Young William, hatter, 383 Oxford street
Young William, linendraper, &c. Church street,  Stoke Newington
Young William, ship chandler & sailmaker, 268 Yolo
Young William, stationer & account book maker, 3 Queen street,  Cheapside
Young William, Sun & Sportsman, 64 High street,  Marylebone
Young William, undertaker, 76 Church street,  Bethnal green
Young William, undertaker, 42 George street,  Blackfriars road
Young William, Worlds End, Ocean row, Stepney
Young William, jun. hatter, 344 Oxford street
Young William Henry, tailor, &c. 317 High Holborn
Young William, Thomas, haberdasher,34 Charlesst. Hatton garden
Younge Edward, barrister, 1 New square, Lincoln's inn
Younger William, Henry & Son, appraisers & auctioneers, 247 Strand
Younger James, Old Baptists Head, 30 St. Johns lane
Younger Matthew, baker, 9 Melbourne place, Old Kent road
Younger Saml. importer & blue manufacturer of chicory root, 8 Great Tower street,  factories, 48 & 49 Wellclose square & Kingsland road
Younger Samuel, ship, custom house & general commercial agent, 8 Great Tower street
Younger Saml. stone & marble merchant, Kingsland road basin
Younger Sarah (Mrs.), cabinetmaker, 14 Old street road
Younghusband Henry, biscuit baker, 113 Upper East Smithfield
Younghusband Thomas, Gerards Hall Tavern, 2 Basing lane
Younghusband William, blue manufacturer, 1 Upper Chapman street, Commercial street road
Youngman Edw. E. & Henry, timber merchants, Grange road
Youngman John, tailor, 13 Weston street, Southwark
Youngman Thomas, linendraper, &c. 12 Wittam's buildings, Old street  road
Youngman William, linendraper, 175 Sloane street, Knightsbridge
### John, tailor, 195 High street, Poplar
Yoxall Richard, butcher, 129 Upper Whitecross street
Ysasi & Co. (of Xerez de la Frontera), 5 Water lane, Great Tower street
Yturregui Joseph, grocer, 9 James street, Oxford street
Yuille, Shortridge & Co. merchants, 17 Mark lane

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