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London Street Directory in 1843 - W

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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WACE Alexander, butcher, 46 George street, Portman square
Wace Charles, meat salesman, 1 Rose street, Newgate street
Wace Mary Ann (Mrs.), butcher, 6 Butcherhall lane, Newgate street
Wace Thomas, butcher, 3 Old Paradise row, Islington green
Wacey Edward, carpenter &c. 29 Goldsmith's place, Hackney road
Wacey Jonathan, foreign & english bookseller, &c. 6 Beech street, Barbican
Wack William, tailor, 57 Upper John street, Fitzroy square
Wackerbarths & Colling, sugar refiner, 45 Parson's street, Ratcliff
Wackerbarth William Kimble, ship agent, see Hill & Wackerbarth
Wackett Edward, cowkeeper, 11 Ridinghouse lane, Langham place
Wald Thomas Miller, surgeon, Bevis court, 28 Basinghall street
Waddilove Alfred D.C.L. advocate, 5 Great Knightrider street, Doctors commons
Waddilove Henry Jesse, proctor, 3 Great Knightrider street
Waddington & Horton, wholesale umbrella & parasol manufacturers, 119 London wall, & 57 Fore street
Waddington Horatio, barrister, 3 King's Bench walk, Temple
Waddington Jane (Mrs.), milliner, &c. 46 Little Bartholomew close
Waddington Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Wardrobe terrace, Doctors commons
Wade John & Charles, linen drapers, 9 Clarence place, Caloberwell
Wade John & Son, tailors & drapers, 57 Holborn Hill
Wade Thomas & Son, cotton brokers, 116 Fenchurch street
Wade Alfred, baker, 45 Rosamon street, Clerkenwell
Wade Armigel, solicitor, Weavers' hall, 22 Basinghall street
Wade Benjamin, tailor, &c. 111 Strand
Wade Henry, baker, 22 Tothill street, Westminster
Wade John, cloth agent, 32 Lambeth square
Wade Joseph, chemist & druggist, 30 East street, Walworth
Wade Josiah, baker, 42 York street, Broadway, Westminster
Wade Mark, butcher, 6 Crown street, Walworth road
Wade Martha (Mrs), White Horse,Whitehorse street, Stepney
Wade Rd. coach harness maker, 33 Great St. Andrew street, Seven Dials
Wade Robert, surgeon, 68 Dean street, Soho
Wade John, gas fitter, 48 Fetter lane
Wade Orlando, ship chandler, Nutkin's corner, Bermondsey wall
Wade Richard, builder, 3 Albany terrace, New road, Fitzroy square
Wade Richard, carrier, White horse inn, Cripplegate
Wade Robert, carpenter, 113 Crawford street, Portman square
Wade Robert F. ship & insurance broker, & commercial agent, 14 London street, Fenchurch street
Wade Thomas, linendraper, Church street, Hackncy
Wade Thomas, stationer, 13 Kensington High street
Wade William, baker, 99 Whitehorse street, Stepney
Wade William, builder, l Amwell street, Pentonville
Wade William, surgeon, 9 Gerrard street, Soho
Wade William, teadealer, 7 Clarendon square, Somers town
Wade William Jn. carver, gilder & picture frame maker, 86 Leadenhall street
Wadeson Edward Weyman, proctor & notary, 1 Godliman street
Wadeson Robert Spiller, solicitor, 11 Austinfriars
Wadey Edward, fishmonger, 3 Bloomsbury market, Bloomsb
Wadge Jonathan, wine, spirit & liqueur merchant, 71 Haymarket
Wadge William, furniture broker, 3 Waterloo terrace, Commercial road east
Wadhams Chas. carpenter & undertaker, 40 Charlotte street, Portland place
Wadland Philip, hairdresser, 2 Tothill street, Westminster
Wadly George, Kings Arms, Frederick street, Regent's park
Wadmore James, butcher, Clare market
Wadsworth Godfrey, surgeon, see Russell & Wadsworth
Wadsworth Godfrey Bingley, surgeon, 2 Great Marlborough street
Wadsworth John Ivey, stockbroker, 3 Bartholomew lane
Wadsworth Joseph, dairyman, 17 Upper King street, Bloomsbury
Wadsworth Mary (Mrs.), straw hat maker, 38 Beckford row, Walworth
Wagener John, sugar refiner, 3 Mansell street
Wagg Frederick, furniture broker, 140 Whitechapel road
Wagg William, bootmaker, 327 Rotherhithe street
Waggett William, tailor, see Tempany & Waggett
Waghorn & Co. agents for passengers, &c. overland to India, 34 Cornhill
Waghorn William, hairdresser, 30 Bow street, Covent garden
Wagner Charles, baker, 75 Crawford street, Portman square
Wagner Charles F, agent to Phoenix office, 19 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Wagstaff Charles E. portrait engraver, 14 Hastings street, Burton crescent
Wagstaff George, carpenter & builder, 15 Bartlett's passage, Holborn
Wagstaff James, plumber, 39 Little Bartholomew close
Wagstaff Joseph, watchmaker, 179 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Wagstaff Martha (Mrs.), straw bonnet makers. 18 Brown's lane, Spitalfields
Wagstaff Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Charlotte street, Pimlico
Wagstaff Thomas, china warehouse, 11 London house yard, St. Paul's
Wagstaff Thomas, rag merchant, 9 Providence place, New North street, Finsbury
Wagstaff William, builder & undertaker, 11 Clay street, Marylebone
Wagstaff William, coal merchant, see West & Wagstaff
Wagstaffe Matthew French & William C. T. surgeons, 117 Long lane, Bermondsey, N. 10 Walcot place west, Lambeth
Waight Brownlow John, bookseller, 34 Margaret street, Cavendish square
Waight William, jun. meat salesman, 11 Warwick lane, City
Wailes George, special pleader, 1 Cloisters, Temple
Wain George, grocer & british wine dealer, 1 King's road east, Chelsea
Wain George, White Horse, 113 St. Johns street, Clerkenwell
Wain Richard, tailor, see Stulz, Housley & Wain
Wainewright John, sworn clerk, Six Clerks' office, Chancery lane
Wainewright Reader, barrister, Chapel stairs, Lincoln's inn
Wainewright Robert Arnold, solicitor,7 Angel court, Throgmorton street
Wainewright William, liverpool office, 20 Fludyer street, Westminster
Wainwright Brothers, plate glass manufacturers, 44 Conduit street
Wainwright William, & Co. woollen warehousemen, 58 Fore street, City
Wainwright Henry William, brush maker, 84 Whitechapel road
Wainwright Jas. grease manufacturer, 10 Thornton street, Horsely down
Wainwright Jas. herald painter, 10 Kirby street, Hatton garden
Wainwright John, oilman, 33 Freeschool street, Horsely down
Wainwright Jordan, wind music instrument maker, 27 Greenhills rents
Wainwright William, tobacconist, 58 Fore street, Cripplegate
Waistell George, cheesemonger, 21 King's road east, Chelsea
Wait James, umbrella silk manufacturer, 14 Wood street, Spitalfields
Wait Joseph, boot & shoemaker, 30 Lower Eaton street, Pimlico
Wait William, boot & shoe warehouse, 82 Whitechapel High street
Wait William, cloth cap maker, 23 Dartmouth street, Westminster
Waite & Burr, shoe & stay mercers, 58 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Waite Benjamin, oil & colorman, 5 Eldon place, Lower street, Islington
Waite Benjamin K. butcher, 24 Wormwood street, Bishopsgate
Waite Charles, physician, 3 Old Burlington street
Waite George, surgeon dentist, 2 Old Burlingtou street
Waite John, attorney, 8 Welbeck street, Cavendish square
Waite John, bootmaker, 17 Newington causeway
Waite John, butcher, 123 Bishopsgate without
Waite John, hatter, 16 Holywell row, Shoreditch
Waite John, piece broker and tailor, 4 West street, Golden square
Waite John George, William IV, 1 Eyre street hill
Waite Rd. city carman, 5 Bowling green lane, King street, Borough
Waite Richard, tailor, 30 Silver street, Golden square
Waithman Henry & Co. silk brokers, Winchester house, Old Broad street
Waithman John & Co. shawl & linen warehouse, 104 Fleet street
Wake Charles, plumber & glazier, 26 King street, Westminster
Wake John, baker, 52 Bermondsey street
Wake John, bricklayer & plasterer, 3 Richmond buildings, Soho
Wake Robert, baker, 7 Hartley place, Old Kent road
Wake Stephen, bricklayer, &c. 32 St. Martin's street, Leicester square
Wake Wom. builder & bricklayer, 1 Printer's place, Bermondsey
Wakefield George & Son, surgeons, 27 Ossulston street, Somers town
Wakefield Daniel, Q.C. barrister, 19 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Wakefield Henry, surgeon, &c. 6 Albion place, Battle bridge
Wakefield Henry, surgeon, l Lansdown place, Brunswick square
Wakefield John, watchmaker, 3 South street, South Audley street
Wakefield John, working silversmith, 38 King street, Clerkenwell
Wakefield Joseph Colen, mousseline de laine manufacturer, see Inglis & Wakefield
Wakefield Richard, tea dealer, 35 Crown street, Finsbury
Wakefield Thomas, egg salesman, 180 Drury lane
Wakefield Thomas, surgeon, 16 Judd place west, New road
Wakefield William, linen & woollen draper, 8 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Wakeford Henry, Admiral Codrington, Green street, Chelsea
Wakeford Henry, baker, 20 Lower Sloane street, Chelsea
Wakeford William, carver & gilder, 34 Windmill street, Tottenham court road
Wakelin John, locksmith, &c. 11 Chapel street, Tottenham court road
Wakeling Giles & Son, upholsterers, 36 Gerrard street, Soho
Wakeling Henry Beverley, attorney, 5 St. John's square, Clerkenwell
Wakely William & Co. export merchants, 2 Pudding lane, Eastcheap
Wakeman James, clockmaker, 2 Garden row, London road
Waken Henry, tailor, 70 Lambeth walk
Wakley Thomas, M.P. coroner for Middlesex, 35 Bedford square
Walbancke Ann (Mrs.), George, 24 St. Johns street, Clerkenwell
Walbancke Edw. furnishing undertaker, 3 Warwick street, Golden square
Walbancke Frederick, sheriffs' officer, 23 Coleman street
Walbancke George working goldsmith, 10 Chandos street, Covent garden ##
Walbran John, warehouseman, see Hodgson & Walbran
Warburn John, grocer, 3 Upper East Smithfield
Walhy George, ironmonger, 4 Pleasant row, Holloway road
Walby James, iron merchant & agent, boiler & gas apparatus manufactory, 50 Greek street, Soho, & 6 Barge yard, Bucklersbury
Walcott Thomas, solicitor, l Churchyard court, Temple
Waldegrave Richard, surgeon, 34 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Walden George, engine turner, 43 Perceval street, Clerkenwell
Wallen Henry Edw. basket maker & turner, 71 Shoe lane, Fleet street
Walden Joshua, corn dealer, 64 Golden lane, St. Luke's
Walden Mary (Mrs.), basket maker, 43 Fleet lane, Farringdon street
Walden Samuel, basket maker, rod dealer & brush & turnery warehouses, 32 Farringdon street; Grand Junction street, Whitefriars, & St. John's Fulham
Walder Jane (Miss), grocer, 7 Bedford street, Commercial road
Waldie James, Don Saltero's coffee house, 18 Cheyne walk, Chelsea
Waldie William, White Horse & Bower, Romney terrace
Waldron Edward, Ten Bells, 34 Church street, Spitalfields
Waldron Francis, solicitor, see Lake & Waldron
Waldron Richard, butcher, see Robinson & Waldron
Waldron Thomas, saddler, 8 Henrietta street, Manchester square
Waldron William, John, grocer, &c. 32 Kent street, Borough
Walduck John, chemist & druggist, 86 New Bond street
Walduck Sherwin, merchant, 5 Windsor place, City road
Walduck Thomas Henry, lodging house, 5 Warwick court, Holborn
Waldvogel Anthony, clockmaker, 82 Ratcliffe Highway
Wale William, Bayswater tavern, Elm lane, Bayswater
Walenn William, teadealer, 36 Great Portland street, Oxford street
Wales John & Co. pianoforte makers, 41 Foley street, Portland place
Wales Ann (M o painter & glazier, 88 Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Wales David, archery warehouse, 80 Tyers street, Princes street, Lambeth
Wales George, surveyor, 28 Ely place, Holborn
Wales George Richard, auctioneer, see Ellis & Wales
Wales Henry, glove manufacturer, 30 Fore street, Cripplegate
Wales Oliver William, carpenter &c. 101 Tyer's street, Princes road, Lambeth
Wales Peter, Crooked Billet, 108 Hoxton old town
Wales Richard, stationer, &c. Church street, Stoke Newington
Wales Robert, pianoforte maker, 83 Charles street, Hampstead road
Walesby Francis Pearson, barrister, 9 New Boswell court
Waley S. Jacob, stockbroker, 6 Throgmorton street
Walford Thomas Arthur & Fred. H. solicitors, 27 Bolton street
Walford Edward Vernon, bookseller, soe Jackson & Walford
Walford Fras Joseph Gourdez, barrister, 1 New square, Lincolns inn
Walford Fred. special pleader, 4 King's Bench walk, Temple
Walford Fred. merchant & commission agent, 4 Cushion court, Broad street
Walford George, attorney, 8 Grafton street, Bond street
Walford George Henry James, goldsmith, see Makepeace & Walford
Walford John, shoemaker, 99 York street, Westminster
Walford John Berry, barrister, 19 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Walford Richard, jun. bandanna printer & silk agent, 30 Milk street
Walford Weston Styleman, barrister, 2 Plowden buildings, Temple
Walford William, merchant & drysalter, 6 Great Winchester street
Walkam John Alexander, straw hat warehouse, 86 Oxford street
Walkden John & Sons, flannel & baize warehouse, 27 Lawrence lane
Walkden Rd. Sheppard, hairdresser, 24 Red Lion street, Holborn

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