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London Street Directory in 1843 - T

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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TAAFFE & Boyer, painters, &c. 61 Upper Ground street Blackfriars
Taaffe Jas. & Co. patent slating, &c. agency office, 108 Hatton garden
Taaffe James, lodging house keeper, 14 Duke street, St. James's
Taaffe John, stationer, 128 Crawford street
Tabb John, coffee rooms, 36 Seymour place, Bryanstone square
Tabb John, teadealer & grocer, 2 Upper Eaton street, Grosvenor square
Taber John, wine merchant, see Johnson, Taber & Johnson
Taber Robert Wilkins, plumber, 10 Lower James street, Golden square
Tabor John Joseph, fishmonger, Bull's Head passage, Leadenhall market
Tabor William, wholesale druggist & perfumer, 158 Fenchurch street
Tabor William, varnish manufacturer, 158 Fenchurch street
Tabraham John, rag merchant, 97 Fore street, Limehouse
Tabrum Henry, hop & seed factor, 84 Queen's Head yard, Borough High street
Tabrum Horace, gold beater,17 Nassau street, Middlesex hospital
Tabrum Margaret (Mrs.), grocer, 32 Chiswell street, Finsbury
Tacey John C. school stationer, 18 City road
Tackley Edward, cutler, 9 Chalton street, Somers town
Tackley William, tailor, 2 Theberton street, Islington
Taddy & Co. manufacturers of, and wholesale dealers in tobacco and snuff, 45 Minories
Taddy William, queen's serjeant, 4 Old Palace yard
Tadloo David, butcher, 11 Diamond row, Stepney green
Tadloo Joseph, scale maker, &c. 75 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Tadman Thomas, patten & clog maker, 270 Kent street, Borough
Tadman William, cigar manufacturer, 14 Coal Harbour street, Hackney road
Taft John, coal merchant, 2 & 3 Irongate wharf, Paddington basin
Taft John, stone merchant, 2 Irongate wharf, Paddington basin
Tagart Chas. Fortescue, solicitor, 2 New Ormond street, Queen square
Tagg Thos. & Son, furnishing undertakers, 4 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Tagg Ann (Mrs.), grocer & teadealer, 12 Norris street, Haymarket
Tagg Elizabeth (Miss), jeweller, 17 Middle row, Holborn
Tagg Peter, slopseller, 75 Tooley street
Tagg William, furn. undertaker, 49 Chichester place, Gray's inn road
Tagliabue & Casella, barometer makers, 23 Hatton garden
Tagliabue Angelo, barometer maker, 91 Leather lane, Holborn
Tagliabue Anthony, barometer maker, 31 Brooke street, Holborn
Tagliabue John, barometer maker, 11 Brooke street, Holborn
Taghourdin Charles, attorney, 25 Lincoln's inn fields. .
Tailbouis John, french goods importer, see Fauvety & Tailbouis
Tailfer Jean B. professor of french, 5 Winckworth buildings, City road
Tailors’ Benevolent Institution ( George Frederick Gaubert, secretary), 32 Sackville street, Piccadilly
Tait James, Rose & Crown , 12 Hart street, Duke street, Grosvenor square
Tait Thomas, baker, 152 Princes road, Lambeth
Tait William, scotch warehouse, 66 Cheapside
Taite John, tailor, 228 Oxford street
Taitt Charles Thomas, herald painter, 8 Pitfield street
Taitt John, woollen draper, see Bressey & Taitt
Takush Samuel & Co. fur manufacturers, 42 Newgate street
Talbot George & Henry & Sons, bombazeen & carpet manufacturers (H. Griffiths, agent), 57 Basinghall street
Talbot Frederic, solicitor, see Richardson & Talbot
Talbot Hon. John Chetwynd, barrister, 1 New court, Temple
Talbot James, Ship Afloat , 16 Beer lane, Tower street
Talbot James Beard, secretary to the London Society for the Protection of Young Females, 17 Ironmonger lane
Talbot Richard, barge builder, 5 Charlotte row, Rotherhithe street
Talbot Robert, barge builder, 282 Rotherhithe
Talbot William, iron plate manufacturer & brazier, & wholesale kitchen furniture tinner, 104 Great Titchfield street
Talbot William, Henry, bootmaker, 71 Fore street, Limehouse
Talboy William, tailor, 8 Talbot court, Gracechurch street
Talboys Henry G. & Co. printers, 1 St. John's court, St. Martin's le grand
Talboys David Alphonso, bookseller & publisher, 113 Fleet street
Talby William, gasfitter, 1 Waterloo terrace, Waterloo road
Talfourd Thomas Noon, serjeant-at-law, 3 Serjeants inn, Chancery lane
Tall Robert, fruiterer, 76 Castle street east, Oxford street
Tallemach Richard, attorney, 13 Serle street, Lincoln's inn
Tallent Charles, pianoforte manufacturer, 8 Borough road
Tallibart Louis, watchmaker, 48 Rathbone place
Tallis John & Frederick, publishers, 3 Jewin street, Cripplegate
Tallowchandlers' Hall (John Curtis, clerk), 5 Dowgate hill
Talmadge William, barrister, 5 Inner Temple lane
Talmage Hen. dyer & scourer, 134 Fetter lane, Fleet street
Talmedge Charles, boot manufacturer, 3 Wentworth place, Mile end road
Talmedge Daniel, grocer, &c. 144 Poplar High street
Tamadge Henry, grocer & cheesemonger, 6 Margaret street, Wilmington square
Tamar Silver Lead Mining Company, 44 Finsbury square
Tame Henry, scavenger, 17 Wharf north side, Paddington basin
Tamlyn John, barrister, 77 Chancery lane
Tamlyn John, ham dealer, 25 Blackfriars road
Tamplin George, solicitor, see Blake & Tamplin
Tamplin Richard, surgeon, &c. 2 Charterhouse square
Tamlin Rd. William, surgeon, 29 Great Queen street, Lincoln's inn fields
Tamvaco & Micrulachi, merchants, 18 South street, Finsbury
Tancred Charles, attorney, 1 Furnival's inn, Holborn
Tancred Henry, William, Q.C. barrister, Reform club
Tandy John, brush maker & toy warehouse, 14 Motcomb street, Belgrave square
Tann Edward & Sons, inventors of the new improved fire. proof safes, doors & iron rooms, I Hope street, & 2 Minerva terrace, Hackney road
Tann Edw. jun. corn merchant, 10 Broughton place, Hackney road
Tann George, fire proof room & safe maker, 18 Hope street, Hackney road
Tannen Matilda (Miss), treaclemaker, 17 Old Montague street, Whitechapel
Tanner Brothers, publishers, 6 Amen corner, Paternoster row
Tanner Ghos. & john, carriers, 49 Skinner street, Snow hill
Tanner & Ward, leather factors, Leadenhall place, Leadenhall market, & 98 Leadenhall street
Tanner Alfred Octavius, solicitor, 4 New Basinghall street
Tanner Charles, corndealer, Stratford broadway
Tanner Charles, grocer, 8 Mansell street, Goodman's fields
Tanner Charles William, coal & corn merchant, Stratford
Tanner Edw. ship & insurance broker & commercial merchant, 22 Harp lane, Tower street
Tanner George, appraiser & estate agent, 11 Union court, Old Broad street
Tanner George, grocer, 355 Albany road, Camberwell
Tanner Henry, tobacconist, 263 Bethnal green road
Tanner James, tobacconist, 4 Star alley, Fenchurch street
Tanner James Jones, chamois leather & glove warehouse, 8 Well court, Queen street, Cheapside, manufactory at Exeter
Tanner John ### solicitor, 53 Moorgate street, Bank
Tanner Joseph Stephen, surveyor, &c.6 Cross street, Myrtle street, Hoxton
Tanner Mary Ann (Mrs.), Dog & Partridge , Bow
Tanner Richard, platina pen manufacturer to the most eminent mercantile establishments of London & Westminster, &c. 62 Judd street, Brunswick square, St. Pancras
Tanner Robert, surgeon, 56 Manchester street, Manchester square
Tanner Thomas, straw hat manufacturer, 10 Maiden lane, Wood street
Tanner William, cheesemonger, 22 Cable street, Wellclose square
Tanner William, shipwright, Bermondsey wall, Rotherhithe
Tannock James, artist, 16 Newman street, Oxford street
Tanqueray Brothers, wine merchants, 43 Mark lane
Tanqueray Chas. & Co. rectifiers, Vine street, Bloomsbury
Tanqueray Thomas. Butts, solicitor, see Parmell & Tanqueray
Tanrhiw, Slate & Slab Company(Charles Simmonds, agent) Augustus street, Regent's park
Taisley John, baker, 64 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Tansley Joseph, ironmonger, 50 York street, Westminster
Tansley Peter, wholesale straw hat maker, 122 St. John street, Smithfield
Tansley Samuel, glassman, 11 Dorset street, Portman square
Tansweil John, solicitor, 5 King's Bench walk, Temple
Tanswell Stephen, ironmonger, &c. 9 Chenies street, Bedford square
Tant Jonathan, cheesemonger, 1 Newcastle street, Strand
Taperell Charles, carpenter, 14 Smith's buildings, City road
Taplay James, biscuit baker, 1 Prospect row, Mile end road
Taplay William, cooper, 12 Seymour place, Camden town
Tapley John & Son, manufacturing silversmith, 4 Horse Shoe court, Ludgate hill
Tapley Francis, fishfactor, 109 Lower Thames street
Tapley William, grocer, 6 Tower street, Westminster road
Taplin Christopher, tailor, 26. High Holborn
Taplin Edward, sugar baker, 17 1/2 St. George's place, St. Georges east
Taplin George, Horns , 1 Hackney road
Taplin Richard, russia mat & sack warehouse, 22 Queenhithe
Taplin Thomas, Rising Sun , 12 Printer's place, Bermondsey
Tapling Thomas, carpet warehouse, see Morrison & Taplin
Tapner James, baker, Bromley
Tapp Charles, coach maker, 19 Little Portland street
Tapp James, haberdasher, 2 King street, Seven dials
Tapp Sarah (Mrs.), hairdresser, 14 New Compton street, Soho
Tappenden Edw. bricklayer, 3 Arbour street west, Commercial road east
Tappenden Thomas, tailor, 3 Friendly place, Old Kent road
Tapper John Henry, woollendraper, 7 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Tapperton Richard, carver & gilder, 5 Little Gray's inn lane
Tappin John Francis, Yorkshire Grey , 20 Foley place
Tappin Thomas T. Red Lion , 41 Hoxton Old town
Tappolet David Lewis, gold, silver & tinsel lace & spangle manufacturer, 6 Little Britain
Tappron William, dairyman, 9 Arcade, Hungerford market
Taprell William, barrister, 1 Hare court, Temple
Tapscott Ben, lodginghouse keeper, 9 Norfolk street, Strand
Tapscott John, Castle , Goodman's stile, Goodman's fields
Tapscott William, trunk maker &c. 22 Little Newport street, Long acre
Tapsell John, plumber, 24 Edward street, Blackfriars road
Topoll Thomas. grocer, &c.72 Park street, Grosvenor square
Tapster John, Eastey's Hotel, see Tarbar & Tapster
Tapster Stephen Edward, Craven Hotel, 15-16 Craven street, Strand
Tapster Stephen Edward, wine merchant, 2 Craven street, Strand
Tarbar & Tapster, Eastey's Hotel, 37 Southampton street, Strand
Tarbath George, Castle, , 94 Long alley, Finsbury
Tarbox. Edward, stationer, 17 Cranbourne street, Leicester square
Targett Edward, oilman, 10 Cross street, Hoxton New town
Targett Robert, glass dealer, 25 Windmill street, Finsbury
Targett William, undertaker, 168 Tottenham court road & 34 New Compton street, Soho
Tarling & Maides, hay & straw salesmen, 28 St. John street, Clerkenwell
Tarling Charles, clothes salesman, 20 Goswell street
Tarling Henry James, inkmaker, 28 St. John street, Clerkenwell
Tarlton.James, rope; line & twine manufacturer, 113 Gray's inn lane
Tarn William, linendraper, 2 Newington Causeway
Tarner George Ensor, stationer & newsagent, 16 High street, Marylebone
Tarone Andrew & Co. looking glassmaker, 39 Charles street, Hatton garden
Tarplee John, boot & shoe maker, 92 Fore street, Cripplegate, & 101 Old street, & 107 Blackman street, Borough
Tarr John, chemist, 42 Tothill street, Westminster
Tarr John, coal merchant, Beaufort wharf, 10 Beaufort buildings, Strand, & 8 Brunswick place, City road
Tarr Nathaniel, Regents Arms , 50 York terrace, Regents park
Tarrand Eleanor (Mrs.), milliner, 9 Frederick place, Old Kent road
Tarrant George & William, pawnbrokers, 30 Great Charlotte street, Blackfriars & general salesmen, 5 Clerkenwell green
Tarrant Henry & Co. silk manufacturers, 14 & 15 Steward street, Spitalfields
Tarrant Alfred, bookbinder, 4 Agar street, Strand
Tarrant John, general salesman, 5 Clerkenwell green
Tarrant John E. solicitor, 44 Dean street, Soho
Tarrant Walter, silversmith, see Clothier, & Tarrant
Tarrant William Barnes, solicitor, 4 Walbrook
Tarring John, architect & surveyor, 23 Charles street, Middlesex hospital
Tarring John, bricklayer, &c.48 Union street, Middlesex hospital
Tarry James, cheesemonger, 12 St. George's place, Walworth road
Tarry Robert, gold chain maker, 10 Wellington street, Goswoll street
Tarryer George, undertaker, 66 Castle street, Southwark
Tarsey & Millgate, manchester warehousemen, 3 Lad lane, City
Tarte William, plumber, 17 Tothill street, Westminster
Tarver Georgina (Mrs.), ship breaker & timber merchant, Battersea
Tarver John, pastrycook, 27 Coventry slot; Haymarket
Tasker & Pound, trunk makers & undertakers, 64 & 81 Leadenhall street
Tasker John, cheesemonger, 103 St. John street, Clerkenwell
Tasker Joseph, cheesemonger, 77 Chapel street, Pentonville
Tasker Thomas, wine & brandy merchant, 8 Idol lane, Tower street
Tasker William, bootmaker, 11 Bartholomew close, City
Tasker William, boot & shoemaker, 11 Goswell street
Tasker William, wine & brandy merchant, 7 Idol lane, Tower street
Tasman Thomas & Son, trunkmakers, 11 Grocers hall court, Poultry
Tassell George Albert, corndealer, 2 Exeter place, Great Dover street
Tessell James, grocer, &c. 24 Clipstone street, Fitzroy square
Tastet Ferminde, & Co. merchants, Bishopsgate churchyard
Tatchell & Blunt, newsvenders, 12 Staining lane, Wood street
Tatchell william, russia broker, 8 George yard, Lombard street

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