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London Street Directory in 1843 - S11

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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Silverthorn William, brewer, Portland place, Peckham road
Silverthorne John, City Arms P.H. Peerless place, City road
Silverton William, Hole in the Wall P.H. see Hughes & Silverton
Silvester Richard William, & Co. seal & copperplate engravers to her Majesty, 27 Strand
Silvester Henry Richard, solicitor, 19 Great Dover street, Borough
Silvester James, fruit salesman, long market, Covent garden
Silvester John, butcher, 51 Aldgate High street
Silvester Jn. Devonport Arms P.H. Devonport mews, Oxford terrace
Silvester John, picture dealer, 1 Great Queen street, Westminster
Silvester Peter, ironplate worker, 42 Great St. Andrew street, Seven dials
Silvester Thomas, printer, 1 Chesterfield street, King's cross
Silvester William, Henry, diamond worker, see Sadd & Silvester
Silveston Jacob, jeweller, 14 Bury street, St. Mary Axe
Sim George, baker, 1 Pitfield street, Hoxton
Sim James, builder, 8 Little Torrington street, Torrington square & 11 Bedford place, Hampstead road
Sim James, statuary & builder, Johnstone place, Mile end road
Sim John, wood broker, see Churchill & Sim
Sim William, accountant & referee, 63 Old Broad street
Sim William, solicitor, 8 King's Bench walk, Temple
Simco Thomas, tinplate worker, 62 Goswell street
Simcock Thomas, Butchers Arms P.H. Spitalfields market
Simes John Thomas & Co. wool brokers, 58 Coleman street
Simes Ebenezer, carpenter, &c. 59 White Lion street, Pentonville
Simes John, paperhanger, 22 Chalton street, Somers town
Simkin & Buck, wholesale grocers, Sheppy yard, Minories
Simkin Edward, chemist, &c. 2 New Cavendish street, Portland place
Simkins Francis, coffee rooms, 41 Seymour place, Bryanstone square
Simkins John, cooper, 24 Spital street, Spitalfields
Simkins Thomas, baker, 24 Water lane, Fleet street
Simmitt John, bootmaker, 18 Bishopsgate within
Simmitt John, bootmaker, 6 Little Alie street, Goodman's fields
Simmonds & Morton, steam corn mills, Belvedere road, Lambeth
Simmonds John & Oliver William, silversmiths, jewellers, furnishers of plate & other requisites for routs, dinners, &c. on hire, 3 Southampton row, Russell square & 19 Holborn hill
Simmonds & Johnson, hop & seed factors, 239 Borough High street
Simmonds & Morton, steam corn mills, Belvedere road, Lambeth
Simmonds Eliza G. (Mrs.), ale, &c. stores, 5 Hungerford wharf
Simmonds George Henry, surveyor, 7 Great Alie street, Goodman's fields
Simmonds Isaac, veterinary surgeon, 15 Upper East Smithfield
Simmonds John, bootmaker, 144 Long acre
Simmonds John Daniel, builder, 11 Bear yard, Lincoln's inn fields
Simmonds Judah Lee, glass dealer, 2 High street, Newington butts
Simmonds Richard, bedstead maker, 61 & 62 Great Cambridge street
Simmonds Richard, fishmonger, 93 Chapel street, Pentonville
Simmonds Richard, whalebone cutter, see Smith & Simmonds
Simmonds Samuel W. bricklayer, 6 Prugean square, Old bailey
Simmonds Thomas, printer, 7 Upper Rosamon street, Clerkenwell
Simmonds William, Cock & Castle P.H. Elizabeth street, Hackney road
Simmonds Wolf, general salesman, 2 High street, Newington butts
Simmonett Joseph, machinist, 19 Norfolk street, Borough
Simmons Isaac & Co. typefounders, 14 Newcastle street, Farringdon street
Simmons John & Co. wholesale & general stationers, Artillery lane
Simmons Margaret & Ann, milliners, &c. 15 Wigmore street
Simmons & Scott, wine merchants, see Scott & Simmons
Simmons Abraham, Cutlers Arms P.H. 3 Cutler street, Houndsditch
Simmons Benj. ironfounder, 25 Stoney street, Borough market
Simmons Charles May, solicitor, 13 South square, Gray's inn
Simmons Ebenezer Ledbeater, watchmaker, 26 Coleman street
Simmons Edward Robert, barrister, 10 Clifford's inn
Simmons George, bootmaker, 30 Harcourt street, Upper York street, New road
Simmons George, furrier & general cap manufacturer, 13 Langley place, Commercial road, Whitechapel & 29 Redcross street, Cripplegate
Simmons George, sack collector & wharfinger, 209 Upper Thames street
Simmons George, surgeon, &c. 47 Seymour street, Eston square
Simmons George A. tobacconist, 1 Harrison street, Gray's inn road
Simmons Hannah (Mrs.), books. 46 Judd street, Brunswick square
Simmons Israel, glass cutter, 8 Water lane, Fleet street
Simmons John, corn dealer, 26 Little, Earl street, Seven dials
Simmons John, grocer & oilman, 127 Crawford street Portman square ##
Simmons John, masquerade warehouse, 73 Castle street, Leicester square
Simmons John, roman cement manufacturer, 5 Portland Place, Borough
Simmons John, straw hat warehouse; 20 William street, City
Simmons John, surgeon, 156 Tooley strot, Borough
Simmons John, tailor, 5 Buttesland street, Hoxton
Simmons Joseph, druggist, 38 Lambeth Walk
Simmons Mary (Mrs.), Coffee Pot, P.H. Newgate market
Simmons Morrice, watch manufacturer, 40 Great Prescot street, Goodman's fields
Simmons Moses, tinman & brazier, 100 Upper Whitecross street
Simmons Peter, stationer, &c. 84 St. Mary Axe
Simmons Richard, upholsterer, 20 New north street, Red Lion square
Simmons Robert, bookbinder, 23 Goswell terrace, Goswell road
Simmons Sam. coal merchant, Rutland wharf, 4 Upper Thames street
Simmons Samuel, confectioner, 61 Grays inn lane
Simmons Simeon, masquerade Warehouse, l Holywell street, Strand
Simmons Simon, clothier, 24 Chapel street, Edgware road
Simmons Simon, tinman, 9 Sharp's buildings, Minories
Simmons Susannah (Mrs.), glass & china warehouse, 49 Aldersgate street
Simmons Thomas, bookbinder, 19 Middle street, Cloth fair
Simmons Thomas, lamp lustre & chandelier manufacturer, 17 Brownlow street, Bedford row, & 31 Southampton row
Simmons Thomas Charles, merchant, 48 Mark lane
Simmons Valentime, ornamental painter, 26 High street, Marylebone
Simmons William, Angel P.H. 14 John street, Minories
Simmons William, bricklayer, 61 St. Martin's lane
Simmons William, Cowkeeper & corn dealer, 62 & 63 Cow cross street
Simmons William, Gun P.H. 55 St. John street, Clerkenwell
Simmons William, house painter, 12 Seymour place, Bryanstone square
Simmons William, pawnbroker, 3 Hackney road crescent
Simmons William, solicitor, see Brundrett, Randall & Co
Simms, Harrison & Bradford, bedding warehouse, Great Dover street 
Simms James & George, compass maker, 9 Greville street, Hatton garden
Simms John, agent for iron & brass bedsteads, copper wire general brass foundry, 141 Fleet street
Simms John, cooper, 185 Long lane, Bermondsey
Simms Joseph, coffee rooms, 9 White Lion street, Seven dials
Simms William, mathematical instrument maker, see Troughton & Simms
Simon & Lightfoot, chemists, 18 Finch lane, Cornhill
Simon Amos, brush maker, l Paddington green
Simon Daniel Arthur, house painter, grainer & oilman, 40 Great Wild street, Lincoln's inn fields
Simon George, ship & commercial agent, see Lightly & Simon
Simon Henry Andrew, barrister, 25 Essex street, Strand
Simon John, ready made linen warehouse, 24 Burlington arcade
Simon John, surgeon, 11 Wellington street, Strand
Simon Louis M. stockbroker, 7 Warnford court, Throgmorton street
Simonds Richard, coal merchant, 7 Wilmington square, Spafields
Simonds Samuel, library, 23 Chester street, Kensington
Simonds Samuel B. Royal Mail P.H. 17 Noble street, Cheapside
Simonds William May, russia broker, 75 Old Broad street
Simonett William, combmaker, 22 Park place, Kennington cross
Simonleon Joseph, dealer in foreign goods, 288 Regent street
Simons Edward & Son, ironmongers, Crown place Canal wharf, Old Kent road
Simons & Robinson, tailors, 30 Store street, Bedford square
Simons George, watch manufacturer, 49 King street, Goswell road
Simons John, sen. coal merchant, Camden wharf, Hampstead road
Simons John, jun. coal merchant, Camden wharf, Hampstead road
Simons John James, tool & melting pot warehouse, 47 Clerkenwell green, & furnishing undertaker, 4 Clerkenwell green
Simons Nicholas, barrister, 11 New square, Lincoln's inn
Simons Richard, wine & spirit merchant, see Mahon & Simons
Simons William, builder, 6 Artillery terrace, Westminster
Simons William, butcher, 76 East street, Manchester square
Simons William, grocer, 29 Church street, Lambeth
Simons William, sen. silk mercer, 10 & 11 Leicester square
Simons William, jun. silk mercer & lace, &c. warehouse, 312 High Holborn
Simons William, tallowchandler, 4 Francis street, Golden square
simper Robert, tobacconist, 17 Palace row, New road
Simper William, bricklayer, 9 Queen street, Chelsea
Simpkin, Marshall & Co. booksellers & publishers, 4 Stationers’ court
Simpkin John, coachsmith, 10 Barclay street, Clarendon square
Simpkin Joseph, plumber, &c. 11 Portman street, Portman square
Simpkin William, butcher, Duke street, Chelsea
Simpkins Henry, printer, 46 Upper John street, Fitzroy square & 70 1/2 Strand
Simpkins John, engraver, 4 Clement's inn, Strand
Simpson Thomas, jun. & Co. [late Paine & Simpson] comb brush manufacturers, hardwaremen & cutlers, dressing case, writing desk & workbox makers, 156 Leadenhall street
Simpson & Cobb, solicitors, 11 Austinfriars
Simpson & Engley, linendrapers, 4 Grosvenor place, Commercial road east
Simpson & Humphreys, importers of, & dealers in, isinglass, 23 Little Britain
Simpson, Irvin & Irvin, phil. instrument maker, 54 Hatton garden
Simpson John & James, furniture printers, &c. 53 Skinner street
Simpson John & Son, chinamen, 2 & 3 Queen's head row, Newington butts
Simpson & London, tailors. 103 Quadrant, Regent street
Simpson & Muller, manufacturers & japanners of felt hats threshers & cloth cap makers, Farnham place, Gravel lane, Borough
Simpson (Pindar) & Sons, land agents, 29 Saville row
Simpson, Scott & Co. west india & colonial brokers, 73 Great Tower street
Simpson & Starkey, manufacturing goldsmiths. & jewellers, 29 Hatton garden
Simpson Thomas & Co. merchants, 12 King's arms yard, Coleman street
Simpson Thomas & Co. tailors, 13 Finch lane, late of 6 Sweeting's alley
Simpson Thomas B. & Co. merchants, 156 Leadenhall street
Simpson W. & Co. engineers, Belgrave road; Pimlico
Simpson Alfred, patent japanned felt hat manufacturer, Farnham place, Gravel lane, Borough
Simpson Carrington, builder & undertaker, 7 Saville place, Lambeth
Simpson Charles, Black Lion P.H. 22 Bayswater terrace
Simpson Charles, grocer, 10 Chapel street, New road, Marylebone
Simpson Charles, landscape painter, 10 Carlisle street, Soho square
Simpson Charles, stationer, 4 Providence buildings, New Kent road
Simpson Charles, saddler, 57 Great Portland street, Oxford street
Simpson Charles, stockbroker, 21 Tokenhouse yard
Simpson Charles, M.D. surgeon, 5 Eccleston street south, Pimlico
Simpson Charles, tailor & draper, 2 Castle court, Birchin lane
Simpson Crawford, colonial broker, see Wood & Simpson
Simpson David, biscuit & bread baker, 46 Old Bond street
Simpson Elizabeth (Mrs.), staymaker & milliner, 129 0xford street
Simpson Frederick, linendraper, &c, 89 Gray's inn lane
§ompson Frederick, wholesale comb makers hardwaremen, 57 Borough High street
Simpson George, barrister, 19 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Simpson George, bookbinder, 25 Bread street hill, city
Simpson George, cabinet manufacturer, 12 Eldon street, Finsbury
Simpson George, chemist, 1 Robson's place, Kennington road
Simpson George, chinaman, 1 ship tavern passage, Leadenhall market
Simpson George, hosier & glover, 42 Crawford street, Portman square
Simpson George, plumber, &c. 2 Cleveland street, Fitzroy square
Simpson George, stationer & bookbinder, 21 Hampstead road
Simpson George, surgeon, 6 Bedford street, Bedford square
Simpson George, tinfoil manufacturer, see Elmslie & Simpson
Simpson Henry, hosier & glover, 12 New street, Covent garden
Simpson Henry, merchant, 40 Newgate street
Simpson Isaac, corndealer, 28 Skinner street, Somers town
Simpson James, civil cngineer, Chelsea waterworks, Thames bank, & 33 Great George street. Westminster
Simpson James, house painter & gilder, 104 High street, Marylebone
Simpson James, linendraper, 109 London road, Southwark
Simpson James, plasterer & bricklayer, 9 College street, Chelsea
Simpson James G. leather merchant, 20 Bethnal green
Simpson Jane (Mrs.), tailor, 2 Smith's buildings, Goodman's fields
Simpson Jeremiah, attorney, 7 King's bench walk, Temple
Simpson John, attorney, 4 Trafalgar square, Charing cross
Simpson John, boot & shoe maker, 9 Tottenham court road, & 127 High street, Camden town
Simpson John, coffee rooms, 21 Old Bailey
Simpson John, flute & flageolet maker, 266 Regent street
Simpson John, insurance broker & general agent, see Suart & Simpson
Simpson John, Marquis Cornwallis P.H. 21 Curtain road, Shoreditch
Simpson John, oil & colorman, 14 Grosvenor row, Pimlico
Simpson John, portrait painter, 10 Carlisle street, Soho square
Simpson John, surgeon chiropodist, 2 South bank, Regent's place
Simpson John, Three Tuns P.H. 11 Billingsgate
Simpson John, warehouseman, 18 Basinghall street
Simpson John, wine merchant, 35 Mincing lane
Simpson John Henry, oil & colorman, 54 London road, Borough

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