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London Street Directory in 1843 - P11

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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Pons Madame, milliner, straw hatmaker &c. 24 Dover street, Piccadilly
Ponsa Pedro, china warehouse, 3 Brill place, Somers town
Ponsford George, butcher, 46 Blackfriars road
Ponsford Henry, solicitor, 8 New inn, Wych street, Strand
Ponsford James, builder, 9 South wharf road, Paddington
Ponsford John, artist, 17 Grove terrace, St. John's wood
Ponsford John, woollen merchant, see Southall & Ponsford
Ponsonby Thomas & Son, plate glass warehouse carvers, &c. 32 Regent street
Ponsonby hon. Fred. George Brabanzon, barrister, 3 Cavendish square
Pontecorboli Angelo, foreign warehouse, 15 Broad street, Golden square
Ponten Joseph B. Charlotte Tavern, 32 Bucklersbury & 15 Poultry
Ponten William Elton, surgeon, &c. 22 Bouverie street, Fleet street
Pontet Francis jun. snuff maker & importer, 60 Charing cross
Pontifex, Jacklin & Pontifex, coppersmiths, back & vat makers, millwrights & engineers, 54 & 55 Shoe lane, Holborn hill
Pontifex & Mallory, copperfounders &c, 15 & l6 Upper St. Martin's lane
Pontifex & Moginie, solicitors, 5 St. Andrew's court, Holborn
Pontifex (Edmund & Wood & Wood, farringdon copper, brass lead & engine works, Shoe lane, Fleet street
Pontifex Samuel, brass founder, 4 Great Dover street, Borough
Ponting Richard, tailor, 12 Bedfordbury, Covent garden
Ponting Mary Ann (Mrs.), charcoalmaker, 26 City road, Finsbury
Pontop & South Shields Railway Co. (Rd. Till, manager) Guildhall buildings
Ponzini & Stroud, looking glass manufacturers, 74 Leather lane
Pooke William, grindery dealer, 14 Fisher street, Red Lion square
Pool & Stevens, solicitors, 3 Furnival's inn, Holborn
Pool Ann (Mrs.), lodginghouse, 8 Magdalen row, Great Prescott street
Pool Joseph, bookbinder, 26 Bartholomew close
Pool Joseph, goldbeater, 1 Cleaver street, Kennington cross
Pool Joseph, Lion coffee rooms, 45 Blackman street, Borough
Pool Joseph, Tilt Boat P.H. 4 Darkhouse lane, Billingsgate
Pool Sam. Gower, maltster & brewer, Stamford bridge, Fulham road
Pool Sarah (Mrs.), butcher, 18 York street, Westminster
Poole & Carpmael, patent agents, patents procured, & all business relating thereto, conducted at the patent office, 4 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Poole & Gamlen, solicitors, 3 Gray's inn square
Poole Hugh & Son, carvers & gilders, London street, Hackney road
Poole James & Son, tailors & drapers, 4 Old Burlington street & 32 Saville row
Poole John & Son, curriers, Wellington place, Kent road
Poole Samuel & Co. butter & meat salesmen, 22 Newgate market
Poole Benjamin Guy Earl of Warwick P.H. 4 Upper Ground street, Blackfriars
Poole Benjamin, Old Whitmore Head P.H. Hoxton Old town
Poole Benjamin, Poole's Hotel, 128 Lower Thames street
Poole Benjamin, Steam Packet Hotel, 28 Fish street hill
Poole Caroline (Mrs.), academy, 15 Lowther cottages, Liverpool road
Poole Charles, solicitor, 39 Long lane, Borough
Poole Charles, Spread Eagle P.H. 16 Rotherhithe
Poole Clement jun. willow square manufacturer, 19 Whitecross street
Poole George, watchcase maker, 4 Wood street north, King square
Poole George Woolley, solicitor, 8 Furnival's inn, Holborn
Poole Henry, stonemason, 11 Great Smith street, Westminster
Poole James, builder & bricklayer, 16 Quaker street, Spitalfields
Poole James, haberdasher, 30 Tabernacle walk, Finsbury
Poole James, watch escapement maker, 38 Upper Rosamon street, Clerkenwell
Poole John, cheesemonger, see Lillwall & Poole
Poole John, chronometer maker, 7 Brunswick terrace, Commercial road east
Poole John, doll maker, 8 Twister's alley, Bunhill row
Poole John, merchant & insurance broker, see Sanderson & Poole
Poole John, pewterer, 21 Ironmonger street, St. Luke's, & 124 Wardour street, Soho
Poole John, soap maker, &c. 8 Union place, Clapham road
Poole Jonathan, chronometer maker, 6 York terrace, Commercial road east
Poole Joseph, butcher, 32 Goodge street, Tottenham court road
Poole Joseph, coffee rooms, 34 Great Castle street, Oxford street
Poole Joseph, currier, 29 Broad street, Bloomsbury
Poole Moses, clerk of inventions, 13 Serle street & 4 Old square, Lincolns inn
Poole Richard, Mitre Tavern, Mitre court, 44 Fleet street
Poole Robert, boot & shoe maker, 9 Chester place, Old Kent road
Poole Robert, Green Man P.H. Stratford
Poole Samuel, boot & shoe maker, 7 Red Lion passage, Holborn
Poole Thomas, fruiterer, North row, Covent garden market
Poole Thomas, solicitor, 6 South square, Gray's inn, & Holloway
Poole William, coffee rooms, 242 Tottenham court road
Poole William, goldsmith & jeweller, 56 Wynyatt street, Goswell road
Poole William, grocer, 10 Southampton street, Fitzroy square
Poole William, livery stables, 14 Wells mews , Wells street, Oxford street
Poole William, oil & colorman, 7 City road, Old street
Poole William, Rodneys Head P.H. 23 Robert street, Grosvenor square
Poole William, solicitor, 36 Great Ormond street, Queen square
Pooles & Stopfords', hat manufacturers, 35 Stamford street, Blackfriars road
Pooley Henry & Son, weighing machine manufacturers, 13 Earl street, Blackfriars
Pooley (Mrs.) & Jones (Mrs), milliners, 104 New Bond street
Pooley Henry Rd, woollendraper, see Fergusson & Pooley
Pooley James, solicitor, see Alexander, Gem & Pooley
Pooley William, haberdasher, see Debenham, Pooley & Smith
Poor Law Commissioners (England & Wales), 1 & 2 Somerset place, Somerset house, Strand
Poore John H. & Charles, Duke of Clarence P.H. 56 Tooley street
Poore Charles, Star & Garter P. H. 110 Whitechapel road
Poore James, Sun & Last P. H. 18 Newgate market; & Blue Cross P.H. 69 Wardour street, Soho
Poore John, dyer & scourer, 23 Union street, Bishopsgate
Pope John B. & Co. coalfactors & ship & insurance brokers, 8 Lower Thames street, & Goole, Yorkshire
Pope John & Co. robe makers, 22 Chancery lane
Pope & Plante, hosiers, 4 Waterloo place, Pall mall
Pope Thomas & Co. blacking maker, 16 Compton street, Clerkenwell
Pope's Yearly Journal of Trade Office, 15 Old Broad street
Pope Charles Lee, solicitor, 3 Abchurch lane
Pope Charlotte (Mrs.), carwoman, 8 Broadway, Ludgate hill
Pope Ephraim, George IV. P.H. 5 Leicester street, Regent street
Pope George, attorney, 12 Gray's inn square
Pope George, butcher, 68 St. George's road, Southwark
Pope Henry, carpenter, 5 Eldon street, Finsbury
Pope Henry, stationer, &c. see Stowers & Pope
Pope Henry George, herbalist, 217 Kent street, Borough
Pope James, bookseller & hinder, 12 Church street, Hackney
Pope John, coach maker, see Hale & Pope
Pope John, Kings Arms P.H. 1 Park place, Liverpool road
Pope John, wholesale stationer, 10 Basing lane, Bread street
Pope Jonas Hall, surgeon, 3 Manchester square
Pope Joseph, dressing case & pocket book &c. makers, 186 Blackfriars road
Pope Joseph, undertaker, 26 Dean street, Soho
Pope Mary (Mrs.), Red Lion Inn, Kilburn
Pope Mary Ann (Miss), german repost. 107 Great Portland street
Pope Richard, tailor & draper, 62 Newington causeway
Pope Robert, attorney, 2 Raymond buildings, Gray's inn
Pope Roof, tailor, 27 Charles street, Hatton garden
Pope Samuel, Crown Inn, St. Paul’s churchyard
Pope Samuel, furniture ironmonger, 119 Crawford street, Portman square
Pope Samuel, manchester warehouseman, 5 Oat lane, Noble street
Pope Samuel, tailor, 2 Well street, Cripplegate
Pope Thomas, butcher, 8 Kennington cross, Lambeth
Pope Thomas, coal merchant, 34 Cockspur street; Billingsgate wharf, Church street, Greenwich ; & York & Augustus wharfs, Augustus street, Regent's park basin
Pope Thomas, dyer & scourer, see Flavel & Pope
Pope Thomas, tailor, 26 Jermyn street, St. James's
Pope Thomas, wharfinger, Pickleherring upper wharf, Tooley street
Pope William, engraver, 50 1/2 Red Lion street, Holborn
Pope William, furnishing ironmonger, 81 Edgware road, Marylebone
Pope William, lighterman, &c. see Lucas, Pope & Shaw
Pope William Clayton, wholesale teadealer, 26 Finsbury pavement
Popkin Alfred Eude, stationer, 15 Walbrook
Poplar Gas Light Co.(William Smith, secrety.), King street, Poplar
Poplar Institution (Joseph Bateman, sec.), East India road
Pople George, Roebuck P. H. 108 Tottenham court road
Pop!ett John, printer, 43 Beech street, Barbican
Poppe Frederick & Co. merchants, 37 Mincing lane
Poppleton Rd. leather factor, 4 Leather market, Bermondsey
Popplewell & Co. wholesale slopsellers, & shippers, 18 St. Mary axe
Poppy Thomas, silk mercer & draper, 286 High Holborn
Porch Isabella (Mrs), ale agent, India Arms, 44 Lime street
Porges William, wool merchant, 40 Coleman street
Porret Louis, tailor, 31 Duke street, St. James's
Port Eglinton Spinning Company, worsted spinners & carpet manufacturers, 4 Star court, Bread street; & at Glasgow
Port of London & Thames Assurance Association (Capt. Symes, resident director & secretary), 65 Lower Thames street
Portable Bath Company, 71, Oxford street
Portal Richard B.S. Bernard B. wine merchants, see Lingwall, Portal, &c
Portal William, Anderson, attorney, 10 Clifford's inn, Fleet street
Portbury Edward, historical engraver, 58 Clarendon square
Portch Daniel, cheesemonger, 50 Goodge street, Tottenham court road
Portch James, manufctr. of fancy stationery, screen handles, white wood articles, varnishing &c. 17 Rathbone place, Oxford street
Portch Lewis, Crown & Sugar Loaf P.H. 99 Fleet street
Porteous & Gregson, linendraper, 17 & 18 Beckford row, Walworth
Porter & Lack, stock & shirt makers & hosiers, 94 Strand
Porter & Robertson, cigar & snuffmaker, 7 Cross lane, St. Mary at hill
Porter William, & John, ropemakers, Blue anchor road, Bermondsy
Porter Catherine (Mrs.), seal engraver & medallist, 3 Perceval street, Northampton square
Porter Charles, watch & clockmaker, 227 Bermondsey street
Porter Damiel, merchant, North & South American coffee house
Porter Daniel Greenaway, wine merchant, 81 Great Tower street
Porter Edward, upholsterer & paper hanger, 97 & 98 Wardour street, Soho
Porter George, architect & surveyor, Fort place, Grange road, Bermondsey
Porter George, smith & bellhanger, 48 Great Alie street, Goodman's fields
Porter Henry, grocer & oilman, 12 Panton street, Haymarket
Porter Henry Edward, butcher, 2 New Quebec street, Portman square
Porter James, bottle jack maker, 16 Holywell street, Strand
Porter James, optician, &c. 8 Brownlow street, Drury lane
Porter James, upholsterer & undertaker, 166 High street, Camden town
Porter John, attorney, 22 Lincoln's inn fields
Porter John, general dealer, 25 Somerset street, Aldgate
Porter John, hairdresser, 13 Bear street, Leicester square
Porter John, improved iron fence, hurdle, & bedstead manufacturer, Grove iron works, Southwark bridge road; pattern rooms, 77 Cornhill
Porter John Franjcis, engineer, 2 Thames parade, Thames bank
Porter John William, Cape of Good Hope P.H. 8 Lime street
Porter Joseph, fruiterer, &c. 99 Goswell road
Porter Joseph, trimming seller, 17 Bedfordbury, Covent garden
Porter Joseph Long, bookseller & stationer, 43 Sloane street
Porter Marquis, printer, 28 Melton street, Euston square
Porter Mary (Miss), ready made linen & general equipment warehouse, 56 Charing cross
Porter Robert, baker, 30 New church street, Lisson grove
Porter Robert, bookseller, 106 Cromer street, Brunswick square
Porter Sylvia (Miss), fancy repository, 6 Union place, Islington
Porter Thomas, architect & surveyor, 19 City terrace, City road
Porter Thomas, bootmaker, 17 Henrietta street, Manchester square
Porter Thomas, chair & couch maker, Sash court, Wilson street, Finsbury
Porter Thomas, surgeon, 145 Bishopsgate without
Porter Thomas, surgeon & apothecary, 32 Euston square, New road
Porter William, carver & gilder, 16 Bridge street, Southwark
Porter William, wine & spirit merchant, 27 Shaftesbury terrace, Pimlico
Porteus Edgar, die sinker, engraver & printer, 90 Strand
Porth Cawl Iron & Coal Co.(Samuel Vincent, sec.) 9 Warnford court
Porthouse Thomas, watch & chronometer maker, 10 Northampton square
Portington Harriet (Mrs.), linendraper, 43 Paddington street
Portland Club House (John William Walsh, sec.), 1 Stratford place
Portland Railway Comp. Office, Western wharf, Abingdon street
Portridge John, corn & coal merchant, 10 Lime street
Portuguese Government Agency, 14 Finsbury chambers, London wall
Portuguese & Spanish Jews' Hospital, Mile end road
Portuguese Pension Office, 6 Great St. Helen's
Portwine George, butcher, 9 Lumber court, Seven dials
Posno Maurice Joseph, merchant, 2 Finsbury pavement
Pospidnick William, dairyman, &c. 31 Duke street, Bloomsbury
Post Magazine Office, 3 1/2 Wine Office court, Fleet street
Post OFFICE–(General) St. Martin's-le-grand ;
Post Office London Directory Offices, 20 Old Boswell court, Temple bar
Post Jacob, ironmonger, corn & coal dealer, 15 Lower street, Islington
Postan Thomas & George, auctioneer, estate & house agents, 48 Aldersgate street
Postance John, Chequers P.H. Hay's wharf, Tooley street
Postill Thomas, boot & shoemaker, 38 George street, Portman square
Potez Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 23 Craven street, Strand
Potier Frederick William, cheesemonger, Clare market
Potipher Henry, carver & gilder, 1 Warwick place, Kingsland road
Pott Charles Arthur & William, vinegar makers, Bridge street, Southwark
Pott Francis Swaine, smith & ironmonger, see Burt & Potts
Pott Fred. William, proctor, 13 Godliman street, Doctors' commons
Pott James S. merchant & insurance broker, 8 Pancras lane, City
Pott John, glass & china dealer, 45 High street, St. Giles's
Pott Stephen, china, &c. warehouse, 3 Barnsbury street, Liverpool road
Pott Stephen, greengrocer, 5 Barnsbury street, Liverpool road
Potter & Broadhurst, cotton spinners, 118 London wall
Potter Charles H. & Edwin, paper stainers, 29 Budge row
Potter & Collingridge, attorneys, 5 Basinghall street
Potter Henry & Son, smiths, 3 Porter street, Soho
potter John Deli. Rostock brokers, 6 throgmorton street
Potter Charles, bookbinder, printer,&c. 16 Warwick place, Kingsland road
Potter Edmund, hairdresser, 6 Frederick place, Old Kent road
Potter Edward, carpenter, &c. 19 Windmill street, Tottenham court road
Potter Edward, cooper, 37 Ratcliff highway
Potter George, Ship P.H. 13 Hunt street, Mile end, New town
Potter George, solicitor, 30 Henrietta street, Brunswick square
Potter George, wine merchant, see Taylor & Potter
Potter George William, K. secondary of London, 5 Basinghall street
Potter Henry, manufacturer of spruce, Page street, Westminster
Potter Henry, musical instrument maker, 2 Bridge street, Westminster
Potter Henry, herbalist & leech importer, 66 Farringdon market
Potter Henry, stationer, 1 Chester place, Old Kent road
Potter Henry, teadealer & grocer, 35 High street, St. Giles's
Potter Isaac, devonshire coffee rooms, 112 Long acre, & 20 High street, St. Giles's
Potter James, fruiterer, &c. 40 Park street, Grosvenor square
Potter James, tailor, 53 Theobald's road, Red Lion square
Potter James, White Horse P.H. 64 Shoreditch
Potter John, scale maker, 90 Britannia street, City road
Potter John, secret springer, 23 Rahere street, Goswell road
Potter John, stockbroker, 6 Throgmorton street, & Stock Exchange
Potter John Dell, stockbroker Exchange, & 6 Throgmorton street
Potter Mary (Mrs.), baker, 14 William street, Lisson grove
Potter Matthew, haberdasher, 82 New Bond street
Potter Robert, Peacock Inn P.H. Francis street, Westminster road
Potter Samuel, baker, 3 Lombard terrace, Chelsea
Potter Samuel, fishmonger, 1 Drury court, Drury lane
Potter Samuel, solicitor, see Lofty & Potter
Potter Thomas, City carman, 56 Halfmoon street, Bishopsgate
Potter Thomas, furniture ironmonger,44 South Molton street, Bond street
Potter Thomas, working jeweller, 26 Newcastle street, Strand
Potter Thomas, tallowchandler, 73 Crawford street, Portman square
Potter William, bookseller, 12 Bear street, Leicester square
Potter William, boot & shoemaker, 129 Ratcliff highway
Potter William, builder, 37 Great Pulteney street, Golden square
Potter William, city carman, 14 Halfmoon street, Bishopsgate
Potter William, dining rooms, 230 Tottenham court road
Potter William, importer of wines & spirits, 87 Aldgate High street
Potter William, silversmith & plater, 17 Craven street, Strand
Potter William, toy dealer, 21 New Church street west, Edgware road
Potter William Horatio, chemical works, Upper Fore street, Lambeth
Potter William James, Bull P.H. 8 Little College street, Westminster
Potter William Simpson, goal factor, &c. see Miller & Potter

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