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London Street Directory in 1843 - P1

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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PACE Charles, clockmaker, &c. 128 Whitechapel High street
Pace Charles, coal merchant, 1 Paddington street, Marylebone
Pace Charles, pastrycook, 5 Paddington street, Marylebone
Pace Charles, wholesale manufacturer of military musical instruments, 49 King street, Westminster
Pace Edmund, watch manufacturer, 21 Thavies inn, Holborn
Pace Frederick, wholesale manufacturer of military musical instruments, 15 King street, Westminster
Pace Henry, watchmaker, 11 Green terrace, New river head
Pace James, locksmith & bellhanger, 36 Charles street, Westminster
Pace John, circulating library, 14 Brecknock place, Camden new town
Pacey John, cattle salesman, 8 West Smithfield
Pacific Steam Navigation Co. (William Taggart, sec.) 14A, Austinfriars
Pack John, saddler, 87 Old street road
Packer Charles, jeweller, 78 Quadrant, Regent street
Packer Charles, pianoforte maker, see Towns & Packer
Packer George, bookseller, 29 Beaumont street, Portland place
Packer John, printer, 24 Albion place, Walworth road
Packer Robert, coal merchant, 11 Holywell street, Millbank
Packer Thomas, law stationer, 35 Cursitor street, Chancery lane
Packer William, statuary & mason, 11 East street, Red Lion square
Packer William David, bootmaker, 36 Red Lion street, Holborn
Packman Thomas & Co. teadealers, 32 Whitechapel High street
Packman William, Vine Inn & Hotel, 70 Bishopsgate within
Packwood George, bootmaker, &c. 181 Borough High street
Packwood John, wholesale ironmonger, 52 Wood street, Cheapside
Pacy Henry, Coach & Horses P.H. 29 High Holborn
Padbury Mary (Miss), straw bonnet maker, 7 Broad street, Golden square
Padbury Philip, tailor, 3 Charles street, Manchester square
Padbury William, card board pill box maker, 176 Blackfriars road
Paddington Provident Dispensary, 104 Star street, Edgware road
Paddock Robert, carpenter, builder, &c. 2 Bruton place, Berkeley square
Paddon Thomas, carpet warehouse, 128 Ratcliff highway
Paddy William, linendraper, see Haslam & Paddy
Pagden Trayton, wine importer, see Furner, Pagden & Wigney
Padgett James & Co. wine merchants, Pantechnicon, Belgrave square, & 26 Westbourne place, Sloane square
Padgett Edward, wine merchant, 21 Davies street, Berkeley square
Padman John, dining rooms, 55 Chandos street, Covent garden
Pagani Henry, foreign silk agent, 5 White hart court, Bishopsgate
Page George & Charles, ironmongers, 60 Bridge road, Lambeth
Page Eleanor & Son, cricket batmaker, 7 Orange row, Kennington
Page Henry & Elizabeth, tripe dressers, 11 Clare street, Clare market
Page J. & G. & Co. [late Page & Sons], medallion & general engravers, lithographers, printers & account book manufacturers, 71 Queen street, Cheapside
Page & Kennedy, pawnbrokers, 16 Lower Eaton street, Pimlico
Page Samuel & Son, coal merchants, 2 Park street, Dorset square
Page Schenk & Co. general agents, 9 Water lane, Tower street
Page&Smith, ship & insurance brokers, 1A Bishopsgate within
Page William, & Son, builders, &c. 1 Fitzroy terrace, Kentish town
Page Aaron Todd, haircutter & wigmaker,34 Pall mall, & at 19 Hatton garden
Page Alfred, bootmaker, see Burlington & Page
Page Alfred, bootmaker, 41 Old Broad street
Page Ann (Mrs.), wax & tallowchandler, 8 Norris street, Haymarket
Page Charles, butcher, 158 Hoxtom old town
Page Charles, merchant, 10 Austinfriars
Page Charles, wheelwright, 68 High street, Marylebone
Page Charles, shoemaker to her Majesty, 45 New Bond street
Page Chas. Alfred, oil & colorman, 200 Great Dover street, Borough
Page Elizabeth (Mrs.), tobacconist, 127 Edgware road
Page Elizabeth Mary (Mrs.), Fountain P.H. 17 Minories
Page George, baker, 30 Wardour street, Soho
Page George, butcher, 9 Cross street, Hoxton
Page George, ironmonger, Stratford High street
Page Hannah (Mrs.), oil & color warehouse, 53 Crawford street, Portman square
Page Hannah (Mrs.), tallowchandler, 3 New street, Dorset square
Page Hartley, gold cutter, 35 Clerkenwell close
Page Henry, bootmaker, 7 Paul street, Finsbury
Page Henry Thomas, grocer & teadealer, 141 Minories
Page Henry Thomas, tailor, 89 Wimpole street, Cavendish square
Page James, baker, Stratford
Page James, boot & shoe maker, 18 King street, borough
Page James, jun. lamp & oil man, 18 King street, Borough
Page John, boot & shoe maker, 5 Hampstead road
Page John, coal merchant, 33 Duke street, Manchester square & Cannon row wharf
Page John, dairyman, 1 Tower royal, Watling street
Page John, grocer & cheesemonger, 89 Lambeth walk
Page John, ivory & hard wood turner, 3 Peter street, Saffron hill
Page John, pawnbroker, 1 Gloucester terrace, Vauxhall bridge road
Page John, potato dealer, South row, Covent garden market, & 11 Great Chapel street, Westminster
Page John George, marbler, 39 Watling street
Page John Gove, chemist, &c. 35 1/2 York street, St. Luke's
Page Jonathan, silk shag manufacturer & hatters' trimming manufacturer, 32 Steward street, Spitalfields
Page Josiah Johnson, ironmonger, 22 Edgware road
Page Philip Flood, builder, &c. 14 King's road, Bedford row
Page Richard, butcher, 161 Lambeth walk
Page Robert, ship & insurance broker, see McGee, Page & Smith
Page Samuel, broker & agent, see Clarke & Page
Page Samuel, furnishing undertaker, 232 High Holborn
Page Samuel Thomas, lighterman, 51 Burr street, East Smithfield
Page Simon, potato dealer, 83 Norton folgate
Page Theodore, Kings Head Tavern, 53 Fenchurch street
Page Theresa (Miss), milliner, 4 Duke street, Grosvenor square
Page Thomas, brushmaker, 24 Cock lane, West Smithfield
Page Thomas, coach spring maker, 2 Hyde street, Bloomsbury
Page Thomas, dyer & scourer, v69 Crawford street, Marylebone
Page Thomas, hat shag, band & galloon manufacturer, 23 White Lion street, Norton folgate
Page Thomas William, fruiterer, 37 Upper Lisson street, Lisson grove
Page William, artist, 3 Ulster place, New road
Page William, boot maker, see Campbell & Page
Page William, book & paper marbler, 1 Little St. Thomas apostle
Page William, corkcutter, see Hardy & Page
Page William, cork cutter, 18 Gillingham street, Pimlico
Page William, lithographic writer, 13 George street, Mansion house
Page William, venetian blind maker, 14 Pierpoint row, Islington green
Page William Emmanuel, physician, 43 Curzon street, May fair
Paget Mary N.& Sarah, milliners, &c. 49 Duke street, St.James's
Paget George, boot & shoemaker, 182 Lambeth walk
Paget James, surgeon, 3 Serle street, Lincoln's inn
Paget John, barrister, 3 Middle Temple lane
Paget Robert G. rick cloth, tent & marquee maker, 40 Smithfield
Paget Thomas, oil & colorman, 9 Ball's Pond road
Paget William, surgeons' instrument maker & cutler, 195 Piccadilly
Pagliano Charles Joseph & Co. Sabloniere Hotel, 30 Leicester square
Paher George, fruiterer, 16 Nottingham street, Marylebone
Pahl William, tallow chandler, 73 Chapel street, Pentonville
Paiba Phineas, leather seller, 191 Bethnal green road
Paice Harriet & Sarah Maria, milliners, 26 Conduit street
Paice Mary Ann (Miss), & Co. milliners, 17 Princes street, Cavendish square
Paice John, carman, 75 Talbot inn yard, Borough High street
Paice Thomas, tailor, 5 New Kent road
Paige Mary (Miss), dress maker, 35 Stamford street, Blackfriars road
Paige William, ship & insurance broker, 8 Philpot lane
Pailthorpe Rd. printseller, 11 Red Lion passage, Red Lion square
Pain & Hatherly, attorneys, 5 Great Marlborough street
Pain Charles, attorney, 5 Surrey street, Strand
Pain George, boot & shoe maker, Canal bridge, Old Kent road
Pain George, cabinet maker, 8 Wyndham place, Bryanstone square
Pain George, potato dealer, 1 Black Prince row, Walworth road
Pain Henry, butcher, 98 High street, Camden town
Pain Henry, surveyor, 10 Panton square, Haymarket
Pain James, silk manufacturer, see Jones & Pain
Pain John Brooks, meat salesman, see Ward & Pain
Pain Joseph, meat salesman, 38 Newgate market
Pain Oliver, baker, Broadway, Stratford
Pain Richard, butcher, 18 Lambeth walk
Pain Solomon John, attorney, 5 New inn, Wych street, Strand
Pain Thomas, baker, 23 Great Guildford street, Borough
Pain Thomas, barrister, 5 Stone buildings, Lincoln's inn
Pain Thomas, Coach & Horses P.H. 5 Bruton street, Bond street
Pain William, Angel, P. H. 60 Upper Ground street, Blackfriars
Pain William, grocer & teadealer, 12 Fore street, Cripplegate
Pain William Gregson, hatter, 1 Bishopsgate within
Paine & Hawkins, grocers, see Hawkins & Paine
Paine Thomas P. & Son, plumbers & painters, 10 Hornsey row, and 46 & 47 Hedge row, High street, Islington
Paine Alfred, woollendraper, see Williams & Paine
Paine Cornelius, broker, see Kensington, Paines' & Young
Paine George, brass finisher, 19 Well street, Cripplegate
Paine George Riebau, bookseller,46 High street, Marylebone
Paine James, builder, &c. 58 Park street, Camden town
Paine James, music seller, 92 High street, Marylebone
Paine John, butcher, 16 St. John street road
Paine John, fruiterer, 40 Upper Marylebone street
Paine John, Old Parrs Head P.H. 4 Little Knightrider street
Paine John, Princes Head P.H. 24 Prince's street, Westminster
Paine John David, architect, 57 Lincoln's inn fields
Paine John P. church & turret clock maker, 33 High street, St.Giles'
Paine Joseph William, shell fishmonger, 55 Charles street, Westminster
Paine Leeds, Bath Hotel, 25 Arlington street & 156 Piccadilly, & Webb's Hotel, 220 Piccadilly
Paine Octavius, hairdresser, 1 Little Bell alley, Coleman street
Paine Rd. auctioneer & surveyor, 14 Orchard street, Portman square
Paine Walter, oil & italian warehouse, 6 Sherborne lane
Paine William D. broker, see Kensington, Paines' & Young
Painter George & Co. feather bed warehouse, 15 Oxford street
Painter George, grocer, 103 St. John street road
Painter George, Ship & Turtle Tavern, 129 Leadenhall street
Painter James, surgeon, 26 Howland street, Fitzroy square
Painter John, butcher, 5 Pierpont row, olington green ##
Painter Mary Conway (Mrs.), grocer, 102 Great Peter street, Westminster
Painter Richard, surgeon, &c. 4 Broadway, Westminster
Painter Timothy, tobacconist, 4 Edwards street, Portman square
Painter William, glover to the royal family, 27 Fleet street
Painter William, Horseshoe & Magpie P.H. 21 Bridge street, Westminster
Painter William Edward, printer & publisher, 343 Strand
Painter Stainers' Hall (P. N. Tomlins, clerk), 9 Little Trinity lane
Painting Joseph, carpet planner, l Inner Cushion court, Old Broad street
Painton Janes, butcher, 12 Upper area, Hungerford market
Pairpoint William, water gilder, 2 Northumberland street, Strand
Pais Thomas, ivory turner, 143 Tottenham court road
Pakeman William, tailor, 107 Hatton garden
1Palace Court, Great Scotland yard; Office, 15 Chancery lane
Palethorpe Thomas, surgeon, see Lovegrove & Palethorpe
Palfrey William, builder, 3 Flemming street, Kingsland road
Palgrove Sir Francis public record office, Roll's yard, Chancery lane
Palin George Frederick, rope, net & twine manufacturer, 46 Goswell street
Pall Charles, cider & perry merchant, 25 Mill lane, Tooley street
Palladium. Life Assurance Society (N. Grut, secretary), 7 Waterloo place
Pallant John, mathematical instrument maker, 14 Mercer street, Long acre
Pallant Samuel, berlin repository, 3 Pont street, Cadogan place
Pallen John, tailor & draper, 5 Norfolk street,
Pallet Thomas, scale & weight maker, 91 Leadenhall street
Pallett Elizabeth (Mrs), egg merchant, 6 Bloomsbury market, Holborn
Pallett James, Black Bull P.H. 96 Upper Thames street
Pallett John, Feathers P.H. 50 Hart street, Covent garden
Pallett Robert, Cock & Bottle P.H. 80 Cannon street
Pallett William, manchester warehouse, see Burbidge, Puzey & Co
Palling Charles, blackwell hall factor, 58 Basinghall street
Palling George, solicitor, 75A, Little Britain
Palliser George, saddler, wholesale harness & carriage manufacturer, 8 Finsbury place north, & branch establishment, 4 Bruton street, Bond street
Palliser Richard, saddler, 23 Moorgate street, Bank
Pallister Thomas, wine importer, Cross Keys inn Tavern & Family Hotel, 16 Gracechurch street; warm baths always ready; the porter in attendance throughout the night; & Falcon Hotel, Gravesend; warm sea water baths within the tavern always ready
Palm Soren jo, tailor & draper, 171 High street, Shadwell
Palmer Charles & Co. wholesale brush makers &c. 222 Borough High street
Palmer & Clayton, printers, 4 & 10 Crane court, Fleet street
Palmer, Delafosse & Co. wholesale teadealers, 22 Fenchurch street
Palmer Eben. & Son, booksellers & publishers, 18 Paternoster row
Palmer Edward & Co. woollen drapers, 147 Borough High street
Palmer, France & Palmer, solicitors, 24 Bedford row, Bloomsbury
Palmer Fred. & Henry, solicitors, 9 Mitre court chambers, Fleet street
Palmer & Hodson (Misses), milliners, 17 Old Cavendish street
Palmer (George), Hope & Co. stockbrokers, 32 Throgmorton street
Palmer Jonas & William, Old Coventry cross P.H. Bromley
Palmer & Jay, fishmongers, 20, 21 & 22 Lower area, Hungerford market
Palmer John & Son, bootmakers, 20 Duke street, West Smithfield
Palmer & King, east india & colonial brokers, 14 Mincing lane
Palmer, Mackillop, Dent & Co. merchants, 11 King's Arms yard
Palmer Mary Ann & Co. wine merchants, 3 Frederick place, Old Kent road
Palmer & Nettleship, attorneys, 4 Trafalgar square
Palmer Samuel & James, corn & flour factors, Jack's coffee house, Mark laue, & 47 Commercial sale rooms, Mincing lane
Palmer Saml. & Joseph, printers &c. 70 Wynyatt street, Clerkenwell
Palmer, Scott & Garnett, cornfactors, see Scott, Garnett & Co
Palmer & Tracy, silkmercers, 54 Penton street, Pentonville
Palmer William & Co. patent candle lamp makers, Little Sutton street, Clerkenwell
Palmer Andrew, bricklayer, 49 Liquorpond street
Palmer Anthony, tailor, 26 Little Moorfields
Palmer Benjamin, grocer, &c. 40 Great Marylebone street
Palmer Charles, bricklayer, 19 Coppice row, Clerkenwell
Palmer Charles, butcher, 15 Poplar High street
Palmer Charles, stationer, 21 Union street east, Spitalfields
Palmer Edward, optician, mathematical, chemical & philosophical instrument maker, & electrotypist, 103 Newgate street
Palmer Eliza (Mrs.), ladies' school, 11 Wilmot street, Russell square
Palmer Edward, tailor, 3 Great May's buildings, St. Martin's lane
Palmer Francis, barrister, 4 Suffolk street, Pall mall east
Palmer Francis, greengrocer, 18 Swan street, Minories
Palmer Francis, Sugar Loaf P.H. Church street, Mile end new town
Palmer Frederick, baker, 17 Dean street, New north road
Holmer Frederick Francis, Royal Oak P.H. Keppel street, Chelsea
Palmer George, cheesemonger, 15 Bedfordbury, Covent garden
Palmer George, plumber & glazier, 15 Suffolk place, Hackney road
Palmer George, tobacconist, 18 Lamb's Conduit passage, Red Lion square
Palmer George Josiah, printer, Savoy street, Strand
Palmer George, printer, 1 Robert street, Bedford row
Palmer Henry, grocer, 5 Providence buildings, New Kent road
Palmer Henry, tailor, 29 Great Hermitage street, Wapping
Palmer Henry Boswell, woolstapler, see Rayner & Palmer
Palmer Hen. Robinson, civil engineer, 2 Great George street, Westminster
Palmer Henry Wright, ironfounder, 66 Great Guildford street, Borough

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