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London Street Directory in 1843 - O1

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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OAK Henry, butcher, 36 High street, Kensington
Oakden Charles, sword cutler, 35 Brownlow street, Drury lane
Oakden Robert, baker, 31 Union street, Hackney road
Oakden Robert, Marquis Granby,  19 West street, Seven dials
Oaker Charles, goldsmith, &c. 18 Robert terrace, Kings road, Chelsea
Oakes Elizabeth (Mrs.), oil & color warehouse, 121 Long lane, Bermondsey
Oakes Thomas, bristle assorter, 8 York place, Pentonville
Oakes Thomas, coal merchant, see Jones & Oakes
Oakes Robert, Archery Tavern, 4 Bathurst street, Hyde park
Oakeshott William, engine turner, 29 St. John street, Clerkenwell
Oakey W. H. &. J. hat dyers, Prince's square, Finsbury
Oakey W. H. & J. wholesale hat manufacturers, 35 London wall
Oakey Ann (Miss), straw bonnetmaker, 25 Crawford street, Portman square
Oakey John, glass paper maker, 34 Francis street, Newington butts
Oakley George & Henry, builders, 16 Albion terrace, Wandsworth road
Oakley Andrew, engraver, 7 St. James's street, Clerkenwell
Oakley George William, chemist, &c. 35 Lamb street, Spitalfields
Oakley Henry, cheesemonger, 2 Lamb street, Spitalfields
Oakley Henry, tailor, &c. 6 St. Dunstan's passage, Tower hill
Oakley Henry, tailor; 4 Three Crown square, Borough
Oakley John, bootmaker, 36 Berwick street, Soho
Oakley John, engineer, 4 Upper Grange walk, Bermondsey
Oakley Octavius, artist, 3 Bentinck street, Manchester
Oakley Richard Ravenhill, stockbroker, 3 Bartholomew lane
Oakley Samuel, butcher, 21 James street, Oxford street
Oakley Sarah (Mrs.), news agent, 25 Silver street, Golden square
Oakley Thomas, currier, 31 St. Martin's lane, Charing cross
Oakley William, teadealer & grocer, 72 Whitechapel High street
Oakman Charles, Southampton Tavern & Hotel, 21 Southampton buildings, & 53 Chancery lane
Oaks William, copper, brass & iron agent, Haydon square, Minories
Oakshatt James, carpenter, &c. see Little & Oakshatt
Oastler John, tanner & currier, see Noblett & Oastler
Oaten John, confectioner, 51. Curzon street, Mayfair
Oates & Harris, attorneys, 12 Furnival's inn, Holborn
Oatley William, & Sons, plumbers, painters, &c. 51 Aldermanbury
Oats Joseph, cabinet maker & undertaker, 187 Drury lane
Obbard & Co. glass & lead merchants, 14 Bride lane, Fleet street
Obbard William & Son, newsagent, 4 Little George street & 10 King street, Westminster
Obbard Charles, fancy ball & court dress maker & masquerade warehouseman, 7 Tavistock street, Covent garden
Obbard Robert, glass cutter, 12 Bridgehouse place, Newington causeway
Obbard W. Robert, tobacconist, 10 King street, Westminster
Obee Thomas, carpenter & builder, Weymouth street, Portland place
Oborne Aaron, carpenter & undertaker, 64 New road, Sloane street
Oborne Benjamin, philosophical instrument maker, 11 Guildford street east, Spafields
Oborne William, oilman, 7 St. Martin's street, Leicester square
Observer weekly newspaper office, 170 Strand
Obre Benjamin, potato warehouse, 19 Blandford street, Portman square
Obré Henry, surgeon, 31 Grosvenor place, Lisson grove
O'Brien John Waters, lodging house, 2 Carpenter street, Berkeley square
O'Brien Philip B. dublin stout agent. 1 Hungerford wharf, Sirand
Ocock William, chemist & druggist, 36 Judd street, Brunswick square
O'Connell & Magee, surgeons, 3 Great Carter lane, Doctors' commons
O'Conner Jeremiah, beer seller, 36 White street, Borough
O'Conner Patrick, hatter, 7 Lombard street, Borough
O'Connor Edmond, fruiterer, 52 Great Peter street, Westminster
O'Connor James, plasterer, 5 Great Trinity lane
O'Connor John, coal dealer & greengrocer, 62 Edgware road
O'Connor William, surgeon & accoucheur, 21 George street, Portman square
Odam John, boot & shoe maker, 37 King's road east, Chelsea
Oddie, Forster & Lumley, solicitors, 18 Carey street, Lincoln's inn
Oddy James, Green Man & French Horn, 96 Dean street, Soho
Oddy John William, accountant, 16 Furnival's inn, Holborn
Odell & Atherly, gold lace manufacturers, 71 & 72 Burlington arcade
Odell Abraham, tailor, 108 Upper street, Islington
Odell Bennett, job master, 43 Keppel mews north, Russell square
Odell George, printer, 18 Princes street, Cavendish square
Odell James, Saracen's Head hotel & tavern, 5 Aldgate
Odell Samuel, ship & insurance broker, & custom house agent, Griffin's wharf, & 11 Virginia place, Great Dover street
Odling Francis, surgeon, &c. 26 Oxford street
Odling George, surgeon & chemist, 159 Borough High street
Odling Joseph, surgeon, 171 Union street, Borough
O'Donnell John, lathe & tool maker, 1 Peter street, Safiron hill
Odwell Simeon, Kings Head,  St. George's row, Pimlico
Ody John & Son, patent truss makers, 292 Strand
Ody George H. plumber & glazier, 10 Poppin's court, Fleet street
Ody Richard, fruiterer, 4 Pleasant place, Holloway
Oelrichs George H. merchant, 46 Commercial sale rooms
O'Farrell Ann (Mrs.), french & american hotel, 37 Gerrard street, Soho
Offer John, tailor &c. 2 Shepherd's market, Mayfair
Office for Patents (Newton William & Son patent agents), 66 Chancery lane
Office for Registry of Designs, 35 Lincoln's inn fields
Offley & Webber, oporto merchant, 36 New Broad street
Offley Charles Henry, Offleys tavern, 23 Henrietta street, Covent garden
Offley George, attorney, 24 Henrietta street, Covent garden
Offord George, saddler &c, 71 Sun streety, Bishopsgate
Offord Robert, coach & harness maker, 79 Wells street, Oxford street
Offord Robert, coffee roaster, 10 King John court, Shoreditch
Ogbourne William, W. accountant, &c. 38 King street, Cheapside
Ogden Frederick, last & boot tree maker, 66 Princes street. Leicester square
Ogden James, goldsmith & jeweller, 11 St. James's walk, Clerkenwel
Ogden William Bernard, solicitor, 8 St. Mildred's court, Poultry
Ogden William Henry, blackwell hall factor, 9 Basinghall street
Ogers Benjamin, painter & glazier, 43 Booth street, Spitalfields
Ogg John Alex. newspaper agent, 4 Lillypot lane, Noble street
Ogier Peter, barrister, 40 Carey street, Lincoln's inn
Ogilby & Moore, ship & insurance broker, 3 Ingram court, Fenchurch street
Ogilby Henry, mast maker, Millwall, Poplar
Ogilby William, barrister, 4 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Ogilvie Mary F.(Mrs.) & William, pawnbrokers, 207 High street, Poplar
Ogilvy David, barrister, 6 Mitre court chambers, Temple
Ogilvy David, carpet manufacturer, 1 Great James street, Bedford row
Ogilvy James, wholesale grocer, see Clark & Ogilvy
Ogilvy John, pomade divine warehouse, 284 Regent street
Ogilvy William, printer, see Wilson & Ogilvy
Ogilwy George, painter & glazier, 5 Judd street, Brunswick square
Ogilwy Robert, composition doll maker, 54 Tabernacle walk, Finsbury
Ogle & Younghusband, solicitors, 4 Great Winchester street
Ozle Charles, tailor, 55 Mount street, Berkeley square
Ogle Richard, barrister, 2 Paper buildings, Temple
Ogleby Charles & Co. oil merchants, spermaceti refiners & wax chandlers, 53 Paradise street, Lambeth
Oglesby Edwd. coffee rooms, 32 Little Bell alley, Coleman street
Oglethorpe Mary (Miss), milliner, &c. 33 Edwards stoms, ##
O'Grady John, M.D. surgeon, 40 King square, Goswell ##
Ogston James, clockmaker, see Dwerrihouse & Ogston
Ohagen Dedrick, baker, 1 Crown street, Walworth road
O’Hanlon Hugh Marmaduke, barrister, 5 Pig tree court, Temple
O'Hara John, bootmaker, 7 Conduit street, Regent street
Oiley James, wholesale milliner, 102 Aldersgate street
Okey Mary (Mrs.), glass bender, 54 Turnmill street, Clerkenwell
Okey Nathaniel Fred. Hero of Waterloo, 17 Basing place, Waterloo road
Okey Thomas, basket maker & rod merchant, ll Hart street, Crutched friars, & 17 Quaker street, Spitalfields
Olby Robert, fruiterer, 2 Great Quebec street, Montague square
Oldershaw Robert & William, solicitors, Lower street, Islington & 18 King's Arms yard, Coleman street
Oldershaw John Perry, brewer, see Ufford & Oldershaw
Oldfield Anthony, glass stainer, see Hoadley & Oldfield
Oldfield Elisha, saddler, l Motcomb street, Belgrave square
Oldfield Jesse, publisher of Cobbett's works, 11 Bolt court, Fleet street
Oldfield Mary (Mrs.), dairy, Thornhill road, Islington
Oldfield Rich. bellows maker, 68 Cow cross street, West Smithfield
Oldfield Thomas, merchant, see Hankey & Oldfield
Oldfield Thomas Brame, merchant, 10 George yard, Lombard street
Oldham Elizabeth & Son, teadealers & grocers, 58 Hackney road; and tallowchandlers, Thomas street, Hackney road
Oldham Benjamin, woolbroker, see McGlew & Oldham
Oldham George, boot & shoemaker, Camberwell green
Oldham Henry, surgeon, 13 Devonshire square, Bishopsgate
Oldham Henry, cutler, 10 High street, St. Giles's
Oldham John, currier, 36 Long acre
Olding Ebenezer, upholsterer & undertaker, 71 Fleet street
Olding Elizabeth S. (Mrs.), furniture ironmonger, 81 Bishopsgate whim
Oldis Edward, umbrella maker, Clapham rise
Oldknow Samuel, solicitor, 25 Featherstone buildings, Holborn
Oldman John, furniture japanner, 33 Brownlow street, Long acre
Oldrey Richard, tobacconist, 3 Wellington terrace, Bayswater
Oldridge Cyrus & Alfred, balm of columbia warehouse, 1 Wellington street, Strand
Oldridge William, vellum binder, &c. 5 Queen square, Bartholomew close
Oldroyd & Magrath, warehousemen, 64 & 65 Bread street, Cheapside
Oldroyd Henry, nurseryman, see Buchanan & Oldroyd
O'Leary James & Co. merchants, 13 Mincing lane
O'Leary Arthur, lever watch pallet maker, 12 Powell street east, King square
Oliff & Cole, fishmongers, 49 Great Russell street, Bloomsbury
Oliphant Jas. army cap & accoutrement maker, 14 Cockspur street
Oliveira John, madeira merchant, 24 Mark lane
Oliveira Joze A. G. merchant, 18 Langbourn chambers, Fenchurch street
Oliveira J B, wine merchant, 6 Rood lane
Oliver Dear & Co. merchants, 7 & 8 Aldermanbury
Oliver Elizabeth & Son, anchorsmiths, ironmongers & braziers, 56 Wapping wall
Oliver George & Joseph, ironmongers, coppersmiths, & tin plate workers, 286 Wapping
Oliver George & Sons, accountants, 7 Lawrence lane, Cheapside
Oliver & Green, importers of foreign silks, 18 Cork street, Bond street
Oliver & Lindsell, solicitors, 2 Raymond's buildings, Gray's inn
Oliver & Raven, solicitors, 16 New Bridge street, Blackfriars
Oliver Ann (Mrs.), plumasier, 56 Great Titchfield street, Cavendish square
Oliver David, Load of Hay, 62 Praed street, Paddington
Oliver Edward, plumber & glazier, 52 High street, Kensington
Oliver Elizabeth (Mrs.), teadealer, 45 Penton street, Pentonville
Oliver Emily (Mrs.), tobacconist, 12 Vauxhall bridge road
Oliver George, orange merchant, Covent garden fruit market
Oliver Henry, proctor, 3 Great Knightrider street, Doctors' commons
Oliver Henry William, Kings Arms, 33 Princes street, Lambeth
Oliver Isaac, writer & marbler, 52 Upper John street, Fitzroy square
Oliver James, boot & shoemaker, 118 Bishopsgate without; 3 Newington causeway; & 3 Lowndes terrace, Knightsbridge
Oliver James, builder, 8 Osborne street, Whitechapel
Oliver James, cabinetmaker, 25 Princes street, Cavendish square
Oliver James, carpenter & builder, 49 Fenchurch street
Oliver James, plumber & glazier, 20 Duke street, St. James's
Oliver John, bootmaker, 5 Trinity row, Upper street, Islington
Oliver John, fixture dealer, 13 Castle street, Long acre
Oliver John, cabinetmaker, 26 Buttesland street, Hoxton
Oliver John, chima riveter, 50 Great Titchfield street, Cavendish square
Oliver John, plumber & glazier, 40 Queen's road, Bayswater
Oliver John, stationer, 234 Poplar High street
Oliver John, timber merchant, 6 Kingsland road
Oliver John, wholesale oilman, 33 Whitechapel road
Oliver John Bass, solicitor, 2 Raymond buildings, Gray's inn
Oliver Joseph, agent & stationer, 70 White Horse street, Stepney
Oliver Joseph, baker, 29 Gray's inn lane
Oliver Joseph, grocer, 2 Brunswick street, Cromer street
Oliver Joseph Hanby, teadealer, 224 Borough High street
Oliver Lionel, barrister, 3 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Oliver Mary (Mrs.), Old Fox, 1 Southampton court, Queen square
Oliver Michael, mast & block maker, 329 Wapping High street
Oliver Nevil, linendraper, 297 High Holborn
Oliver Richard, diamond setter, 3 Woodbridge street, Clerkenwell
Oliver Richard, hatter, 200 Oxford street
Oliver Robert, ironmonger, 40 Kensington High street
Oliver Robert, plumber, 30 Richardson street, Long lane, Bermondsey
Oliver Samuel, attorney, 83 Hatton garden
Oliver Samuel, rope manufacturer, 296 Kent street, Borough
Oliver Susanna (Mus.), Portugal Hotel, 155 & 156 Fleet street
Oliver Thomas, Bedford Head,  5 Upper King street, Bloomsbury
Oliver Thomas, bootmaker, 2 Swan street, Borough
Oliver Thomas, herbalist, 27 New Church street, Lisson grove
Oliver Thomas, solicitor, 36 Old Jewry
Oliver Thomas Francis, barrister, 89 Chancery lane
Oliver Willian, artist, 26 Charles street, Middlesex hospital
Oliver William, Crown, Spa road, Bermondsey
Oliver William, florist, see Cormack & Oliver
Oliverson, Denby & Lavie, attorneys, 8 Frederick's place, Old Jewry
Oliverson Richard & Robert, insurance brokers, 5 Warnford court
Olivier Charles Henry, merchant & general agent, 37 Finsbury square
Olivieri Domenico Andrea, sculptor, 18 Wardour street, Soho
Ollerenshaw Edward, jun, hat manufacturer, 61 Redcross street, Borough
Olley & Bridger, coal merchants, Dockhead wharf, .52 Shad.Thames
Olley George, brewer, 33 Southampton mews, George street, Euston square
Olley John, pawnbroker, 43 Poplar High street
Olley John, vellum binder, 109 Upper Thames street
Olley Sarah (Mrs.), carwoman, 20 Pennyfields, Poplar
Olley Thomas, dairyman, 31 Bryanstone street, Bryanstone square
Olley Thomas, wine merchant,? Brabant court, Philpot lane
Olliff William, Harmood Arms, 39 Harmood street, Hampstead road
Olive John Hy: teacher of music, 50 Smith street, Kings road, Chelsea
Olivier Ann & Harriet (Misses), milliners, court dress, corset & linen makers, 54 Pall mall
Ollivier S. Brown, tailors, 6 Bolton street, Piccadilly
Ollivier Charles, music seller & publisher, 41 New Bond street
Olivier John, bookseller, stationer, account book manufacturer, & subscription reading rooms, 59 Pall mall
Olney Thomas, haberdasher, 140 Borough High street
Olney Thomas, Silver Cup, 51 Cromer street, Brunswick Square
Olympic Theatre, Wych street, Strand
O'Malley Peter Frederic, barrister, 1 New court, Temple
Oman George,  Rose & Punch Bowl P.H. Redman's row, Whitechapel road
Omer John, carver & gilder, 18 Howland street, Fitzroy square
Ommanney Sir Fras. M. Son & Co. navy agents, 22 Norfolk street, Strand
Ommanney Francis, solicitor, see Sweet, Sutton & Co
O’Neil Henry, artist, 38A. Edward street, Hampstead road
Onglay Thomas, Cock, Camberwell green
Onion Stephen & Co. gilt jewel & brit. plate worker, 50 Skinner street
Onion Edmund John, artist, 7 Newman street, Oxford street
Onions John, working jeweller, 2 Benjamin street, Clerkenwell
Onslow Richard, deputy clerk of peace for Surrey, 1 North street, Lambeth
Onslow Thos. butcher, Bulls Head passage, Leadenhall market
Onwhyn Joseph, bookseller & news agent, 4 Catherine street, Strand
Onyon, Holt & Nash, woollen factors & drapers, 15 & 16 Aldgate
Ophthalmic Hospital, 19 King William street, Strand
Oporto Royal Wine Co. agents. J.F. & T.F. Pinto, 36 Crutched friars
Oppenheim Arthur & Co. timber merchants, 23 & 24 Yardley street, Clerkenwell
Oppenheim Brothers, cabinet was 17 Mansell street, Goodman's fields
Oppenheim Brothers, importer & factors, 17 Mansell street
Oopenheim John M. & Co. fur & skin merchants,18 Bow lane
Oppenheim Alexander, general commission agent, 9 Great Bush lane
Oppenheim Simeon, merchant, 17 South street, Finsbury
Orain George, strop & dressing case maker, G Greville street, Hatton garden
Oram James, baker, 66 New Church street, Lisson grove
Oran. Joseph, wine merchant, 3 Belgrave street, King's cross
Oran Samuel, pearl worker & jeweller, 5 Castle street, Holborn
Oran Walter, baker, 27 Charing cross
Orange Joseph, cabinetmaker, 7 Yardley street, Clerkenwell
Orange Joseph, bonnet shape maker, 24 Homer street, Marylebone

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