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London Street Directory in 1843 - N1

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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NADEN George, newsvender, 6 Chigwell hill, Ratcliff highway
Naggs Richard & Thomas, boot & shoemakers, 13 Brewer's street, Somers town
Nail ### smith farrier, Notting hill High street
Nail Samuel John, merchant ship & insurance broker, 106 Fenchurch street
Nainby John C. lint manufacturer, 5 North side, Bethnal green
Nairn, Liston & Co. sack, rick cloth & tarpauling manufacturers, 15 Tower royal, Watling street
Nairne Charles & Edward, stockbrokers, 3 Warnford street, City
Nairne Rebecca (Mrs.), brass & bell founder, 106 Curtain road
Nairne Robert, physician, 44 Charles street, Berkeley square
Naish Elizabeth (Mrs.), St. James's Hotel, 76 Jermyn street, St. James'
Naish William, plumber & builder, 23 Warren street, Fitzroy square
Nalder Francis & Son, silk, glove, crape silk & ribbon manufacturers, 41 Cheapside
Nalder Francis, hide broker & leather factor, see Dyster & Nalder
Nalder James, cloak & millinery warehouse, 72 Newington causeway
Nalson Emanuel, grocer, &c. 14 North crescent, Bedford square
Napier John & Francis, engineers, Mill wall, Poplar
Napier David, engineer, Wine street, York road, Lambeth
Napier Susan (Mrs.), ready made linen warehouse, 23 Cullum street, City
Napier Thomas, flour, coal & timber merchant, see Harvey, Napier & Co.
Napper John, bookbinder, 5 Robinhood yard, Leather lane
Nappi Paul, engraver on cameo, 31 Newman street, Oxford street
Narbrow Edm. shell fishmonger & ginger beer manufacturer, 14 Portugal street, Lincoln's inn fields
Nardin & Co. french shoe & glove warehouse, 5 Duke street, Grosvenor square
Nardin Pierre, hairdresser, 31 Grosvenor street, Grosvenor square
Nares John, Brewers Arms P.H. 10 Morgan's lane, Tooley street
Nash Andrew, John & Co. glass manufacturers, 75 Cornhill
Nash & Ely, woollen factors, 4 King street, Cheapside
Nash & Gurney, timber merchant, 62 Mark lane & Globe stairs, Rotherhithe
Nash & Hicks, wharfingers, Pickle Herring Lower wharf, Tooley street
Nash James & Richard, barge & boat builders, Upper Fore street, Lambeth
Nash Joseph & John, land agents, surveyors & auctioneers, 55 King William street, & at Reigate, Surrey
Nash, Selmes & Curteis, hop factors, Nag's Head buildings, 102 Borough High street
Nash Abraham, carpenter, &c. 18 Everett street, Brunswick square
Nash Alfred, wine merchant, 150 Leadenhall street
Nash Andrew, tailor, 13 Coleman street
Nash Benjamin, leather cutter, 94 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Nash Charles, chemist, 48 Great Marylebone street
Nash Charles, fishmonger, 13 Sherborne lane, City
Nash Charles, manchester warehouse, see Delannoy & Nash
Nash Charles, merchant, 16 Claremont square, Pentonville
Nash Daniel, seedsman, see Minier, Adams & Nash
Nash De Lacy Charles, solicitor, 15 Motcomb street, Belgrave square
Nash Edward, wholesale grocer, see Sewell & Nash
Nash Edward, woollen factor, see Onyon, Holt & Nash
Nash Edwin, architect & surveyor, 33 Moorgate street, Bank
Nash Eliezer, pencil maker, &c. see Wise & Nash
Nash George, bird fancier, 39 Great Windmill street, Haymarket
Nash Henry, meat salesman, 7 Warwick lane, Newgate street
Nash Henry Howard, coachmaker, 4 Finsbury place north, Finsbury square
Nash Jacob, Jack of Newbury P.H. 25 Chiswell street
Nash James, barge builder, 23 Palace New road, Lambeth
Nash James, bootmaker, 20 Green street, Leicester square
Nash James, Kings Head P.H. 19 Winchester street, Borough
Nash James, pawnbroker, 27 King street, Borough
Nash James, tailor, 142 Cheapside
Nash John, carpenter, &c. 15 Thayer street, Manchester square
Nash John, coachmaker, 39 Argyle street, King's cross
Nash John, house painter, 10 Pierpoint row, Islington green
Nash John, Kings Head P.H. 95 Tooley street
Nash John, millinery warehouse, 12 Southampton row, Russell square
Nash John, news agent, 12 Oxford market
Nash John, solicitor, 14 South square, Gray's inn
Nash Joseph, coal merchant, 1 Queen street, Ratcliff cross
Nash Joseph, cheesemonger, 1 Little Ormond street, Queen square
Nash Maria (Mrs.), fruiterer, 36 George street, Portman square
Nash Matthew, patent new silver manufacturer, 232 Strand
Nash Phoebe (Mrs.), bookseller, 16 Parker's row, Bermondsey road
Nash Richard, tailor, 45 Greek street, Soho
Nash Robert, linendraper, 23 Aldgate High street
Nash Samuel, baker, Kensington Gravel pits High street
Nash Samuel, Royal Standard P.H. 9 Sale street, Paddington
Nash Swan Webb, ironmonger & smith, see Wright & Nash
Nash Thomas, brushmaker, l Devonshire buildings, Great Dover road
Nash Thomas, plumber, 26 Kenton street, Brunswick square
Nash William, baker, 196 Poplar High street
Nash William, butcher, 12 Collier street, Pentonville
Nash William, Cock P.H. 30 Brook street, New road
Nash William, fishmonger, 11 Broadley terrace, Blandford square
Nash William, hairdresser, 22 College street, Westminster
Nash William, manchester & woollen warehouse, 41 Noble street, Cheapside
Nash William, oil & colorman, 77 Earl street east, Lisson grove
Nash William, oil & colorman, 218 Rotherhithe
Nash William, plumber & glazier, 58 Cannon street, St. George's east
Nash William, teadealer, 6 High street, Newington butts
Nash William, tobacco manufacturer, 118 Upper Whitecross street, St. Luke's
Nash William, watch motion maker, 8 Queen street, Clerkenwell
Nash William, woollen cloth factor, 18 Cateaton street
Nasmyth Alex. surgeon dentist, 13A, George street, Hanover square
Nason William, chemist & druggist, 128 Fleet street
Natali David, importer & dealer in foreign beads &c. 10 Little St. Mary axe
Nathan David, slop clothes maker, 1 Heneage street, Whitechapel
Natham Edward, pawnbroker, 86 Poplar High street
Nathan Henry, linemdraper & job warehouse, 3 & 15 Great Garden street, Whitechapel
Nathan Henry, merchant, 15 Camomile street, Bishopsgate
Nathan Henry, warehouseman, 15 Camomile street, Bishopsgate
Nathan Isaac John, masquerade warehouse, 18 Castle street, Leicester square
Nathan Jacob Hyam, masquerade warehouse, 94 Berwick street, Soho
Nathan Joseph, commission agent, 16 Artillery place, Finsbury
Nathan Joseph, congreve & fancy box maker, 55 Church street, Minories
Nathan Louis, commission broker, &c. 35 Wardour street. Soho
Nathan Moses, slopseller, 192 Ratcliff highway
Nathan Nathan, sheffield warehouse, 100 Upper East Smithfield
Nathan Nathaniel, butcher, 68 Aldgate High street
Nathan Nathaniel, slopseller, 87 Upper East Smithfield
Nathan Phineas, watch manufacturer, 9 Magdalen row, Great Prescot street
Nathan Samuel, importer of furs, & skin dyer, 50 Mansell street
Nathan Solomon. furniture broker, 19 Henrietta street, Manchester square
Nathan William, pawnbroker, 49 & 50 Three Colt street, Limehouse
Nation Rd. attorney, 33 Somerset street, Portman square & 4A Orchard street
Nation Samuel, cabinet maker, 87 Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Nation Thomas William, shoemaker, 215 Poplar High street
National Advertiser newspaper, 172 Fleet street
National Bank of Ireland (F.B. Smith, sec.), 13 Old Broad street
National Bank of Scotland
National Baths, 7 1/2 Mount street, Lambeth
National Benevolent Institution, Southampton row, Russell square
National Brazilian Mining Association (William Mariner, sec.), Mocaubas & Cocães, 26 Throgmorton street
National Debt Office, 19 Old.jewry
National Floating Breakucater & Refuge Harbour Company (John Charretie; secretary), 61 Moorgate street
National Mercantile Life Assurance Society, Arthur street west, London bridge
National Gallery (Lieut. Col. George Thwaites, secretary), Trafalgar square, Pall mall east
National Guardian Institution for Families & Servants (Thomas Butt, secretary), 46 Bedford row
National Life Assurance Society (C. B. Smith, actuary), 2 King William street, City
National Loan Fund Life Assurance & Deferred Annuity Society (F. F. Camroux, sec.), 26 Cornhill
National Mercantile Assurance Society, Arthur street west, London bridge
National Musical Hall Office (James William Emerson, sec.), 6 John street, Adelphi
National Patent Salt Co. (James P. Austin, sec.), 22 John street, Adelphi
National Provincial Bank of England, 112 Bishopsgate within
National Provident Institution, 48 Gracechurch street
National Reversionary Investment Company (William Sim, secretary), 83 Old Broad street
National Society for promoting the education of the poor in the principles of the Established Church throughout England and Wales, Sanctuary, Westminster (Rev. John Sinclair, secretary).
National Truss Society, 73 King William street, City
National Vaccine. Institution (Clement Hue, M.D. sec.) 8 Russell place, Fitzroy square
Nattali Michael A. bookseller, 19 Southampton street, Strand
Nattrass William, tailor, 57 Gracechurch street
Natusch Frederic, insurance broker, 8 St. Swithin's lane & Lloyd's
Natusch Frederic B. Bernard, insurance broker, 8 St. Swithin's lane
Nautical Almanac office, 3 Verulam buildings, Gray's inn
Naval & Military Bible Society, 32 Sackville street, Piccadilly
Navals. Military Gazette newspaper, 19 Catherine street, Strand
Navin James & Co. merchants, 2 Langbourne chambers
Navin John, Wheatsheaf P.H. 71 Wapping wall
Navone Dominick, merchant, see Braggiotti, Navone & Co
Nay John, fancy trimming maker, 25 Worship st. Finsbury
Nayler George, tea dealer, 91 St. John street, Smithfield
Naylor Mary & Son, varnish makers, 56 & 57 James street, Oxford street
Naylor Thomas & Samuel, attorneys, 4 Great Newport street, Longacre
Naylor Elisha, solicitor, 12 Mornington place, Hampstead road
Naylor George, builder & building material dealer, 2 Grey coat street, Westminster
Naylor George, engine turner, 9 King street, Clerkenwell
Naylor John, blacking maker, 91 Shadwell High street
Naylor John, farrier, 47 Whitechapel High street
Naylor John, haberdasher, see Flint & Naylor
Naylor John, linendraper, 32 Chichester place, Gray's inn road
Naylor Richard, furniture ironmonger, 16 Red Lion street, Holborn
Naylor Samuel, jun. solicitor, 4 Great Newport street
Naylor Thomas, linendraper, 22 High street, Marylebone
Naylor William, glass & china manufacturer, 7 Princes street, Cavendish square
Naylor William B. solicitor, see Venning, Naylor & Robins
Neal John & Son, coach ironmongers & platers, 17 Great Queen street
Neal Daniel, bootmaker, 40 Upper Berkeley street, Portman square
Neal George, printer, 7 Fleet lane, Farringdon street
Neal George, tailor, 3 King's Head row, Old Brompton
Neal John, gold beater, 87 White Lion street, Pentonville
Neal John, wine & botanic cordial maker, 1 Virginia place, Dover road
Neal Samuel, solicitor, 4 Tokenhouse yard
Neal Thomas, baker, 149 Lambeth walk
Neal Thomas, steel mill maker, 63 St. John street, Clerkenwell
Neal William, silversmith & mounter, 41 Clerkenwell close
Neal William, shive turner, 55 Castle street, Borough
Neale John & Edward, oil & colormen, & ship chandlers, 64 Minories, & 2 Wellington place, West India docks
Neale Christopher, merchant, 20 Basing lane, Bread street, City
Neale Edward, shipchandler, Commercial road, Limehouse
Neale Edward Vansittart, barrister, 4 New square, Lincoln's inn
Neale Francis, tobacconist, 56 New Church street, Lisson grove
Neale Henry, tobacconist, 4 Rockingham place, New Kent road
Neale James, cooper, 12 Saville place, Mile end road
Neale James, upholsterer, 3 Knightsbridge terrace, Knightsbridge
Neale Jonathan, upholster. & cabinetmaker, 44 Foley street, Portland place
Neale Michael, watchcase & water gilder, 44 Great Sutton street, Clerkenwell
Neale Thomas, Three Crowns P.H. Royal Hospital row, Chelsea
Neale Thomas N. plant broker, 7 Osborne street, Whitechapel
Neale William, newsvender, 75 Princes road, Lambeth
Neale William Johnson, barrister, 1 Pump court, Temple
Neales George, furnishing undertaker, 26 Baldwin's gardens, Leather lane
Neall William, whip maker, 3 South place, Upper Kennington lane
Neasbey James, fishmonger, 1 Lumber court, Seyen dials
Neat John, Old Kings Head P.H. 24 High road, Knightsbridge
Neate Charles, barrister, 26 Old square, lincoln's inn
Neate Charles, professor of music, 3 Argyle street, Regent street
Neate John Thomas. pawnbroker, 40 Duke street, Manchester
Neate Rowland, solicitor, see Bicknell, Roberts, Finch & Co
Neate Susanah (Miss), dress & pelisse maker, 3 Myrtle street, Hoxton
Neats William, Crown P.H. 1 Great St. Andrew street, Seven dials
Neave Richard & Thomas, merchants, 31 Old Broad street
Neave Benjamin, boot & shoemaker, 133 Upper Whitecross street
Neaves John, plumber, painter, &c. 25 Cole's terrace, Islington
Neck Robert, attorney, 19 Norfolk street, Strand
Nedby & Lound, auctioneers & house agents, 15 Southampton buildings, Chancery lane
Need William, pawnbroker, 26 Bridge road, Lambeth
Needes John Edward, general salesman, 97 Edgware road, Marylebone
Needham Alex. boat builder, Paul's wharf, 22 Upper Thames street
Needham Ann (Mrs), wine & spirit merchant, 11 Judd place, east, New road
Needham George, Norfolk Arms P.H. William street, Harts lane, Bethnal green road
Needham John, printer, 81 Princes road, Lambeth
Needham Joseph, cattle salesman, 41 West Smithfield
Needham Joseph, special pleader, 11 Paper buildings, Temple
Needham Joshua, cheesemonger, 191 Shoreditch
Needham Mary (Mrs.), Old Black Dog P.H. 1 Gloucester place, King's road, Chelsea
Néodham Ralph, linendraper & silk mercer, 106 Shoreditch
Needham Robert, printer, 9 Ave Maria lane, Ludgate street
Needham Thomas, cattle salesman, 60 West Smithfield
Needham William Enne, tailor, 8 King street, Westminster
Needle Richard, bottle warehouse, 3 Crutched friars
Needle Thomas, Bulls Head P.H. 5 Wellington street, Goswell street
Neele Margaret (Mrs.), cheesemonger, 36 Broad street, Ratcliff
Neely William, bookseller & stationer, 75 King William street, City
Neesom Charles Hodgson, circulating library, 166 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Neeves William, mathematical instrument maker, 67 High street, St. Giles's
Negreponte James C. merchant, 27 Finsbury circus
Negus George Davy, baker, 24 Lamb street, Spitalfields
Negus John, baker, 158 Bishopsgate without, & 34 Half moon street
Negus Thomas, baker, 57 Whitecross street, Cripplegate
Negus Thomas, tailor, 27 Earl street, Finsbury
Negus William, Golden Lion P.H. 35 Fore street, Cripplegate
Neighbour Thomas & Son, wine merchant & coopers, 34 King street, Snowhill
Neighbour George, oil & italian warehouse, 127 High Holborn
Neighbour John, coffee & dining rooms, 56 Cannon street, City
Neighbour Jane (Miss), milliner, 17 Charles street, Grosvenor square
Neild Henry Isaac, solicitor, 3 Bond court, Walbrook
Neill & Waugh, wholesale scotch oatmeal &c. dealers, 20 Surrey street & Cornexchange
Neill Luke, bootmaker, 8 Spread eagle court, Finch lane
Neill Thomas, tailor, see Pitsch & Neill
Neilson & Co. kirkland linen & sailcloth manufacturers (Alison & Co. agents), 79 Queen street, Cheapside
Neilson Claud, merchant, see Fraser, Neilson & Co
Neilson Ralph, perfumer, see Burch & Neilson
Neilson William, pianoforte maker, 9 Grafton street, Fitzroy square
Nelham & Lambert, custom house agents, & baggage warehouse, London bridge Steam Packet wharf
Nell Benjamin, tea dealer, 205 Borough High street
Nell Charles, tailor, 37 Great Queen street, Lincoln's inn
Nellen Andrew F. merchant, 34 Broad street buildings
Nelmes Richard, engraver, 19 Whiskin street, Clerkenwell
Nelmes Robert, watchmaker, 55 Gloucester street, Queen's square
Nelms James, cabinet maker, 26 Belton street, Long acre
Nelms Mary (Mrs.), dairy, 1 George yard, Aldgate
Nelms Matthew, hearth rug maker, 10 back hill, Hatton garden

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