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London Street Directory in 1843 - M12

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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Molteno James A. ancient & modern printseller, 20 Pall mall
Molyneux Robert, patentee, chronometer, astronomical clock & watchmaker, 30 Southampton row, Russell square
Molyneux Samuel, congreve, &c. maker, 31 Plumber street, City road
Molyneux Thomas, plumber & glazier, 9 George court, Piccadilly
Mombelli John C. carver & gilder, 22 Wine street, Hatton garden
Monckton Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 33 Norfolk street, Strand
Monckton William, butcher, 26 East road, City road
Monckton William Charles, solicitor, 10 Norfolk street, Strand
Moncreiff Arch. solicitor &c. see Grahame, Moncreiff,& Weems
Monds Thomas Wilks, tailow chandler, 53 Gloucester street, Commercial road
Money James, plumber, 10 Little James street, Bedford row
Monger John, Baltic coffeehouse, 58 Threadneedle street
Monington Walter, brassfounder & engineer, 5 Frederick place, Hampstead road
Monk Charles, linendraper, 4 Elm terrace, Queen's Elms, Brompton
Monk Fred. carpenter & undertaker, 12 & 13 Paradise street, Marylebone
Monk Henry, coal & charcoal merchant, Leader street, Chelsea
Monk Henry, grocer, 28 Rochester row, Westminster
Monk Henry, haberdasher & hosier, 48 Crown street, Finsbury
Monk John, cattle salesman, 8 West Smithfield
Monk John William, general agent, 5 Great Wine street, Golden square
Monk John William, Rose & Crown P. H. 24 Shad Thames
Monk Richard, tobacconist, 22 Coppice row, Clerkenwell
Monk Sarah (Mrs.), Cricketers P.H. 4 Kennington road, Kennington
Monk Sarah (Mrs.), fruiterer, Borough market
Monk Thomas, seal engraver & diesinker, 31 Red Lion street, Holborn
Monk William, academy, 17 Gower place, Euston square
Monk William, butcher, 31 Watling street
Monk William, cheesemonger, 1 York street, Borough
Monk William, Shepherd & Flock P.H. 11 Little Bell alley, Coleman street
Monk William, tailor, &c. see Reid & Monk
Monkhouse, Johnson & Co. carpet manufacturers, 12 Wood street
Monkhouse & Little, coal merchants, Rutland wharf, 5 Upper Thames street
Monkhouse Richard & William, timber merchants, st. Peter's wharf, Milbank street, Westminster, & 1 Davies street, Berkley square
Monkhouse, Whitfield & Co. carpet & rugmakers, 85 Queen street, City
Monkhouse, Winter & Bowman, merchants, 2 Walbrook buildings
Monkhouse Edward, chemist, Hawley terrace, Hampstead road
Monkhouse Cyril John, solicitor, 3 Craven street, Strand
Monkland Canal Agency, 57 Moorgate street
Monks William, ropemaker, 50 Church street, Bethnal green
Monksfield Charles, oilman, 142 Brick lane, spitalfields
Monksfield Frederick, grocer, 35 Great Marylebone street
Monkton Charles, butcher, 27 Holywell row, Shoreditch
Monnery Edward Josiah & Co. clothiers, &c. 165 Fenchurch street
Monnery John, glove maker, hosier & general outfitter, 53 Borough
Monro & May, musical repository, 11 Holborn bars
Monro Benjamin, lacker, varnish & watchmaker, 13 Moor street, Soho
Monro Edward Thomas, physician, 87 Harley street, Cavendish square
Monro Robert, bank of British North America, 7 St. Helen's place
Monson Henry, carpenter & builder, 61 George street, Euston square
Montagu Basil, Q.C. barrister, 2 Princes court, Storey's gate
Montagu Edward, barrister, 4 New square, Lincoln's inn
Montague David, roman cement &c. maker, see Turner & Montague
Montague George, glass & china warehouse, 17 Park terrace, Regent's park
Montague John, oil & colourman, 20 Horseferry road, Westminster
Montague William, cork cutter, 52 Drury lane
Montefiore Brothers, merchants, 16 George street, Mansion house
Montefiore Jacob, merchant, 16 George street, Mansion house
Montefiore John, west india merchant, 147 Leadenhall street
Monteith Alex. H. professor of languages, 11 London wall
Monteith William, barrister, 2 Paper buildings, Temple
Montel Mary (Mrs.), coffee rooms, 20 St. Mary at hill
Montgomery James, merchant, Baltic coffee house
Montgomery John, tailor, 53 Ossulston street, Somers town
Montgomery Richard, nurseryman, 122 Camden road villas
Montoya & Saenz, merchants, 75 Old Broad street
Moodie Lewis, nurseryman, Highbury
Moody John & Co. pewterers, 86 Bermondsey street
Moody William, & Co. tailors & drapers, 13 Cheapside
Moody Alexander, stockmaker, 5. Alsop's buildings, Great Dover road
Moody Archd. oil & color merchant, 3 Allhallows lane, Upper Thames street
Moody Charles, plumber, 12 Durham place west, Hackney road
Moody Charles, tailor, 42 Berners street, Oxford street
Moody Edward, auctioneer & valuer, 35 Leicester square
Moody George, egg merchant, 10 Union street, Hackney road, Kingsland road
Moody George, law stationer, 98 Chancery lane
Moody Hannah (Mrs.), bootmaker, 25 King street, Golden square
Moody James, chemist, Church street, Camberwell
Moody James, grocer, 23 Exmouth street, Spa fields
Moody James, lamp maker & gas fitter, 44 Great Sutton street, Clerkenwell
Moody John, boatbuilder, 8 Morgan's lane, Tooley street
Moody John, dyer & scourer, 8 Windmill street, Tottenham court road
Moody John, stock, belt & brace maker, 158 Aldersgate street
Moody John Doble, surgeon, &c. 11 Curzon street, Mayfair
Moody Susannah (Mrs.), lace cleaner, 66 Margaret street
Moody Thomas, bootmaker, 21 Panton street, Haymarket
Moody Thomas, coal dealer, Castle street ##
Moody William, barrister, 6 King's Bench walk, Temple
Moody William, haberdasher, 5 Dorset street, Portman square
Moon & Fleming, opticians, 76 Minories
Moon & Co. tool manufacturers, 4 Little Queen street, Holborn
Moon Francis Graham, printseller & publisher to Her Majesty, bookseller, stationer, &c. 20 Threadneedle street
Moon Harriet (Mrs.), babylinen warehouse, 61 Green street, Grosvenor square
Moon James, architect & surveyor, l Millman street, Foundling
Moon John, Fleece P.H. 70 Tothill street, Westminster
Moon John Thomas, coach & herald paint. 8 Holywell street, Westminster
Moon Jonathan, merchant, 19 Langbourne chambers, Femchurch street
Moon William, glove manufacturer, I Orange street, Bloomsbury
Moon William, watchmaker & jeweller, 4 Holborn bars
Moor Seth, coach smith, 58 Chester street, Kennington
Moorcroft George, corn dealer, 9 Church street, Borough
Moorcroft George, morocco leather dresser, Tyer's gateway, Bermondsey ##
Moore & Burton, spirit color &c maker, 62 St. Thomas place, Great Dover street
Moore Charles & Son, timber merchants, Wilton road, Pimlico
Moore & Cooper, British Museum P.H. 50 Great Russell street
Moore & Flower, milliners & dressmakers, 188 Piccadilly
Moore George & Son, wax & tallowchandlers, 3 Great Marylebone street
Moore & Humberstone, pawnbrokers, 11 Leather lane
Moore & Illingworth, surgeons, 1 Arlington street, Piccadilly
Moore James & Co. (late Bicknells' & Moore), hatters & army accoutrement makers to her Majesty, Prince Albert & the royal family, 1 Old Bond street
Moore, James, Tate & Tickell, linendrapers, 17 Cheapside
Moore John & Co. pianoforte manufacturers, 138 Bishopsgate without
Moore Johm & Sons, church & house clock manufacturers, 38 Clerkenwell close
Moore & Riddle, window blind maker, 2 Bedford place, Commercial road
Moore William, & Edward, undertakers, 1 Rathbone place, Oxford street
Moore & Wilson, wholesale tea dealers, 23 Harp lane, Tower street
Moore & Woodward, gun makers, 64 St. James's street, Pall mall
Moore's Stock List newspaper office, 3 Bank chambers
Moore Andrew, boot maker, 31 King street, Golden square
Moore Andrew, tailor & draper, 82 Cornhill
Moore Augustus Henry, solicitor, see Thomas & Moore
Moore Benjamin, grocer, 5 Hamilton row, Bagnigge wells road
Moore Caroline Emma (Mrs.), milliner, 5 Argyle street, Regent street
Moore Charles, carver & gilder, 29 St. John street, Clerkenwell
Moore Charles, fruiterer, 21 Maiden lane, Wood street
Moore Charles, hatter & military warehouse, 39 St. James's street
Moore Charles, linendraper, 12 Balls pond road
Moore Charles, linendraper, 99 Shadwell High street
Moore Charles, wine merchant, 12 Upper York street, Bryanston square
Moore Chas. C. auctioneer & appraiser, 7 Charles street, Commercial road east
Moore Charles Henry, attorney, 36 Lincoln's inn fields
Moore Charles Stephen, baker, 1 Grove terrace, Brompton grove
Moore Christopher, sculptor, 22 Howland street, Fitzroy square
Moore David, architect, 11 Upper Ranelagh street, Pimlico
Moore Edmund F. barrister, 9 New square, Lincolns inn & 9A, Albany
Moore Edward, surgeon, 43 Ward's row, Bethnal green road
Moore Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner, 18 Mortimer street, Cavendish square
Moore Francis, umbrella maker, 33 St. Martin's court
Moore Frederick John, plumber, 21 King street, Covent Garden
Moore Frederick William, baker, 49 Harrow road, Paddington
Moore George, architect, 64 Lincoln's inn fields
Moore George, architect, 6 Percy street, Tottenham court road
Moore George, biscuit baker, 5 George court, Piccadilly
Moore George, cooper, 4 Star corner, Bermondsey
Moore George, hatter, see Chapman & Moore
Moore George, soda watermaker, 73 Warren street, Tottenham court road
Moore George, timber dealer, Norway wharf, & 297 Rotherhithe street
Moore George, watchmaker, 23 Perceval street, Clerkenwell
Moore George, wholesale confectioner, see Murphy & Moore
Moore Graham Francis, barrister, 1 Brick court, Temple
Moore Hannah (Miss), baker, 13 Broadwall, Stamford street
Moore Henry, glass lamp shade maker, 29 Russell court, Drury lane
Moore Henry, oil & colorman, & manufacturer of german paste & poor man's plaster, 3 & 25, Swan street, Minories
Moore Isaac Webb, ironmonger, see Kitchen & Moore
Moore Jabez, breeches maker, 136 New Bond street
Moore James, baker, 19 Paddington street, Marylebone
Moore James, bookseller, 4 Carthusian street, Aldersgate street
Moore James, cabinet maker & broker, 119 Old street, St. Luke's
Moore James, Goldsmiths Arms P.H. Southwark bridge road
Moore James, lighterman, 16 Hatfield street
Moore James, ornament confectioner, 19 Lisson grove north
Moore James, razor maker & cutler, 349 Oxford street
Moore James, shoe warehouse, 53 Edgware road, Marylebone
Moore Ja. Adolphus, corndealer, 28 Upper North place, Gray's inn road
Moore James Rd. Kings Head P.H. 16 Holywell row, Shoreditch
Moore Jasper, carriage lamp maker, 1 Cross street, Goswell street
Moore John, barrister, 1 New square, Lincoln's inn
Moore John, bootmaker, 43 & 44 Myddelton street, Clerkenwell, & 45 Goswell road
Moore John, brush maker, 3 Little Charlotte street, Goodge street
Moore John, butcher, 60 Marchmont street, Brunswick square
Moore John, carver & gilder, 1 West street, Seven dials
Moore John, fringe &c. maker, 38 Hedge row, High street, Islington
Moore John, grocer, 1 Dorchester place, Blandford square
Moore John, Rainbow Coffee House, 1 Arthur street east, London bridge
Moore John, salt merchant & drysalter, 8 Paddington basin, south side
Moore John, tailor, 35 Bury street, St. James's
Moore John, tallowchandler, 42 1/2 Crown row, Mile end road
Moore John, timber & coal merchant, Stahlschmidt's Belvedere wharf ##
Moore John, timber merchant, 19 Upper St. Martin's lane
Moore John, wholesale & retail ironmonger, 12 & 13 Little Earl street, Seven dials
Moore John Carrick, barrister, 37 Hertford street, Mayfair
Moore John Thompson, Red Lion P.H. 14 King street, Golden square
Moore Jonathan, attorney, 2 Field court, Gray's inn
Moore Joseph, chair & sofa maker, 7 & 18 Wild court, Great Wild street
Moore Joseph, bootmaker, 25 Robert street, Grosvenor square
Moore Joseph, comb maker, 13 Barking churchyard, Great Tower street
Moore Joseph, grocer, 31 Pitfield street, Hoxton
Moore Joseph, physician, 10 Saville row, Piccadilly
Moore Joseph, ship & insurance broker, see Devitt & Moore
Moore Louis, carpenter & undertaker, 12 Upper St. Martin's lane
Moore Maria (Mrs.), baker, 41 Great Queen street, Lincoln's inn fields
Moore Mark, boarding house, 6 Queen street place, Upper Thames street
Moore Martin, fruiterer, 5 High street, Portland town
Moore Mary (Mrs.), coffee & chop house, 25 Upper Marylebone street
Moore Mary (Miss), vegetable ornament cutter, 40 South Molton street
Moore Mary Ann (Mrs.), curiosity dealer, 25 Tottenham court road
Moore Philip Charles, notary & proctor, 10 Great Knightrider street
Moore Reginald Walter, barrister, 12 Staple inn, Holborn
Moore Regnier Winckley, barrister, 1 New square, Lincoln's inn
Moore Richard, carver, 25 Hart street, Bloomsbury
Moore Richard, military tailor, 12 King street, Clerkenwell
Moore Robert, Carlisle Arms P.H. 2 Queen street, Soho
Moore Robert O. ship & insurance broker, see Ogilby & Moore
Moore Rt. Parker, bookseller, stationer &c. 32 Store street, Bedford
Moore Robert W. stockbroker, & agent for railway & canal shares, dock stocks,&c. Sun Chambers, 61 1/2 Threadneedle street
Moore Samuel, teadealer, 9 Great Dean street, Westminster
Moore Samuel Thomas, linendraper, 1 Wentworth place, Mile end road
Moore Sarah (Mrs.), baker, l White Lion court, Birchin lane
Moore Sarah (Mrs), oil & colorman, 129 London road, Southwark
Moore Stephen, attorney, 9 Staple inn, Holborn
Moore Stephen, tailor, 78 Theobald's road, Red Lion square
Moore Thomas, bootmaker, 30 Lamb's conduit street
Moore Thomas, bookkeeper, Talbot inn yard,75 Borough High street
Moore Thomas, boot & shoemaker, 6 Knightsbridge terrace
Moore Thomas, bootmaker, 199 Whitechapel road
Moore Thomas, china warehouse, 9A, Munster street, Regent's place
Moore Thomas, coach maker & wheelwright. Goodman's yard, Minories
Moore Thomas, house & estate agent, 1 Holland place, Kensington
Moore Thomas, New Inn, 15 Old Change
Moore Thomas, Pine Apple P.H. 3 St. George's road, Borough
Moore Thomas, toy & turnery warehouse, 26 Rathbone place
Moore Thomas, wine & brandy merchant, 23 Basing lane, Bread street
Moore Thornton, stationer & newsagent, 71 Lisson grove north
Moore Wilkinson, George & Dragon P.H. 13 Buckingham place, Fitzroy square
Moore William, bootmaker, 15 Upper King street, Bloomsbury
Moore win bookseller & fancy stationer, 63 Bishopsgate within
Moore William, bottle & stone ware manufacturers, see Westwood & Moore
Moore William, cabinetmaker, 76 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Moore William, cheesemonger, 104 Great Portland street
Moore William, cooper, 61 Aldersgate street
Moore William, cutler, 22 Tichborne street, Haymarket
Moore William, goldsmith & jeweller, 10 St.James' walk, Clerkenwell
Moore William, gunmaker, 78 Edgware road, Marylebone
Moore William, leather factor, 18 Philpot lane, Fenchurch street
Moore William, Peel's Coffeehouse, 177 & 178 Fleet street
Moore William, tailor, 9 Cecil court, Leicester square
Moore William, teadealer & grocer, 109 Strand
Moore William, wholesale lamp cot. maker, 31 Bridgewater gardens, Barbican
Moore William, working cutler & razor maker, 220 Tottenham court road
Moore William Webb, furniture ironmonger, 28 Judd street, Brunswick square
Moorell George, carpenter & undertaker, 14 Charles street, Portman square
Moores Samuel, solicitor, see Amory, Sewell & Moores
Moores Thomas, ham merchant, 90 Farringdon street
Moorhouse Miles, tailor, 45 Houndsditch
Moorhouse Percival M. stock & share broker, 9 Shorter's court
Moorton Henry, George P.H. 13 Brooke street, Holborn
Mopsey Thomas N. ginger beer maker, 1 Waterloo road
Morand Lydia (Mrs.), lodging house, 20 Castle street, Falcon square
Morant George John, interior decorator & upholsterer by appointment to her Majesty, 91 New Bond street

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