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London Street Directory in 1843 - J1

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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JACCARD David, watchmaker, 26 Perceval street, Clerkenwell
Jack's Coffee House, Old Corn Exchange, Mark lane
Jack Alexander, hardwareman & toy dealer, 77 Fore street, Cripplegate
Jack Charles, importer & manufacturer of sheet zinc, 80 Upper Thames street & 8 & 9 Tottenham court, New road
Jack Donald, oil & colorman, 8 Skinner street, New road
Jack George, baker, 1 Whiskin street, Clerkenwell
Jack John, baker, 5 Willow walk, Kentish town
Jack William, surgical instrument maker, 16 Cloth fair, Smithfield
Jack William, tailor, l Broad court, Long acre
Jackaman Simon, attorney, 1 Bartlett's buildings, Holborn
Jacklin George, tailor & draper, 14 Queen street, Cheapside
Jacklin Joseph, coppersmith, &c. see Pontifex, Jacklin & Co
Jackman Anna (Mrs.), White Swan P.H. 7 Long acre
Jackman Edward, corn & flour dealer, 263 Wapping
Jacks & Hay, insurance brokers, 75 Old Broad street
Jackson Elzh. Anna & Hannah, juvenile warehouse, 164 Regent street
Jackson, Blockley & Co. music sellers & publisher, 96 New Bond street
Jackson George & Co. general merchants, Plumbers' Hall, 12 Bush lane
Jackson G. L., & Sons, ship & insurance brokers, 1 Billiter court, Billiter square
Jackson Geo. & Sons, composition ornament; papier machée & carton pierre manufacturers, 49 & 50 Rathbone place, Oxford street
Jackson & Graham, upholsterers, cabinetmakers, furniture printers, carpet manufacturers, interior decorators, & house agents, 37 & 38 Oxford street
Jackson Henry & Sons, wholesale boot & shoe makers, 65 Leadenhall street
Jackson Henry & Son, watch manufacturers, 66 Red lion street, Clerkenwell
Jackson Hugh & John, solicitors, see Fladgate, Young & Co
Jackson James & Edward, coal merchants, Crown wharf, 41 Shad Thames
Jackson James & Son, tailors & habit makers, 5 Cork street, Bond street
Jackson James & Son, pianofortemaker, 56 Paddington street, Marylebone
Jackson John & William, wholesale slopsellers, 38 Leadenhall street
Jackson Joseph & Son, merchants & drysalters, 103 Bermondsey street
Jackson & Knill, wharfingers & warehouse keepers, Cox & Hammond's quays, & Fresh & Londonbridge steamwharfs
Jackson & Ranson, commission agents, 10 Worcester street, Borough
Jackson & Ranson, french leather agent, 10 Worcester street, Borough
Jackson Richard & Son, apothecaries,28 Charles street, St. James'
Jackson Thomas & Co. cheesemongers, 9 New street, Dorset square
Jackson Thomas & Joseph, pianaforte maker, 96 New Bond street
Jackson & Walford, booksellers & publishers, 18 St. Paul's church yard
Jackson William & Co. distillers, 1 New street, Dockhead, Bermondsey
Jackson & Wilson, wine & spirit merchants, 147 Leadenhall street
Jackson Albert Francis, barrister, 19 Lincoln's inn fields
Jackson Alexander, carpenter, 4 Cleveland street, Fitzroy square, & 52 Warren street, Fitzroy square
Jackson Alexander, Golden Lion P.H. 92 West Smithfield
Jackson Amelia (Mrs.), vellum binder, 15 St. Peter's hill, St. Pauls
Jackson Andrew, woollen warehouseman, see Chaffey & Jackson
Jackson Ann (Mrs.), oyster dealer, 12 Tower royal, Watling street
Jackson Ann (Mrs.), haberdasher, 38 Great Queen street, Lincolns inn fields
Jackson Augustus, teadealer, 8 Duke street, Manchester Square
Jackson Benjamin Daydon, stationer, 236 Borough High street
Jackson Charles, bedding warehouse, 319 Oxford street
Jackson Charles, butcher, 34 Farringdon market
Jackson Charles, carpenter, 5 1/2 Foster street, Bishopsgate
Jackson Charles, copper plate engraver, 8 Red Lion court, Fleet street
Jackson Charles Robert Mitchel, barrister, Chapel stairs, Lincolns inn
Jackson Daniel, china & glass warehouse, 51 Margaret street, Wilmington square
Jackson Diana (Mrs), tobacco pipemaker, 25 Ewer street, Union street, Borough
Jackson Edward, Duke of Wellington, Upper North street, Whitechapel road
Jackson Edward, Mourning Bush Tavern, 61 St. Martins le grand
Jackson Edward, oilman, 149 Tooley street
Jackson Edward, plumber, 51 Broad street, Golden square
Jackson Edward, woolstapler, 103 Bermondsey street
Jackson Edward jun, tailor, 51 Broad street, Golden square
Jackson Edw Witherby, button & trimming warehouse, 58 Gracechurch street
Jackson Edwin, fancy cabinet maker, 33 Perceval street, Clerkenwell
Jackson Elizabeth (Mrs.), oil & italian warehouse, & dealer in pickles, spices & british wines, 5 Baker's row, Walworth road
Jackson Elizabeth (Mrs.), tobacconist, 31 High street, Marylebone
Jackson Frances (Mrs.), ladies' school, 51 Hatton garden
Jackson Francis, White Horse P.H. 14 Shorts gardens, Drury lane
Jackson Fred. grocer & oilman, 21 Arlington street, Camden town
Jackson George, block & pump maker, 44 Horselydown lane
Jackson George, carpenter & builder, 25 Dorset street, Spitalfields
Jackson George, estate agt. & auctions. 20 Brydges street, Covent garden
Jackson George, grindery dealer, 2 Little Windmill street Golden square
Jackson George, poultry & pork salesman, 24 Lower Belgrave street, Eaton square, & 60 Newgate market
Jackson George, oil & colorman, 12 Cambridge road, Mile end road
Jackson George, professor of music, 25 Brydges street, Covent garden
Jackson George, surgeon, &c. 30 Church street, Spitalfields
Jackson George, umbrella maker, G Broad street, Golden square
Jackson George, working goldsmith, 82 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Jackson George Henry, surgeon dentist, 39 High street, Camden town
Jackson George Briant Wheeler, civil engineer, architect & surveyor, 13 South square, Gray's inn
Jackson Hannah (Mrs), toy dealer, 29 Farringdon market
Jackson Harriet (Mrs.), medical bookseller, 32 King street, Borough
Jackson Henry, Friar P.H., 33 Friar street, Blackfriars road
Jackson Henry, glass manufacturer, 6 Princes street, Little Queen street
Jackson Henry, solicitor, 15 St. Helen's place, Bishopsgate
Jackson Henry, tobacconist, 21 Nelson street, City road
Jackson Henry, upholsterer, & house agent &c. 15 Piccadilly
Jackson Henry, whitesmith, 22 Allen street, Goswell street
Jackson Henry, Yarmouth Arms P.H. 170 High street, Wapping
Jackson Henry Martin, linendraper, see Lester & Jackson
Jackson Herbert, cheesemonger& porkman, 54 South Audley street
Jackson Isabella (Mrs.), ladies' school, 118 Fore street, Cripplegate
Jackson James, butcher, 39 Upper Marylebone street
Jackson James, chemist & druggist, 107 Union street, Borough
Jackson James, law chop house, 2 Clifford inn passage
Jackson James, professor of music, 44 Seymour street, Euston square
Jackson James, ribbon dresser, 22 Philip lane, London wali
Jackson James, straw hat maker, 25 Prices street, N. Gravel lane, Borough
Jackson James, watch case maker, 6 Norman street, St. Luke's
Jackson James, woollen draper, 11 Clarendon square, Somers town
Jackson John, bookbinder, 20 Queen street, Golden square
Jackson John, bookseller & school stationer, 13 Agar street, Strand
Jackson John, chemist, &c. 47 Southampton row, Russell square
Jackson John, china & glass dealer, 166 Kingsland road
Jackson John, engraver, 11 Chichester rents, Chancery lane
Jackson John, file, rasp & saw maker, 20 Little Sutton street, Clerkenwell
Jackson John, hatter & tailor, 99 & 99, Shadwell High street
Jackson John, hop & seed merchant, 67 Borough High street
Jackson John, ladies' shoemaker, 7 Conduit street, Regent street
Jackson John, oil & colorman, 104 Edgware road, Marylebone
Jackson John, plumber, &c. 12 Eccleston place, Pimlico
Jackson John, surgeon, 10 Red lion square
Jackson John, tailor, 51 Bedford row, Bloomsbury
Jackson John, tallowchandler, 130 Upper street, Islington
Jackson John, watchcase maker, 10 Woodbridge street, Clerkenwell
Jackson John, wood engraver, 12 Cardington street, Hampstead road
Jackson John Beetham, manchester & scotch agent, 110 Cheapside
Jackson John Henry, bookseller &c., Oddy's row, Islington green
Jackson John Smith, watch & clock maker, 2 Hackney road
Jackson Joseph, accountant & arbitrator, 2 Sambrook court, Basinghall street
Jackson Joseph, baker, 55 Foley street, Portland place
Jackson Joseph, butcher, 19 Silver street, Golden square
Jackson Joseph, linendraper & carpet warehouse, 26 & 27 Shoreditch
Jackson Joseph, Queens Arms P.H. 2 New Weston street, Borough
Jackson Joseph, shoemaker, 2 Culmberland street, Middlesex hospital
Jackson Joseph D. cabinet maker, 1 Maze pond, Tooley street
Jackson Lewis Morris, tobacconist, 18 Fish street hill
Jackson Lowther, tailor & draper, 20 Three colt street, Limehouse
Jackson Mary Ann (Mrs.), plumber & painter,79 Chancery lane
Jackson Paul, surgeon, &c. 18 Thayer street, Manchester square
Jackson Peter, butcher, 53 Hoxton Old town
Jackson Peter, silk &c. warehouse, see Cheeper, Watson & Jackson
Jackson Peter, upholsterer, 1 to 3 Harp alley, & 100 Shoe lane
Jackson Ralph, bookseller, 130 New Bond street
Jackson Richard, candle, soap & oil warehouse, 45 Piccadilly
Jackson Richard, gun maker, 19 Princes street, Lisson grove
Jackson Rd. Pitmans Arms P.H. 1 Pitmans buildings, Johns row St. Luke
Jackson Richard, solicitor, 2 Lower James street, Golden square
Jackson Robert, bootmaker, 10 Gerrard street, Soho
Jackson Robert, grocer & teadealer, 21 Goswell street
Jackson Robert, hairdresser, 88 Fenchurch street
Jackson Robert, meat salesman, l l Warwick lane, Newgate street
Jackson Robert, solicitor, see Sharpe, Field & Jackson
Jackson Robert Christopher, academy, 51 Hatton garden
Jackson Robinson, upholsterer, &c. see Baily & Jackson
Jackson Samuel, cattle salesman, 8 West Smithfield
Jackson Samuel, engraver, 11 Bucklersbury
Jackson Samuel, varnish & color ma. Willow wharf, 87 Bankside
Jackson Samuel Brown, attorney, 1 New inn, Wych street, Strand
Jackson Sarah (Mrs), carpenter & builder, 11 Smith square, Westminster
Jackson Sarah (Mrs.), White Swan P.H. 24 Wapping wall
Jackson Thomas, builder, Commercial road, Pimlico
Jackson Thomas, Commercial saw mills, Commercial road, Pimlico
Jackson Thomas, gun & steel cross bow manufacturer, 20 Edwards street, Portman square, late of Upper George street
Jackson Thomas, machinist, 4 Little Compton street, Soho
Jackson Thomas, Globe tavern & coffee house, 37 & 38 Bow street, Covent garden
Jackson Thomas, plumber, 47 Museum street, Bloomsbury
Jackson Thomas Hector, fruiterer, 81 Charlotte street, Portland place
Jackson Walter Edward, Green Man Tavern P.H. 214 Tooley street
Jackson William, baker, 45 Wilstead street, Somers town
Jackson William, butcher, 11 Clipstone street, Fitzroy square
Jackson William, carpenter, 9 Lower John street, Golden square
Jackson William, chemist & druggist, 93 Cheapside
Jackson William, clock & watch maker, 6 Brunswick place, Brompton
Jackson William, decorator, &c. 24 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Jackson William, hairdresser, 23 Mercer street, Long acre
Jackson William, metal warehouse, 28 Wilson street, Finsbury square
Jackson William, painter, &c. 38 Great Queen street, Lincolns inn fields
Jackson William, locksmith & bell hanger, 14 White's alley, Moorgate street
Jackson William, Pawnbrokers' Gazette Office, 240 Strand
Jackson William, plumber & glazier, 15 Duke street, Lincoln's inn fields
Jackson William, saddler & harness maker, 54 High street, Marylebone, & 15 Park terrace, Regent's park road
Jackson William, solicitor, 85 Blackman street
Jackson William, smith & fireproof box maker, 11 Serle's place, Lincolns inn
Jackson William, tailor, 65 Goswell road
Jackson William, stationer, 1 Albert place, Hoxton old town
Jackson William, watch & clock maker, Kensington gravel pits
Jackson William, wax & tallow chandler, 19 Threadneedle street
Jackson William, wine merchant, 5 Red Lion street, Clerkenwell
Jackson William H. tailor, &c. 22 Bartholomew close
Jackson William Oliver, solicitor & irish agent, 11 John street, Adelphi
Jackson William Rd. cheesemonger, 17Crombie's row, Commercial road east
Jacob & Hoare, commission agents, 5 Bread street, City
Jacob Samuel & Co. scholastic agents, 6 Symonds inn
Jacob & Webb, baby linen warehouse, 13 Carthusian street, Charterhouse square
Jacob Charles, merchant & australian agent, 6 Ingram court, Fenchurch street
Jacob Eliza (Miss), ladies' school, 1 Christopher street, Finsbury square
Jacob Francis, ladies' shoe maker, 3 Princes street, Hanover square
Jacob Frederick William, laboratory of baron Dupuytren's medicated pomatum for the hair, 156 Regent street
Jacob John, Smith & bellhanger, 27 Red Lion street, Whitechapel
Jacob John H. importer of foreign wines, see Carr & Jacob
Jacob Joseph Phelps, carpenter & builder, Camberwell green
Jacob Mary (Mrs), corn chandler, 65 1/2 Wheeler street, Spitalfields
Jacobs Joseph & Sam. curiosity dealers, 8 Brook street, Grosvenor square
Jacobs' (Levy & Jonas), grocers, 1 St. James's place, Aldgate
Jacobs Philip & Son, wholesale glass warehouse, 64 Crown street, Finsbury
Jacobs Samuel & Henry, furniture ware. 56 Princes street, Leicester square
Jacobs Abraham, umbrella & parasol maker, 145 Regent street
Jacobs Abraham, whole. glass warehouse, 14 & 15 Crown street, Finsbury
Jacobs 13enjamin, fruit dealer, 22 Mitre street, Aldgate
Jacobs Charles, fruit salesman, 71 and 72 Farringdon market and 20 Stonecutter street, Farringdon street |
Jacobs David, publicans' glass warehouse, 101 Berwick street, Soho
Jacobs Edmond, watch finisher, 29 Earl street, Horseferry road
Jacobs Edward, grocer & oilman, 5A, Curzon street, Mayfair
Jacobs Frederick Blake, Victory, 7 Great Cambridge street, Hackney road
Jacobs Gaskell, orange merchant, Covent garden fruit market
Jacobs Henry, merchant, 50 King William street, City
Jacobs Jacob, solicitor, 46 Chiswell street, Finsbury
Jacobs James, coach painter, 4 Union street, Lambeth walk
Jacobs John, carpenter, &c. 1 Leman street, Goodman's field
Jacobs John, clothier, 8 Bury street, St. Mary axe
Jacobs John, porkman & poulterer, 6 Prospect place, Kingsland road
Jacobs John, surgeon, 3 Goswell road
Jacobs Joseph, clothes warehouse, see Harris & Jacobs
Jacobs Joseph, importer of ancient furniture, 6 Bevis marks
Jacobs Judas, lamp & lustre maker, 12 Upper Marylebone street
Jacobs Lewis, solicitor, 2 Crosby square, Bishopsgate
Jacobs Michael, ancient furniture dealer, 130 Piccadilly
Jacobs Michael, poulterer, 22 Duke street, Aldgate
Jacobs Moses, clothes salesman, &c. 44 Crown street, Finsbury
Jacobs Moss, cigar manufacturer & tobacconist, 26 Houndsditch
Jacobs Moss, merchant, 19 Great Alie street, Goodman's fields
Jacobs Samuel, clothes salesman, 39 South street, Manchester square
Jacobs Sarah (Miss), confectioner, 20 Middle row, Holborn
Jacobs Solomon, merchant, 19 Great Alie street, Goodman's fields
Jacobs William, fruit & pea salesman, Covent garden fruit market
Jacobs William, livery stables, 56 Curzon street, May fair
Jacobsolin John, merchant, 30 Broad street buildings
Jacobson Isaac, commission merchant, 110 Fenchurch street
Jacobson Isaac, jeweller & silversmith, 322 Oxford street
Jacobson Nathaniel, medical agent & valuer, 21 Walbrook
Jacoheny John, dentist, 37 Southampton street, Strand
Jacolnb Charles & John D. wool brokers, 18 Basinghall street
Jacomb George, butcher, 30 Great Marylebone street
Jacques Jacob A. patent medicine vendor, 86 Old Gravel lane
Jacques Richard, tallow chandler, &c. 11 Duke street, Manchester square
Jacquet Martha (Mrs.), Three Compasses P.H. 6 Whitehart street, Drury lane
Jacquier James, jacquier machine manufacturer, 37 Crispin street, Spitalfields, & 20 Wood street, Spitalfields
Jaffray John Richmond, america merchant, Lloyd's
Jaffray Rd. merchant, 22 Austinfriars, & North & South american coffeehouse
Jagg Ambrose, bootmaker, 20 Great Guildford street, Borough
Jagger John, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 42 Leather lane
Jago George W. S. agent to Phoenix fire office, 4 York place, Pimlico
Jago Mahala, silversmith, 6 Tabernacle row, City road
Jakins Isaac Negus, chemist, 48 Ernest street, Regent's park
Jallands William, chemists New Chapel place, Kentish town

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