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London Street Directory in 1843 - H1

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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HAASE William, coach trimmer, 50 Great Titchfield street, Oxford street
Habbijams George, livery stables, 9 1/2 Newman street, Oxford street
Habell Fred. gold dial finisher, 17 Lower Smith street, Northampton square
Habell John Henry, tailor, 18 Great Pulteney street, Golden street
Haberdashers' Hall (Hambly Knapp, clerk), 8 Maiden oil, ##
Habgood Thomas, oil & colorman, 5 Well street, Wellclose square
Hack Elizabeth (Mrs.), fruiterer, 5 Chadwell street, St. John street road
Hack Robert, fruiterer, 28 Paradise row, Chelsea
Hack Robert, musical instrument maker & music seller, 174 Fleet street
Hackblocks', Clark & Meek, tanners, curriers & leather merchants, Willow walk, Bermondsey
Hacker Elihu, merchant, Tom's coffeehouse, Cowpers court, Cornhill
Hacker Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 9 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Hacket Charles Andrew, agent & insurance broker, 26 Birchin lane
Hacket Thomas, merchant, 26 Birchin lane
Hackett (Champion) & Son, wholesale clothes warehouse, 137 Minories
Hackett Charles Henry, ship & insurance broker, & customs & commercial agent, 8 Savage gardens
Hackett Edwin, plumber, &c. 27 Union street, Middlesex hospital
Hackett James Thomas, civil engineer, 47 Great Sutton street, Clerkenwell
Hackett John J. surveyor & builder, 10 Gower place, Euston square
Hackett Richard Merchant, merchant, 137 Minories
Hackett Sam. baker & pastry cook, 5 Orange street, Red lion square
Hackney Carriage Office, 3 Princes street, Storey's gate
Hackney Elizabeth (Mrs.), earthenware warehouse, 5 Borough market
Hackney Joseph, shoemaker, 42 James street, Oxford street
Hackwell James, cut glass dealer, 5 Tavistock street, Covent garden
Hackwell John, Blue Boar P.H. 55 Aldersgate street
Hackwood William Henry & Co. shipbuilders, King & Queen dock, Rotherhithe
Haddan Thomas, solicitor, l Lime street square
Haddan Thomas Henry, barrister, 3 New square, Lincoln's inn
Hadden Alexander & Sons, worsted spinners, hosiers & carpet manufacturers, 2 Oatlane, Wood street, & at Aberdeen
Hadden Alex. merchant & manufacturer, 12 Paucras lane, Bucklersbury
Hadden George, merchant, 2 King street, Cheapside
Haddingham Mary (Mrs.), & Thomas, saddlers, 35 Hosier lane, ##
Haddock Henry, stationer & account book maker, 103 Borough High street
Haddock Theophilus M. chemist, 170 Sloane street, Chelsea
Haddon Charles, gold & silver beater, 61 Old street, St. Luke's
Haddon John, printer, 24 Castle street, City road
Haddon Samuel, Essex Coffee House P.H, 41 Aldgate High street
Haddon William, cattle salesman, 17 West Smithfield
Haddow George, tailor, 12 Cloth fair, West Smithfield
Haden Henry Hugh, grocer, 63 Strutton ground, Westminster
Haden William, carpenter & packing case maker, 21 Quaker street, Spitalfields
Hadfield Thomas, hat & bonnet manufacturer, 9 Edward street, Blkfriars road
Hadkiss Amy (Mrs.), file cutter. 46 Grey eagle street, Spitalfields
Hadkiss Thomas, file & rasp cutter, 164 Brick lane, Spitalfields
Hadland & Shillingford, manchester warehousemen, 115 & 116 Cheapside
Hadland Charles, lace warehouseman, 6 Gutter lane, Cheapside
Hadland Henry, cheesemonger, 34 Holborn hill
Hadland James, butcher, 62 Whitechapel road
Hadland John Thomas, bookseller & stationer, 90 Queen street, Cheapside
Hadley, Simpkin & Co. fire engine makers, 63 Long acre
Hadley Augustus, merchant & agent, 15 Throgmorton street
Hadley George, smith, &c. 3 Skinner street, Bishopsgate
Hadley Richard, hairdresser, 10 Marchmont street, Russell square
Hadley Thomas, Queens Arms P.H. 28 St. Martin's le Grand
Hadlow Henry, surgeon, 32 Jewry street, Aldgate
Hadlow Sam. J. dealer in government securities, Auction Mart
Hadman James, bricklayer, 9 Gower place, Euston square
Halnutt George, hosier &c. 70 Charlotte terrace, New cut, Lambeth
Hadnutt James, antique furniture dealer, 122 Wardour street, Soho
Hadnutt William, builder, 5 William street, Lambeth Lower marsh
Haslow James E. sworn broker & agent, see Forman & Hadow
Hadow Patrick D. barrister, 4 Harcourt buildings, Temple
Hadrell John, Bell P.H. 29 Great Bush lane
Hadwen Rd. Sparling, solicitor, 16 Clifford's inn, Fleet street
Haedy Christopher, attorney, Bedford office, Montague street, Bloomsby
Haes David & Sons, exchange & stock brokers, 15 Throgmorton street
Haeskell Charles John, tailor, 125 New Bond street
Haffenden John, Son & Co. merchants, 25 Coleman street
Haffenden George, milkman, 79 Charlotte street, Portland place
Hagan John, Kings Arms P.H. 23 Poland street, Oxford street
Hagan Stephen, corset maker, 16 Woodstock street, Oxford street
Hagen Jacob & Son, merchants, Mill street, Dockhead, Bermondsey
Hager John, dining rooms, 347 Oxford street
Hagerty John, smith & ironmonger, 7 Church lane, Commercial road
Haggard John, D.C.L. advocate, 4 College, Doctors' commons
Haggard William Meybohm Rider, barrister, 12 Paperbuildings, Temple
Hagger Henry & James, fringe maker, 9 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Hagger Edward, fringe & trimming maker, 178 Oxford street
Hagger Edward, italian warehouse, 22 Lamb's Conduit street, Foundling
Hagger John, fringemaker, 15 Southampton row, Russell square
Hagger Thomas, coffee rooms, 49 Whitcombe street, Haymarket
Haggis William Tudsbery, surveyor, 2 Church lane, Limehouse
Haggitt John, fancy hosier, 5 Goldsmith street, Wood street
Haghan Francis, Three Mariners P.H. 30 Wapping wall
Haghe Louis, lithographer, see Day & Haghe
Hagmair Anthony, pork butcher, 64 Ratcliff highway
Hague, Millar & Grant, engineers, millwrights, machinists, ironfounders & boiler makers, Wapping wall
Hague James, dentist & cupper, 57 Bridge road, Lambeth
Hague John, engineer, millwright, &c. Thames iron works, Bull head dock, 286 Rotherhithe
Hague Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 70 Strutton ground, Westminster
Hague Thomas, architect, &c. 12 King's road, Bedford row
Haig James, barrister, 1 Stone buildings, Lincoln's inn
Haig John, pianoforte manufacturer, 2 Walworth place, Walworth
Haigh Abraham. theatrical hosier, 12 Charles street, Covent garden
Haig George, saddler, 7 Portman place, Edgware road
Haigh Francis, leech dealer, 30 St. John's street road
Haigh Henry, tailors' trimming seller, 79 Drury lane
Haigh Jonathan, tailor, 57 Margaret street, Cavendish square
Haigh Joseph, boarding house, 23 St. John square, Clerkenwell
Haigh William, corkcutter, 14 Church lane, Commercial road, Whitechapel
Haigh William, merchant, 6 Crosby square, Bishopsgate
Haigh William, printer, 10 Water street, Strand
Haigh William Buckley, grocer, l Wellington terrace, Liverpool road
Haile James, fruiterer, 1 Gresse street, Tottenham court road
Hailes James C. stationer & fancy repository, 104 Leadenhall street
Hailes Nathaniel, bookseller, stationer & juvenile library, 12 Old Bond street
Hailing Rd. carriage warehouse, Bazaar, 4 & 5 King street, Portman square
Hailstone John, shoemaker, see Vaudervell & Hailstone
Hailstone Robert, mans' mercer, see Lewin & Hailstone
Haime Ann (Mrs.), egg merchant, 8 Borough market
Hain Charles, cheesemonger, 22 High street, Portland town
Haines Edw. W. & Samuel, attorneys, 29 Tavistock place, Tavistock square
Haines & Jennings, undertakers, &c. 61 Fore street, City
Haines Abhim. & Son, wholesale cheesemongers, 52 Halfmoon street, City
Haines Elizabeth (Mrs.), corndealer, 5 Clifton street, Finsbury
Haines Geo. auctioneer & estate agent, 7 Park side, Knightsbr
Haines George, bookseller, &c. 47 Rose street, Covent garden
Haines George, estate agent, 9 Grosvenor row, Pimlico
Haines George, tailor, 8 Great Dover street, Borough
Haines Henry, appraiser, auctioneer, &c., 61 Fore street, Cripplegate
Haines Henry John, silk broker, see Grelliers' & Haines
Haines John, Duchess of Cornwall P.H. 75 Cornwall road
Haines John, oil & color & italian warehouse, 22 Lime street
Haines John, Thistle & Crown P.H. 39 St. Martin's lane
Haines John, wine & brandy &c merchant, 12 High street, Kensington
Haines Rd. fruiterer, 2 Ship tavern passage, Leadenhall market
Haines Richard, poulterer, 51 New Bond street
Haines Samuel, tailor & draper, 11 High street, Kensington
Haines Thomas, bootmaker, 8 Thornton street, Horselydown
Haines Thomas, butcher, 3 Grosvenor row, Pimlico
Haines Thomas, Victoria P.H. Stoke Newington road
Haines William, ham dealer, 11 Middle row, Knightsbridge
Haines William, stationer & news agent, 24 Fetter lane, Fleet street
Haining & Fergusson, drapers, 6 Sudeley street, City road
Hains Henry, curiosity dealer, 1 Robin Hood lane, Poplar
Hains Jane (Miss) milliner, 65 New Bond street
Hains John, butcher, 1 Windsor place, Old Kent road
Hains Thomas, butcher, 48 Bermondsey square
Hainstock John, brewer, 4 Tabernacle square, Finsbury
Hainsworth Isaac, Tower P.H. 13 & 14 Tower street, Seven Dials
Hair Powder Office, Somerset house
Hair George Bush, watch & clockmaker, 129 Borough High street
Hair Quintin B. surgeon dentist, 37 Bruton street, Bond street
Hairby William, surgeon, 6 Marlborough place, Walworth road
Hake William Augustus B. barrister, 5 Crown office row, Temple
Hakes James, Hakes Hotel, 8 Manchester square
Hakewell Arthur William, architect, 46 Leicester square
Hakewill & Willson, house painters, 12 Bulstrode street, Manchester square
Hakewill John Henry, architect, 8 Craig's court, Charing cross
Halcombe John, serjeant at law, 3 Serjeants inn, Chancery lane
Halcrow James John, tobacconist & library, 18 East road, City road
Haldane Alexander, barrister, 4 Carey street, Lincoln's inn
Haldane George, barrister, 6 Stone buildings, Lincoln's inn
Haldane John, shawl warehouseman, 46 Bow lane, Cheapside
Haldane John, tailor, 18 Old Burlington street
Halden John, fruiterer, 42 Robert street, Hoxton
Haldren Joshua (agent to W. & R. Turner), flannel manufacturers, 3 Sambrook court, Basinghall street
Hale, Boys & Austen, attorneys, 6 Ely place, Holborn
Hale (Ford) & Son, wax & tallowchandlers, 7 Cannon street
Hale Lucy & Eliza, ladies' shoemaker, 1 Charlotte street, Bedford square
Hale & Morris, law writers, 63 Carey street, Lincoln's inn
Hale & Pope, coach maker, 80 Margaret street, Cavendish square
Hale Benjamin, butcher, Elm lane, Bayswater
Hale Edward Cox, bookseller &c. 6 Barnsbury street, Liverpool road
Hale Ford jun. merchant & importer of oils, see Long & Hale
Hale George bootmaker, 13 Tavistock street, Covent garden
Hale George, brewer, 9, 10, 11 & 12 Redcross street, Cripplegate
Hale James, bedding manufacturer, 12 Green Dragon yard, High Holborn
Hale James, watch motion maker, 17 President street east, Goswell road
Hale John, Hat & Feathers P. H. 164 Goswell street
Hale John Richard Westgarth, barrister, 23 Chancery lane
Hale John William, average stater, Lloyd's, & 1 White lion court, Cornhill
Hale Joseph, cheesemonger, 152 Bermondsey street
Hale Joseph, cheesemonger, 147 Bethnal green road
Hale Joseph, tobacconist, 91 Berwick street, Soho
Hale Joseph Richard, hairdresser, 17 High street, Pentonville
Hale Marcus, tobacconist, 36 Gresse street, Tottenham court road
Hale Samuel, boot & shoemaker, 18 Cirencester place, Fitzroy square
Hale Samuel Edward Peacock, oilman, see Fenning & Hale
Hale Stephen, Waterloo Hotel, see Hanwell & Hale
Hale Thomas, brass & metal founder, Pleasant place, Broadwall
Hale Thomas, butcher, 80 Great Tower street, City
Hale Thomas, carpenter, &c. 58 Southampton street, Pentonville
Hale Thomas, watch motion maker, 6 St. James' street, Clerkenwell
Hale Warren S. moulded, wax, patent sperm & tallow candle manufacturer, 21 Cateaton street, & 119 Bunhill row
Hale William, dairyman, 14 Southampton street, Fitzroy square
Hales James, cheesemonger, 52 Chapel street, Pentonville
Hales Joseph, butcher, 102 Crawford street, Portman square
Hales Peter, baker, 13 Church lane, Commercial road
Hales Thomas, brass & copper wire drawer, 117 Fenchurch street
Hales Thomas, cabinet & chair manufacturer & upholsterer, 2 New court, Bow lane, & 96 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square
Hales William, appraiser & broker, 29 (it. St. Andrew street, Seven Dials
Hales William, fruiterer, 1 Carthusian street, Charterhouse square
Haley John Rd. & Co. Britannia P.H. 83 High street, Camden town
Haley Maria (Mrs.), potato dealer, South row, Covent garden market
Halfhead Robert, cowkeeper, 24 Worship street, Finsbury
Halfhide George & Son, seal engravers, &c. 7 Coventry street
Halfhide Thomas, smith & bellhanger, 231 Upper Thames street
Halford & Co. navy agents, 41 Norfolk street, Strand
Halford Elizh (Mrs.), cabinet maker, 7 St. Agnes terrace, Finsbury
Halford Sir Henry, bart. physician, 16 Curzon street, Mayfair
Halford Henry, sen. butcher, 6 Norfolk place, Lower road, Islington
Halford James, baker, 14 Down street, Piccadilly
Halford John, hatter, 104 St. John street, West Smithfield
Halford Rt. Gray, working jeweller, 10 Berkeley street, Clerkenwell
Halfpenny Joseph, Bell P.H. 8 Little Titchfield street, Portland place
Halfpenny Thomas, carpenter, &c. 26 St. Anns court, Dean street, Soho
Halket Dayid, insurance broker, ship & general agent, 19 St. Helen's place
Halksworth William, watchmaker, jeweller & engraver, 58 Fleet street
Hall & Allan, linendrapers, &c. 69, 70 & 71 St. Paul's church yard
Hall Benjamin & Son, saddlers, 15 Down street, Piccadilly
Hall, Bishop & Mourilyan, attorneys, 2 Verulam buildings, Gray's inn
Hall & Boyd, sugar refiners, Breezer's hill, Ratcliff Highway
Hall Brothers, hat manufacturers & furriers, 130 London wall
Hall & Carey, ship & insurance brokers, 6 Circus, Minories
Hall & Davidson, flour factors, 1 Circus place, London wall
Hall Edward & Co. ink manufacturers, 5 Greville street, Hatton garden
Hall George & Co. woollen manufacturers, 59 Aldermanbury
Hall George & Son, linendrapers, 69 Bishopsgate without

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