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London Street Directory in 1843 - C11

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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Cockburn Archbold & Co. wine merchants, 161 New Bond street
Cockburn Brothers & Co. merchants, 60 Mark lane
Cockburn (J.)& Campbell, wine merchants, 19 Edward street, Langham place
Cockburn & Co. bankers, 4 Whitehall
Cockburn J. & Co. east india merchants & general agents, 11 New Broad street
Cockburn Alexander Edward. Q.C. barrister, 4 Elm court, Temple
Cockburn George, stationer & bookseller, 9 Aldgate
Cockburn Matthew, White Hart P.H. 32 Shadwell High street
Cockburn Robert, Falcon P.H. 28 Old Fish street
Cocke Josiah J. & Son, irish & foreign provision brokers, 6 Rood lane
Cocke Archibald, surgeon, 7 Ulster place, New road
Cocke Arthur, surgeon, 33 Howland street, Fitzroy square
Cockell Stephen, timber merchant, Church street, Deptford
Cocker Alfred Richard, attorney, 11 Nassau street, Soho square
Cocker George, china & spa manufacturer, 8 Chenies street,
Cockerell & Clarke, upholsterers, &c. 47 Blackman street, Borough
Cockerell & Co. merchants & east india agents, 8 Austin friars
Cockerell George William & Son, auctioneers & agents, 17 Blackman street
Cockerell & Stockwell, bootmakers, 65 Fleet street
Cockerell Edward, grocer, 86 Gray's inn lane
Cockerell George Joseph, coal merchant, Dye House wharf, Clink street, & 25 Park street, Southwar
Cockerell James, auctioneer & appraiser, 32 Great Charlotte street, Blackfriars
Cockerell John Christopher, coffee rooms, 16 King street, Westminster
Cockerell Samuel Pepys, barrister, 7 Old square, Lincoln's inn
Cockerill Daniel, butcher, 12 Broadway, Ludgate hill
Cockerill Daniel, cattle salesman, 60 West Smithfield
Cockerill Edward, cheesemonger, 1 Greenland place, Cromer street
Cockerill Joseph, bricklayer, 40 Little Bartholomew close
Cockers Edwin, boarding house, 78] Queen street, Cheapside
Cockerton & Dunn, proprietors of the Royal City of London Theatre, 36 Norton folgate
Cockerton Joseph & Son, merchants, 2 Austin friars
Cockerton John, Vine P.H. 25 Minories
Cockerton Joseph, Royal Hospital P.H. 9 Franklin row, Chelsea
Cockett Fred. Crown P.H. 12 Vinegar yard, Brydges street, Covent garden
Cockhead Richard, Red Lion & Still P.H., 172 Drury lane
Cockin & Seamer, silk manufacturers, 5 Milk sstreet, Cheapside
Cocking George, carpenter, 2 Old Boswell court, Strand
Cocking James tailor, 65 Southampton street, Pentonville
Cocking Samuel, Hair dresser & perfumer, 5 Lombard street, Chelsea
Cocking Thomas, chemist, &c. 19 Great Portland street, Oxford street
Cockings Edward & Thomas, tinplate workers, 145 Long acre
Cockle James & John, surgeons, 18 New Ormond street, Queen square
Cockie John, physician, 107 Guilford street, Russell square
Cockle Richard, Depository of the British & Foreign Bible Society, 10 Earl street, Blackfriars
Cockley Isaac, cheesemonger, 89 Upper Whitecross street, St. Luke's
Cockman & Windmill, saddlers, &c. 74 George street, Portman square
Cockman Walter, oil & colorman, 32 Aldersgate street
Cockram John, carman, 3 French hornyard, 87 High Holborn
Cockrell Edward, woolbroker, 8 Basinghall street
Cockrell James, leather cutter, 53 Snow's fields, Bermondsey
Cockrell John, grocer, &c.3 Samson place, Grange road, Bermondsey
Cockrell John, woolbroker, 8 Basinghall street
Cockrell Robert, wool agent, 8 Basinghall street
Cockrill Joseph, meat salesman, 23 Newgate market
Cocks Robert & Co. by special appointment, importer & publishers of foreign music to her Majesty, 20 Princes street, Hanover square
Cocks & Biddulph, bankers, 43 Charing cross
Cocks Frank, carver & gilder, 16 Charles street, Manchester square
Cocks James, pork butcher, 35 High street, Kensington
Cocks John, painter, 2 Jewin court, Jewin street
Cocks John, Shakspeares Head P.H. 46 Perceval street, Clerkenwell
Cocks. Susannah (Mrs.), wholesale pewterer, 66 Snowhill
Cockshott Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 32 Oxenden street, Haymarket
Codd Messrs. army agents, 15 Fludyer street, Westminster
Codd Arthur Gamble, special pleader, 3 Middle Temple lane
Coddrington James, William the Fourth P.H. Albion terrace, Wandsworth road
Codner Richard, cider merchant, Hay's wharf, Tooley street
Coe & Paterson, solicitors, 8 queen street place, Upper Thames street
Coe Daniel, baker, I Caroline street, Camden town
Coe Fred. William, attorney & paris agent, 2 Field court, Gray's inn
Coe George, coachmaker, York place, Westminster road, & 29 Bridport place, New North road
Coe James, surveyor, l Carpenter's buildings, London wall
Coe James, jun. architect draftsman, 1 Carpenters buildings
Coe Lydia (Mrs.), haberdasher, 110 Golden lane, St. Luke's
Coe Thomas Henry, printer, 27 Old Change
Coe William, looking glass maker, 5 New inn street, Shoreditch
Coe William, portfolio maker, 2 Poppin's court, Fleet street
Coe William, tailor, 30 St. Martin's street, Leicester square
Coeuret Jean Pierre Francis, confectioner, 53A, Drury lane
Coffee Henry, modeller, 6A, Oxford market
Cogan Rt. glass, lead & color warehouse, 5 Princes street, Ileicester square
Cogan Robert, glass shade & gas lamp warehouse, 48 Leicester square
Cogan William, gasfitter, 16 Munster street, Regent's park
Cogar William Abram, bootmaker, 23 New street, Covent garden
Cogdon Samuel, child bed linen warehouse, 9 Crawford street
Coggan Hezekiah D. manchester warehouseman. 172 Aldersgate street
Cogger John, fruit salesman, 64 Farringdon market
Cogger Thomas, engineer & printer Essex street, Bouverie street
Cogger William, wholesale wire worker, 131 Blackfriars road
Coggerife John Peter, mackintosh cap maker, 1 Dacre street, Westminster
Coggiles Joseph, public library &c. Hornton street, Kensington
Coggins John, fruiterer, 21 Upper Marylebone street
Coghill Anthony, cheesemonger, 186 Lambeth walk
Coghill Donald, baker, 5 Maiden lane, Covent garden
Coghlan Charles, cabinet maker, 3 Winsley street, Oxford street
Cogswell Benjamin, gun & pistol warehouse, 224 Strand
Coham John Joachim, surgeon, 27 Dorset street, Portman square
Cohan Aaron, slopseller, 119 Cock hill, Ratcliff
Cohen Aaron & Co. general merchants, 5 York place, Kent street road
Cohen Henry & Co. slopsellers, 31 Red Lion street, Spitalfields
Cohen Henry Hymen & Co. merchants, 48 Lime street
Cohen Judah & Sons, west india merchants, 58 Mansell street
Cohen Philip & Son, bottle merchants, 68 & 69 Lant street, Borough
Cohen & Soloman, general dealers, 4 Chalcroft terrace, Lambeth
Cohen Solomon & Co. artificial florists, 20 Little Carter lane
Cohen Aaron, iron dealer, 64 Cowcross street
Cohen Abraham, carpet dealer, 88 Long alley, Finsbury
Cohen Abraham M. paper stainer, 100 Fenchurch street
Cohen Asher, blacklead pencil maker, 23 Groves street Commercial road east
Cohen David Abrahams, pencil maker, 40 Minories
Cohen Edward, ship custom house & general agent, 3 Rood lane, Fenchurch street
Cohen Eleanor (Mrs.), general outfitter, 68 Ratcliff Highway
Cohen Elias, orange merchant, 1 St. James's place, Aldgate
Cohen Emanuel, carpet & sponge importer 28 Church street, Spitalfields
Cohen Harriet (Miss), boot & shoe warehouse,  3 1/2 Sydney alley
Cohen Henry, tailor, &c. 33 London road, Southwark
Cohen Herman Jacob, merchant, 12 Great Prescot street, Goodman's fields
Cohen Hyman Benjamin, tailor, &c. 78 Minories
Cohen Hymen, merchant, 38 Mansell street, Goodman's fields .
Cohen Isaac, stockbroker, 50 Threadneedle street
Cohen Israel, Black Lion P. H. 99 Middlesex street, Whitechapel
Cohen Jacob, confectioner, 86 St. John street, Clerkenwell
Cohen Joseph, tobacconist, 136 Houndsditch
Cohen Lewis, bone merchant & soap maker, 139 New Gravel lane, Shadwell
Cohen Lewis, merchant, 65 Great Prescot street, Goodman's fields
Cohen Louis, stockbroker, 59 Threadneedle street, 85 South street, Finsbury
Cohen Moses, curiosity dealer, 12 Charles street, Soho square
Cohen Moses, rag merchant, 1 Roebuck terrace,Great Dover road
Cohen Phillip, bottle dealer, 10 Parsonage row, Newington butts
Cohen Sarah (Miss), tobacconist, 31 Well street, Wellclose square
Cohen Sim, china & glass warehouse, 46 Leman street, Goodinan's fields
Cohen Solomon, black lead, black lead pencil, sealing wax, & wafer manufacturer, 42 Great Prescot street, Goodman's fields
Cohen Solomon, merchant, 3 Pope's head alley, Cornhill
Cohen Solomon, slopseller, 168 Tooley street
Cohill Emma (Miss), tobacconist, 106 St. John street, Smithfield
Cohu Andrew, jun. east india merchant, 33 St. Mary Axe
Cokely William, telescope coverer & manufacturer of leather sling cases for telescopes, 23 Richard street, Commercial road
Coker William & Son, riggers, shipchandlers &c. Narrow street, Ratcliff
Coker William, boot & shoemaker, 19 Rathbone place, Oxford street
Cokes John, butcher, 54 Goswell street
Colam James, ham & tongue dealer, 5 Charterhouse street
Colbatch Thomas, manufacturer of sewing silks, twists, buttons, &c. 48 Aldermanbury, & at Leek
Colbourn James, butcher, 16 Cumberland row, King's cross
Colbran James, Spread Eagle Tavern, l Pratt street, Lambeth
Colbron John, staymaker, 53 Rathbone place, Oxford street
Colbron William, tailor, 4 Mill street, Hanover square
Colbrook Henry, teadealer, 19 Blackmoor street, Drury lane
Colburn Henry, bookseller & publisher, 13 Great Marlborough street
Colby Joseph John, wood turner, 16 Fleet lane, Farringdon street
Colchester William G. russia broker, 58 Threadneedle street & Baltic
Colddred Walter, grocer, 1 Ladbroke grove, Notting hill
Coldham William, grocer, 67 High street, Camden town
Coldrick Joseph, tailor, 34 University street, Tottenham court road
Coldwell John, baker, 6 Aldenham terrace, Pancras road
Coldwell Robert, writing, dressing, & jewel case manufacturer, 15 Great May's buildings, St. Martin's lane
Coldwell William, surveyor, 28 Kings square, Goswell road
Coldwell William, baker, 88 Chalton street, Somers town
Cole Alfred J. Son & Leach, importers of foreign toys, 25 Basing lane, Bread street, Cheapside
Cole & Bond, wine merchants, 101 Fenchurch street
Cole George & John, masons & builders, 18 Cursitor street, Chancery lane
Cole & Hussey, bootmakers, 23 Greek street, Soho
Cole & Hussey, bootmakers, 210 Strand
Cole & Mullens, stockbrokers, 3 Lombard street
Cole, Nichols & Co. merchants, 34 Dowgate hill
Cole Samuel & Co. coach builders, 49 Ratcliff highway
Cole Samuel & Son, tailors, 60 Wells street, Oxford street
Cole William & Son, bricklayers & builders, 29 Great Barlow street, Marylebone
Cole Alfred, grocer, 22 Bridport place, New North road
Cole Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 262 Regent street
Cole Ann (Mrs.) tobacconist, 2 South row, New road
Cole Beaumont, coach currier, 4 Princes street, Bedford row
Cole Charles, livery stables, 31 Worcester street, Borough
Cole Charles Nicholas, solicitor, 131)oughty street, Foundling
Cole Daniel, baker, Kingsland green
Cole Daniel, linendraper, 22 Blandford street, Portman square
Cole Ebenezer, news agent, 16 St. Saviour's church yard. Borough
Cole Edward, grocer, 16 New Church court, Strand
Cole Elizabeth (Miss), milliner, 33 Warwick street, Golden square
Cole Elizab. R. (Mrs.), clothworker & presser,l Little St. Mary axe
Cole Elizabeth Rushon (Mrs.), engraver & printer, 14 Goswell street
Cole George Fras. glass cutter, 15 Wild court, Lincoln's inn fields
Cole George Wellesley, tallowchandler, 157 Tooley street
Cole Henry Warwick, barrister, 40 Chancery lane
Cole Henry William, oil & mediterranean produce broker, see Aylwin, Bevan & Co.
Cole Hester (Mrs.), fruiterer, Long market, Covent garden market
Cole Jacob, hatter, 23 Bridge street, Westminster
Cole James, brush manufacturer, 3 Youls place, Old Kent road
Cole James, cooper, 13 Fleet lane, Farringdom street
Cole James, hosier, 427 Oxford street
Cole James, provision dealer, 20 High street, Newington butts
Cole James, White Hart P.H. 135 Poplar High street
Cole James F. chronometer, &c. 9 Motcomb street, Belgrave square
Cole James Francis, pumpmaker & wellsinker, New Weston street, Bermondsey
Cole James Robert, surgeon, 6 Middle row, Knightsbridge
Cole John, butcher, 21 Liquorpond street, Gray's inn lane
Cole John, fruiterer & greengrocer, 74 Gray's inn lane
Cole John, painter & glazier, 32 Park street, Dorset square
Cole John, solicitor, 4 Adelphi terrace
Cole John, surgeon, 6 Charlotte street, Bedford square
Cole John, wholesale druggist, 101 High Holborn
Cole John J. architect, 57 Norton street, Fitzroy square
Cole Joseph, house agent, 2 Somers place west, Somers town
Cole Joseph jun. auctioneer, &c. 15 Seymour street, Euston square
Cole Michael, writer & grainer, 24 King street, Golden square
Cole Robert, Crown Tavern, 7 Stationers court, Ludgate hill
Cole Robert, pawnbroker, 28 East street, Walworth
Cole Robert, solicitor, 14 Tokenhouse yard
Cole Samuel, coffee rooms, 152 Ratcliff Highway
Cole Samuel, plumber, &c. 27 Museum street, Bloomsbury
Cole Sarah (Mrs.), window blind maker, 206 Whitechapel road
Cole Thomas, carpet & rug manufacturer, 18 Newgate street
Cole Thomas, coachmaker, see Wiseman & Cole
Cole Thomas, grocer, &c. 95 Brown street, Bryanstone square
Cole Thomas, hatter, 92 Gracechurch street
Cole Thomas, mathematical instrument maker, 21 Hannibal road, Stepney green
Cole Thomas, pawnbroker, 95 & 96 Waterloo road
Cole Thomas, teadealer, 33 Villiers street, Strand
Cole Thomas Henry, provision broker & agent, 2 Brabant court, Philpot lane
Cole William, auctioneer, appraiser &c. 25 Old street, St. Luke's
Cole William, baker, 11 Paddington street, Marylebone
Cole William, carver & gilder, 16 Pierpoint row, Islington green
Cole William, fishmonger, see Oliff & Cole
Cole William, tailor, 74 Old street road
Cole William, Henry, baker, 4 Upper Porchester street, Edgware road
Cole William Robert, barrister, 1 Elm court, Temple
Colebatch Edward, builder, 52 Church street, Minories
Colebatch George, surveyor & builder, 52 Church street, Minories
Colebatch Joseph, warehousekeeper & custom house agent, 60 Lower Thames street
Colebeck Thomas, bootmaker, 20 New Union street, Little Moorfields
Colebeck William, boot & shoe maker, 8 North street, Finsbury
Colebourn Henry, surgeon, 28 Harleyford place, Kennington
Colebrook Henry, butcher, 131 Tottenham court road
Colebrook Robert M. oyster salesman, 38 St. Mary at hill
Coleby Sam. copper plate & letterpress printer, 5 Whiskin street, Clerkenwell
Coleby Thomas Taylor, surgeon, 2 Crucifix lane, Bermondsey
Colegrave David, haberdashery agent, 62 Aldermanbury
Coleing James, Old George & Dragon P.H. 81 Leather lane
Coleman Brothers, hatters, 60 & 61 Chiswell street, Finsbury
Coleman Jacob & Co. tailors & drapers, 74 Union street, Borough
Coleman Richard & William, trunkmakers, 13 Dowgate hill
Coleman Benjamin, salesman, South row, Covent garden market
Coleman Charles, merchant, 64 Cornhill
Coleman Edward, baker, 20 Red Lion street, Whitechapel High street
Coleman Edward, linendraper, 99 High street, Camden town
Coleman Edward, stationer & printer, 259 Poplar High street
Coleman Francis, hatmaker, 267 Borough High street
Coleman Frank, linendraper, see Gawtrey & Coleman
Coleman George, grocer,39 Marshall street, Golden square
Coleman Henry Sherard, wine merchant, see Polhill & Coleman
Coleman Jacob, tailor, 2 York street, Westminster
Coleman Janes Beary, Wheatsheaf Tavern, 72 Lower Thames street
Coleman James, carpenter & undertaker, 7 Church street, St. Saviour's, Borough
Coleman James, cattle salesman, see Ebsworth & Coleman
Coleman James, chemist & druggist, 58 Hoxton Old town
Coleman James Edward, accountant, 1 Walbrook buildings, Walbrook
Coleman John, printer, 13 Cambridge street, Golden square
Coleman John, wholesale druggist, see Howard & Coleman
Coleman Joseph, baker, 15 Mount row, Islington [mondsey
Coleman Mary Ann (Mrs.) soda watermaker, 32 Baalzephon street, Bermondsey
Coleman Michael, glass & china warehouse, 22 King's row, Pimlico
Coleman Richard. bricklayer, &c. 19 Philip laue, London wall
Coleman Robert, fruiterer, 3 Pont street, Cadogan place, Chelsea
Coleman Robert, merchant & insurance broker, 33 Clement's lane

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