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London Street Directory in 1843 - B21

This is the entirety of the 1843 London Post office directory, as it is added.

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Brodie Sir Benj. C. bart. surgeon, 14 Saville row, Piccadilly
Brodie Harriet (Mrs.), baker, 2 Lower York place, Kentish town
Brodie James, Fountain P.H. 4 Foster lane, Cheapside
Brodie John, house & ship joiner, 34 Wapping High street
Brodie John Clater, artists’ colorman, 79 Long acre
Brodie John Clater, wholesale artists', painters,' & grainers' brush manufacturer. 79 Long acre
Brodie Mary (Mrs.), baby linen warehouse, 2 Brook street, Hanover square
Brodie Peter Bellinger, barrister, 49 Lincoln's inn fields
Brodie William, house & ship joiner, 17 Great Hermitage street, Wapping
Brodie William, working cutler, 30 Little Pulteney street, Golden square
Brodigan Francis, barrister 4 Garden court, Temple
Brodribb Edward, tea broker, see Lloyd, Stewart & Broadribb
Brodribb Francis Bower, soapmaker, see Smith & Brodribb
Brodribb William, surgeon, 12 Bloomsbury square
Brodrick William, solicitor, see Bell, Brodrick & Bell
Brodum Jones, surgeon dentist, 13 Little Queen street, Holborn
Brogden Henry, clothworker & presser, 8 New inn yard, Shoreditch
Brogden James, composition doll maker, 5 Cross street, Hatton garden
Brogden John, wholesale jeweller, see Watherston & Brogden
Brokovski Augustus, ship chandler, 216 Wapping High street
Bromage Charles, dyer & scourer, 6 Cleveland street, Mile end road
Broinage Thomas, account bookmanufacturer &c. 3 Sonthampton court, Queen square
Bromhold Joseph Crawford, barrister, 8 Old square, Lincolns inn
Bromfield & Aldwincle, chemists, 237 Tottenham court road
Bromfield George, brush manufacturer &c. 37 Bridgehouse place, Borough
Bromilow Adam, barrister, 11 New square, Lincoln's inn
Bromley & Crush, pawnbrokers, 55 Museum street, Bloombury
Bromley & Drake, glass & lead merchants, 315 Oxford street
Bromley John & Son, surveyors, 17 King's place, Commercial road east
Bromley Edward, straw hat manufacturer, see Gray & Bromley
Bromley Henry, window blind maker, 5 Athol place, Pentonville
Bromley James, pawnbroker, 11 Broadway, Ludgate hill
Bromley Jeremiah, stove grate maker, 144 Whitechapel road
Bromley Jeremiah, window glass merchant, 14 King's place, Commercial road east
Bromley John, stationer, &c. see Carter & Bromley
Bromley Joseph Warner, attorney, 1 South square, Gray's inn
Bromley Robert Holme, bootmaker, 16 Great Sutton street, Clerkenwell
Bromley Samuel, cheesemonger, 8 & 154 Lambeth walk
Bromley Thomas, wine cooper,23 Great Barlow street, Marylebone
Bromley Thomas How, Paul Pindar P.H. 169 Bishopsgate without
Bromley William, solicitor, 3 Gray's inn square
Bromwich James, cattle salesman, 41 West Smithfield
Bromwich Owen, baker, 37 Crawford street, Portman square
Brook & Benn, iron & brass foundry, Hickman's folly, Dockhead
Brook Joseph, Sons & Co. wool merchants, 18 King's arms yard, Coleman street
Brook Richard & Son, goldsmiths, 1 Poultry
Brook & Smith, ship & insurance brokers & general agents, 2 Catherine court, Trinity square, Tower hill
Brook William Wicking & Richard, melters & tallow chandlers, Southwark bridge road & 105 Blackman street, Borough
Brook Benjn, corndealer, 64 Seymour place, Bryanstone square
Brook Charles, fruiterer, 4 New Church street, Lisson grove
Brook Hazel, pilot, 33 Bedford street, Commercial road
Brook Henry, lace warehouse, &c. 41 Newington causeway
Brook Isaac, boot & shoe maker, 8 Hayes court, Soho
Brook James, butcher, 8 Walkers court, Golden square
Brook James Bird, solicitor, 13 Tooks court chambers, Chancery lane
Brook Joseph, baker, 9 High street, Portland town
Brook Joseph, undertaker, Byde's place, Shoreditch
Brook Rd. cheesemonger, 9 Upper Southwick street north, Hyde park
Brook Thomas, pawnbroker, 130 Upper Whitecross street, St. Luke's
Brook Thomas Berchley, straw plat dealer, 165 Union street, Borough
Brook Thomas George, miniature painter, 48 Crawford street
Brook William, harness maker, 1 Grange road, Bermondsey
Brookbank Mans. furniture broker, 23 Colvil court, Fitzroy square
Brookbank William, tailor, 19 George street, Adelphi
Brooke & Cutler, colonial law agents, 16 Furnival's inn
Brooke Charles, surgeon, 29 Keppel street, Russell square
Brooke Edward, lamp & oil warehouse, 53 Lambs's Conduit street
Brooke Elizabeth.(Mrs.), ironmonger & fancy tin mould maker, cutter & docker maker to pastrycook, 139 High Holborn
Brooke George, coachmaker, Queen's head yard, Great Queen street, Lincolns inn fields
Brooke George, poultry & game salesman, 16 Great St. Helen's
Brooke George, poultry & game salesman, Leadenhall market
Brooke Hen. Dyson, game & poultry salesman, Leadenhall market
Brooke Henry James, sec. to London Life Assurance, 81 King William street, City
Brooke James, conveyancer, 16 Furnival's inn
Brooke John, furnishing ironmonger, see Kelk & Brooke
Brooke William, colonial broker, 25 Mincing lane
Brooke William, tobacconist, 167 Hoxton Old town
Brooke William, wholesale hardwareman, jeweller, cutler, &c. 9 Tothill street, Westminster, & 1 & 2 Brooke terrace, King's road, Chelsea
Brooke William Anthony, Red Lion P.H. 21 Basing lane, Bread street
Brooke Zachary, attorney, 17 Featherstone buildings, Holborn
Brooker & Harrison, copper & steel plate printers, 29 & 30 Castle street east, Oxford street
Brooker George, grainer, 27 Berwick street, Pimlico
Brooker James, irish provision merchant, 3 Bridge row, Pimlico
Brooker John, beer engine maker, 54 1/2 Great Guildford street, Borough
Brooker John, cattle salesman, 17 West Smithfield
Brooker John, look, glass maker, 5 Southampton row, Russell square
Brookery Peter, fishmonger, 16 Lumber court, Seven Dials
Brookes's Club House, (Isaac Halse & Henry Bandcret proprietors & wine merchants), 60 St. James's street, Pall mall
Brookes Anna Maria (Mrs.), academy, 3 Golden square
Brookes Benjamin, Shakespears Head P.H. 60 Drury lane
Brookes Benjamin, surgeon, 37 Bedford street, Covent garden
Brookes John, oil and colorman, 23 Norton folgate
Brookes John, wholesale tallow chandler, 114 Cock hill, Ratcliff
Brookes Joseph, watch spring maker, 5 Berkeley court, Clerkenwell
Brookes Richard, coffee rooms, 2 Osborne street, Whitechapel
Brookes Robert, surgeon, 57 Mount street, Lambeth
Brookes Robert, jun, surgeon, 101 Waterloo road
Brookes Samuel, law stationer, 4A, Took's court, Chanceryla
Brookes William, bootmaker, 1 Chapel place south, South Audley street
Brookes William, cheesemonger, 13 Gilbert street, Grosvenor square
Brookes William McIntosh, architect & surveyor, 6 Adam street, Adelphi
Brookfield Charles Austin, solicitor,5 Raymond buildings, Grays inn
Brookfield Robert, grocer, &c. 161 Sloane street, Chelsea
Brookfield Thomas, brush maker, 1 Andrew place, St. Andrews road
Brookhas William, plumber,&c.14 Upper Kennington lane, Vauxhall
Brooking Samuel, builder, &c. 84 High street, Portland town
Brooking Thomas H. merchant, see Robinson & Brooking
Brookman & Langdon, black lead pencil manufacturers, 28 Great Russell street
Brookman Benj. Half Moon P.H. Halfmoon passage, Leadenhall market
Brookman Charles, hairdresser, 23 New Quebec street
Brooks & Balfour, ship & insurance brokers & commission merchants, 157 Fenchurch street, & at Lloyds
Brooks James S. & James W. attorneys, 29 John street, Bedford row
Brooks George & Co. drugbrokers, 2 Turnwheel lane, Cannon street
Brooks George & Co. turkey carpet warehouse, Turnwheel lane, Cannon street
Brooks & Green, surveyors, land agents &c, 28 Old Bond street
Brooks John A. & Co, linendrapers, 47 Duke street, Manchester square
Brooks Robert & Thomas, booksellers, &c. 8 Baker street, Portman square
Brooks & Son, wine & spirit merchants. 100 Curtain road, Shoreditch
Brooks (Cox) & Sons, pianoforte hammer rail makers, 37 Little Albany street north, Regent's park
Brooks & Wightwick, linendrapers, 106 Borough High street
Brook's Wharf, John Graham, between 48 & 37 Upper Thames street
Brooks Abraham, grocer, 7 Marlborough road, Chelsea
Brooks Alfred, linendraper, l Bermondsey new road
Brooks Alfred, wine merchant, see Justerini S. Brooks
Brooks Ann (Mrs.), Fortune of War P.H. King’s road, Camden town
Brooks Charles, carman, see Hart & Brooks
Brooks David, baker, 4 Shepperton place, New North road
Brooks Edward, silk manufacturer, see Stone & Brooks
Brooks Edward, wax & tallowchandler, 77 Strand
Brook Isaac, boot & shoe maker, 8 Hayes court, Soho
Brook James, butcher, 8 Walkers court, Golden square
Brooks Francis, pianoforte maker, 40 Cleveland street, Fitzroy square
Brooks Francis Henry, banker, see Dixons, Brooks & Dixon
Brooks George, fruiterer, 40 Gilbert street, Oxford street
Brooks George, house decorator, 2 Rawstorne street, Brompton
Brooks George, iromnonger, 18 Charles street, Grosvenor square
Brooks George, orange merchant, ll Borough market
Books George, M.D. surgeon, 1 Middlesex place, New road
Brooks Henry, publisher, printseller, bookseller & news agent, 87 New Bond street
Brooks Henry, carver & gilder, 86 Wardour street, Soho
Brooks Henry, carver & gilder, 113 Wardour street, Soho
Brooks Henry, newsvendor, 33 Poland street, Oxford street
Brooks Henry, newsvendor, 18 Warwick square
Brooks Henry Allen, portrait painter, 31 Oxendon street, Haymarket
Brooks Henry William, cheesemonger, 49 Bath street, City road
Brooks James, hairdresser, 8 Porter street, Soho
Brooks John, account book maker, 72 Farringdon street
Brooks John, butcher, 5 Britannia place, Wandsworth road
Brooks John, carpenter & broker, 6 Salmon lane, Linehouse
Brooks John, fruiterer, 49 Marchmont street, Brunswick square
Brooks John, solicitor, 2 Great James street, Bedford row
Brooks John, stanhope press man. 14 Wild court, Lincoln inn fields
Brooks John, timber merchant, Commercial road, Lambeth
Brooks John Hampton, snuff dealer, 23 & 24 Little Chapel street, Westminster
Brooks Marian (Miss), academy, see Smith & Brooks
Brooks Michael Franklin, Lamb coffee rooms, 32 Lime street
Brooks Nathaniel, silk manufacturer, 25 Spital square
Brooks Robert, butcher, 26 Leigh street, Burton crescent
Brooks Robert, shipowner & merchant, St. Peter's chamber, Cornhill
Brooks Robert, tobacconist, 26 Parker's row, Bermondsey road
Brooks Thomas, baker, 37 Hoxton old town
Brooks Thomas, bootmaker, 15 Mount street, Berkeley square
Brooks Thomas, cheesemonger, 100 Shoreditch
Brooks Thomas, hide & skin broker, see Culverwell & Brooks
Brooks Thomas George, surgeon, 8 Great Earl street, Seven Dials
Brooks Vincent, wholesale stationer, 421 Oxford street
Brooks Walter, tar merchant &c. Caroline wharf, 68 Rotherhithe street
Brooks William, baker, 3 Upper Lisson street, Lisson grove
Brooks William, carver, gilder &c. 14 Great Queen street Lincolns inn fields
Brooks William, pawnbroker, 2 Sidney place, King's road, Chelsea
Brooks William, solicitor, 35 Lincoln's inn fields & Hampstead
Brooks William, tailor, 25 King street, Westminster
Brooks William, window glass merchant, cutter & stainer, diamond setter, &c. 110 Strand
Brooks William Harvey, cheesemonger, 9 Peerless place, City road
Brooksbank Abm. & Sons, leather factor, 7 Newmarket, Bermondsey
Brooksbank & Farn, solicitors, 14 Gray's inn square
Brooksbank John, brush & mat maker, 307 High Holborn
Brooksbank. Theodore, barrister, 3 Crown office row, Temple
Brooksby Chas. feather & fur manufacturer, 4 Woburn basin, Tavistock square
Broom & Bagshaw, accountants, 35 Coleman street
Broon Hen. Chas, wholesale teadealer, 11 Laurence Pountney hill
Broom Herbert, barrister, 5 Essex court, Temple
Broom Joseph, oil & colorman, 1 Rochester row, Vincent square
Brooman Edward, sugar broker, Commercial coffee house, Mincing lane
Broome William & Co. linen warehouse & outfitters, 158 &150 0xford street
Broome Edward, grocer, 2 Brunswick parade, Pentonville
Broome Francis, meat salesman. & provision agent, 10 Newgate street
Broome John, butcher, 6 Barnsbury place, Upper street, Islington
Broome John, Rising Sun P. H. 3 Air street, Piccadilly
Broomfield James, tailor & undertaker, 13 Compton street, Brunswick square
Broomhall Thomas, indigo broker, 2 Old Swan lane, Upper Thames street
Broomhead Luke, work, cutler, 23 Union street east, Spitalfields
Broomhead Thompson, carpenter, Lower Chester terrace, Pimlico
Bros Thomas, barrister, 10 King's Bench walk, Temple
Brosnans Andrew, tailor, 43 Great Queen street, Lincoln's inn fields
Brotherhood John William, coal, &c. dealer, 2 Lumber court, Seven dials
Brotherston James, saddler, &c.5 Commercial place, City road
Brotherton Alfred, tobacconist, 105 Bishopsgate without
Brotherton Charles, tailor & draper, 67 Goswell street
Brotherton James, tailor, &c. 20 Charterhouse street, City
Brotherton John, horsehair merchants, see Harms, Son & Brotherton
Brotherton William, saddler, 29 Liverpool street, Bishopsgate
Brough Edward, bougie & cathether maker, 25 Bartholomew close
Brough George, tailor, 22 Southampton row, Russell square
Brough Thomas, Ram Tavern, 78 West Smithfield
Brough William Thomas, baker, 81 Whitechapel road
Broughton John Vickery & Co. woollen drapers, 382 Oxford street
Broughton Ann (Mrs), ladies' school, 2 Alie place, Goodman's fields
Broughton Charles W. tailor, 16 Southampton street, Strand
Broughton Charlotte (Mrs.), haberdasher, l Aldermanbury postern
Broughton Francis, solicitor, see Watson & Broughton
Broughton Henry, button manufacturer, 135 Fenchurch street
## James, carver & gilder, 11 Bridge house place, Newington causeway
Browell William Faulkner, barrister, 35 Southampton buildings
Browett William, &John, carpenters, 15 Featherstone street, City road
Brown & Andrews, wholes. perfumers, 2 Skinner street, Snowhili
Brown Archibald & Co. silk gauze maker, 18 Friday street, Cheapside
Brown & Chew, chemists & druggists, 27 & 28 Lower street, Islington
Brown & Conway, wholesalers, White horse yard, Friday street
Brown & Davies, surgeons, 39 Connaught terrace, Edgware road
Brown & Ellis, cooks & confectioners, 28 Ludgate street
Brown & Forster, man's mercers, 5 Vigo street, Regent street
Brown George & Co. tailors, 11 Princes street, Hanover square
Brown George & James & Co. merchants, St. Mildred's court, Poultry
Brown & Gilson, fishmongers, 3, 4 & 5 Hungerford market
Brown & Green, patent kitchen range maker, 34 Gracechurch street
Brown Isaac & Son, watchmakers tool dealer, 32 Gloucester street, St. John street road
Brown Isabella & $on, cheesemongers, 25 Cannon street, City
Brown James & Thomas, manufacturing chemists, §Three Colt street, Limehouse
Brown James & Thomas, compost, manure manufacturers, Limehouse cut
Brown James & William, tanners, 27 Long lane, Bermondsey
Brown, Janson & Co. bankers, 32 Abchurch lane
Brown John & Co, importers of foreign wines, 25 Laurence Pountney lane
Brown John & Co. wine merchants, 36 Great St. Helen's
Brown John Hall & Son, saddlers, 220 Blackfriars road
Brown Joseph & William, carcase butchers, 48 Aldgate High street
Brown & Kay, jewellers, 11 Tavistock row, Covent garden
Brown, Lennox & Co., iron cable office, 8 Billiter square; manufactory at Mill wall
Brown Laurence S. & Co. wine merchants, Exeter street, Strand
Brown, Marten & Thomas, solicitors, 31 & 35 Commercial sale rooms
Brown Mary & Co. newsagents, 19 Warwick square
Brown, Mason & Richardson, hay & straw salesmen, 23 Old Bailey & Smithfield

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