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Closes, Commons, Corners, Courts, and Crosses. L - Z in 1732 , the Survey of London by William Maitland in 1756

An Account of all the Closes, Commons, Corners, Courts, and Crosses. A - K in 1732, Banks, Bridges, Buildings, Buries, closes, Corners, Courts, Ditches, Docks, Entries, Gardens, Greens, Grounds, Mewses, Passages, Rents, Roads, Rows, Squares, Streets, Yards, &c. within the City of London, and Suburbs thereof , alphabetically digested.

Closes, Commons, Corners, Courts, and Crosses. L - Z in 1732.

Labour in Vain court, Old Fish street
Lad's court, Gardiners lane
Lamb court, Abchurch lane
Lamb court, Clerkenwell
Lamb court, Lamb alley
Lamb court, Red Lyon court
Lamb's Chapel court, Monkwell street
Lancafter court, New Bond street
Lancafter court, in the Strand
Lane's court, Cold Hath square
Lee's court, Hockley in the hole
Leg court, Peter street
Leigh's court, S;. Catharine's lane
Leopards court, Baldwin's gardens
Limehouse corner, Limehouse
Lime court, Narrow wall
Little Bartholomew close
Lion's Inn court, Holiwell street
Linton's court, near New Gravel lane
Little court, St. Mary Overie's Churchyard
Little Black horse court, Aldersgate street
Little Bennets court, Marigold court
Little court, Dukes place
Little Dean's court, St. Martin le grand
Little Duke's court, or place, Leadenhall street
Little Flower dc luce court, Cow Cross
Little Glocefter court, Chequer alley
Little King's Flead court, near Shoe lane
Little Minories court, Little Minories
Little Montague court, Little Britain
Little New court, Lamb alley
Little Rider's court, Little Newport street
Little Rutland court, Addle hil
Little St. Helen's court, Bishopsgate street
Lloyd's court, Hog lane
Lodier's court, Saltpetre bank
London court, London street
Long court, near Whitechapel 6
Longcellar court, Lower East Smithfield
Long's court, Leicester fields
Looker's court, King street , Oxford street
Love court, George alley, Shoe lane
Love court, Gravel lane
Love court, Love lane, Mutton lane
Love court, Old Horsleydown
Lovet's court, Paternoster row
Lumber court, West street , Soho
Lumley's court, in the Strand
Lunn's court, White's yard
Maggot's court, Piccadilly
Magnus's court, Butcher row
Magpye court, Fleet lane
Maidenhead court, Aldersgate street
Maidenhead court, Cartwright street
Maidenhead court, Chiswell street
Maidenhead court, Church lane
Maidenhead court, Great lastcheap
Maidenhead court, Grub street
Maidenhead court, London wall
Maidenhead court, Moor lane
Maidenhead court, St. Catharine's
Maidenhead court, St. Ermin's hill
Maidenhead court, Saltpetre bank
Maidenhead court, Wheeler street
Maidenhead court, Wood street
Maid court, Maiden lane, Bow lane
Mainhard's court, Anchor and Hope alley
Mallaga court, Nightingale lane
Mallet's court, Blackboy alley
Mallet's court, Buckridge street
Maltmill court, WhiteCross street
Manchefter court, Canon row
Marigold court, in the Strand
Marlborough court, Berwick street
Marlborough court, Petticoat lane
Marfham court, Hog lane
Martin's court, Chick lane
Martlet's court, Bow street
Mason's court, Brick lane
Madon's court, Newington green
Maul's court, Fore street
Maxin's court, Moorfields
Maze court, Tooly street
Meads court, Bond street
Meards court, Wardour street
Meetinghouse court, Black friars
Mercers court, Bartholomew lane
Mercers court, St. Mary hill
Mercers court, Tower ilreet
Mermaid court, Charing Cross
Mermaid court, Paternoster row
Mermaid court, St. Margaret's hill
Metcalf's court, Jacob's street
Middle court, Barnard's inn, Holborn
Middle court, Clement's inn
Middlesex court, Drury lane
Middlesex court, Little Bartholomew Close
Miller's court, Aldermanbury
Mitchel's court, Milk street
Mitre court, Aldgate street
Mitre court, Cheapside
Mitre court, Cornhill
Mitre court, Fenchurch street
Mitre court, Fleet street
Mitre court, Milk street
Mitre court, St. Pauls Church yard
Mitre court, St. John street
Montague close, in Southwark
Montague court, in Bishopsgate street
Montague court, Montague street
Montague court, Petticoat lane
Monmouth court, Hedge lane
Monmouth court, High Holborn
Monmouth court, Monmouth street
Moor court, Fore street
Morrison's court, New lane
Mosley's court, Philpot lane
Mountford's court, Fenchurch street
Mudd's court, Broad ilreet, Ratcliff
Mulberry court, Bermondsey
Mulberry court, White's alley
Mulberry court, White's alley
Mumford's court, Miik street
Muscovy court, Tower hill
Mutton court, Maiden lane, Wood street
Nag's Head court, Bartholomew lane
Nag's Head court, Golden lane
Nag's Head court, Gracechurch street
Nag's Head court, Great Tower hill
Nag's Head court, Snow hill
Nag's Head court, Three Colt street
Nag's Head court, Wentworth street
Naked Boy court, Ludgate hill
Naked Boy court, in the Strand
Nelson's court, Drury lane
Nelson's court, Rosemary lane
Nettleton's court, Aldersgate street
Nevis court, near the Upper Ground
NewCastle court, Butcher row
New Black Raven court, near Chiswell street
New Bofvile court, Carey street
New court, Angel alley
New court, Bow lane
New court, Bowling alley
New court, Brown ilreet
New court, Canon row
New court, Carev street
New court, George yard
New court, Gravel lane
New court, Gravel lane
New court, Hand alley
New court, Harrow alley
New court, High Holborn
New court, Hog lane
New court, Kent street
New court, Knightlbridge
New court, Lamb alley
New court, Little Broad street
New court, Little Newport street
New court, Middle Temple
New court, Moor lane
New court, Narrow street, Ratcliff
New court, Newington Butts
New court, New street
New court, St. Catharine's court
New court, St. Margaret's hill
New court, St. Swithin's lane
New court, Throckmorton street
New court, White horse yard
New court, Wentworth street
New Inn court, Wych street
Newman's court, Cornhill
New Round court, in the Strand
Newtons court, Vine street
Nichol's court, Rosemary lane
Nichol's court, Sharps alley
Northumberland court, Strand
Norwich court, East Smithfield
Nottingham court, Castle street
Nuns court, Coleman street
Nuns court, New Gravel lane
Oakey's court, Hare street
Ogdens court, Wych street
Old Bosvile court, Clements lane
Old Comber's court, Blackman street
Old Round court, in the Strand 3
Olive court, Gravel lane
Olive court, St. Catharine's lane
Oram's court, Water lane Tower street
Orange court, Castle street
Orange court, King street, Soho
Orange court, Wapping
Overmans couit, Pepper alley
Oxford court, Salters Hall court
Painters court, Berry street
Pallmall court, Pallmall
Palsgraves Head court, Strand
Paradise court, Mary Clark's ward
Park Profpect court, Manchester street
Parsons court, Bride lane
Patricks court, Houndsditch
Pav'd court, Bell Inn vard
Pav'd court, Five Feet lane
Pav'd court,Fullwoods rents
Pav'd court, George yard
Pav'd court, Green bank
Paviours court, Grub street
Paul's court, Huggenlane
Paul's court, Wood street
Paul's College court, Paul's Church yard
Peacock court, Fleet market
Peacock court, Giltspur street
Peacock court, Whitechapel
Pearl court, White friars
Pear Tree court, Hockley in the Hole
Peascod court, St. John street
Peel court, Giasshouse yard
Pelican court, Little Britain
Peterborough court, Fleet street
Peter's court, Ironmonger row
Peter's court, Rosemary lane
Peter's court, St. Martin's lane
Peter and Keys couit, Peter lane
Pett; 's court, Hannoway street
Pheasant court, Cow lane
Pheasant Cock court, Angel alley
Phoenix court, Newgate street
Phoenix court, Old Change
Philip's court, Grub ilreet
Pig court, St. Catharine's lane
Pigeons court, Old Bailey
Pindar's court, Gray's Inn lane
Pine Apple court, Woolpack allev
Pinners court, Broad street
Pitcher's court, White's alley
Plow court, Gray's inn lane
Plow court, Lombard street
Plumb Tree court, Plumb Tree street
Plumb Tree court, Shoe lane
Plimpton's court, Fore street
Poland court, Poland street
Pope's Head court, Bell yard
Popping's court, Popping's alley
Post Office court, Lombard street
Poulton's court, near Broad street
Powder'd Beef court
Powel's court, Queen street
Prescot court, St. John street
Price's court, Gravel lane
Prince's court, Duke street
Prince'r couit, Drury lane
Prince's court, Hctige lane
Prince's court, Long ditch
Prince's court, Lothbury
Prince's court, Newport market
Prince's couit, Wentworth street
Pump court, Bridgwater gardens
Pump court, Charing cross
Pump court, Crutched friars
Pump court, Giasshouse yard
Pump court, Holand street
Pump court, Inner Temple
Pump court, Noble street
Pump court, Rose and Crown court
Pump court, Portpool lane
Pump court, Three Foxes, court
Pump court, White Hart yard
Pump court, White's alley
Punch court, Thral street
Purse court, Old Change
Quality court, Chancery lane
Queen's court, St. Catharine's lane
Queen's Arms court, Upp«r ground
Queen's Head court, Fleet street
Queen's Head court, Gray's Inn lane
Queen's Head court, High Holborn
Queen's Head court, King street, Covent garden
Queen's Head court, Pye corner
Queen's Head court, Turnagain lane
Queen's Head court, Great Windmill street
Racket court, Fleet street
Ragdale court, Millman street
Ragged Staff court, Drury lane
Ram's Head court, Moor lane
Ratcliff Cross, Ratcliff
Red Bull court, Fore street
Red Bull court, Red Bull alley
Red Cow court, Church lane
Red Cow court, Rotherhithe wall
Red Cross court, Cow lane
Red Cross court, in the Minories
Red Cross court, in the Old Bailey
Red Cross court, RedCross street
Red Gate court, in the Minories
Red Hart court, Fore street
Red Lion court, Addle hill
Red Lion court, Barnaby street
Red Lion court, Bennet's hill
Red Lion court, Bennet's street
Red Lion court, Brick lane
Red Lion court, Castle yard
Red Lion court, Charterhouse lane
Red Lion court, Cock lane
Red Lion courr, Drury lane
Red Lion court, Fleet street
Red Lion court, Grub street
Red Lion court, Holiwell lane
Red Lion court, Kingsland road
Red Lion court, London wall
Red Lion court, Red Lion alley
Red Lion court, Red Lion street
Red Lion court, Long alley
Red Lion court, St. Catharine's lane
Red Lion court, Silver street
Red Lion court, Watling street
Red Lion court, Wheeler street
Red Lion court, White Hart yard
Red Lion court, Windmill hill
Red Lion back court, Charterhouse lane
Red Cross court, Tower street
Rendeer court, in the Strand
Richard's court, Lime street
Rich Ball court, Red Lion street
Richington's court, Coleman street
Rider's court, Little Newport street
Rifing Sun court, St. John street
Robin Hood's court, Bell alley
Robin Hood's court, Bow lane
Robin Hood's court, Fleet street
Robin Hood's court, in the Strand
Robin Hood's court, Thames street
Robin Hood's court, Tooly street
Rolls court, Chancery lane
Rose court, Aldermanbury
Rose court, Goddard's rents
Rose court, Rochester street
Rose court, Thieving lane
Rose court, Tower street
Rose court, Wheeler street
Rose and Ball court, Addle hill
Rose and Crown court, Church lane
Rose and Crown court, Fashion street
Rose and Crown court, Foster lane
Rose and Crown court, Holiwell street
Rose and Crown court, Houndsditch
Rose and Crown court, Moorfields
Rose and Crown court, Rosemary lane
Rose and Crown court, St. Catharine's
Rose and Crown court, Shoe lane
Rose and Crown court, Sutton street
Rose and Rainbow court, Aldersgate street
Round court, Black friars
Round court, Black Lion yard
Round court, Blue Boar's Head court
Round court, Butlers alley
Round court, Moses and Aaron alley
Round court, Old Bedlam
Round court, Onslow street
Round court, St. Martin le Grand
Round court, Sharp's alley, Cow Cross
Round Hoop court, WhiteCross street
Rosewell court, Great White Lion street
Royal Oak court, Kent street
Royal Oak court, Peak street
Russel court, Blue Anchor alley
Russel court, Cleveland row
Russel court, Drury lane
Russel court, Ratcliff Highway
Rutland court, Charterhouse square
Rutland court, Thames street
Rycant's court, Morgans lane
Sadler's court, Milford lane, Strand
Sadlers Hall court, Cheapside
St. Andrew's court, Holborn hill
St. Ann's court. Dean street
St. Catharines court, St. Catharine's
St. Christopher's court, Threadneedle street
St. Dunstan's court, Fleet street
St. George's court, Newington causeway
St. Giles's court, St. Giles's Broad street
St. John's court, Cow lane
St. John's court, Little Hart street
St. John's court, Stepney
St. Martin's court, St. Martin's lane
St. Paul's Bakehouse court, Goodmans street
Salisbury court, Dorset street
Salisbury court, Salisbury street
Salters court, Piccadilly
Salters Hall court, St. Swithin's
Salutation court, St. Giles's Broadway
Sandy's court, Houndsditch
Savage's court, Widegate street
Saw court, Fore street
Sawyers court, Houndsditch
Scollop court, Creed lane
Scroop's court, Holborn hill
Serjeants Inn court, Fleet street
Seven Star:: court, Moor lane
Seymour's court, Little Chandos street
Shaw's court, St. Margaret's hill
Sheldon's court, Bedfordbury
Shepherd's court, Hockley in the Hole
Ship court, in the Old Bailey
Shooter's court, Basinghall street
Shorter's court, Throckmorton street
Shrewsbury court, Stoney lane
Shrewfbury's court, WhiteCross street
Silver court, Oxford street
Sion College court, London
Sion court, Philip lane
Six Bells court, Six Bells alley
Six Gardens court, Paul's alley
Slaughters court, Blue Anchor alley
Slipper court, Hand alley
Smith's court, Aldersgate street
Smith's court, Brackley street
Smith's court, Holborn
Snade's court, Brick street
Snarder's court, Moorfields
Southampton court, Southampton buildings
Southampton court, Southampton
South Sea court, Lombard street
Spark's court, Duke's place
Spread Eagle court, Gray's lane
Spread Eagle court, Hand alley
Spread Eagle court, Threadneedle street
Stanbury's court, Piccadilly
Star court, Bread street
Star court, Bread street hill
Star court, Butcher row
Star court, Castle street
Star court, Chancery lane
Star court, Cheapside
Star court, Cross lane, Parker's lane
Star court, Grub street
Star court, Little Britain
Star court, London wall
Star court, Old Filh street
Stationers court, Ave mary lane
Steel's court, Bread street
Stevens's court, New Palace yard
Stichbone's court, High Holborn
Stockwell common
Stone court, Aldersgate street
Stone court, Lower East Smithfield
Stonecutters court, Gutter lane
Stonecutters court, Pallmall
Strawberry court, Tower Royal
Streud's court, St. James's
Stroud's court, Leather lane
Sugarloaf court, Angel alley
Sugarloaf court, Catharine wheel alley
Sugarloaf court, Dorset street
Sugarloaf court, Goodman's yard
Sugarloaf court, Garlick hill
Sugarloaf court, Halfmoon alley
Sugarloaf court, Holiwell street
Sugarloaf court, Lamb alley
Sugarloaf court, Leadenhall street
Sugarloaf court, Little Distaff lane
Sugarloaf court, Little Elbow lane
Sugarloaf court, Moor lane
Sugarloaf court, WhiteCross street
Sun court, Cock lane
Sun court, Cornhill
Sun court, Deadman's place
Sun court, East Smithfield
Sun court, King street, Covent garden
Sun court, Petticoat lane
Sun court, Saffron hill
Sun court, Sutton street
Sun court, Threadneedle street
Sutton's court, Bishopsgate street
Sutton's court, Bishopsgate street without
Sutton's court, Lincoln's Inn fields
Swale court, Playhouse yard
Swan court, Bartholomew lane
Swan court, Butcher row
Swan court, Grub street
Swan court, King street, Oxford street
Swan court, Manfel street
Swan court, Narrow wall
Swan court, Petticoat lane
Sweed's court, Great Trinity lane
Sweedland court, Bishopsgate street
Sweedland court, Little Tower hill
Sweet Apple court, Bishopsgate street
Sweet Apple court, Dunning's alley
Sword and Buckler court, Ludgate hill
Talbot court, Gracechurch street
Talbot court, Little Eastcheap
Tanfield court, Inner Temple
Tain court, Tash street
Taviltock court, Taviftock street
Taylor's court, Bow lane
Tennis court, Church entry
Tennis court, Middle row, Holborn
Territ's court, Duck lane
Territ's court, Islington
Thacket's court, Bishopsgate street
Thackham's court, Vine ltreet
Thatch'd house court, St. James's street
The Great Almonry, Westminster
Theobald's court, in the Strand
Theobald's court, Theobald's row
The Fore court, Doctors Commons
The Inner court, Doctors Commons
Three Bowl court, Houndsditch
Three CCC court, Garlick hill
Three Colt court, Three Colt street
Three Crown court, Borough
Three Crown court, Castle street
Three Crown court, Fosler lane
Three Crown court, Minories
Three Crown court, Poor Jewry lane
Three (. rown court, Wheeler street
Three Crown court, White's alley
Three Daggers court, Fore street
Three Daggers court, Old Change
Three Diamonds court, Hosier lane
Three Falcons court, Fleet street
Three Foxes court, Clement's lane
Three Foxes court, Long acre
Three Foxes court, Long lane
Three Herrings court, St. Thomas's
Three Herrings court, Long acre
Three Herrings court, RedCross street
Three horselhoes court, Chick lane
Three horselhoes court, Giltspur street
Three horsefhoei court, Long lane
Three Kings court, Clement's lane
Three Kings court, Fleet street
Three Kings court, Lombard street
Three Kings court, Minories
Three Kings court, Chandos street
Three Kings court, WhiteCross street
Three Legs court, WhiteCross street
Three Mariners court, Fore street
Three Moulds court, Cherry Tree alley
Three Pigeons court, Barbican
Three Pigeons court, Jewin street
Three Stills court, Bishopsgate street
Three Tuns court, Crooked lane
Three Tuns court, Halfmoon alley
Three Tuns court, Hart street
Three Tuns court. Ivy lane
Three Tuns court, Moorfields
Three Tuns court, Nightingale lane
Three Tuns court, RedCross street
Three Tuns court, St. Margaret's hill
Three Tuns court, St. Michael's lane
Three Tuns court, Threadneedle street
Tichburn's court, Vineyard
Tidewaiters court, Little Minories
Tobacco Roll court, Gracechurch street
Tobacco Roll court, Long alley
Tothill court, Tothill street
Tower Royal court, Tower Royal
Trinity court, Aldersgate street
Trinity court, Little Trinity lane
Tryon's court, Red Lion street
Tuttle court, Barnaby street
Twelve Bells court, Bow lane
Tyger court, Whitecross street
Union court, Broad street
Union court, Scroop's court
Usher's court, Seething lane
Vaux Hall court, Little Chapel street
Villars court, St. James's court
Vincent's court, Silver street
Vine court, street street
Vine court, Brook's street
Vine court, Chequer alley
Vine court, Golden lane
Vine court, Gravel lane
Vine court, Harp alley
Vine court, Lamb street
Vine court, Moor lane
Vine court, Narrow street, Limehouse
Vine court, Shoemakers row, Aldgate
Vine court, Three Crane lane
Vine court, Vine street, Minories
Vine court, Vine yard, Horsleydown lane
Virginia court, Artichoke lane
Virginia court, Butcher row
Wake's court, Five Feet lane
Walingford court.Throgmorton street
Walker's court, Berwick street
Walnut Tree court, Whitechapel
Ward's court, Goswell street
Warden's court, Clerkenwell close
Wardrobe court, Great Carter lane
Warwick court, High Holborn
Warwick court, Warwick lane
Warwick court, Warwick street
Webb's court, Red Lion alley
Well court, Queen street
Well court, Shoe lane
Well and Bucket court, Old street
Westminster Hall court, Dunning's alley
Westmorland court, Bartholomew close
Westmorland court, Noble street
Whalebone court, Little Old Bailey
Whalebone court, Lothbury
Wharton's court, Churchyard alley
Wharton's court, Lambert hill
Wharton'scourt, Holborn
Whilller's court, Salters Hall court
White court, Peter lane
White Bear court, Addle hill
Whitcomb's court, Hedge lane
Whitehall court, Westminster
White Hart court, Barnaby street
White Hart court, Bishopsgate street
White Hart court, Cat alley
White Hart court, Castle street
White Hart court, Old street
White Hart court, Whitechapel
White Hind ourt, Bishopsgate street
White Hind court, Coleman street
White Horn court, near new Gravel lane
White horse court. Addle hill
White horse court, Kent street
White Horse court, King street
White Lion court, Barbican
White Li©n court, Barnaby street
White Lion court, Charterhouse lane
White Lion court, Cornhill
White Lion court, Fleet street
White Lion court, London wall
White Lion court, New street
White Lion court, Newtoner's lane
White Lion court, in the Savoy
White Lion court, Throckmorton street
White Lion court, Tower street
White Lion court, White Lion alley
White Kofe court, Coleman street
White Swan court, Newgate street
Wickham's court, Wild street
Wigans court, Church lane, Limehouse
Wild court, Wild street
Williams's court, New Gravel lane
Willow Tree court, Charterhouse lane
Wilson's court, Rosemary lane
Winchester court, Monkwell street
Windillow's coifrf, Black friars
Windmill court, Pie corner
Windmill court, Snow hill
Windsor court, Drury lane
Windsor court, Monkwell street
Windsor court, in the Strand
Wine Office court, Fleet street
Wingfield's court, Three Colts street
Wife's court, Wheeler street
Wifeman's court, Gardiners lane
Wood's court, Oxford street
Woodftock court, Charing Cross
Worley's court, Red Gate court
Wrestley's court, London wall
Wych's court, Wych street
Wynam's court, Great Russel street
Yeat's court, Clements lane
Yeats's court, RedCross street
Young's court, Basinghall street
Young's court, Nightingale lane
Yorkshire court, Whitechapel

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