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Closes, Commons, Corners, Courts, and Crosses. A - K in 1732 , the Survey of London by William Maitland in 1756

An Account of all the Closes, Commons, Corners, Courts, and Crosses. A - K in 1732, Banks, Bridges, Buildings, Buries, closes, Corners, Courts, Ditches, Docks, Entries, Gardens, Greens, Grounds, Mewses, Passages, Rents, Roads, Rows, Squares, Streets, Yards, &c. within the City of London, and Suburbs thereof , alphabetically digested.

Closes, Commons, Corners, Courts, and Crosses. A - K in 1732.

Abel court, Rosemary lane
Academy court, Chancery lane
Acorn court, street street
Adam and Eve court, Hatchet alley
Adam and Eve court, Tottenham court road
Adam's court, Little Broad street
Agnes court, Little George street
Aiflaby's court, George street
Allen's court, Oxford street
Amen corner, Paternoster row
Anchor court, Anchor street
Angel court, Angel alley
Angel court, Bishopsgate street
Angel court, Camomile street
Angel court, Charing Cross
Angel court, Drury lane
Angel court, Foul lane
Angel court, Friday street
Angel court, Great windmill street
Angel court, Grub street
Angel court, Lamb alley
Angej court, Leadenhall street
Angel court, Long ditch, Westminster
Angel court, Nightingale lane
Angel court, RedCross street
Angel court, Red Lyon street
Angel court, near t. James's square
Angel court, Snow hill
Angel court, in the Strand
Angel court, Stoney lane, Petticoat lane
Angel court, Throgmorton street
Appleby's court, Barnaby street
Arnold's court, Barbican
Arnold's court, New lane
Artichoke court, Canon street
Artichoke court, WhiteCross street
Artillery court, Chiswell street
Ashientree court, Shoreditch
Ashentree court, White friars
Back court, Simmonds inn
Bagnio court, near Newgate street
Bailey's court, Bell yard, Fleet street
Ball court, Giltspur street
Ball court, Mincing lane
Ball court, Poor Jewry lane
Baldwin's court, Baldwins gardens
Baldwin's court, White street
Bambury court, Long acre
Bangor court, Shoe lane
Bangor court, White street
Bakers court, Halfmoon alley, Bishopsgate street
Baptist's Head court, WhiteCross street
Barlow's court, Coal yard, High Holborn
Bartholomew close, Little Britain
Bartholomew's court, Throckmorton street
Bartlets court, Bartlet street
Bartlet's court, Holborn hill
Basinghall court, Basinghall street
Baterjhy's court, near King street
Bedford court, Bedford street, Strand
Bedford court, East street
Bedford court, Red Lion street, Holborn
Bedford court, in the Strand
Beadles court, Eagle street
Bear and Harrow court, Butcher row
Bethlehem court, Old Bethlehem
Bell court, Gray's Inn lane
Bell court, Great Carter lane
Bell court, Grub street
Bell court, Moorfields
Bell court, St. Martin le Grand
Bell court, Thames street
Beehive court, Little St. Thomas Apostles
Bennet's court, Canon row
Bennet's court, Drury lane
Bennet's court, in the Strand
Berry court, Liquor Pond street
Berry court, Love lane, Wood street
Bishop's court, Ailfbury street
Bishop's court, Brook's street
Bishop's court, Chancery lane
Bishop's court, Coleman street
Bishop's court, Durham yard
Bishop's court, Gray's Inn lane
Bishop's court, Little Old Bailey
Bishop's court, Lothbury
Bishop's court, Old Soho
Bishop's court, Old street
Black Boy court, Long acre
Blackburn's court, Portpool lane
Black Eagle court, Whitechapel
Black horse court, White street
Black Lyon court, Bank side
Black Lyon court, Foster lane
Black and white court, Old Bailey
Black Raven court, Chifwell street
Black Raven court, Golden lane
Black Raven court, Seething lane
Black Swan court, Canon street
Blackmans court, Price's alley
Black Swan court, Golden lane
Black Swan court, Tower street
Black Swan court, Shoreditch
Blake's co. rt, Catharine street, Strand
Blow's court, Saffron hill
Blue Anchor court, Coleman street
Blue Ball court, Artichoke lane
Blue Ball court, Canon street
Blue Ball court, Drury lane
Blue Boar court, Chick lane
Blue Boar court, Canon street
Blue Boar court, Friday street
Blue Boar court, Rosemary lane
Blue Boar's head court, Barbican
Blue Hart court, Little Bell alley
Boar's Head court, in the Borough
Boar's Head court, Fleet street
boar's Head court, Grub street
Bodd's court, Philip lane
Bolt court. Fleet street
Bolt and Tun court, Fleet street
Bond's court, Walbrook
Boss court, Thames street
Bosville court, Devonshire street
Botolph's court, Durham yard
Bowl court, Shoreditch
Bowman's court, Gardiner's lane
Bowman's court, Salisbury court
Bowyer's court, Noble street
Boxford's court, New street
Boyle's Head court, in the Strand
Brabant court, Philpot lane
Brand's court, Narrow street
Brewers court, Bedfordbury
Brewers court, St. Thomas's
Brick court, Brick lane
Brick court, Middle Temple
Brick court, Sheer lane
Brick buildings court, Snows fields
Bride court, Fleet street
Britain court, Water lane
British court, Tottenham court road
Broad court, Duke's place
Broad court, Turnmill street
Broad Arrow court, Grub street
Broken Cross, Tothill street
Brook's court, Thames street
Brown's court, Angel alley
Brown's court, near Grosvenor square
Brown's court, Holiwell court
Brown's court, Marlborough street
Brown's court, Little Old Bailey
Brown's court, Long alley, Moorfields
Brown's court, Shoe lane
Brown's court, Thieving lane
Brunswick court, Artillery row
Brunswick court, Queen square
Buckingham court Charing Cross
Buckbridge court, Bembridge street
Buck's Head court, Great Distaff lane
Bull's court, Nightingale lane
Bull Head court, Cow lane
Bull Head court, Great Queen street
Bull Head court, Jevvin street
Bull Head court, Lawrence lane
Bull Head court, Newgate street
Bull Head court, Peter street, Cow Cross
Bull Inn court, Strand
Bullocks court, Checquer alley
Bullocks court, Minories
Bunhill court, Bunhill fields
Burleigh court, Burleigh street
Bury court, St. Mary Ax
Butlers court, Houndsditch
Butterfly court, Grub street
Cabinet court, Duke street
Cable court, Cable street
Camomile court, Camomile street
Canary Court, in the Strand
Canterbury court, Black friars
Canterbury court, Phoenix street
Card court, West Smithfield
Caroline court, Saffron hill
Carpenter's court, Aldermanbury
Carpenter's court, Long acre
Castle court, Birching lane
Castle court, Budge row
Castle court, Castle lane
Castle court, Castle street
Castle court, College hill
Castle court, Cornhill
Castle court, Laurence lane
Castle court, Lombard street
Castle court, St. Martins lane
Castle court, WhiteCross street
Catharine court, Princes street
Catharine court, Seething lane, Tower hill
Catharin wheel court, Bridgwater gardens
Catharine wheel court, Snow hill
Catharine wheel court,Whitechapel
Cecil court, St. Martin's lane
Chancery Lane court, Serjeant's inn
Chancery Lane court, Simmonds inn
Change court, in the Strand
Chapel court, Beer street
Chapel court, Lincoln's inn
Chapel court, Audley street
Chapman's court, George street
Charing Cross
Charing Cross court, near Whitehall
Charles court, Bartholomew close
Charles court, in the Strand
Checquer court, Channg Cross
Checquer court, Golden lane
Checquer court, St. Catharine's lane
C herry Tree court, Aldersgate street
Cherry Tree court, Gardiner lane
Cherry Tree corner, at the horseferry
Cherubin court, Angel alley
Caesars Head court, Crutched friars
Chevers's court, Limehouse
Child's court, Eagle street, in the Strand
Child's court, in the Strand
Christopher's court, Cartwright street
Church court, Church Passage, Piccadilly
Church court, Clement's lane
Church court, Little Chapel street
Church court, St.Margaret's Church yard
Church court, in the Strand
Churchyard court, Inner Temple
Clare court, Drury lane
Cleveland' court, Cleveland row, St. James's
Cleveland court, St. James's place
Clement's court, Milk street
Clerkenwell close, Clerkenwell
Cobb's court, Black friars
Cock court, Angel alley
Cock court, Elackboy alley, Chick lane
Cock court, Ludgate hill
Cock court, New street, Broad street
Cock court, Philip lane
Cock court, Poor Jewry lane
Cock court, St. Martin le Grand
Cock court, Snow hill
Cock and hoctle court, near Nightingale lane
Cock and Hoop court, Addle hill
Cock and Magpye com, Hog lane
Cock and Wheatfheaf court, Houndsditch
Cock's Head court, Golden lane
Cockpit court, Dean street, Soho
Cockpit court, Jewin street
Cockpit court, Shoe lane
Coffeehouse court, Moorfields
Coffin court, St. Dunstan's hill
College court, Cow Cross
College court, Stable yard
College court, Warwick lane
Coleman's court, Castle lane
Collier's court, Hart street, Cripplegate
Colhns's court, Bloomsbury market
Collins's court, Farmer street
Comber's court, Blackman street
Comes's court, Noble street
Compter court, near Tooly street
Corrptinghouse court, Chrilt's hospital
Conduit court, Longacre
Conduit close, Phcenix street
Cony court, Gray's inn
Connoway's court, Limehouse
Cook's court, Camomile street
Cook's court, Searle's street
Copthall court, Throckmorton street
Copticks court, Poppings alley
Corbet's court, Brown's lane
Corbet's court, Gracechurch street
Coroner's court, Cross lane
Coventry court, Coventry street
Cow Cross, West Smithfield
Cowper's court, East Smithfield
Cowper's court, Portpool lane
Cox's court, Aldersgate street
Crab court, New Gravel lane
Crab court, Ratcliff highway
Crab court, Woolpack alley
Cradle court, Aldersgate street
Cradle court, Fore street
Cradle court, Golden lane
Cradle court, RedCross street
Cradle court, St. Mary Ax
Craig's court, Charing Cross
Crane court, Fleet street
Crane court, Lambert hill
Crane court, Old Change
Creechurcm court, Creechurch lane
Craven court, Craven street
Crooked 3illet court, Long alley
Cross court, Carnaby street
Cross court, London wall
Crosby's court, Charterhouse street
Cross'd Dagger court, Grub street
Cross'd Harpers court, White Cross street
Cross'd Keys court, Chick lane
Cross'd Keys court, Little Britain
Cross'd Keys court, Watling street
Cross'd Keys court, Whitechapel
Cross'd Keys court, WhiteCross street
Crowfoot's court, Rosemary lane
Crown court, Aldersgate street
Crown court, Bank side
Crown court, Broad street
Crown court, Butcherhall lane
Crown court, Butcher row
Crown court, St. Catharine's lane
Crown court, Chancery lane
Crown court, Cheapside
Crown couit, Chick lane
Crown court, Cock lane
Crown court, Cow lane
Crown court, Crown alley
Crown court, Dancing Bridge lane
Crown court, Dean street
Crown court, Dorset gardens
Crown court, Duke street
Crown court, East Smithfield
Crown court, French alley
Crown court, Gerrard street
Crown court, Golden lane
Crown court, Grub street
Crown court, Horsleydown
Crown court, King John's court
Crown court, King street
Crown court, Knaves acre
Crown court, Little Moorfields
Crcwn court, Little Pearl street
Crown court, Little Russel street
Crown court, Long acre
Crown court, Long walk
Crown court, Newgate street
Crown court, Newington butts
Crown court, Old Change
Crown court, Petticoat lane
Crown court, Portpool lane
Crown court, Princes street, Soho
Crown court, Seething lane
Crown court, Sun Tavern fields
Crown court, St. Giles's broad way
Crown court, Thieving lane
Crown court, Threadneedle street
Crown court, Trinity lane
Crown court, Turnagain lane
Crown court, Warwick lane
Crown court, White's alley
Crown court, WhiteCross street
Crown court, White friars
Crown court, White's yard
Crown and Sceptre court, St. James' street
Crown and Sheers court, Rosemary lane
Culver court, Fenchurch street
Curll's court, in the Strand
Currier's court, London wall
Cufhion court, Little Broad street
Customhouse court, Beer lane
Darby court, Canon row
David and Harp court, Grub street
Day's court, Gutter lane
Dean's court, Bedfordbury
Dean's court, Dean's street
Dean's court, Dean's street, Soho
Dean's court, Great Carter lane
Dean's conrt, Little Old Bailey
Dean's court, New Round court, Strand
Dean's court, St. Martin le Grand
Defoe's court, New Broad street
Denman's court, East Smithfield
Denmark court, in the Strand
Devereux court, Basinghall street
Devereux court, in the Strand
Devonshire court, Pickax street
Diamond court, Tite's alley
Dick's court, Crown alley
Dickens's court, Quaker street
Dizzell's court, Beach lane
Dogwell court, White friars
Dolbin's court, Black Eagle street
Dolbin's court, Monkwell street
Dolphin court, Gun street
Dolphin court, High Holborn
Dolphin court, Little Distaff lane
Dolphin court, Ludgate hill
Dolphin court, Noble street
Dolphin court, St. Catherine's lane
Dolphin court, Tower street
Dorset court, Canon row
Dorset court, Dorset gardens
Dorset court, Gunpowder alley
Double Hand court, Thames street
Dove court, Addle hill
Dove court, Gutter lane
Dove court, Leather lane
Dove court, Old Filh street
Dove court, Old Jewry
Dove court, St. Swithin'slane
Draper's court, Princes street, Lothbury
Drew's court, Peter street, Westmlnster
Duck's court, Cursitor street
Dudley's court, Hog lane
DufFeur's court, Little Broad street
Duffin's court, King Ilrcet
Duke's court, Crown alley
Duke's court, Little Almonry
Duke's court, St. Martin's line
Dun Cow court, Little Cock lane
Dunftsn's court, Little Old Bailey
Dunfter's court, Mincing lane
Durham court, Trinity lane
Dyer's court, Aldermanbury
Dyer's court, Holborn
Dyer's court, Holborn hill
Eap le court, in the Strand
Earle's court, Drury lane
Earle's court, Little Newport ftr.
Eden court, New street
Edmund's court, Princes ftr. Soho
Edward's court, Oxendon street
Elephant court, Whitechapel
Elliot's court, Little Old Baiiey
Elm court, Elm street
Elme court. Middle Temple
Ely court, Holborn
Essex court, Middle Temple
Essex court, Whitechapel
Essex court, White friars
Eunuch court, near Goodman's yard
Evans's court, Eafinghall street
Exeter Change court, Exeter street
Falcon court, Codpiece row
Falcoijjcourt, Fleet street
Falcon court, Lothbury
Falcon Court, St. Margaret's hill
Falcon court, Shoe lane
Falcon court, White street
Falconbridge court, Hog lane
Fan court, St. Michael's lane
Farmer's court, Ivy street
FAustin's court, Vinegar yard
Feathers court, Drury lane
Feathers court, Fox court, inn lane
Feathers court, High Holborn
Feathers court, Milk street
Featheri'ton's court, Featherston's street
Fell court, Fell street, Wood street
Fen court, Fenchurch street
Fcnwick's court, High Holborn
Field's court, Islington
Fig Tree court, Barbican
Fig Tree court, Inner Temple
Fireball court, Houndsditch
Fisher's court, Eagle street
Fishmarket court, Bloomsbury
Fitche's court,, Noble street
Five Inkhorn court, Petticoat lane
Fore court, Bridewell
Fore court, Clement's Inn
Fleece court, Rose and Crown court, Moorfields
Fleet street court. Fleet street
Fletcher's court, Bembridge street
Fletcher's court, Mainhard street
Flower tic luce court, Blackfriars
Flower de luce court, Cow cross
Flower de luce court, Fleet street
Flower de luce court, Houndsditch
Flower de luce court, Parish Garden lane
Flower de luce court, St. Michael's lane
Flower de luce court, Tooly street
Flving horse court, Fleet street
Flying horse court, Grub street
Flying horse court, Maiden lane, Wood street
Fogwell court, Charterhouse lane
Founders court, Fore street
Founders court, Lothbury
Fountain court, Aldermrmbury
Fountain court, Cheapside
Fountain court, in the Minories
Fountain court, St. Martin's lane
Fountain court, Chandos street
Fountain court, Shoe lane
Fountain court, in the Strand
Four Dove court, St. Martin le Grand
Fox court, Grav's inn lane
Fox court, St. James's street
Fox court, Snow hill
Fox and C rown court, Barbican
Fox and Knot court, Cow lane
Francis's court, Bartlet street
Franshaw's court, Leadenhall street
Freellone court, Beach lane
French court, Artillery lane
French court, Cock lane
French court, Harrow alley
French court, Little Broad street
French Ordinary court, Crutchcd friars
Friars court, Three Maid lane
Frogget's court, Thieving lane
Fry's court, Tower hill
Fuller's court, East Smithfield
Furnival's Inn court, Holborn
Garden court, Baldwin's gardens
Garden court, Clement's inn
Garden court, Cliffords inn
Garden court, Furnivals inn
Garden court, Lincolns inn
Garden court, Middle Temple
Garden court, Petticoat lane
Garden court, Serjeant's inn
Garden court, Sion college
Garden court, Staples inn
Garden court, Star street
Garden court, Thavie's inn
Gardiner's court, Gardiner's lane
Garland court, Stepney
Garland court, Trinity lane
Garter court, Barbican
George court, Bennet's hill
George court, East Smithfield
George court, George street
George conrt, George street
George Court, Gravel lane
Geor?e court, Little St. Thomas Apostles
George court, Princess street
George court, St. John's Lane
George court, Seacoa! lane
Gibsons court, Marybon street
Gibson's court, Narrow wall
Gilliam's court, Rotherhithe wall
Gingerbread court, Lamb alley
Gingerbread court, Old Change
Glastenbury court, Rose street
Globe court, Seven Stars alley
Globe couit, Sheer lane
Glocefter court, Peer lane
Glocefter court, Bflack friars
Glocefter court, WhiteCross street
Godfrey's court, Milk street
Goiden Ball court, Old street
Golden Cross court, Cateaton street
Golden Key court, Basinghall postern
Golden Leg court, Cheapside
Golden Lyon court, Aldersgate street
Goldsmiths court, Goldsmiths alley
Goldlmiths court, New street
Golfton's court, Drury lane
Goodwin's court, Oxford street
Goodwin's court, St. Martin's lane
Gould's court, Woodrose lane
Grange court, Carey street
Gravel court, Old Gravel lane
Gray's court, Duke street, Piccadilly
Gray's court, Fenchurch street
Great Black Horse court, Aldersgate street
Great Montague court, Little Britain
Great St. Helen's court, Bishopsgate street
Greaves's court, George yard, Whitechapel
Green arbour court, French alley
Green Arbour court, Little Moorfields
Green Arbour court, Little Baiiey
Green Dragon court, Cow lane
Green Dragon court, ? lane
Green Dragon court. Old Change
Green court, Marshall street
Green court, Little Minories
Greenwood's court, Nightingale lane
Greg's, court, Goodmans yard
Gregory's court, High Holborn
Greyhound court, Aldersgate street
Greyhound court, Chick lane
Greyhound court, Lamb street
Greyhound court, Milford lane
Greyhound court, Moor street, Soho
Greyhound court, St. Catharine's lane
Gresham College court, Bishopsgate street
Gresham college Garden court
Gridiron court, High Holborn
Guy of Warwick's court, Duke street
Guy of Warwick's court, Upper Ground
Hacket's court, Coleman street
Haines court, Swallow street
Hafrbraiu'd court, Anchor alley
Halfmoon court, Aldersgate street
Halfmoon court, Bow lane
Halfmoon court, Ludgate hill
Halfmoon court, Hermitage
Halfmoon and Seven Stars court, Old street
Halfmoon court, Portpool lane
Halfmoon court, Wjluhire lane
Half pav'd court, Dorset street
Hall's court, Lompton street
Hail's court, Deadmans place
Hammond's court, Hay market
Halfey's court, Blackmail street
Hand court, Petticoat lane
Hand court, Thames street
Hand and Crown court, Chiswell street
Hand and Crown court, Gravel lane
Hand and Crown court, Orchard
Hand and Hollybush court, St Clement's
Hand and Pen court, Barbican
Hand and Pen court, Leadenhall street
Hanging Sword court. Fleet street
Hanover court, Grub street
Hanover court, Houndsditch
Hanover court, in the Minories
Hare court, Aldersgate street
Hare court. Hare street
Hare court, Inner Temple
Hare court, Little Knightriders street
Harrison's court, Brook street
Harris's court, Ratcliff highway
Harrolu's court, coalyard
Harrow corner, Deadman's place
Harrow court, Bennet's hill
Harrow court, Fleet lane
Hanow court, Long alley
Hart court, Little Knightriders street
Hartfhorn court, Golden iane
liarilhoni court, Moor lane
Harvey's court, in the Strand
Haslewood's court, Blue Anchor alley
Hasling court, Upper Shadwell
Hatton court, Saffron hill
Hatton court, Threadneedle street
Hay court, near Newport market
Heathcock court, in the Strand
Hedden court, Swallow street
Hedger's court, St. Thomas's
Helmet court, in the Butcher row
Helmet court, Fore street
Helmet court, London wall
Helmet court, in the Minories
Helmet court, in the Strand
Helmet court, in Thames street
Helmet court, Wormwood street
Hemlock court, Carey street
Hen court. Golden lane
Hen and Chickens court, Fleet street
Heralds Office court Bennet's hill
Hermitage court, Three Maid lane
Hertford's court, Fenchurch street
Hickmans court, Mill street
Hides court, Noble street
Hilliards court, Old Gravel lane
Hind court, Drury lane
Hind court, Fleet street
Hobbin's court, Long lane, Southwark
Hockenhu'ft's court, Black Eagle street
Holborn court, Barnard's inn
Holborn court, Furnivals inn
Holborn court, Gray's inn
Holborn court, Staple's inn
Holborn court, Thavie's inn
Holand's court, Back alley, Wapping
Holiwell court, Holiwell lane, Shoreditch
Holiday's court, Blue Anchor alley
Holiday's court, Narrow wall
Honey suckle court, Grub street
Horn court, Basing lane
Horn court, Beer lane, Tower street
Horn Tavern court, St. Margaret's lane
Horsefhoe court, Clement's lane
Horsefhoe court, Cock lane
Horsefhoe court, Fashion street
Horsefhoe court, Fleet street
Horsefhoe court, Giltspur street
Horsefhoe court, Seething lane
Hucker's court, St. Nicholas lane
Hudson's court, Tower hill
Huet's court, in the Strand
Hugh's court, Water lane
Hunt's court, Castle street
Hunt's court, Hunt's street
Hunt's court, St. Martin's lane
Hydon square court, Hydon square
Jackson's court, Black friars
Jacob's court, Cow Cross
Jacob's court, Peter street
James court, James street
James court, James street
Jenkins's court, Ropemakers field
Jerufalem court, St. John street
Jerufalem court, Shad Thames
Jews harp court, Angel alley
Ingram's court, Feuchurch street
Inner court, Barnard's inn
Inner court, Bridewell
John's court, Cable street
John's court, East Smithfield
John's court, John's street
John's court, Hannoway street
Johnson's court. Fleet street
Jolley'scourt, Durham yard, Strand
Jones's court, Nightingale lane
Joyner's court, Jacob street
Iriih court, Whitechapel
Julian's court, Angel alley
Kemp's court, Berwick street
Kennington common
Key cout, Little St. Thomas Apostles
Kill court, St. John street
Killegrew court, Scotland yard
King's court, Nightingale lane
King's Anns court, Basinghall street
King's Arms court, Bank side
King's Arms court, King John's court
King's Arms court, Ludgate hill
King David's court, Whitechapel
King's Head court, Barnaby street
King's Head court, Beach lane
King's Head court, Borough
King's Head court, Cock lane
King's Head court, Drury lane
King's Head court, Fetter lane
King's Head court, Golden lane
King's Head court, Gravel lane
King's Head court, Gravel lane
King's Head court, Gutter lane
King's Head court, Hand alley
King's Head court, Holborn
King's Head court, King street
King's Head court, Little Carter lane
King's Head court, New Fish street
King's Head court, Petticoat lane
King's Head court, St. Clements
King's Head court, St. Martin le Grand
King's Head court, Shoe lane
King's Head court, Shoreditch
King's Head court, Southampton buildings
King's Head court, Stanhope street
King's Head court, in the Strand
King's Head court, Vine street
King's Head court, WhiteCross street
King's Head court, Wood street
King John's court, Holiwell lane
King's Square court, Dean streets
Kinhavey's court, St. Martin's lane
Kirbys court, Foul lane
Knight's court, behind St. Clements
Knowles's court, Little Carter lane

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