Yards in 1732 , the Survey of London by William Maitland in 1756

An Account of all the Alleys, Banks, Bridges, Buildings, Buries, closes, Corners, Courts, Ditches, Docks, Entries, Gardens, Greens, Grounds, Mewses, Passages, Rents, Roads, Rows, Squares, Streets, Yards, &c. within the City of London, and Suburbs thereof , alphabetically digested.

Yards in 1732.

Adam a digging yard, Peter street
Adam and Eve yard, Homerton
Adam and Eve yard, Ratcliff highway
Addison's yard, Peter street
Admiralty Office yard, Whitehall
Akerfley's yard, Great St. Ann's lane
Almshouse yard, Little Chapel street
Anchor yard, Barnaby street
Anderson's yard, Oxford street
Angel and Sugarloaf yard, Minories
Arch yard, Harrison's court, Brook street
Artichoke yard, Shoreditch
Ax yard, Blackman street
Ax yard, King street, Blackman street
Ax yard, King street, Westminster
Ax and Bottle yard, St. Margaret's hill
Backyard, Angel alley, Little Moorfields
Back yard, Bell alley, Coleman street
Back yard, Brick lane, Old street
Back yard, Bull Head court, Jewin street
Back yard, Great garden, St. Catharines
Backyard, Little Bartholomew close
Back yard, Marigold lane
Back yard, NewCastle street
Back yard, Old Gravel lane
Back yard, Peter lane, St. John street
Backyard, Pelican court
Back yard, RedCross alley, Jewin street
Back yard, Richmond street
Backyard, Ropemakers fields, Limehouse
Back yard, Rotherhithe wall
Back yard, Rupert street
Back yard, Stamford buildings
Back yard, Sun alley, Golden lane
Backyard, Turnmill street
Back yard, Wentworth street
Backyard, Woolpack allev, Houndsditch
Back yard, St. Margaret's hill
Back yard, St. Saviour's Dock head
Back yard, Saltpetre bank
Back yard, Shayfbee's walk
Back yard, Shipwright street
Back yard, Short street
Back yard, Silver street
Back yard, Star street
Back yard, Swan alley, Golden lane
Back yard, Three Colt street
Back yard, Tooly street
Back yard, Upper Ground street
Back yard, Upper Well alley, Wapping
Back yard, Vine yard
Back yard, White's yard, Rosemary lane
Back Cloister yard, Westminster
Bag and Bottle yard, Old street
Bakers yard, Church lane, Whitechapel
Bakers yard, Milford lane
Baldwin's yard, Baldwin's garden
Baldwin's yard; Narrow alley, Stoney lane
Ball yard, Golden lane
Bannister's yard, Water lane, Blackfriars
Barge yard, Bucklersbury
Bartram's yard, Nightingale lane
Bateman's Bridge yard, Upper Ground
Bear yard, Fore street, Lambeth
Bear yard, Long walk, King John's court
Bear yard, Silver street
Bear yard, Vere street, Clare market
Bear and ragged Staff yard, White Cross street
Beggars Bush yard, Gravel lane
Bell yard, Barnaby street
Bell yard, Coleman street
Bell yard, Fleet street
Bell yard, Gracechurch street
Bell yard, King street, Westminster
Bell yard, Little St. Martin's lane
Bell yard, Long alley, Moorfields
Bell yard, New Fish street hill
Bell yard, Old Fish street hill
Bell yard, Rosemary lane
Bell yard, Stoney lane
Bell yard, Whitechapel
Bell yard, White horse street
Bell Inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
Bell Inn yard, in the Strand
Bell Savage Inn yard, Ludgate hill
Bellows yard, in the Minories
Billet yard, Billiter lane
Bird's yard, Chick lane
Black Boy yard, in the Minories
Black Boy yard, Saltpetre bank
Black Bull yard, Whitechapel
Black Dog yard, Shoreditch
Black horse yard, Green street, Leicester fields
Black horse yard, in the Curtain, Hog lane
Black horse yard, Gravel lane
Black horse yard, Gray's Inn lane
Black horse yard, Nightingale lane
Black horse yard, Pickax street
Black horse yard, Poor Jewry lane
Black horse yard, Tottenham court road
Black horse yard, Town ditch, Little Britain
Black horse yard, Tower hill
Black horse yard, Whitechapel
Black Lion yard, Bedfordbury
Black Lion yard, Stoney lane
Black Lion yard, Whitechapel
Blacksmiths yard, Upper Ground
Black Swan yard, in the Borough
Black Swan yard, Newington butts
Black Swan yard, Ropemakers fields, Limehouse
Black Swan Inn yard, Holborn
Blackwall yard
Blackwell Hall yard, Basinghall street
Blake's yard, Old street
Blanch yard, Great Pearl street
Bland's yard, in the Minories
Blossom's Inn yard, Honey lane market
Blue yard, Gravel lane
Blue Anchor yard, St. Catharine's lane
Blue Ball yard, Fell street
Blue Boar yard, Field lane
Blue Boar yard, Great Russel street
Blue Boar Inn yard, Whitechapel
Blue Boar's Head Inn yard
Bluegate yard, Carter's rents
Bluegate yard, Harrow yard, Whitechapel
Boar's Head yard, Petticoat lane
Boar's Head yard, West Smithfield
Boar's Head Inn yard, Compter lane
Boatbuilders yard, Bank side
Boatbuilders yard, College street
Boddy's Bridge yard, Upper Ground
Bond's yard, White horse street
Bond Stables yard, near Fetter lane
Bottle yard, Bottle alley, Bishopsgate street
Bottle of Hay yard, Islington road
Bow Church yard, Cheapside
Bowl vard, St. Giles's Broadway
Bowson's yard, Quakers street
Bowyer's yard, Wapping
Branch's yard, Nightingale lane
Brazil Warehouse yard, Trinity lane
Brewers yard, Barnaby street
Brewers yard, Cow Cross
Brewers yard, Giltspur street
Brewers yard, King street
Brewers yard, in the Strand
Brewers yard, Shoe lane
Brewers yard, Windmill court, Pye corner
Brewhouse yard, Battle bridge
Brewhouse yard, Fox lane
Brewhouse yard, at the Hermitage
Brewhouse yard, Leather lane
Brewhouse yard, Saffron hill
Brewhouse yard, White's ground, Crucifix lane
Bridgeman's yard, Water lane, Blackfriars
Broad yard, Coleman's alley, Brown street
Broad yard, Crow alley, WhiteCross street
Broad yard, Dirty lane, Blackman street
Broad yard, Swan alley, Golden lane
Broad yard, Green Dragon alley, Wapping
Broad yard, Holiwell court, Holiwell lane
Broad yard, lslington
Broad yard, Soper's alley, White Cross street
Broad yard, Upper Ground street
Brown's yard, in the Minories
Brown's yard, WhiteCross street
Brown's yard, Woodrose lane
Bull yard, Goswell street
Bull yard, Dunning's alley
Bull yard, KIngsland road, Shoreditch
Bull yard, Old Horsleydown lane
Bullock's yard, Shoreditch
Burial yard, Mill yard, Rag fair
Butler's yard, Monkwell street
Cabbage yard, Cock lane, Swan fields
Car yard, Moor lane
Car yard, RedCross street
Car yard, White's yard, Rosemary lane
Carman's yard, Pepper alley
Carpenters yard, Deadman's place
Carpenters yard, Peter street
Carpenters yard, Poor Jewry lane
Carpenters yard, Skinner street
Carpenters yard, Town ditch, Little Britain
Carpenters yard, Upper Ground street
Castle yard, Castle alley, Cornhill
Castle yard, Harrow corner, Deadman's place
Castle yard, Holborn
Castle yard, Houndsditch
Castle yard, Pennyfield street
Castle inn yard, Aldersgate street
Catharine wheel yard, Bishopsgate street
Catharine wheel and George yard, Bishopsgate street
Catharine wheel vard, West Smithfield
Catharine wheel Inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
Cat's Hole yard, Tower ditch
Catstick yard, Gray's Inn lane
Chapman's yard, Goodman's field
Charing Cross yard, Back street, Lambeth
Chequer yard, Dowgate hill
Chequer yard, Golden lane
Chequer yard, Old street
Chequer yard, St. Martin's lane
Chequer yard, Whitechapel
Christoper's Inn yard, Barnaby street
Christopher's Inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
Ciseyard, Whitechapel
Clerkenwell Church yard, Clerkenwell
Clink yard, Clink street
Cloth yard, Dunning's alley
Coach yard, High Holborn
Coach yard, Portpool lane
Coach yard, RedCross street
Coach and Horses yard, Cross street
Coach and Horses yard, St. John square
Coal yaid. High Holborn
Cobb s yard, Petticoat lane
Cobbs yard, Falconers wall. Cow cross
Cock yard, Jacob's street
Cock yard, Parish street
Cock yard, Thacket's court, Bishopsgate street
Cock and Hoop yard, Houndsditch
Codlin yard, Virginia street
College yard, Compter lane
College yard, near the Hermitage
Colour yard, Worcester street
Cooper's yard, Petticoat lane
Corbet's yard, Back street, Lambeth
Cotes's yard, Skinner street
Couzens's yard, Blue Anchor alley
Cow yard, Artichoke lane
Cow yard, Liquorpond street
Craven yard, Drury lane
Craven Wood yard, Maypole alley, Wych street
Cross Keys yard, Cross Keys court
Cross Keys Inn yard, White Cross street
Crown yard, Nightingale lane
Curriers Arms Inn yard, Fann's alley
Cutting's yard, New North street
Denham's yard, Drury lane
Dentry's yard, Well street, Spitalfields
Devil Tavern yard, Charing Cross
Dodd's yard, Nightingale lane
Dog yard, Bear Inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
Dog and Porridge yard, Old street
Dog Tavern yard, Thames street
Doleman's yard, Holiwell street, Shoreditch
Dolphin yard, Butcher row
Dolphin yard, Wapping
Dolphin yard, West Smithfield
Dolphin and Three Colts yard, Crutched friars
Dolphin Inn yard, Bishopsgate street
Driver's yard, Old street
Drum yard, Whitechapel
Dunhorse yard, Coleman street
Durham yard, Chick lane
Durham yard, in the Strand
Dyers yard, Lhurch lane, Whitechapel
Dyers yard, Old Bedlam
Dyers yard, Whitechapel
Eagle and Child yard, Broad St. Giles's
Eccles's yard, in the Minories
Emms's, now Horn's yard, Broad street, Ratcliff
Evans's yard, Church street, Rotherhithe
Falcon yard, Kent street
Falcon yard, Shoemaker row, Aldgate
Falcon Inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
Farriers yard, in the Minories
Fighting Cocks yard, Hoxton
Fig Tree yard, Maudlin's rents
Finsbury yard, Chiswell street
Finsbury yard, Moorfields
Fish yard, St. Margaret's lane
Fleece yard, Cornhill
Flemish Church yard, Tower ditch
Flower de luce yard, Gray's Inn lane
Flower de luce yard, Parish Garden lane
Flower de luce yard, Tooly street
Flying horse yard, Bartholomew close
Flying horse yard, Bishopsgate street
Flying horse yard, Dolphin alley
Flying horse yard, Halfmoon alley
Flying horse yard, Houndsditch
Flying horse yard, Mare street, Hackney
Fore Cloyster yard, Westminster
Fox yard, Duke's street, Great Russel street
Fox and Hounds yard, Bishopsgate street
Freeman's yard, Cornhill
French yard, Artichoke lane
French yard, Spital square
Fryingpan yard, Back street, Lambeth
Fumblers yard, Priests alley, Tower street
Gapp yard, Stepney causeway
Garter yard, Ratcliff highway
George yard, Beer lane, Tower street
George yard, Bow lane
George yard, Bishopsgate street
George yard, Cable street
George yard, Dean street, Soho
George yard, Dorset garden, Fleet street
George yard, Fore street, Lambeth
George yard, Golden lane
George yard, High Holborn
George yard, Islington
George yard, Kent street
George yard, King street, Westminster
George yard, Little Britain
George yard, Little Tower hill
George yard, Lombard street
George yard, Long acre
George yard, Old street
George yard, Plow yard, Broadway
George yard, RedCross street
George yard, Saffron hill
George yard, Seacoal lane
George yard, Shoreditch
George yard, Snow hill
George yard, Thames street
George yard, Tower hill
George yard, Whitechapel
George Inn yard, in the Borough
Glasshouse yard, Black friars
Glasshouse yard, Goodman's fields
Glasshouse yard, Old Bedlam
Glasshouse yard, Pickax street
Glasshouse yard, Red Maid lane
Glasshouse yard, White friars
Glasshouse yard, Willow street
Globe yard, Blackwall
Globe yard, New Fish street hill
Globe yard, Old Bedlam
Globe yard, Schoolhouse lane, Ratcliff
Globe yard, Wapping
Glovers yard, Beech lane
German's yard, Stepney rents, Shoreditch
Goat yard, Horsleydown
Goat yard, in the Maze, Tooly street
Goat yard, WhiteCross street
Goat Inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
Goodman's yard, in the Minories
Gough's yard, Back street, Lambeth
Grange yard, Bermondsey fields
Great yard, Parish street, Horsleydown
Great Dean's yard, Westminster
Great Moor yard, St. Martin's lane
Great Ormond yard, Ormond street
Greenyard, Basinghall postern
Green yard, Goswell street
Green yard, Green bank, Wapping
Green yard, Milk yard, New Gravel lane
Green yard, Pepper alley
Greenyard, Upper Ground street
Green yard, White's yard, Rosemary lane
Green Dragon yard, Whitechapel
Greyhound yard, Upper Ground street
Greyhound Inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
Grocers Hall yard, Grocers alley
Gun yard, street street
Gun yard, Houndsditch
Gun yard, Maiden lane
Gun yard, Pepper alley
Gun yard, Petticoat lane
Gun yard, Rosemary lane
Gun yard, Sugarloaf alley, Moor lane
Gun yard, Tower ditch
Guildhall yard, King street
Guy's yard, Vinegar yard, Drury lane
Hackney Coach yard, Hackney
Ham's yard, Brook street
Ham's yard, Great Windmill street
Hamilton's yard, Upper Shadwcll
Hampshire yard, Whitechapel
Hampstead yard, Gray's Inn lane
Handcock's yard, Brown's lane
Hand in Hand yard, Old Horsleydown lane
Hare yard, Hoxton
Harp yard, Black horse yard, Fleet street
Harrow Dunghill yard, Old Horsleydown lane
Harwood's yard, Holiwell court
Hicks's yard, Angel alley, Little Moorfields
Hog yard, Bail Smithfield
Hog yard, Kent street
Hog yard, White's yard, Rosemary lane
Hog Island, Liquorpond street
Heron's yard, Marsham street
Hill's yard, Shoreditch
Hitchcock's yard, Newington causeway
Hole in the Wall yard, Goddard's rents
Holiday's yard, Creed lane
Honesty's yard, St. John's court, Chick lane
Hoop yard, Little Swan alley
Hoop yard, in the Strand
Hoop yard, New Fish street hill
Horns yard, Cloth fair
Horns yard, Kent street
Horns yard, Peter street
Horns yard, Stoney lane
Horns yard, Whitechapel
Hook's Hole yard, Upper Ground street
horse and Cart yard, St. John street
Horseshoe yard, Old Gravel lane
Hot Water yard, Parish Garden lane
Howard's yard, Angel alley
Howard's yard, Back street, Lambeth
Howard's yard, Clerkenwell close
Hydon yard, Minories
Jackfon's yard, Gravel lane
Jack Straw's Castle yard, Saltpetre bank
Jane Shore's yard, Shoreditch
Jericho yard, Jerusalem alley
Jeyes's yard, Three Colts street, Limehouse
John Devers's yard, Seething lane
Johnson's yard, Three Needle alley, Moorfields
Jones's yard, Stoney lane, Petticoat lane
Jones's yard, Little Swan alley
Ireland yard, Black friars
Kebb's yard, in the Minories
Kent's yard, Angel alley
King's yard, Barnaby street
King's yard, Leather lane
King's Arms yard, Coleman street
King's Arms yard, Fore street
King's Arms yard, Lothbury
King's Arms yard, Shoreditch
King's Arms yard, Whitechapel
King's Arms Inn yard, Holborn bridge
King's Head yard, King's street, New Gravel lane
King's Head yard, Moorfields
King's Head yard, Tooly street
King's Head yard, Wiltshire lane
King Henry's yard, Nightingale lane
Kirk's yard, East Smithfield
Kinnersley's yard, Ratcliff highway
Kirby's yard, Curtain row, Hog lane
Knave of Clubs yard, Old street
Knolley's yard, Hog lane
Korby's yard, Hand alley
Lamb's yard, Bishopsgate street
Leatherdresser's yard, Paul's alley
Lemon Tree yard, Bedfordbury
Letter's yard, Blue Gate fields
Leveridge's yard, Nightingale lans
Lewis yard, Green bank, Wapping
Lion's yard, WhiteCross street
Little Cheapside yard, Three cranes
Little Dean's yard, Westminster
Little Howard's yard, Angel alley
Little Marsh yard, near Wapping
Little Moor yard, St. Martin's lane
Little Ormond yard, Ormond street
Little Scotland yard, Whitehall
Lock's yard, Blackman street
Lock's yard, Rosemary lane
Lockwood's yard, Saffron hill
Logsdown's yard, Middle row, Holborn
London Bridge yard, Tooly street
London house yard, Aldersgate street
London house yard, St. Paul's Churchyard ,
London Prentice yard, Minories
London Workhouse yard, Bishopsgate street
Long's yard, East Smithfield
Long's yard, in the Green walk
Love's yard, Old Horsleydown lane
Lower's yard, Long walk, King John's court
Lucas's yard, Cock alley, Wapping
Lyon yard, Virginia street
Main's yard, Castle lane, Southwark
Man in the Moon yard, Chiswell street
Marsh yard, Wapping
Martin's yard, New Gravel lane
Mary Clark's yard, Gravel lane
Mary Gray's yard, Harrow alley
Mason's yard, Newington green
May's yard, Barnaby street
Meetinghouse yard, Broad street
Meetinghouse yard, Deadmans place
Meetinghouse yard, Devonshire square
Meetinghouse yard, Little St. Helen's
Meetinghouse yard, Old Horsleydown lane
Meetinghouse yard, Old Jewry
Meetinghouse yard, St. Michael's lane
Meetinghouse yard, Silver street
Meetinghouse yard, Wentworth street
Meetinghouse yard, West lane
Middle Scotland yard, Whitehall
Milk yard, Popping's alley
Milk yard, New Gravel lane
Milk yard, Rag fair
Mills's yard, Rotherhithe wall
Mitre yard, Shoemaker row, Aldgate
Money Bag yard, Anchor alley
Monument yard, New Fish' street hill
Moor's yard, Fashion street
Moor's yard, Old Fish street
Morgan's yard, Green walk
Musickhouse yard, Upper Shadwell
My Lady's yard, Harrow alley, Whitechapel
Nag's Head yard, Golden lane
Nailer's yard, Silver street
Naked Boy yard, Back street, Lambeth
Naked Boy yard, Deadman's place
Nan's hole or yard, Angel street
Navy Office yard, Crutched friars
Neal's yard, Great St. Andrew street
Nevil's yard, Church street, Lambeth
New yard, Fenchurch street
New inn yard, Holiwell street, Shoreditch
New Packthread yard, Barnaby street
New Palace yard, Westminster
New Swan yard, Rag street
Newington Butts Church yard
Oakley's yard, Tower ditch
Oatmeal yard, Barnaby street
Old Hog yard, Peter lane, St. John street
Old Palace yard, Westminster
Old Park yard, Queen street
Old Swan yard, Rag street
One Swan yard, Bishopsgate street
Oxford Arms yard, in the Haymarket
Pages yard, Brewhouse lane, Wapping
Pains yard, Swan alley, East Smithfield
Parkers yard, Castle lane 8
Parker's yard, Little Bartholomew close
Parrot yard, Parrot alley, East Smithfield
Parsons yard, Fore street, Lambeth
Parsons yard, Shoreditch
Peacock yard, Islington
Peacock yard, WhiteCross street
Peacock yard, White horse alley, Cow Cross
Pead's yard, Bank side, Southwark
Peal yard, Mint street
Peas yard, Nightingale lane
Peter's yard, Deadman's place
Perkins's yard, Blackman street
Peter's yard, in the Minories
Peght's yard, Castle lane
Petty Wales yard, Halfmoon alley
Philips's yard, Still alley, Houndsditch
Picture yard, Back lane, near Rag fair
Playhouse yard, Black friars
Playhouse yard, WhiteCross street
Plow yard, Barnaby street
Plow yard, Brown's gardens, St Giles's
Plow yard, Fetter lane, Holborn
Plow yard, Holborn
Plow yard, Hartshorn line
Plow yard, Harrow yard, Green bank
Plow yard, Seething lane
Plow yard, Tower ditch
Pope's Head yard, in the Minories
Porters vard, Holiwell lane, Shoreditch
Porters yard, WhiteCross street
Poultry Compter yard, in the Poultry
Powess yard, Upper Ground street
Preilon's yard, in the Minories
Priests yard, Dancing lane
Printinghouse yard, Black friars
Printinghouse yard, White's alley
Probin's yard, Blackman street
Providence yard, Peter street
Pump yard, King John's court
Pump yard, Newington Butts
Pump yard, in the Orchard, Ratcliff
Pump yard, in Queen street, Ratcliff
Pump yard, Pump alley, Chequer alley
Pump yard, Three Colts street
Pump yard, White horse alley, Cow Cross
Queen's Head yard, Gray's Inn lane
Queen's Head yard, White horse street
Rampant Lion yard, Nightingale lane
Rangers yard, York street, Jermain street
Red Bull yard, Ailsbury street, Clerkenwell
Red Bull yard, Islington
Red horse yard, Glasshouse yard
Red Lion yard, Church street, Lambeth
Red Lion yard, Houndsditck
Red Lion yard, Long acre
Red Lion yard, Long lane
Red Lion yard, Lower Shadwell
Red Lion yard, Red Lion street
Red Lion yard, Star street, Clerkenwell
Red Lion Inn yard, Bishopsgate street
Rider's yard, Kent street
Rochester yard, Dirty lane
Rochester yard, Stoney street
Rose yard, Catharine wheel alley
Rose yard, Newington butts
Rose yard, White horse street
Rose and Crown yard, Long alley
Rose and Crown yard, Rotherhithe
Rosewell's yard, Barnaby street
Royal Oak yard, Barnaby street
Royal Oak yard, WhiteCross street
Royal Vine yard, St. James's park
St. Antolin's Church yard, Budge row
St. Botolph's street Church yard
St. Bride's Church yard, St. Bride's lane
St. Catharine's Church yard, St. Catharine's, Tower
St. Clement's Church yard, in the Strand
St. Dionis Church yard, Lime street
St. Margaret's Church yard, Westminster
St. Martin's Church yard, St. Martin's lane
St. Mary Abchurch yard, Abchurch lane
St. Mary Aldermary Church yard, Bow lane
St. Mary Magdalen's Church yard, Bermondsey
St. Mary Overy's Church yard
St. Paul's Church yard, Covent garden
St. Paul's Church yard, Ludgate street
St. Thomas's Church yard, Southwark
Sawyers yard, Tower street
School yard, Ailsbury street
Schoolhouse yard, Rose street
Scot's yard, Bush lane
Scot's yard, Mill bank
Scot's yard, Stoney lane, Southwark
Scot's yard, WhiteCross street
Scotland yard, Whitehall
Setters yard, Deadman's place
Shepherd's yard, Shoreditch
Ship yard, Bishopsgate street
Ship yard, in the Borough
Shipyard, Green bank, Wapping
Ship yard, King street, New Gravel lane
Ship yard, Phoenix street
Ship yard, Red Cross street
Ship yard, without Temple bar
Ship Back yard, in the Minories
Shoemakers yard, Deadman's place
Shoulder of Mutton yard, Butcher row
Skin Market yard, Bank side
Sky yard, Swan alley
Smith's yard, Blue Anchor alley
Smith's yard, Maiden lane
Smith's yard, Ratcliff highway
Somerset stable yard, in the Strand
Sope yard, Harrow corner
Sopers yard, St. Mary Ax
Southwell yard, Spitalfields market
Sparrow's Nest yard, Oxford street
Spread Eagle yard, Kingsland road
Spur Inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
Stable yard, Jockey fields, near Gray's Inn
Stable yard, near Smith's street
Stable yard, Northumberland alley
Stable yard, St. James's street
Stable yard, Warner street
Stanley's yard, Stoney lane
Star yard, Barnaby street
Star yard, Kingsland road
Starch yard, Old Gravel lane
Still yard, Liquorpond street
Still yard, Maze Pond street
Stockdon's yard, Vineyard, Horsleydown lane
Stone yard, Lower East Smithfield
Stonecutters yard, Blackman street
Stonecutters yard, Mill bank
Stonecutters yard, Poor Jewry lane
Stonecutters yard, St. Martin's lane
Storehouse yard, Ratcliff
Storehouse yard, New Rag fair
Strype's yard, Petticoat lane
Sugarbakers yard, Duke's place
Sugarhouse yard, Butcher row
Sugarloaf yard, Holiwell lane
Sun yard, street street
Sun yard, Brown street, Bunhill fields
Sun yard, Ivy lane, Newgate street
Sun yard, Nightingale lane
Sun yard, Stepney rents, Shoreditch
Sun yard, Swan alley, Golden lane
Sun and Gun yard, Narrow street, Limehouse
Sun and Raven yard, Five Feet lane
Swan yard, Blackman street
Swan yard, Holiwell street, Shoreditch
Swan Inn yard, Holborn bridge
Swan yard, Newgate street
Swan yard, Old Soho
Swan yard, Nightingale lane
Swan yard, Ratcliff Cross
Swan and two Necks yard
Swan yard, in the Strand
Switch yard, Upper Ground street
Tabernacle yard, Petticoat lane
Tabernacle yard, Wheeler street
Talbot Inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
Tan yard, WhiteCross street
Tanners yard, Five Feet lane
Tanners yard, Marfham street
Tarplet's yard, Narrow street, Limehouse
The Pipe yard, Briftol street
The Pond yard, Bank side
The Steel yard, Thames street
The Wood yard, Long acre
Thomson's yard, Upper Ground yard,
Three Colts yard, Three Colts street
Three Crowns yard, St. Bride's
Three Fox yard, Narrow street, Ratcliff
Three Griffin yard, Aldgate street
Three Colt yard, Mile end
Three Hoop yard, Holiwell street
Three Ton yard, Cloth fair
Throwsters yard, Lamb alley
Tobacco Pipe yard, Old Gravel lane
Tobacco Roll yard, Sun yard, Nightingale lane
Tokenhouse yard, Leadenhall street
Tokenhouseyard, Lothbury
Tongues yard, Whitechapel
Tooly's Gate yard, Tooly street
Townsend's yard, Queen street, in the Park
Trance's yard, Kent street
Trinity yard, Broad ftr. Ratcliff
Trumball's yard, Queen street, Windmill street
Trumpet yard, Whitechapel
Trype yard, Catharine wheel alley
Trype yard, Dunnings alley
Trype yard, Petticoat lane
Tumbull's }ard, White's alley, Long ditch
Turret yard, Little Sanctuary
Two Brewer yard, in the Curtain, Hog lane
Two Swan yard, Garland alley
Unicorn yard, Butcher row
Unicorn yard, Old Horsleydown lane
Vinegar yard, Barnaby street
Vinegar yard, Blue Anchor alley
Vinegar yard, Bowl alley, St Giles's
Vinegar yard, Drurylane
Vinegar yard, George street
Vinegar yard, St. John's lane
Vinegar yard, Sun yard, Nightingale lane
Victualling Office yard, Little Tower hill
Vine yard, Old Horsleydown lane
Vine yard, Pick Ax street
Vine yard, RedCross street
Vine yard, Tooly street
Waite's yard, Blackman street
Walnut Tree yard, street street
Warehouse yard, London Bridge yard
Warehouse yard, Mincing lane
Washers yard, White's yard, Rosemary lane
Watch house Bridge yard, Old Horsleydown lane
Weavers Arms yard, Booth street
Webb's yard, Vine yard, Old Horsleydown lane
Well yard, Church yard alley, Rosemary lane
Well yard, Little Britain
Wells's yard, Mainhard street
Wench's yard, in the Minories
Wheel yard, Stoney lane
Wheeler's yard, RedCross street
White Hart yard, Gracechurch street
White's yard, Green walk, Southwark
White's yard, Lamb alley
White's yard, WhiteCross street
White Bear yard, Holiwell street
White Hart Inn yard, in the Borough
White Hart yard, Broad way
White Hart yard, Drury lane
White Hart yard, Fore street
White Hart yard, Islington
White Hart yard, Long acre
White Hart yard, Lower East Smithfield
White Hart yard, Newington butts
White Hart yard, Red Lion Back court
White Hind yard, Hoxton
White Horse yard, Blackman street
White horse yard, Berry street
White horse yard, Coleman street
White horse yard, Drury lane
White horse yard, Duke street, Lincoln's Inn fields
White horse yard, East Smithfield
White horse yard, Fetter lane
White horse yard, Islington road, St. John street
White horse yard, King street, Oxford street
White horse yard, London wall
White horse yard, Love lane
White horse yard, Lower East Smithfield
White horse yard, Rosemary lane
White horse yard, Seething lane
White horse Inn yard, St. Margaret's hill
White Lion yard, Barnaby street
White Lion yard, Upper Shadwell
White Swan yard, Shoreditch
Willow Tree yard. Maudlin's rents
Winchester yard, Winchester street
Windmill yard, Coleman street
Wine yard, Long alley, Moorfields
Wood yard, Back street, Lambeth
Wood's yard, Norton falgate
Wood's yard, RedCross street
Woolham's yard, Gray's Inn lane
Woolpack yard, Kent street
Worcester yard, Peter street
Worsley's yard, Field lane
World's End yard, Old Horsleydown lane
Wright's yard, New Martin street
York yard, Long yard, East Smithfield
Yorkshire yard, Bishopsgate street
Yorkshire yard, Brick lane, Spitalfields

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