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Rents, Rows, Roads, Sides and Stairs in 1732 , the Survey of London by William Maitland in 1756

An Account of all the Alleys, Banks, Bridges, Buildings, Buries, closes, Corners, Courts, Ditches, Docks, Entries, Gardens, Greens, Grounds, Mewses, Passages, Rents, Roads, Rows, Squares, Streets, Yards, &c. within the City of London, and Suburbs thereof , alphabetically digested.

Rents, Rows, Roads, Sides and Stairs in 1732.

Rents, Rows, Roads, Sides and Stairs
Alcocks rents.Barnaby street
Artillery row, Parish street
Audley's rents, WhiteCross street
Bagnel's rents, Denmark street
Bagshaw's rents, Portpool lane
Bakers row, Whitechapel
Bank side row, Mill bank
Bank side row, Southwark
Barker's rents, Paul's alley, RedCross street
Barnaby street road
Barrat's rents, Stepney causeway
Barrow's rents, Windmill hill
Barton's rents, Shoreditch
Bafshaw's rents, Love lane
Batt's rents, Whitechapel common
Beck's rents, Ropemakers fields
Bedford row, Jockey field row
Bell's rents, Mint street
Bembridge's rents, Moor lane
Bewley's rents, Holiwell court
Biggs's rents, Rosemary lane
Boddy's rents, Gravel lane
Bond's rents, Marygold street
Brewers rents, Whitechapel
Bostvile's rents, George street
Bratt's rents, Ducking pond row
Bray's rents, Rag fair
Brazile's rents, East Smithfield
Bridewell rents, Vine street
Broad sanctuary row, Westminster
Brockley's rents, Artillery row
Brook's rents, Fore street
Broughton's rents, Harrow alley
Brown's rents, Brick lane
Buck's rents, Rosemary lane
Bucklers rents, Red Cow court
Budge row, Wallbrook
Bull's rents, Freeman's lane
Bull's rents, Lambeth marsh
Bunhill row, Bunhill fields
Burton's rents, Holiwell street
Bushie's rents, St. John's court, Cow lane
Butcher row, East Smithfield
Butcher row, Ratcliff
Butcher row, Temple bar
Byfield's rents, Petticoat lane
Cadd's row, Islington
Camberwell road, Newington butts
Canon row, Westminster
Carter's rents, Brick lane
Chandler's rents, Black friars
Chapman's rents, Barnaby street
Charles's rents, St. George's fields
Chelsea road
Chelsea road, Pemblico
Cheshire's rents, Fleet lane
Cheshire's rents, Shipwright street
Chichester rents, Chancery lane
Church row, Whitechapel
Clark's rents, Grub street
Clayton's rents, King street
Cleveland row, St. James's
Club row, Cock lane
Cock's rents, St. Catharine's
Codpiece row, Hockley in the hole
Cold Harbour row, Hackney road
Collier's rents, White street
Collins's rents, High Holborn
Collins's rents, Upper Shadwell
Collins's rents, White street
Common stairs, Puddle dock
Cooper's rents, Three Colt street
Cowden's rents, Little Trinity lane
Cowley's rents, Long alley, Moorfields
Cowper's rents, East Smithfield
Cox's rents, Crow alley
Cross row, Islington
Crowder's rents, Narrow street, Ratcliff
Curtain row, Hog lane
Crown office row, Inner Temple
Cutters rents, Gravel lane, Houndsditch
Cutter's rents, St. Martin le Grand
Dart's rents, Long alley, Moorfields
Davis's rents, Kent street
Dawson's rents, Old Gravel lane
Deptford road, Kent street
Deptford road, Rotherhithe
Digby's rents, Minories
Diggs's rents, Blue Anchor alley
Ditch side row, Holiwell lane
Dobhins's rents, Whitechapel
Dock Head row
Dodwell's rents, rarnaby street
Dog row, Mile end
Dolittle's rents, Fashion street
Drew's rents, Upper Ground
Drury's rents, Hermitage
Ducking pond row, Whitechapel common
Durham row, Stepney Church yard
Dutch Furlong row, Clerkenwell
Edward's rents, Islington
Elliot's rents, Stepney causeway
Essex stairs, Essex street
Evans's rents, Grub street
Farr's rents, Rotherhithe wall
Forfans rents, Marigold lane
Fosters rents, King John's court
Fosters rents, Liquorpond street
Friers rents, Blackman street
Friers rents, Ironmongers alley
Fullwoods rents, High Holborn
Garden row, Inner Temple
Garden row, Lower street, Islington
Garden row, Unicorn alley. Shoreditch
Garret's rents, Coleman's alley
Glazier's rents, Fore street, Limchouse
Goddard's rents, Holiwell street
Goldby's rents, Golden lane
Gonson's rents, Bluegate fields
Good's rents, Minories
Goodyear's rents, Wapping
Gossops row, Green alley
Grange road, Bermondfey
Great Stone stairs, Ratcliff
Green's rents, Bride lane
Greenhill's rents, Smithfield bars
Guttridge's rents, Whitechapel
Gofsling's rents, Swordbearer's alley
Hall's rents, Helmet court, St. Catharine's
Ham's rents, Ratcliff highway
Harris's renrs, Rosemary lane
Helmet row, Old street
Hemmings row, St. Martin's lane
Hermitage, Dock side
Hide park road, Piccadilly
Highgate road, Islington
Hind's rents, Maze pond street
Hobbs's rents, Marigold street
Hodge's rents, Nightingale lane
Holiwell row, Horseshoe alley
Hopkins's rents, Crown alley, Tooly street
Hopkins's row, near Petty France
Horseferry road, Tothill fields
Horsleydown flairs, Horsleydown
Hubbard's rents, Houndsditch
Huet's rents, Grub street
Hummerton row, Hackney
Hunt's rents, Goswell street
Jerusalem row, Church street, Hackney
Jockey field row, near Gray's Inn
Ironmonger row, Old street
Islington road, Moununill
Islington road, St. John street
Kensington road, Knightsbridge
Kilbourn road, Paddington
King's road , Gray's Inn lane
King's rents, Shad Thames
King Edward's row, Coverly fields
King Edward's stairs, Wapping
King James's stairs, Wapping wall
Kingsland road, Shorcditch
King's rents, WhiteCross street
Lambert's rents, Petticoat lane
Lambeth road, Kennington
Langley's rents, WhiteCross street
Limehouse road, White horse street
Little Thompson's rents, Halfmoon alley
Little Stone stairs, Ratcliff
Lovel's rents, Gravel lane
Lowman's Pond row, Southwark
Marlborough row, Marlborough market
Martin's rents, Queen street
Marybon road, Oxford street
Maudlin's rents, Nightingale lane
Merchant Taylors rents, Moor lane
Messengers rents, Still alley
Middle Moorfields
Middle row, High Holborn
Middleiex row, St. Giles's Broadway
Miles's rents, Dog lane
Miles's rents, Powel's alley, Beech lane
Milford flairs, Milford lane
Millpond row, Rotherhithe
Morgan's rents, Green walk
Mould maker row, St. Martin le Grand
Mullins's rents, Shoe lane
Nag's Head row, Hackney road
Neckinger road, Neckinger lane
Newington Caufeway row
New rents, Compter lane
New rents, St. Martin le Grand
Nut makers rents, New Gravel lane
Painters rents, RatclifFCross
Panton's rents, Chiswell street
Paper Building row, Inner Temple
Paradife row, Brook's street
Paradife row, Lambeth
Parish rents, Portpool lane
Parker's rents, WhiteCross street
Parrot's rents, Chequer alley
Parfon's rents, Cow lane
Paternoster row, Cheapside
Paternoster row, Spital fields
Pavement row, Moorfields
Pemberton's rents, Hand alley
Pemberton's rents, New street
Perkins's rents, Peter street
Pelthouse row, near Old street
Philips,' s rents, Maze Pond street
Pierpoint's rents, Islington
Pierpoint's row, Islington
Plowman's rents, Cow Cross
Poplar road, Limehouse
Pollern row, Tower hill
Primrofe row, Primrose alley
Quiet row, Red Lion street
Read's rents, Long lane
Rickman's rents, Narrow street, Limehouse
Reddilh row, Red Maid's lane
Robert's rents, Brick lane
Rocheller row, Tothill fields
Rotherhithe Grange road
Rotten row, Goswell street
Rug row, Cloth fair
Royal row, Lambeth marsh
St, Catharine's stairs, St. Catharine's
Sampson's rents, Green walk
Sandy's rents, Poverty's fields
Satchell's rents, Shoreditch
Satchsll's rents, WhiteCross street
Savage's rents, Black friars
Shoemaker row, Aldgate
Shoemaker row, Black friars
Shreeve's rents, Duke street, Bloomsbury
Simmonds's rent, East Smithfield
Skinners rents, Old Market lane
Small's rents, Petticoat lane
Smart's rents, Lamb alley
Smith's rents, Bank side
Smith's rents, Barnaby street
Smith's rents, Catharine wheel alley
Smith's rents, Five Feet lane
Smith's rents, Kent street
Smith's rents, Petty France
Snart's rents, Goswell street
Soaper's row, Bloomsbury
Snow's rents, White Lion yard
Southampton row, Queen street
Southwick's rents, Betts's street
Staples's rents, Love lane
Stanton's rents, Rotherhithe wall
Stebbing's rents, Portpool lane
Stepney rents, Shoreditch
Sterry's rents, Minories
Sommers's rents, Old Gravel lane
Stubbs's rents, Charterhouse lane
Stubbs's rents, Saffron hill
Sutton's rents, Chequer alley
Swan's rents, Turnmill street
Sweeting's rents, Threadneedle street
TannerVrow, Montague street
Taxter's rents, Rotherhithe wall
Teems's rents, Cow Cross
Theobald's row, Red Lion street
Thomas's rents, Fore street, Limehouse
Thompfon's rents, Halfmoon alley
Thompfon's rents, London wall
Thwait's rents, Newington causeway
Tooly stairs, Tooly street
Tooly Water gate stairs, Tooly street
Tottenham court road, St. Giles's
Tothill side, Tothill fields
Tower ftairs, Tower of London
Twig's rents, Blue Anchor alley
Virginia row, Shoreditch
Upper Moorfield row, Moorfields
Wade's rents, Gunpowder alley
Wallis's rents, Shoreditch
Wapping Dock stairs, Wapping
Water gruel row, Hackney
Water Side row, Upper Ground street
Watts's rents, St. Catharine's lane
Watfon's rents, Angel alley
Weatherby's rents, WhiteCross street
Wells's row, Islington
Wellon's rents, Houndsditch
Wharton's rents, New Gravel lane
White Hart row, Bakers row
White Hart rdw, Bell lane
White Hart row, Hackney road
White's rents, Fore street, Limehouse
Wild's rents, Long lane, Southwark
Williams rents, Mill lane
Windmill Hill row, Upper Moorfields
Wright's rents, Barnaby street
Wright's rents, RatclifF highway
Worrell's rents, Cherry Tree alley, Golden lane

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