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Lanes in 1732 , the Survey of London by William Maitland in 1756

An Account of all the Alleys, Banks, Bridges, Buildings, Buries, closes, Corners, Courts, Ditches, Docks, Entries, Gardens, Greens, Grounds, Mewses, Passages, Rents, Roads, Rows, Squares, Streets, Yards, &c. within the City of London, and Suburbs thereof , alphabetically digested.

Lanes in 1732.

Abchurch lane, Lombard street
Allhallows lane, Thames street
Artichoke lane, near the Hermitage
Artichoke Head lane, near the Hermitage
Artillery lane, Bishopsgate street
Artiliery lane, Fair street
Ave Mary lane, Ludgate street
Back lane, Hackney
Back lane, Bednal green
Back lane, Islington
Back lane, Lambeth marsh
Back lane, near Rag fair
Bagnio lane, Newgate street
Bartholomew lane, Threadneedle street
Basing lane, Bread street
Baynard's Castle lane, Thames street
Beach lane, VVhiteCross street
Bear lane, Gravel lane
Bear lane, Leicester fields
Bearbinder lane, Swithin's lane
Beer lane, Thames street
Bell lane, Lifsham green
Bell lane, Spital fields
Bennets Bridge lane, Upper Ground
Bevis lane, Duke's place
Billiter lane, Leadenhall street
Bingle'i lane, Poplar
Birching lane, Cornhill
Botolph lane, Thames street
Bow lane, Cheapside
Bow lane, New Gravel lane
Bow lane, Poplar
Bowling green lane, Bridewell walk
Brewers lane, Thames street
Brewhouse lane, Salisbury court
Brewhouse lane, Wapping
Bride lane, Fleet street
Brick lane, Old street
Brick lane, Spital fields
Brickhill lane, Thames street
Broad Bridge lane, Shadwell
Brooks Wharf lane, High Timber street
Brown's lane, Spital fields
Bull lane, Stepney
Bull flairs lane
Bull wharf lane, Thames street
Bufh lane, Canon street
Butcherhall lane, Newgate street
Carey lane, Foster lane
Castle June, Castle street
Castle lane, Westminster
Champion lane, Thames street
Chancery lane, Fleet street
Charterhouse la. Charterhouse square
Cherry garden lane, Rotherhithe
Chick lane, West Smithfield
Church lane, Dyet street
Church lane, Houndsditch
Church lane, Islington
Church lane, Newington butts
Church lane, Ropewalk, Limehouse
Church lane, St. Mary Overy's
Church lane, in the Strand
Church lane, Thames street
Church lane, Whitechapel
Church lane, Wood street, Cheapside
Clements lane, Clare market
Clements lane, Lombard street
Clifford's Inn lane, Fleet street
Cloak lane, Dowgate hill
Coal harbour lane, Camberwell
Cock lane, Swan fields, Shoreditch
Cock lane, Snow hill
Cold harbour lane, Thames street
Compter lane, St. Margaret's hill
Corporation lane, Bridewell walk
Couzens lane, Thames street
Cow lane, Stepney
Cow lane, Snow hill
Cow lane, Trinity street, Rotherhithe
Cut throat lane, Cock hill, Ratcliff
Creechurch lane, Leadenhall street
Creed lane, Ludgate street
Crooked lane, Mint street
Crooked lane, New Fish street
Cross lane, Bush lane
Cross lane, Cartwright street
Cross lane, Hartshorn lane 3
Cross lane, Marygold street
Cross lane, Parker's lane, Drury lane
Cross lane, St. Dunstans hill
Cross lane, St. Mary hill
Cross lane, Shad Thamas
Crucisix lane, Barnaby street
Dancing Bridge lane
Darkhouse lane, Thames street
Devils lane, Islington Parish
Dice Quay lane, Thames street
Dirty lane, Blackman street
Dirty lane, Brewers street
Dirty lane, High Holborn
Dirty lane, Hoxton
Dirty lane, Old Palace yard
Dirty lane, Stoney street
Dog lane, Five Feet lane
Drury lane, St. Giles's in the Fields
Duck lane, Peter street
Duck lane, West Smithfield
Dutchy lane, in the Strand
Duxford lane, Thames street
East lane, Rotherhithe wall
Ebbgate lane, Thames street
Elbow lane, New Gravel lane
Elder lane, Upper Mill bank
Emperor's Head lane, Thames street
Fetter lane, Fleet street
Field lane, Holborn hill
Finch lane, Cornhill
Five Feet lane, Barnaby street
Five Feet lane, Thames street
Fleet lane, Old Bailey
Foster lane, Cheapside
Foul lane, in the Borough
Fox lane, Upper Shadwell
Freeman's lane, Horselydown
Friars lane, Thames street
Frog lane, Islington
Gardiners lane, High Timber street
Gardiners lane, King street
Gardiners lane, Maiden lane
Gardiners lane, Neathouse lane
Gardiners lane, Petty France
Golden lane, Old street
Grange lane, Bermondsey
Gravel lane, near the Falcon
Gravel lane, Houndsditch
Gray's Inn lane, Holborn
Great Carter lane, Paul's Chain
Great Distaff lane, Old Change
Great Elbow lane, College hill
Great St. Ann's lane, Westminster
Great St. Thomas Apostles lane
Great Trinity lane, Bow lane
Green lane, Lambeth
Green Lettice lane, Canon street
Greyhound lane, Whitechapel
Gun lane, Three Colts street
Gutter lane, Cheapside
Harp lane, Tower street
Hartshorn lane, in the Strand
Hedge lane, Charing Cross
Hennage lane, Duke's place
Hog lane, Norton falgate
Hog lane, St. Giles's pound
Holiwell lane, Shoreditch
Honey lane, Cheapside
Hornley lane
Horseferry lane, Fore street
Horsleydown new lane
Horsleydown old lane
horsemongers lane, Newington
Hosier lane, West Smithfield
Huggen lane, Thames street
Idol lane. Tower street
Inner Temple lane, Fleet street
Ironmonger lane, Cheapside
Island Head lane, Wapping
Ivy lane, Newgate street
Ivy Bridge lane, in the Strand
King's College lane, Bristol street
King David's lane, Upper Shadwell
King David's Fort lane
Kennington lane, Vauxhall
Kennington Common lane
Lad lane, Wood street
Land of Promise lane, Hoxton
Laurence lane, Cheapside
Laurence la. High street, St. Giles's
Leather lane, Holborn
Lilly pot lane, Noble street
Linton's lane, Newington butts
Little Almonry, Westminster
Little Brick lane, Nichol's street
Littie Bufh lane, Thames street
Little Carter lane, Old Change
Little Distaff lane
Little Drury lane, in the Strand
Little Elbow lane, Thames street
Little Gray's Inn lane
Little Ivy lane, Ivy lane
Little Nightingale lane, Bur street
Little Minories, in the Minories
Little St. Ana's lane
Little St. Martin's lane
Little St. Thomas Apostles lane
Little Trinity 1ane, Thames street
Little Sheer lane, Sheer lane
Little Sanctuary lane
Lock lane, Newington butts
Long lane, Aldersgate street
Long lane, Barnaby street
Love lane, Bank. Side, Southwark
Love lane, Broad sanctuary
Love lane, Old Gravel lane
Love lane, Rotherhithe wall
Love lane, Thames street
Love lane, Wood street
Lower Turning lane, Shadwell
Lukeners lane, Drury lane
Maiden lane, Church street, Lambeth
Maiden lane, Deadman's place
Maiden lane, Halfmoon street
Maiden lane, Queen street
Maiden lane, Wood street
Marigold lane, Upper ground
Mark lane, Tower street
Market lane, Pallmall
Middle Shadwell lane
Middle Temple lane, Fleet street
Middle Turning lane, Shadwell
Milford lane, in the Strand
Mill lane, Tooly street
Millpond Bridge lane, Rotherhithe
Mincing lane, Fenchurch street
Moor lane, Fore street
Morgan's lane, Old Horsleydown lane
Mourning lane, Hackney
Mutton lane, Clerkenwell
Neatboufe lane, Upper Mill bank
Nickinger lane, Rotherhithe wall
New lane, Shad Thames
New Cock lane, Swan fields, Shoreditch
New Gravel lane, Shadwell
New street, square lane
Nightingale lane, East Smithfield
Nightingale lane, Limehouse
Nightingale turning, Hermitage
Oat lane, Noble street
Old Bargehouse stairs lane
Old Bedlam lane, Bishiopsgate street
Old Change lane, Cheapside
Old Gravel lane, Ratcliff highway
Old Horsleydown lane
Old Jewry lane, in the Poultry
Old Market lane, Brook's street
Old Swan lane, Thames street
Oliphant's lane, Rotherhithe
Oxford Arms inn lane, Warwick lane
Pancras lane, Queen street
Paul's Chain lane, Paul's Church yard
Parish Garden lane, Upper Ground
Parker's lane, Drury lane
Peter lane, St. John street
Petticoat lane, Whitechapcl
Philip lane, London wall
Phiipot lane, Fenchurch street
Pillory lane, Butcher row
Poor Jewry lane, Aldgate
Portpool lane, Leather lane
Printing house lane, Black friars
Pudding lane, Thames street
Pie corner lane, West Smithfield
Red Maid lane, near the Hermitage
Robin Hood's lane, Poplar
Rood lane, Fenchurch street
Rose lane, Spitalfields
Rose lane, White horse street, Ratcliff
Rosemary lane, in the Minories
St. Ann's lane, Aldersgate
St. Catharine's lane, East Smithfield
St. George's lane, Botolph Line
St. Johns lane, St. Johns street
St. Laurence Pulteney's lane
St. Margaret's lane, Old Palace yard
St. Martins lane, Canon street
St. Martins lane, Charing cross
St. Mary Ax lane, Leadenhall street
St. Michae1 lane, Great Eastcheap
St Nicholas lane, Lombard street
St Sith's lane, Budge row
St Swithins lane, Canon street
St Thomas's lane, Drury lane
Salisbury lane, Rotherhithe wall
Salmons lane, White horse street, Ratcliff
Schoolhouse lane, brook's street
Seacoal lane, Snow hill
Sheer lane, Temple bar
Seething lane, Tower street
Sermon lane, Little Carter lane
Sherburn lane, Lombard street
Shoe lane, Fleet street
Shug line, near Piccadilly
Staining lane, near Wood street
Stew lane, High Timber street
Stoney lane, Old Horsleydown lane
Stoney lane, Petticoat lane
Strand lane, in the Strand
Suffolk lane, Thames street
Sugarbaker's lane, Duke's place
Temple lane, White friars
The Folly lane, Neckinger lane
Thieving lane, King street
Three Colts lane, Hare street
Three Cranes lane, Thames street
Three Oaks lane, Horsleydown
Tower Royal lane, Budge row
Townsend lane, Hockley in the hole
Trig lane, Thames street
Turnagain lane, Snow hill
Turnwheel lane, Canon street
Tyburn lane, Hide park road
Vauxhall stairs lane, Vauxhall
Vigo lane, Swallow street
Wallbrook lane, near the Mansion house
Warwick lane, Newgate street
Water lane, Black friars
Waterlane, Fleet street
Water lane, Mill street
Water lane, Tower street
Watermens lane, White friars
Weavers lane, Horfleydown
West lane, Rotherhithe wall
White Hart lane, Broadway
White horselane, Mile end
White horse lane, White horse street, Ratcliff
Whitfters lane, Vine street
Wilderness lane, Salisbury court
Wiltshire lane, East Smithfield
Windmill lane, Whitechapel
Woodrose lane, Crutched friars
Woolstaple lane, New Palace yard
Worcester Place lane, Thames street

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