Cauliflower, Upminster road, Rainham RM13 9AA

This pub closed in around 2000 and has been converted to restaurant use. **

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Cauliflower, Upminster Road, Rainham

Kindly donated by Colleen

Cauliflower, Upminster Road, Rainham RM13 - in 1919

Cauliflower, Upminster Road, Rainham RM13 - in 1919

Cauliflower, Upminster Road, Rainham RM13 - in 1950

Cauliflower, Upminster Road, Rainham RM13 - in 1950

Cauliflower, 58-66 Upminster Road South, Rainham - in August 2011

Cauliflower, 58-66 Upminster Road South, Rainham - in August 2011

Kindly provided by Stephen Harris

Residents at this address

1881/John Valentine/Beerhouse Keeper/45/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1881/Sarah Valentine/Daughter, Barmaid/18/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1881/Mary Valentine/Daughter/13/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1881/William Valentine/Son/4/Hornchurch, Essex/Census

1882/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1886/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1890/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1891/John Valentine/Beer House Keeper/54/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1891/Hannah Valentine/Wife/34/Rainham, Essex/Census
1891/William E Valentine/Son/15/Rainham, Essex/Census
1891/Ada M Valentine/Daughter/11/Rainham, Essex/Census
1891/George R Valentine/Son/5/Rainham, Essex/Census
1891/Frederick J Valentine/Son/1/Rainham, Essex/Census

1895/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1899/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1901/John Valentine/Beerhouse Keeper/65/Hornchurch, Essex/Census
1901/Hannah Valentine/Wife/43/Rainham, Essex/Census
1901/Ada Valentine/Daughter/21/Rainham, Essex/Census
1901/George Valentine/Son, Blacksmith's Apprentice/15/Rainham, Essex/Census
1901/Frederick Valentine/Son/11/Rainham, Essex/Census

1902/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1906/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1908/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1910/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1912/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's


1914/John Valentine/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1917/Harry Smith/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1919 - 1920/Smith/../../../Freehold

1922/Henry James Smith/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1921 - 1931/Tarbard/../../../Freehold

1925-6/William Tarbard/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1929/William John Tarbard/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1932 - 1938/White/../../../Freehold

1933/Albert White/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1937/Albert White/Beer Retailer/../../Kelly's

1939 - 1947/Bradstock/../../../Freehold

1948 - 1951/J A Young/../../../Freehold

1952 - 1957/Mark Vickers/../../../Freehold

October 1958/E B Slouch/../../../Freehold

September 1959 - 1961/J C Butt/../../../Freehold

1962 - 1965/E Smith/../../../Freehold

** Provided by Stephen Harris

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